Wednesday, March 24, 2010

These are the actual "nuggets" that were studied in this blog post. The number of characters are in the last column.

1. Google Alerts Gmail Users to Suspicious Logins: A new security warning will pop up to alert Gmail users when their accounts have been accessed from unusual locations, such as foreign countries.193
2. Breakthrough Is Reported in U.S. Arms Pact With Russia: Russia and the U.S. have broken through a logjam and expect to sign a new treaty next month that would slash nuclear arsenals, officials from both nations said Wednesday.226
3. A Photo Collage of New Wireless Gadgets: A selection of images from the 2010 C.T.I.A. wireless conference in Las Vegas. New announcements include eye-controlled earphones, solar-paneled backpacks and the new HTC EVO 4G smartphone for the Spring network.253
4. More Earphones That Fit: Headphones from Sennheiser are designed for exercising; they actually may stay in your ears.117
5. Report Shows Vital Role of Social Networks for the Disabled: For people living with chronic diseases or disabilities, social networks have become a source of information and a way to interact with others.204
6. Facebook and Twitter Keep Calipari Ahead of the Game: Kentucky Coach John Calipari has 1,113,647 followers on Twitter, 138,325 fans on Facebook, and his application for the iPhone and iPod touch is a best seller.214
7. Magazine Preview: The Tiger Woods' Bubble: The world of golf that Tiger Woods created — golf as a lucrative sport, golf as a pop culture — is deep in the rough. Can he get it back out?198
8. U.S. Durable Goods Orders Rise, but Less Than Expected: The report, along with a bleak report on existing home sales this week, dimmed hopes for a quick housing market recovery.177
9. Pope Accepts Irish Bishop's Resignation in Abuse Scandal: The resignation of the bishop, John Magee, added to the fallout of a scandal that has rocked the Catholic church in Ireland and throughout Europe.204
10. Stance by China to Limit Google Is Risk by Beijing: China's intransigence on the flow of information could harm its links to the global economy and sully its image.164
11. Success Beyond China Seems Unlikely for Its Online Giants: Post-Google, China's Internet market could increasingly resemble a lucrative, walled-off bazaar, experts say.168
12. Success Beyond China Seems Unlikely for Its Online Giants: Post-Google, China's Internet market could increasingly resemble a lucrative, walled-off bazaar, experts say.168
13. iPhone Remote Control Doesn't Quite Click: ThinkFlood attempts to turn the iPhone into a universal remote, but it is just too hard to set up.141
14. E-Book Sellers Face a Battle to Win iPad Customers: Apple iPad owners will be able to buy electronic books from many places -- and Apple's iBookstore may not be the most appealing one.184
15. Völklingen Journal: Path to Xenophobia Is Diverted by a Mosque's Open Doors: Furor over a German mosque's plan to build a minaret fizzled out after mosque leaders called for cooperation with the non-Muslim community.216
16. Indian Students Wield Tests for College Spots: As India's middle class has steadily grown, so has the intensity of the competition for entrance into the country's universities.176
17. New Orleans Journal: New Orleans 'Indians' Look to Copyrights for Protection: The Mardi Gras Indians, whose costumes are part of New Orleans folklore, want compensation when others profit.188
18. In Manhattan, Driving Is Toughest on Wednesdays: A study of taxi trips is helping planners tackle gridlock in New York.119
19. BWP Bats, a Boutique Bat Maker in Pennsylvania, Takes Its Swings: For BWP Bats, which makes 35,000 bats a year at its factory in Brookville, Pa., the challenge is getting the business to grow.192
20. The Pour: New Wine Shops in New York Keep Patrons at Ease: Merchants who are passionate about wine are helping to extend and improve the wine culture.150
21. Persian Jews Celebrate Passover With Traditional Foods From Iran: A family holds a dry run for the Passover Seder every Friday night, a common practice for Iranian Jews in Southern California.192
22. Stance by China to Limit Google Is Risk by Beijing: China's intransigence on the open flow of information has the potential to weaken its connection to the global economy and sully its image.191
23. Chicago Schools Chief, Now an Obama Aide, Had V.I.P. List for Top Choices: When Education Secretary Arne Duncan ran Chicago's schools, he had a list of those seeking to enter top locations.189
24. California, in Financial Crisis, Opens Prison Doors: An overhaul of California's prison system is intended to release early some 167,000 criminals considered less threatening.175
25. Israel Absorbs Twin Rebukes From Top Allies: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu found himself at odds with the White House and Britain over recent episodes that angered Israel's top allies.188
26. Economic Scene: In Health Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality: The health care bill is the government's biggest attack on economic inequality since it began rising in the 1970s.179
27. Roughing It and Rocking It at a Mexico Festival: Depending on the perspective, the first MtyMx festival was either a catastrophic failure or the essence of a do-it-yourself success.181
28. Militants' Worst Foe May Be Somalians on Street: As Somalia's government gears up for a major offensive, the beleaguered population is beginning to turn against the Shabab, one of Africa's most fearsome Islamic groups.218
29. Quality Sound From Cheap Earbuds: The $20 yurbuds make in-ear headphones out of earbuds improving the fit and the quality of sound.131
30. What We're Reading: Girl Gamers and Wireless Wars: Tuesday's roundup of news from around the Web includes the emerging battle over 4G wireless service, Kim Kardashian on Twitter, how to manage gun-wielding robots and the color of money at Microsoft Bing.254
31. U.N. Group Rejects Shark Protections: Delegates to a U. N. conference on endangered species rejected all but one of four proposals to protect sharks, handing another victory to Japan and China.193
32. An Upside to Greece's Predicament?: Greece faces several years of austerity measures and social strife, but things may be so bad that a little reform could go a long way to stimulate growth.190
33. Insurgent Faction Presents Afghan Peace Plan: An insurgent faction offered the first concrete proposal to end hostilities since President Hamid Karzai said he would make reconciliation a priority last year.206
34. A Parent's Guide to the Pokéwalker: A new Pokemon pedometer for the Nintendo DS aims to get kids to move around in the physical world in order to score points in the online one.177
35. Caesarean Births Are at an All Time High in U.S.: Nearly one in three children in the United States are born by Caesarean section.130
36. Jury Shown Swastika Tattoo in Hate-Crime Trial: Jeffrey Conroy is charged with killing a man during a wave of assaults on Latinos on eastern Long Island.153
37. U.S. and Mexico Set New Anti-Drug Strategy: A $331-million plan aims to strengthen law enforcement and rebuild communities, and was at the center of a visit by several senior Obama administration officials.206
38. What the Health Care Overhaul Means for Americans Abroad: How the new health care legislation will affect Americans living abroad.130
39. 'The Reality of Reform': Understanding the Health Care Law: Lesson Plan | Clarifying what the health care reform law means for Americans, and putting the law into historical and current context.194
40. At White House, Biden's Expletive Caught on Open Mic: The vice president's effusiveness to President Obama was overheard at the ceremony for the signing of health care legislation.180
41. Two New Travel Apps for the iPhone: NileGuide and Gliider: Two popular sites for travel information have devised versions for Apple's iPhone that let you access detailed recommendations while on the go.202
42. White House Takes First Steps to Replace Fannie and Freddie: The first step includes seeking comment on the appropriate role of the government in housing policy and housing finance.181
43. Doctor Visits Lead to Legal Help With Day-to-Day Problems: Doctors are working with lawyers to get patients legal help with solving nonmedical problems like diet and living conditions that affect their health.209
44. Yahoo Offers New iPhone Search Applications: Yahoo announced two new mobile search applications for the Apple iPhone, including one that allows users to draw a boundary on a map to bring up localized content.208
45. Britain to Expel Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Case: The British decision was seen as a rebuke of Israel for the suspected use of a dozen fake British passports in the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai this year.219
46. Obama Signs Landmark Health Care Bill: The health care overhaul — the most sweeping social legislation enacted in decades — became law on Tuesday.160
47. In Newark, Arrests Are Made in 1978 Killings: Almost 32 years after five teenage boys vanished, two men were charged with murder and arson.139
48. After Obama Signs the Bill, What Next?: The provisions of the health care bill that will go into effect right now.114
49. Christian Science Church Seeks Truce With Doctors: The church is trying to redefine its methods as an alternative way of tending to the sick.141
50. India's Woes Reflected in Bid to Restart Old Enron Plant: A former Enron plant is a monument to India's corruption, cronyism and weak economic policies, all impediments to the country's development.198
51. Q&A: When Flash is on the Fritz: How to fix Flash so you don't get the annoying upgrade messages.97
52. For Google, a Risky Ploy by Turning Its Back on China: Closing its search service in the mainland is a powerful rejection of censorship, but it means that Google must risk abandoning the world's largest Internet market.219
53. For Google, a Risky Ploy by Turning Its Back on China: A little more than two months after threatening to leave the mainland because of censorship and intrusions from hackers, Google closed its Internet search service.218
54. U.K. to Expel Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Case: A British official says the government will expel an Israeli diplomat following the use of fake British passports in the suspected Mossad assassination of a Hamas operative.221
55. Nintendo to Make 3D Version of Its DS Handheld Game: Unlike other 3D film and TV technologies, the new machine will not require users to wear special glasses .159
56. E.U. Court Gives Brand Owners Right to Challenge Google: The European Union's highest court ruled that brand owners may have the right to block Google from selling their trademarks as keywords that generate ads on Google's search engine.237
57. Drivers Pursue Excitement of Racing Onto the Ice: Auto racing enthusiasts don't have to put their hobby in idle just because it's winter. They can head for frozen ponds and lakes.179
58. American Held in North Korea Is a Teacher: Aijalon Mahli Gomes, facing trial for entering the country illegally, taught English at a South Korean school.153
59. Opera Mini Browser, Coming To An iPhone Near You: Opera Software on Tuesday announced the Opera browser for the iPhone.119
60. Big Player in Atlantic City, Undercover but at Home: In his memoir Josh Axelrad describes how for five years he was part of a gambling team he calls Mossad.156
61. U.S. Set to Expand Role in Protecting Air Travelers: New rules protecting fliers, including a requirement that passengers be allowed to leave planes stuck on the tarmac more than three hours, will take effect April 29.218
62. Art Handling Olympics on the Lower East Side: The first-ever Art Handling Olympics were a chance for glory — well, at least some fun — for the people who lug art around.183
63. TV Sports: Woods's Interviewers Had Limited Time but Missed Chances: Tiger Woods revealed little in interviews with ESPN and the Golf Channel, but he wasn't pressed for a lot, either.183
64. Next Big Issue? Social Security Pops Up Again: With Medicare off the deficit-reduction table, Social Security stands as the likeliest source of large savings.158
65. Apple Adds 2 Publishers to Its Store for E-Books: Perseus Books Group and Workman Publishing Company, both independent publishers, signed deals with Apple to sell electronic version of their books on the iPad.209
66. Russia to Alter System of Penal Colonies: In the first major effort to upgrade a prison system that has changed little in 70 years, career criminals will be separated from the general population.195
67. Casting Vote, and Now Trying to Sell It Back Home: Representative Allen Boyd of Florida changed his mind about the health bill. Will voters change their minds about him?.170
68. Political Memo: G.O.P. Faces Drawbacks of United Stand on Health Bill: Polls suggest many Americans are opposed to the health bill, but Republicans face portrayals as the "party of no."185
69. Rudno Journal: A Flock Grows Right at Home for a Priest in Ukraine: In western Ukraine, many Catholic priests are married, fruitful and multiplying — with the Vatican's blessing.185
70. N.Y.U. Plans to Expand Its Campuses by 40 Percent: New York University's proposals, which include a new tower near Washington Square Park, have already been met with skepticism from neighbors and preservationists.213
71. Election Looming, Tories Put Posh Foot in Mouth: An elitist statement by a Parliament member was a reminder of how hard it has been for Tories to shake off a past that a fair number of them still seem to embrace.212
72. House Ethics Cop Uses Shame to Police Lawmakers: In the weird world of Capitol Hill, the first independent House of Representatives ethics cop may win by losing.161
73. Architecture Review: Celebrating the Delicate Beauty of the Desert Landscape: Jean Nouvel's design for the National Museum of Qatar may be that French architect's most overtly poetic act of cultural synthesis yet.213
74. A Project to Reclaim Ancient Babylon, After Years of Abuse: Scientists see water in the ground as the most urgent threat to the once-great city in what is now Iraq.164
75. What We're Reading: iPad's Price, EBay Thieves and Palm's Decline: Today's reading list includes a cable company getting into the local blogs, discussions over who has more influence and more on the iPad.204
76. U.S. Officials Meet Iraqi Premier After Recount Call: The Iraqi prime minister's endorsement of a recount in a parliamentary vote had incited fears of a political crisis.170
77. Saltwater Aquariums Spur Debate on Sustainability: With 700,000 saltwater home aquariums in the U.S., the sustainability of coral reefs off the Florida Keys is being debated.174
78. Microcosm of the Housing Crisis on an Arizona Street: Arizona is one of five states that, with money from Washington, hopes to help some people hold on to their homes. But who deserves to be bailed out is raising questions of fairness.235
79. Interview: Sergey Brin on Google's China Gambit: A Google co-founder said the shift of its Chinese service to Hong Kong was not given a clear-cut stamp of approval by Beijing.175
80. Texas Lawmaker Admits 'Baby Killer' Remark: Representative Randy Neugebauer said his outburst was directed at the health-care bill itself, not a colleague who agreed to vote for passage.186
81. Evidence Suggests Obesity Prevention Should Start Very Early: Evidence points to pivotal events very early in life and even in the womb that can set children on path to obesity that is hard to alter by the time they're in kindergarten.235
82. Quick Committee Vote Expected on Financial Overhaul: The Senate Banking Committee is expected to move quickly to advance an overhaul to the full Senate on a party-line vote.173
83. A Network Storage Drive for Technophobes: A new network storage drive called myDitto offers simplified setup and ease of use for those who are new to home networking.166
84. Google Will Redirect China Users to Uncensored Site: Google said it would close its China-based Web site and direct Chinese users to a Hong Kong-based uncensored version of its service, which may get blocked in mainland China.226
85. Taxi Scam May Be Smaller Than First Thought: Days after announcing that tens of thousands of cabbies had cheated passengers, the chairman of the Taxi and Limousine Commission said that many of the incidents may have been simple mistakes.237
86. Biogen Names Eric Rowinsky, a Third Icahn Supporter, to Board: The agreement heads off what would have been Mr. Icahn's third proxy contest in three years at Biogen.165
87. Perseus Signs an EBooks Deal for the iPad: Apple has signed a deal with the largest distributor of independent publishers to sell electronic versions of it books on the new device, report Motoko Rich and Brad Stone on Media Decoder.232
88. Google Will Redirect China Users to Uncensored Site: Google said it would close its China-based Web site and direct Chinese users to a Hong Kong-based uncensored version of its service, which may get blocked in mainland China.226
89. A Charger That is Garlic to "Vampire Draw": AT&T will produce an energy saving charger that doesn't have a "vampire draw" of electricity when no phone is plugged into it.170
90. Proposal for Bailout Tax on Banks Gains Support: President Obama's proposal for a direct tax on banks to pay for future bailouts is gaining momentum in Europe.159
91. Sidebar: Sidebar: Trial in Same-Sex Marriage Case Is Challenged: Opponents of California's ban on same-sex marriage are questioning the legitimacy of a trial held in January.174
92. Bring-Your-Own-Storage Networking: The iConnect Wireless Data Station lets you put all your USB thumb drives and external hard drives on your home network and access them remotely.180
93. Your Life: The Shirt-Pocket Movie: The latest accessory for your plastic pocket protector: A new camcorder that easily records every aspect of your life.153
94. Send Us Your Questions on the Health Care Overhaul: New York Times reporters and editors will be addressing questions today.124
95. Clinton Defends U.S. Criticism of Israeli Plans: In a speech to a pro-Israeli group, the secretary of state said that America's support for Israel was "rock solid."164
96. Obama Hails Vote on Health Care as Answering 'the Call of History': After an epic political battle, Congress gave final approval to an overhaul of the nation's health system that would provide medical coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans.253
97. Senate Preparing to Take Up Reconciliation Bill: Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell promises to do "everything in our power" to oppose the legislation.157
98. Legal and Political Fights Loom Over Health Care: The president plans to open a campaign to persuade skeptical Americans, while Republicans talk of repeal.155
99. The Early Word: Health Care Landmark: The battle for public opinion on health care continues anew.98
100. Q&A: What Happened to Outlook Express for Mac?: The days of Entourage are numbered, but Microsoft will include a version of Outlook written specifically for Mac OS X in the next version of its Mac Office software.213
101. Rio Tinto Employees Say They Took Bribes in China: The admission by a senior executive and one other employee of the British-Australian mining giant is a stunning confession at the start of their trial in China.211
102. Three Rio Tinto Employees Plead Guilty in China: Three of the four Rio Tinto executives on trial in Shanghai pleaded guilty on Monday to taking bribes, including the Australian national Stern Hu.195
103. Pope's Letter Does Little to Assuage Irish Anger: By remaining silent on the issue of punishment for church figures, the pope's apology appeared insufficient to many in Ireland.177
104. The iPad App Derby Gets Under Way: Though the iPad won't be out until April 3, lots of software developers are looking for the first-out advantage.147
105. Finding in Foreclosure a Beginning, Not an End: In a counterintuitive solution, nonprofits in Boston are selling houses back to owners after foreclosure.153
106. Doctor on 'Nurse Jackie' Will Post to Twitter in Real Time: The Dr. Cooper character on "Nurse Jackie" on Showtime will be shown posting on Twitter, and his comments will show up in a real account.197
107. The iPad App Derby Gets Under Way: Though the iPad won't be out until April 3, lots of software developers are looking for the first-out advantage.147
108. An Exotic Technology May Be a Big Leap for Cellphone Cameras: A film coating for image sensors could improve camera performance, especially in low light, its maker says.169
109. Analysis: Midmajors Show They Deserve Better Deal: A raft of early upsets suggests the N.C.A.A. should do a better job of including teams from outside the power conferences.173
110. Legal and Political Fights Loom for Democrats: President Obama plans to try to persuade the public on the health care bill, while Republicans talk of repeal.157
111. At Rally, Call for Urgency on Immigration Reform: In Washington, tens of thousands of demonstrators called for legislation this year to give legal status to millions of illegal immigrants.188
112. A Cold War Spy Craft, the Updated U-2 Dodges Retirement: With updates in the use of its powerful sensors, the U-2 spy plane has become the most sought-after spy craft in a very different war in Afghanistan.206
113. Courting Google, City Fathers Turn to Silliness: Google has offered to build a high-speed broadband network — somewhere — for as many as 500,000 people, bringing out competitive spirit nationwide.210
114. East: Cornell 87, Wisconsin 69: Cornell Routs Wisconsin in N.C.A.A. Tournament: Louis Dale scored 26 points and Ryan Wittman had 24 as the Big Red set up a meeting with top-seeded Kentucky.189
115. States Look Beyond Borders to Collect Income Tax Owed: Improved techniques for identifying workers from beyond their borders have led states to increase tax enforcement.169
116. Past Strife and Jeers, Another March in the Name of Change: For some Democrats, the road to a health care bill recalled the civil rights marches of the 1960s.158
117. For Consumers, Some Clarity on Health Care Changes: The uninsured are the biggest beneficiaries of the bill, which would extend coverage for low-income Americans.162
118. Link by Link: Advising Recovery Board on Offering Clear Data: The information-design theorist Edward Tufte is using his critical eye to improve the Web site.170
119. The Media Equation: Location Is Being Redefined for the Digital Age: Location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla were the talk of the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference in Austin, Tex.204
120. Courting Google, City Fathers Turn to Silliness: Google has offered to build a high-speed broadband network — somewhere — for as many as 500,000 people, bringing out a competitive spirit nationwide.212
121. News Analysis: Obama's Health Care Victory Carries a Cost: In the course of the debate, President Obama lost the promise of a "postpartisan" Washington in which rationality and discourse replaced partisan bickering.215
122. In Health Reform, Boons for Hospitals and Drug Makers: With an overhaul, Congress would be giving the health care industry as many as 32 million more customers in the next few years.182
123. Woods Conducts First Interviews Since Accident: Before his interviews with ESPN and the Golf Channel on Sunday, Tiger Woods had spoken publicly only once since the one-car accident triggered revelations of his infidelity.221
124. Less Underground Vibe at South by Southwest: The 24th annual SXSW filled every available space in downtown Austin with musicians clamoring for attention.153
125. Iraq's Premier Endorses a Recount of the Vote: Each of the leading political coalitions in the election has either alleged widespread fraud or called for a recount.164
126. Thousands Call for Immigration Reform in Capital: Supporters traveled from around the country in hopes the rally would re-energize Congress to take up the volatile issue.170
127. Rift in E.U. Widens Over Importance of Greek Aid: Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said that Greece should solve its own problems, ahead of a summit meeting scheduled for Thursday.183
128. Chinese Official's Threat to Reporter Ignites Press Debate: Journalists, academics and activists have condemned the actions of a provincial governor who threatened a reporter after she questioned him about a scandal.216
129. Live Blogging the House Vote: The House convenes for a historic vote on health care legislation.96
130. Luxury Goods Makers Complain About Ads for Counterfeit Items: A search for "Louis Vuitton" on Google's British Web site turns up an advertisement for discounted designer handbags — to the fury of the luxury brand's owners.229
131. Design: Why @ Is Held in Such High Design Esteem: The Museum of Modern Art in New York has deemed the symbol to meet its standards on form, function, values, cultural impact and innovation.189
132. About New York: Rough Justice on the Subway at 1:30 a.m.: A subway rider's $50 ticket for draping his legs over a second seat demonstrates the rough justice of mass transit.173
133. A Satirical Site Skewers Chávez and Politics: A Venezuelan Web site is emerging as a runaway success in Latin America as it repeatedly takes on President Hugo Chávez and a host of other leaders.194
134. Looking Ahead: Day 4: A look at some of the story lines and matchups for Sunday's second-round games in the men's N.C.A.A. tournament.134
135. Aperitif + Beer + Cocktails = Tipsy: Intrepid New Yorkers drink their way though the alphabet.94
136. In Iraq, Even a Vote Hints at Violence: To Iraqis, victory is total; the only other option is defeat. After a brutal history, elections, too, carry a threat of violence.169
137. Iraqi President Demands Recount in Tight Election: Iraq's president called for a recount in parliamentary voting, which has turned into a race between the prime minister and a secular rival amid accusations of fraud.216
138. Sides Dispute Strike Effect at British Airways: A strike by British Airways cabin crew members entered its second day, causing further travel disruptions but fewer than the airline had expected.194
139. The Right to Counsel: A Woman Becomes a Test Case: Kimberly Hurell-Harring was told by a troubled defender to plead guilty to a felony that wasn't even a felony.161
140. I.M.F. Warns Wealthiest Nations About Their Debt: An International Monetary Fund official said the world's advanced economies should rein in spending next year.160
141. Democrats Predict Slim Margin in Health Vote Sunday: Democrats late Saturday night said the 216 votes needed to pass the bill were nearly within reach, but that the margin of victory would likely be razor thin.210
142. With Breakdown of Order in Russia's Dagestan Region, Fear Stalks Police: Fifty-eight police officers were killed last year in Dagestan by a combination of Islamist militants, alienated youth, and ordinary criminals.215
143. The Medium: Beep!: The signature sound of our digital age.58
144. Reading and the Web: Texts Without Context: How the Internet and mash-up culture change everything we know about reading.121
145. Corner Office: Guy Kawasaki: I Want 5 Sentences, Not 'War and Peace': Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of the Alltop news aggregation site, says business schools need to teach students how to communicate more concisely.211
146. Digital Domain: Paperless Post Joins Rivals to Evite: Evite became dominant in online invitations by being free to users. Paperless Post, a new rival, is going the pay route.174
147. Dose of Venom for Candidates Turns Ads Viral: A new chapter of campaign attacks is unfolding in California, in which sophisticated, low-cost technology is being used to create nasty ads and videos.197
148. Midwest: Northern Iowa 69, Kansas 67: Northern Iowa Upsets Overall No. 1 Seed Kansas: Ali Farokhmanesh's 20-footer stretched a 1-point lead to 4, and the Panthers held on for a surprise upset.192
149. A Down-to-Earth Poet Laureate in Brooklyn: As Brooklyn's new poet laureate, Tina Chang wants to "demystify the role of the poet."129
150. The Long Road Back: For President Obama, the health care bill's passage would be an extraordinary triumph. Its defeat could weaken him for the rest of his days in office.170
151. Does Icahn Still Make Them Tremble?: Carl C. Icahn likes to be called an activist investor, not a raider. But his latest hostile bid for a company came just last week.167
152. Lazio Endorsed by Conservative Party's Leaders: Rick A. Lazio won support for New York governor a day after Steve Levy, the Suffolk County executive, challenged him for the Republican nomination.195
153. Conservatives Back Lazio for Governor: Leaders of the state Conservative Party are giving their critical backing to Republican Rick Lazio for governor.151
154. $1 Million Question: Will Math Expert Accept Prize?: The mathematician, a recluse, won $1 million for solving one of the most intractable problems in his field, but he did not show up to accept a previous award.211
155. U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Opium in Afghan Town: The effort to win over Afghans on former Taliban turf has put American commanders in the rare position of arguing against opium eradication, pitting them against some Afghan officials.232
156. Obama Forcefully Makes Case at Capitol: Mr. Obama, in an extraordinary session with the Democratic caucus just a day before the climactic vote, is making a forceful case for the legislation both on policy and political grounds.227
157. South: St. Mary's 75, Villanova 68: St. Mary's Knocks Out Villanova: One defining bank shot by the Gaels pushed the second-seeded Wildcats out of the tournament.161
158. California Tribe Hopes to Woo Salmon Home: A trek by the Winnemem Wintu tribe centers on an apology to the Chinook salmon for allowing the Shasta Dam to be built in Northern California in the 1940s.198
159. Analysis: Revisiting Stereotypes in Wake of Griner Incident: A debate about aggression in women's sports takes place against the backdrop of violence in athletics overall.171
160. Former Secretary Udall Dies at 90: Stewart Udall sowed the seeds of the modern environmental movement as secretary of the interior during the 1960s.148
161. Rethinking Sex Offender Laws for Youths Showing Off Online: In most states, teenagers who send or receive sexually explicit photographs by cellphone or computer, known as "sexting," have risked felony child pornography charges.227
162. Democrats Edge Closer to 216 Votes: Three House Democrats who had been wavering announce their support for major health care legislation.137
163. Obama Joins the Arm-Twisting: The White House brings the full-court press to Capitol Hill.90
164. Sports of The Times: Taking the Train to a Game, a Soccer Game at Red Bull Arena!: Santos F.C. of Brazil is scheduled to play the Red Bulls in an exhibition at the new Red Bull Arena, a real soccer stadium just west of New York with proper contours and sight lines.265
165. With Ohio State's Turner, Surprises Keep Panning Out: Evan Turner has blossomed from a cautious, wiry freshman to the Buckeyes' most important player.150
166. Live Updates From the N.C.A.A. Tournament, Second Round: Live updates and analysis from the N.C.A.A. tournament.112
167. Arrest in Racial Case at N.J. Wal-Mart: Washington Township police said that a 16-year-old boy had been arrested for using the public-address system at a Wal-Mart to order all blacks to leave the store.202
168. Complaint Box | Car Decals: Maybe more people should shun car decals that tell of vacation destinations, or children's sports teams, and a host of other things.160
169. Officer Shoots Bronx Man Wielding Knives, Police Say: A man who was threatening his neighbors in a Bronx housing complex was shot after advancing on officers, the authorities said.180
170. Maneuvering and Public Opinion: Politicians turn to the rule book to win the health care battle. Do voters care?112
171. Rethinking Sex Offender Laws for Youths Showing Off Online: In most states, teenagers who send or receive sexually explicit photographs by cellphone or computer, known as "sexting," have risked felony child pornography charges.227
172. Chinese Academics' Paper on Cyberwar Sets Off Alarms in U.S.: A paper imagining a cyberattack and a power failure in the U.S. has highlighted an atmosphere charged with hostility between the U.S. and China over cybersecurity.226
173. March Poli-Book Best Sellers: The latest installment of our most popular political books.89
174. News Analysis: Clash Over Building Subsides, as Each Side Claims Success: After 10 days of public quarreling over Jewish building in East Jerusalem, the U.S. and Israel move to ensure they aren't surprised again.213
175. Democrats Face a Final Scramble for Health Votes: At an abortion fight played out behind the scenes, the House Rules Committee, above, met to set the terms of debate, which is set to begin Sunday.196
176. Saturday Word: Health Care (and Finance): While Republicans are preparing for a vicious floor fight Sunday, President Obama focused his weekly national address on the financial regulatory reform the Senate Banking Committee will take up on Monday.247
177. Stupak Postpones News Conference: The House's leading abortion opponent postpones a news conference on Saturday, a sign that negotiations are still under way.158
178. Would You Pay $20 for Access to a Breast Cancer Cure?: A Canadian organization has started a biotech cooperative, funded by sales of $20 shares, to develop personalized therapies for breast cancer.197
179. Big City: At Stuyvesant, Parent-Teacher-Interpreter Night: Stuyvesant High School's Asian population has soared to 70 percent, inspiring a volunteer interpreter program to help parents who don't speak English.209
180. British Airways Cancels Flights as Strike Begins: British Airways canceled 1,100 flights on Saturday as some cabin crews started a three-day strike in protest over working conditions and pay.191
181. Arrest Made in Racial Case at N.J. Wal-Mart: Police said they had made an arrest in the case of a racial comment being made over the public-address system at a Wal-Mart store in southern New Jersey.198
182. British Airways Cancels Flights as Strike Begins: The airline was scrambling Saturday to deal with the start of a three-day strike by its cabin crew that has thrown the plans of thousands of travelers into chaos.212
183. Obama Calls on Congress to Pass Finance Reform: In his weekly radio and Internet address, President Obama said that Congress needed to enact reforms to protect consumers, keep banks strong and safeguard the U.S. economy.220
184. Pope Offers Apology, Not Penalty, for Sex Abuse Scandal: Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday apologized personally to victims and their families in a letter to Irish Catholics, but did not refer directly to immediate disciplinary action.231
185. Hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal Before Roads Take Over: The Annapurna Circuit is one of the world's great treks. But a road is coming in, and vehicles' dust may cloud the experience.188
186. White House Memo: For Obama, Health Care Pushes Other Issues to the Margins: For several weeks the issue of health care has overshadowed every other issue, foreign and domestic, faced by President Obama.203
187. Cars and the City, Imperfect Together: An exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York explores the city's role in the history of the automobile and the car's role in shaping the city.188
188. Business Briefing | Technology: Palm Stock Falls After a Disappointing Forecast: Shares of Palm Inc. fell the most in more than two years in Nasdaq trading after it forecast sales this quarter that were less than half of analysts' estimates.241
189. In Bid to Sway Sales, Cameras Track Shoppers: Retailers say they are using video cameras to watch customers as a way to make shopping in stores more enjoyable, but privacy advocates are skeptical.196
190. In Bid to Sway Sales, Cameras Track Shoppers: Retailers are using video cameras to watch customers as a way, they say, to make shopping in their stores more enjoyable, but privacy advocates are skeptical.204
191. Baylor's Brittney Griner Draws Double Takes and Triple Teams: Brittney Griner, a 6-foot-8 freshman at Baylor, was drawing national notice long before she landed a punch on March 3 that broke an opponent's nose.210
192. Midwest: Michigan State 70, New Mexico State 67: Michigan State Fends Off New Mexico State: The fifth-seeded Spartans almost squandered a 16-point lead against the 12th-seeded New Mexico State Aggies.200
193. U.S. to Ensure Spot Tests of Organic Foods: An auditor exposed major gaps in federal oversight of the organic food industry, pointing to numerous shortcomings of the National Organic Program.191
194. Acorn on Brink of Bankruptcy, Two Leaders Say: The community organizing group has been battered politically from the right and suffering from mismanagement and a loss of money.176
195. More Saudi Oil Goes to China Than to U.S.: While exports to the United States might rebound this year, in the long run the decline in western demand and the growing importance of China represent a fundamental shift for the oil market.234
196. Few MoMA Visitors Seem Upset by Abramovic Show: Visitors to the new Marina Abramovic retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, a survey of an often arduous strain of performance art, seem more intrigued than repulsed.218
197. Your Money: Have Extra Cash to Cut Mortgage? Nice, but Wait: If you've locked in a rock-bottom rate, does it still make sense to make extra payments to reduce your mortgage? It depends.185
198. Live Updates From the N.C.A.A. Tournament: Day 2, Part II: Will the second night of the N.C.A.A. tournament produce the kind of thrilling finishes that the first night did?172
199. Threat of Red River Flooding Subsides at Fargo: After packing more than a million sandbags and building miles of temporary dikes to hold back the surging Red River, Fargo got lucky on Friday with sudden drop in temperature.223
200. Mattel and Facebook Team to Recommend Toys: Mattel mashes a toy catalog into the social network to get a whole new way to sell more toys.137
201. Haiti Quake Worsens Plight of Mentally Ill: Haiti's earthquake has exposed the inadequacies of its mental health services just as they are most needed.151
202. Television: Ted Danson of 'Damages': Humble Egotist: On "Damages" and "Bored to Death," Ted Danson specializes in vain personalities. It's acting.146
203. Federal Judge Orders More Talks on 9/11 Deal: The federal judge rejected a settlement between the city and workers at ground zero, saying the deal did not provide enough compensation to plaintiffs.197
204. Number of People Living on New York Streets Soars: Officials blame the 34 percent increase in the number of homeless in New York City to the recession and promise new efforts to deal with the problem.200
205. Federal Judge Orders More Talks on 9/11 Deal: A federal judge delayed a settlement for ground zero workers, saying the process must be transparent and lawyers' fees should not be drawn from the funds.200
206. South: Purdue 72, Siena 64: Purdue Silences the Doubters and Beats Siena: No. 4 Purdue, considered a national-title contender before Robbie Hummel's injury, displayed enough second-half feistiness to beat No. 13 Siena.218
207. One on One: Christopher Poole, Founder of 4chan: An interview with Christopher "Moot" Poole, founder of 4Chan, the racy message board.134
208. Court Rules Against Anna Nicole Smith's Estate: A federal appeals court says Anna Nicole Smith's estate will receive none of the more than $300 million that she claimed her late billionaire husband had promised her.215
209. Killer of Malcolm X Granted Parole: After 16 failed attempts, Thomas Hagan, the man who admitted shooting Malcolm X as he lay bleeding, has been given his freedom by the state.176
210. East: Cornell 78, Temple 65: Cornell Rolls to Upset Temple: Playing with confidence offensively, No. 12 Cornell turned its first-round N.C.A.A. tournament game with No. 5 Temple on its head with efficient, fast-moving play.223
211. Adviser to Americans Jailed in Haiti Is Arrested: Dominican officials said that they arrested Jorge Torres Puello, who faces charges in the U.S. and El Salvador.161
212. Steve Levy, Long Island Democrat, to Run as a Republican for New York Governor: Steve Levy, who has a reputation as a fiscal conservative, declared himself the only candidate with the independence to take on interest groups.224
213. Former MySQL Chief Lands at Eucalyptus: Marten Mickos has opted to run another high-flier in the open-source software world.124
214. Clean Your Closet for a Free iPad: Want a new iPad? There's a way to get one for free.86
215. Key Democrats Still in Play as Health Vote Approaches: Democratic leaders and White House officials were feverishly continuing to line up the votes they will need as they entered the final 48-hour countdown on their yearlong health care overhaul effort.253
216. Live Updates From the N.C.A.A. Tournament: Day 2: Looking ahead at the second day of the N.C.A.A. tournament.109
217. Siemens to Cut 4,200 Jobs From Information Technology Unit: Siemens said it wanted to have the conditions in place for its information technology unit to be a standalone operating business by the start of the next fiscal year on Oct. 1.236
218. Strategy Tests Lower Price on New CDs: The company will test whether lower prices — $10 or less — will attract consumers who have cut back on buying CDs.167
219. Boccieri to Vote Yes: An Ohio representative who voted against the House health bill in November said Friday he will vote for the legislation this weekend.155
220. Union and British Airways Break Off Talks: The strike of the airline's cabin crew is set to begin on Saturday.110
221. Book Review Preview: The Making of the President, Then and Now: The great campaign books of the past are about more than the back-room drama that dominates recent releases.172
222. East: Kentucky 100, East Tennessee State 71: Kentucky Slams Its Way Into Second Round: The Wildcats showed why anything less than an eighth national championship would be a disappointment.188
223. Arrests of Taliban Leaders Ended Talks, Ex-Envoy Says: Kai Eide, the former top U.N. official in Afghanistan, said that the arrests by Pakistan have complicated peace negotiations.180
224. Tip of the Week: Cleaning Win7: How to regularly clean Windows 7.65
225. Clinton Calls Israel's Moves to Cool Row 'Useful': At an international meeting on Friday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. was focused on indirect talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.214
226. Diplomats Urge Restart of Mideast Talks: Top international diplomats on Friday called on Israel and the Palestinians to return to peace negotiations with a goal of creating a Palestinian state within 24 months.210
227. Arrests Halt U.N. Talks With Taliban: Pakistan's recent arrests of top Taliban leaders have halted secret talks with the insurgency, the United Nation's former envoy to Afghanistan said.186
228. Plan Approved for Public Hospitals in Miami to Tackle Deficit: After warning that it would run out of money within weeks, Miami's public hospital group has cobbled together a stabilization plan.194
229. Midwest: Ohio 97, Georgetown 83: Big East Is a Bust on a Day of Buzzer Magic: Georgetown trailed by as many as 19 in the second half and looked overmatched against a much less talented Ohio team.195
230. Despite Gains, Albany Charter School Faces Closure: As New York State moves to shut down an Albany charter school, it is apparent that holding schools themselves accountable is not always so easy, or bloodless, as numbers on a page.232
231. 'Event Horizon': Antony Gormley's Skyline Interlopers: For Antony Gormley's first public art project in New York, 31 naked sculptures of the artist will be perched on rooftops around the city.192
232. Federal Tobacco Rule Is Set to Go Into Effect in June: Officials said they would implement a measure banning the sale and marketing of tobacco products to teenagers 15 years after its proposal.194
233. Barnes & Noble Chooses Chief From Web Unit: The appointment of William Lynch, president of the Web division, to succeed Stephen Riggio was seen as a move toward a digital future.178
234. Advertising: Madison Avenue Finds Old and New Media Can Coexist: Marketers are using Web video along with — rather than in place of — television.159
235. F.B.I. Faces New Setback in Computer Overhaul: Officials drew Congressional rebuke when they decided to delay work on a decade-long project to develop a modernized information system to combat crime and terrorism.213
236. Iran's Opposition Seeks More Help in Cyberwar: Iranian democracy advocates welcome a U.S. decision to lift sanctions on some online services, but they say they need more help in overcoming government roadblocks to information.226
237. For India's Newly Rich Farmers, Limos Won't Do: Land acquisition for expanding cities and industry has created pockets of instant wealth, creating a new economic caste in India: nouveau riche farmers.200
238. F.B.I. Faces New Setback in Computer Overhaul: Officials drew Congressional rebuke when they decided to delay work on a decade-long project to develop a modernized information system to combat crime and terrorism.213
239. School Suspensions Lead to Legal Challenge: Racial and constitutional questions are raised in the suspension of students after a fight at their high school.156
240. Political Memo: In Health Vote, Democrats Weigh Success vs. Survival: As momentum builds to a vote on the health care legislation, leaders are deciding which politically endangered Democrats can vote against the party.218
241. From Bitter Campaign to Strong Alliance: President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have surprised nearly everyone by forging a credible partnership.168
242. Bloomberg Is Ending Gifts Through Carnegie Corp.: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's decision to end giving through the Carnegie Corporation set off worries among New York's arts and social services groups.200
243. Germany Now Says I.M.F. Should Rescue Greece: Berlin's switch and doubts about promised budget cuts from Athens make it more likely that the I.M.F. will be tapped to prop up Greece's economy.191
244. Live Updates From the N.C.A.A. Tournament, Part II: Live updates from the first round of the N.C.A.A. tournament.113
245. Mark Sanford Agrees to Pay $74,000 to Settle Ethics Charges: The South Carolina governor agreed to pay $74,000 to settle charges that his travel and campaign spending violated state ethics laws, but he continued to deny wrongdoing.231
246. A Peek at an Interactive Magazine for the Apple iPad: An all-digital, luxury lifestyle magazine called VIVmag offers a glimpse of how magazine publishers could take advantage of iPad's large, interactive color display.218
247. What We're Reading: Hacked Cars and E-Books for the Mac: Thursday's roundup of tech gems includes a hacker who disabled 20 cars in Texas, Apple's upcoming social networking service and a start-up that helps people find non-profits.231
248. Psychiatrist Says Church Was Warned About Priest: A psychiatrist says that the German archdiocese led by the future Pope Benedict XVI ignored his warnings in the early 1980s about a priest accused of sexually abusing boys.222
249. Polanski Lawyers Cite New Allegations of Judicial Misconduct: Roman Polanski's lawyers ask again for case against to be ended, citing fresh allegations of judicial misconduct.175
250. West: Murray State 66, Vanderbilt 65: Murray State 3-Pointer Beats Vanderbilt at the Buzzer: Danero Thomas's fadeaway 15-footer at the buzzer lifted the 13th-seeded Racers to a victory in a first-round game in the West Region.226
251. March Madness on the Apple iPhone: CBS offers a $10 iPhone application that allows users to watch the N.C.A.A. basketball games on the go.138
252. Citing E-Mail, Viacom Says YouTube Ignored Copyrights: The charge was one of many made by Viacom in filings in its copyright lawsuit against YouTube and Google.160
253. Raids Aim to Find Killers of 3 in Mexico: Agents cracked down on a gang in El Paso, Tex., to determine whether it was behind the deaths of three people tied to the American consulate in Ciudad Juarez.200
254. Sanford to Pay $74K in Ethics Fines: Gov. Mark Sanford has agreed to pay $74,000 in fines to resolve charges that he violated state ethics laws.144
255. Obama Delays Trip as Report Aids Final Push on Health Care: Democrats unveiled the completed version of the health care legislation, saying that it would more than pay for itself over the next decade.200
256. Palm's Loss Widened in Quarter: But the revenue for the quarter exceeded Palm's own gloomy forecast.100
257. Russia's Nuclear Industry Seeks to Profit From Alternative Fuels: But the latest Russian effort to capitalize on the green reputation of nuclear power is drawing criticism as potentially dangerous.197
258. Fine-Tuning Led to Health Bill's $940 Billion Price Tag: Building the health care legislation was not some wild shopping spree, but more like a trip to the local fruit stand with a set amount of money in hand and every item clearly marked.239
259. Villanova 73, Robert Morris 70: Robert Morris Does Everything but Win: The Colonials came a whisker from becoming only the fifth No. 15 seed to beat a No. 2 when they pushed Villanova to overtime.196
260. Fess Parker, 'Davy Crockett' and 'Daniel Boone' Star, Has Died: His television portrayal of Davy Crockett catapulted him to stardom and inspired one of America's greatest merchandising fads, in which hundreds of thousands of children wore coonskin caps.253
261. The Future of Memory: The technology blog, Gizmodo, has a good series on memory and technology.95
262. 'Davy Crockett' Star Fess Parker Dies at 85: Mr. Parker, the actor best known for playing American folk hero Davy Crockett, has died at the age of 85, the Los Angeles Times reported.182
263. Q&A: Dumping a Facebook Friend: There is an art to dumping a Facebook friend. Here's how.89
264. Is Apple Throwing Hat into the Location Ring?: A patent application suggests Apple is preparing a new location-based social networking application.147
265. Citing E-Mail, Viacom Says YouTube Ignored Copyrights: The charge was one of many made by Viacom in newly released filings in its $1 billion copyright lawsuit against YouTube and Google.186
266. Prosecutors Describe 'Hunt' for Hispanic Victim: Opening statements were heard in the trial of the young man charged with killing an immigrant on Long Island.158
267. Greenspan Concedes That the Fed Failed to Gauge the Bubble: But in his most detailed examination of the causes of the financial crisis, the former Fed chairman says the policy of low interest rates was not to blame.215
268. Jerome B. York, Former Auto Executive, Dies at 71: Mr. York warned General Motors of a looming financial disaster and aided the billionaire investor, Kirk Kerkorian, in efforts to drive up the price of Chrysler stock.217
269. Woman Known as JihadJane Pleads Not Guilty: Colleen R. LaRose, 46, known by her Internet name Jihad Jane, is accused of being a terrorist sympathizer.150
270. U.N. Rejects Export Ban on Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: Delegates at a conference on endangered species in Doha, Qatar, rejected the U.S.-backed measures.148
271. Facebook Fan Pages Need Security Upgrade, Says Victim: Graham Cluley, a British security researcher, suggests some new security procedures for Facebook after he was the subject of a fake fan page on the site.208
272. Spring Brings Funding for, a fast-growing, user-driven question-and-answer service, has raised $2.5 million in funding and is preparing to move from Indianapolis to San Francisco.208
273. Filings in Viacom's Suit Against Google Are Released: Thousands of pages of court filings that are part of Viacom's copyright infringement suit against Google, YouTube's owner, were unsealed on Thursday.203
274. Monitoring Your Parents' Falls: Philips has introduced a new product that detects when an elderly person falls, and automatically summons help.143
275. German Archbishop Feels 'Deep Shame' Over Abuse: The leader of the Catholic Church in Bavaria discussed the molestation cases that have shaken Pope Benedict XVI's home region.175
276. Live Updates From the Men's N.C.A.A. Tournament: Live updates from Day 1 of the men's N.C.A.A. basketball tournament.117
277. Census Analysis: Households With Extended Families Are on the Rise: Delayed marriage, immigration and the recession have forced more people to double-up under one roof.168
278. Obama Calls Jobs Bill a First Step: President Obama signed a jobs bill into law on Thursday, but declared that the measure "is by no means enough."147
279. Amazon May Impede Access to Some Publishers' Books: As Apple builds its electronic bookstore, Amazon is trying to use its clout to hold on to its early lead in the market.172
280. An Easy Way From PC to TV: The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ provides an easy and reliable way to stream video and music from your PC to your HDTV.144
281. Gaza Rocket Attack Into Israel Kills a Thai Worker: A foreign agricultural worker was the first fatality from Gaza rocket fire since Israel's 2009 military offensive.166
282. RandomDorm: Chatroulette for the College Set: A start-up offers random video chats similar to Chatroulette, but limits the pool to college students.148
283. U.S. Ambassador Calls China's Currency Stance 'a Real Concern': The American ambassador to China said negotiations in the coming weeks were possible.149
284. Q&A: When GMail Overflows: You could pay $20 or follow these steps to get more space in Gmail.94
285. In Russia, Clinton to Meet on Arms: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in Moscow on Thursday to meet Russian leaders and try to push negotiations across the finish line.184
286. Man Killed in Gaza Rocket Attack: Israeli medics say a Palestinian rocket fired from Gaza killed a man inside Israel on Thursday, the same day as a visit to Gaza by Europe's top diplomat.187
287. How Smart Could I Make My Dumb Manhattan Apartment?: Turning a one-bedroom apartment into a push-button kingdom in which the heat, the locks and the music can be controlled with a touch.186
288. Amazon May Impede Access to Some Publishers' Books: As Apple builds its electronic bookstore, Amazon is trying to use its clout to hold on to its early lead in the market.172
289. Barriers Found to College Degrees for Hispanics: Fewer Hispanic students earned degrees even at both competitive and less competitive colleges nationwide, the American Enterprise Institute found.195
290. Animal Abuse as Clue to Additional Cruelties: Cruelty toward animals can often be a warning sign for other types of violence and neglect, so more states are keeping closer track.178
291. HTC 'Disagrees Strongly' with Apple's Patent Claims: Responding to two Apple patent lawsuits, HTC says its touchscreen technology predates the iPhone.150
292. Derrick Caracter Finds Measure of Success at UTEP: Derrick Caracter was a basketball prodigy in high school who never lived up to his promise. Now, at UTEP, he has found a measure of success.191
293. Steve Levy Plans Switch to G.O.P., Stirring Governor's Race: Steve Levy, a popular Long Island Democrat, is planning to become a Republican and is said to be preparing a run for governor.187
294. Annotate Text With a Stylus on Samsung's E-Book Reader: The E60, Samsung's new $299 e-book reader, will have Wi-Fi, but not a 3G cellular feature.146
295. How Smart Could I Make My Dumb Manhattan Apartment?: Turning a one-bedroom apartment into a push-button kingdom in which the heat, the locks and the music can be controlled with a touch.186
296. Guggenheim Exhibit Raises Bar on Museum Auctions: The museum collaborated with an auction Web site to mount a major show with the intention of selling its contents to the highest bidders.187
297. Phone Smart: Apps That Are Just in Time for 'Play Ball': There are several iPhone apps that allow users to follow Major League baseball games in excruciating detail.165
298. When Couples Fight on Facebook, Everyone Knows the Score: At 400 million members, Facebook might just replace restaurants as the go-to place for couples to cause a scene.170
299. Programmers Are Indicted in Madoff Case: Two men were accused of developing the computer programs used in the fraudulent investment-advisory business.150
300. Studios and Cable Unite in Support of Video on Demand: As DVD sales sink, an advertising campaign aims to push consumers to rent more movies through their cable boxes.167
301. Time Seem Right to Spin Off PayPal: The online payment company PayPal would continue to grow if its parent, eBay, let it leave the nest.136
302. Court Says Parents Can Block 'Sexting' Cases: A federal appeals court ruled that parents could block the prosecution of their children on child pornography charges for appearing in photographs found on classmates' cellphones.225
303. China Drawing High-Tech Research From U.S.: As China develops a high-tech economy, American companies like Applied Materials are following factories there by building research labs in China.191
304. After a Magazine Folds, the Beat Goes Online, Minus the Glitz: After Jane magazine folded, Brandon Holley, its editor in chief, took her work online.149
305. Yale Law Library Adds Bobblehead Dolls to Its Collection: The Yale law library, which has one of the best collections of rare law books in the world, is now the official repository of Supreme Court justice bobblehead dolls.223
306. China Drawing High-Tech Research From U.S.: Companies like Applied Materials are building research labs in China to capitalize on subsidies and cheap labor.156
307. Judith Rothschild Foundation Promotes Art and Its Trustee: The trustee of the Judith Rothschild Foundation has carried out the group's mission of promoting artists. Another beneficiary has been the trustee himself.214
308. What We're Reading: Girls Talk, Dodd Attacks and Geeks Drink: The impact of the SXSW conference: Twitter breathalyzers, sexism on Twitter and Foursquare's success?163
309. Alex Chilton, Rock Musician, Dies: Mr. Chilton, whose work spanned an eclectic gamut from the soul songs of the Box Tops to the multiple incarnations of his pop band Big Star, has died. He was 59. The cause of death is believed to have been a heart attack.256
310. A G.O.P. Deficit Hawk Returns, Much to His Party's Dismay: In the Senate, Alan K. Simpson treated serious issues with folksy phrases and sometimes stinging humor. He now brings that to the task of reducing the federal debt.223
311. Change Comes to Myanmar, but Only on the Junta's Terms: Myanmar may be slowly moving away from years of authoritarianism and Soviet-style economic policies that have left most of its people in dire poverty.206
312. U.S. Mulls Own Plan for Mideast Talks: The move would be a risky one for President Obama at a time that the coalition government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fragile and the Palestinians are deeply divided.217
313. Tech Talk Podcast: Recycling a Hard Drive: The Tech Talk podcast covers recycling a hard drive and solving problems with Flash.127
314. Drone Strike Kills Senior Qaeda Leader in Pakistan: A recent drone strike killed a commander who helped plan the killing of C.I.A. staff at an Afghanistan base.160
315. Museums Special Section: The New Generation of Museum Curators: Far from the stereotype of fusty academics, curators in their 30s and 40s are bringing eclectic backgrounds and a fresh eye to Manhattan's museums.211
316. Europe Grumbles as Germany Demands Fiscal Discipline: Some argue that the use of severe cuts in public spending to whittle down euro-zone deficits could send unemployment rates surging and bring down governments.212
317. When Couples Fight on Facebook, Everyone Knows the Score: At 400 million members, Facebook might just replace restaurants as the go-to place for couples to cause a scene.170
318. Steps to Take to Reduce the Anxiety of Paying Online: Making sure Web sites send your personal data in encrypted form is crucial to security.141
319. SAP Bosses Say It's Now Pedal to the Metal: The German software company, ridiculed for missing deadlines in the past, says it has embraced speedy software development to get back on track.188
320. New Finding Puts Origins Of Dogs in Middle East: A discovery strengthens the link between the first animal to enter human society and the subsequent invention of agriculture about 10,000 years ago.197
321. First Fan's Bracket Is All Business, No Politics: President Obama's N.C.A.A. tournament selections were rooted in basketball knowledge, rather than trying to curry favor with key political states.196
322. Crowdsourcing the N.C.A.A. Tournament: Yahoo has developed a crowdsourcing tool to predict bracket winners, especially surprise winners, in the N.C.A.A. men's basketball tournament.181
323. Crowdsourcing the N.C.A.A. Tournament: The crowd-sourced brackets won't lose the pools, but they won't win them either. We explain how to win.142
324. Museums Special Section: In Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, the History of the Americas: A new wing, opening this fall at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, will cover the entire Western Hemisphere.191
325. Arts & Leisure Preview: Reading and the Web: Texts Without Context: How the Internet and mash-up culture change everything we know about reading.145
326. State of the Art: Playing It Cool With a Jawbone in Your Ear: A new phone earpiece strives to be smaller and more stylish than its predecessors. Does it succeed?.163
327. Nigerian President Dismisses Cabinet: DAKAR, Senegal — The acting president of Nigeria dissolved his cabinet in an assertion yet of his authority over a country where his rule has been challenged.203
328. Episcopal Church Approves 2nd Openly Gay Bishop: A majority of bishops and dioceses have approved the election of the church's second openly gay bishop.152
329. ABC and Amanpour Close to Deal for 'The Week': ABC and Christian Amanpour are close to a deal that would install her as host of 'The Week.'139
330. Google and Partners Seek Foothold in the Living Room: A platform called Google TV will bring the Web into the living room through televisions and set-top boxes.160
331. Fire at Royal Tombs Leads to Deadly Clash in Uganda: Riots erupted at a venerated shrine on Wednesday — a sign of continuing troubles between the Ugandan government and members of the Buganda traditional kingdom.219
332. Google and Partners Seek Foothold in the Living Room: A platform called Google TV will bring the Web into the living room through televisions and set-top boxes.160
333. Seton Hall Fires Gonzalez; Player Arrested: Seton Hall dismissed Coach Bobby Gonzalez, ending his tumultuous four-year tenure a day after an ignominious loss in the N.I.T. and the arrest of a player.199
334. Struggling Governments Get Creative to Raise Income: Authorities in Europe and the U.S. are turning to "stealth taxes" to avoid drawing attention to the tightening fiscal noose.177
335. Markets at Highs Not Seen Since 2008: The stock market continued its advance of the past month after the Fed said it would keep interest rates low to revive the economy.169
336. N.J. Says Casino Magnate Has Mob Ties in China: Regulators said they had evidence that Stanley Ho was linked to organized crime in China. Rather than leave Macao, MGM plans to sell half its Atlantic City operation.215
337. NYT: Tech Talk for 03/18/2010: Having trouble with Flash Player on your PC? J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado discuss what to do and advise on the best way to uninstall and reinstall the program. Bettina Edelstein recycles an old computer hard drive, turning it into an external backup device -- all it takes is a screwdriver and the right enclosure. Pedro reviews the wired and wireless Kidz Gear headphones for little ears and, for the older set, the ultraportable Fiio E5 headphone amp. J.D.'s roundup of the week's tech news includes the F.C.C.'s national broadband plan, C-Span's archives posted on the Web and Twitter's plans to broaden its reach with its forthcoming @anywhere service. And her tech tip this week is about automating Windows 7 disk cleanup.770
338. Irish Cardinal Brady Apologizes for Not Reporting Abuse: The leader of Ireland's Catholics expressed shame over investigating but not reporting abuse cases 35 years ago.169
339. Bernanke Argues for Fed to Keep Its Bank Oversight: Ben S. Bernanke argued that information gleaned from the banking oversight process helps the central bank guide the economy.176
340. Democrats Cite 2 New Pledges as They Press Health Bill: Representative Dennis Kucinich announced that he would switch his vote to yes, and an abortion foe said that restrictions in the bill were sufficient.206
341. Israel Seeks to Mend Rift With the U.S.: Israeli officials said they were working on a formula to diffuse tensions over building in East Jerusalem.147
342. Xobni Arrives on the BlackBerry: At our sib-blog Bits, Claire Cain Miller reports on the introduction of Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry devices.141
343. Irish Cardinal Apologises to Abuse Victims: The leader of Ireland's Catholics, who admitted that he knew about the abuse of children in the 1970s but did not report it to the authorities, said in a St. Patrick's Day homily that he apologized "to all those who feel I have let them down."287
344. Profit This Year for G.M. Is Possible, Finance Officer Says: Christopher P. Liddell also said that a public offering for G.M. was possible this year, but that the company would first need to make a profit.205
345. Another Top Paterson Aide Resigns: The governor's press secretary becomes the fifth top official of the Paterson administration to resign amid questions over the administration's role in a domestic violence episode involving a top aide to the governor.252
346. G.M. Tinkers With Augmented Reality System for Cars: The General Motors research labs are experimenting with an augmented reality system that will assist drivers in unsafe conditions by projecting key information onto the windshield.233
347. Magazine Preview: The HBO Auteur: David Simon: Coming off the critical acclaim of "The Wire," David Simon takes his signature approach to television to New Orleans.164
348. Kucinich Switches Vote on Health Care: Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio becomes the first Democrat to publicly switch from a no to a yes vote on the health care legislation.179
349. A Virtual Tour of the Biennial, Twitter (and Cameras) Allowed: On Tuesday, the Whitney Museum of American Art and WNYC will provide an online tour of the biennial.163
350. Marja Residents Report Taliban Intimidation: Though fighters have left town, agitators have remained in Marja waging a campaign of intimidation at night, local leaders said.174
351. Stagnant Pay Upsets New York Sewage Workers: Testing the workers more than any stubborn stench is that salaries have not budged, in some cases for 15 years.156
352. Letter From Chinese Ad Sellers to Google Appears Fake: A letter demanding that Google compensate advertising agents if it withdraws from China probably is not genuine.167
353. Jobs Bill Passes in Senate With 11 Votes From Republicans: Democrats hope the measure, approved on a bipartisan vote of 68 to 29, will be the first in a series of bills spurring employment by providing hiring incentives to businesses.234
354. Pakistan Charges Americans With Terrorism: The case has added to fears that Westerners might be increasingly be turning to Islamist-inspired terrorism.151
355. World Bank Upgrades 2010 China Growth Forecasts: The bank also recommended higher interest rates and a stronger currency for China, where rapid growth has led to rising inflation expectations.192
356. As Expected, OPEC Leaves Output Quotas Unchanged: Members are anticipating that a pickup in demand later in the year will mop up extra barrels of oil already being pumped.171
357. Led by Energy, U.S. Wholesale Prices Fall: Wholesale prices fell 0.6 percent in February as a big drop in energy prices offset higher food costs.145
358. Touch Type With Your Thumbs: How do you get rid of "thumbos," those cellphone message typos? Practice. And some handy tips.123
359. Pakistan Charges 5 Americans in Plot: ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A Pakistani court formally charged Wednesday five young Americans of plotting terrorism in the country, their lawyer said, in a case that has raised alarm over the danger posed by militants using the Internet.269
360. Pope to Address Irish Abuse in Letter: The pope's comments on the sexual abuse scandal in Ireland came a day after a top Vatican official spoke of a similar scandal in Germany.176
361. Japan Eases Monetary Policy to Fight Deflation: The move sets the world's second-largest economy on a divergent path from other industrialized nations.151
362. Metrodome Takes Chill Out of Spring Games in the Midwest: To get away from snow-covered fields, assorted Midwest teams line up to play at the former home of the Twins.167
363. Weaker Euro Complicates Life for Firms in Europe: A weaker euro is beneficial for European exporters, but it sends a troubling message about the bloc's growth prospects.169
364. Report Finds States Holding Fewer Prisoners: State prison populations have begun to dip after decades of growth, largely because of efforts to keep parolees out of prison and reduce prison time for nonviolent offenders.219
365. Google Partners Call for Clarity on China Plans: Chinese firms selling ad space on Google's search pages warned the company that they may seek compensation if Google shuts its Chinese portal.191
366. Having Bought High, Owners of Sports Teams Find They Must Now Sell Low: New owners like the Charlotte Bobcats' Michael Jordan face the prospect of not being able to sell for a hefty profit.189
367. After 3 Suspected Suicides, a Shaken Cornell Reaches Out: The deaths have cast a pall over the university and revived talk of its reputation — unsupported, say officials — as a "suicide school."208
368. Democrats Consider New Moves for Health Bill: As lawmakers clashed on the House floor, Democrats struggled to defend procedural shortcuts they might use.153
369. Paterson Aide Is Said to Ignore Subpoena: David W. Johnson, a senior aide to Gov. David A. Paterson, had been ordered to testify about his role in obtaining World Series tickets from the Yankees for the governor.212
370. Monserrate Loses Bid to Regain Seat: Hiram Monserrate, who was expelled from the State Senate after he was convicted of assaulting his companion, lost in a special election to José R. Peralta, according to early returns.220
371. Europe's Public Broadcasters Seek Easier Access Online: The European Broadcasting Union said its proposals were intended to push cross-border online video services.164
372. Kitchen Gadgets Take the Fast-Food Mentality Into the Home: Forget sous vide and braising and the farm-to-table ethos. We are a nation that cooks with an index finger.167
373. McConnell Strategy Shuns Bipartisanship: Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader , has found some success in his strategy to contain Democrats.149
374. Violence Prompts Marijuana Debate: A shooting and a beating death linked to medical marijuana have drawn calls to change how Washington State protects those who grow and use the drug.183
375. $75 Million in Pills Stolen in Conn.: In a Hollywood-style heist, thieves cut a hole in the roof of a warehouse, rappelled inside and scored one of the biggest hauls of its kind — about $75 million in antidepressants and other prescription drugs.253
376. Panels Studying Banking Reform Seek More Studies: By suggesting further examination at every turn, Congress is delaying tough regulatory decisions.147
377. News Analysis: Risks and Opportunities in Fight With Israel: A dispute could shore up President Obama's credibility as a peacemaker by showing that he has the fortitude to push Israelis and Palestinians toward an agreement.223
378. How Privacy Vanishes Online, a Bit at a Time: Using innocuous bits of data from Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, researchers gleaned people's names, ages and even Social Security numbers.191
379. Feeling Heat, Lawmakers Push the Rights of States: Whether it's correctly called a movement or political theater, state declarations of rights are on a roll.157
380. E.U. Broadcasters Push to Change Copyright Rules Tying Up Online Offerings: European public broadcasters are calling on lawmakers to make it easier to offer their programming over the Internet, saying copyright practices restrict their ability to develop new digital services.276
381. How Privacy Vanishes Online, a Bit at a Time: Using innocuous bits of data from Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, researchers gleaned people's names, ages and even Social Security numbers.191
382. Memo From Johannesburg: Leaders' Lavishness Gives Rise to 'Lifestyle Audits': The finances of South African officials are being viewed with skepticism and contempt, leading to a call for audits.194
383. It's the Bricks That Make Butler Basketball Special: A fieldhouse built in 1928 is home to players who appreciate tradition and to a team that has been in the past four N.C.A.A. tournaments.190
384. Economic Scene: Deficit Builds as Americans Pay Less and Get More: Demand for government services grows, but taxes don't. This is the main reason for our budget problems.170
385. Hoyer Defends Controversial House Procedure: The House majority leader on Tuesday said Democrats will use the procedure "for the same reason the Republicans used this process."176
386. Xobni Arrives on the BlackBerry: Xobni, a tool for searching Outlook e-mail and contacts, will now do the same on the BlackBerry.129
387. Q. and A. on Church Sex Abuse Scandal: Reporters from The Times answer questions about the sexual abuse scandal testing the church.131
388. Man in Terror Case to Change Plea: A federal court in Chicago said that a man accused of scouting the Indian city of Mumbai before a 2008 terrorist rampage planned to change his not-guilty plea.194
389. Study Finds 1 in 4 Uninsured in California: The number of uninsured adults and children in California grew by 25 percent between 2007 and 2009, according to a new report.170
390. City Center to Embark on $75 Million Renovation: City Center is embarking on a $75 million renovation and restoration of its landmark neo-Moorish building on West 55th Street.175
391. Followers of Sadr Emerge Stronger After Iraq Elections: Documents and interviews show an unprecedented discipline that has thrust the Sadrists to the brink of perhaps its greatest political influence in Iraq.208
392. M.I.T. Researchers Create Molecular Chips: Using copolymers, a university team has developed a way to arrange individual molecules into complex patterns on silicon chips. The research could enable smaller computer chips than current processes allow.249
393. Gibran Academy Principal Quits: The principal of Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn, the city's only Arabic-language public school, resigned, just days after the Department of Education was found to have discriminated in forcing out her predecessor.262
394. Music Review | 'Sondheim: The Birthday Concert': A Little Birthday Music for Sondheim: Stephen Sondheim's forthcoming 80th birthday was celebrated in a thrilling concert at Avery Fisher Hall.191
395. N.F.L. Picks New Chairmen for Panel on Concussions: The league has selected two neurosurgeons to redirect its committee on concussion policy and research and accepted the resignation of the committee's most controversial member.228
396. Fed Maintains Stance to Keep Interest Rates Low for an Extended Period: The policy-setting arm kept its benchmark rate near zero, affirming its view that recovery is slow.171
397. A Television Project That Might Make Steve Jobs iRate: Epix has struck a development deal for a new series called "iCon," to be written by Dan Lyons, who has sent up the Apple chief executive on his popular blog, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.244
398. Mexican Leader to Visit City Reeling From Latest Violence: After the slayings of three people tied to the U.S. consulate, Felipe Calderón will meet privately with federal police in Juárez.188
399. App of the Week: A Reason to Use the Phone in the Car: Steer Clear Mobile is a portable and valuable lesson for teen drivers -- or even adults.143
400. Tiger Woods Says He Will Return for Masters: "After a long and necessary time away from the game, I feel like I'm ready to start my season at Augusta," Tiger Woods said in a statement.184
401. Will It Pass? The Odds on Health Care: What are the chances that a national health care overhaul will be approved this week?124
402. Pittsburgh Journal: Pittsburgh Keeps Alive the Legacy of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood': Fred Rogers died in 2003, and while many children nationwide no longer see his TV show, images and memories of him abound in Pittsburgh, where he lived and worked.251
403. Governor Christie Seeks Spending Cuts to Close Gap in New Jersey: To close a structural deficit, Gov. Christopher J. Christie's budget focuses almost exclusively on cutting spending rather than raising revenue.210
404. F.C.C. Calls Adoption of New Broadband Plan Vital: The agency characterized its proposal, which it sent to Congress on Tuesday, as a step for keeping the country competitive.174
405. F.C.C. Calls Adoption of New Broadband Plan Vital: The agency characterized its proposal, which it sent to Congress, as a much-needed step for keeping the country competitive.175
406. After Quake, Rural Haiti Struggles to Absorb the Capital's Displaced: January's earthquake has prompted hundreds of thousands of Haitians to leave Port-au-Prince, reversing a decades-long migration from the countryside.220
407. Greece Gets Boost From S&P, but Awaits Word From E.U.: Greece got a vote of confidence from Standard & Poor's for its deficit reduction efforts but was still looking for details on a rescue package from European Union members.226
408. C-Span Puts Its Full Archives on the Web: Researchers, political satirists and partisan mudslingers, take note: C-Span has uploaded virtually every minute of its video archives to the Internet.193
409. TV Sports: Putting N.C.A.A. Games Online to Try and Satisfy the Majority: Fans unhappy with CBS's regionalization of the N.C.A.A. tournament found a way to see the games they wanted when started streaming games online.232
410. Tiger Woods Say He Will Return for Masters: In a statement Tuesday, Tiger Woods said he would play at Augusta National after a four-month hiatus because of a sex scandal.170
411. Cabling Your Mac: A new cable from NewerTech simplifies the transfer of high-quality video from your Mac to an HDTV.116
412. Big Drug Makers Lag in Emerging Markets, Study Says: Countries like China and India are overtaking the established markets for pharmaceutical sales, IMS Health said, but the leading companies risk losing out to local drug makers.229
413. On Washington: Testing Obama, at Home and Abroad: Recent challenges from allies, from Democrats in Congress to the Israelis, will reveal a lot about President Obama's leadership.178
414. Jerusalem Construction Notice Raises Tensions: An activist group drew attention to additional plans to build housing in East Jerusalem as Palestinians clashed with security forces.180
415. Basketball Study Examines How Midmajors Get Stars: An analysis of college basketball players aims to catalog the skills and talents that make a great midmajor player.166
416. Passing Legislation Without Voting on It: The House is pondering a strategy whereby the Senate health care bill would be "deemed" to have passed the chamber without an actual vote.180
417. China Announces Prison Sentence for Missing Human Rights Lawyer: The statement by China's foreign minister on Tuesday shed little light on the fate of the dissident, who has not been seen by his family in over a year.217
418. Online Hate Sites Grow With Social Networks: The number of hate and terror pages on the Web is up 20 percent over the past year, a report finds, with social networks playing a more prominent role.196
419. Apple Hires Wearable Computing Engineer: Apple's recent hiring of Richard DeVaul, a veteran in the wearable computing field, could lead to things like glasses with built-in displays.182
420. Q&A: Powering a Laptop Overseas: You may not need a power converter when you take your laptop overseas, but you may need a plug adapter.136
421. Basketball Study Examines How Midmajors Get Stars: An analysis directed by a national talent evaluator finds striking trends in physiques and skills.149
422. Thai Parliament Postpones Session Amid Protests: Protesters continued to occupy the streets in Bangkok, but there were signs that crowds were thinning out.155
423. Charles Moore Dies; Depicted Rights Battles: Charles Moore, who died last week, took some of the most memorable photographs of the civil-rights struggle.153
424. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inducts New Members: After years of being named finalists to enter the hall of fame, then getting outvoted, the Stooges were finally inducted this year. Iggy Pop declared, "Roll over, Woodstock. We won."230
425. Emory University Saves Rushdie's Digital Data: As research libraries and archives are discovering, "born-digital" materials are much more complicated and costly to preserve than anticipated.190
426. Observatory: Researchers Find New Paths to Cool Down Computer Chips: Researchers have used a short-pulse, high-intensity laser in the effort to help electronics engineers make faster chips.189
427. Top Women's Seeds: UConn, Stanford, Nebraska and Tennessee: Connecticut was named the top seed in the women's bracket, but won't have the luxury of an in-state game this year. The other No. 1s are Stanford, Nebraska and Tennessee.230
428. Triumph for Xiaflex, Drug to Straighten Clenched Fingers: After decades, BioSpecifics, a tiny drug maker on Long Island, has found a potentially lucrative use for Xiaflex, its only medicine: straightening clenched fingers.222
429. Race for Monserrate's Old Senate Seat Winds Down: Voters in the special election on Tuesday for the state's 13th Senate District will choose among Hiram Monserrate, José R. Peralta and Robert Beltrani.201
430. Findings: Chasing the Sound Barrier, in a Leap From 23 Miles Up: From a helium balloon, Felix Baumgartner, no stranger to high jumps, intends to break the speed of sound in free fall.183
431. Sony and Michael Jackson Estate Sign Sweeping Contract: The deal gives Sony the rights to sell the artist's back catalog and draw on a large vault of unheard recordings.169
432. News Analysis: Array of Hurdles Awaits New Education Agenda: The challenges of implementing a new education policy for the Obama administration are political and practical.172
433. Chile Braces for a Major Economic Slowdown: A major slowdown is expected in several industries, including fishing, pulp and paper, wine and agriculture.152
434. Britain Warns Mexican Authorities About Bomb Detector: A device manufactured by a British firm and used by the Mexican military and police to search for drugs and explosives may be ineffective, British officials said.217
435. McChrystal Brings Most Special Operations Under His Control: Action by the top American commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, was taken in part because of concern over Afghan civilian casualties.211
436. Patients Abandoned as Medicaid Payments Shrink: As states cut Medicaid, doctors find payments insufficient. Poor areas like Flint, Mich., face particular hardship.163
437. The Female Factor: An Afghan Politician Pushes for a Comeback: Malalai Joya, the youngest elected politician in Afghanistan, has received so many death threats that she lives what she calls a fugitive's life in her own country.227
438. Indian Cabinet Backs Letting In Foreign Campuses: The bill, which awaits a decision by Parliament, appeared to be an acknowledgment that the country's higher education system cannot cope with rising demand.206
439. Owe Someone Money? Just Bump Your Phones: PayPal's new iPhone application promises to make it easier to exchange money without cash or checks.142
440. On College Basketball: UConn Women, Like U.C.L.A. Men of Old, Are Good for Basketball: Just as college basketball needed the U.C.L.A. men in the 1960s and 70s, it now needs the women's dominance of UConn and Tennessee for visibility and viability.247
441. What We're Reading: Facebook Vs. Google, BlackBerry Vs. iPhone: Our daily roundup of technology news tidbits includes Facebook's ascendancy over Google in traffic, BlackBerry users' iPhone envy and Fandango's rollout of movie tickets on cellphones.248
442. Twitter Keynote Gets Thumbs-Down - on Twitter: An on-stage interview with Evan Williams, chief executive of Twitter, failed to please users of the service.155
443. In Expensive New York, Pizza for $1, or Even 99 Cents: In New York City, where an omelet can cost $1,000, incredibly cheap pizzerias are making their mark.155
444. As Voting Fog Begins to Clear, Iraq Sees Hints of Change: Partial election results suggested a sharp and divisive shift in power, with a secular candidate challenging Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki.203
445. Payback Time: Avalanche of Maturing Junk Bonds Looms for Markets: More than $700 billion of high-yield debt will mature over a three-year period beginning in 2012, raising worries about new loans, defaults and bankruptcies.223
446. Erin Andrews' Stalker Gets 30 Months: An Illinois insurance executive who secretly shot nude videos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison.176
447. Personal Health: Fighting the Pain of Lung Cancer, and Preparing to Say Goodbye: This is a very personal story of living gracefully with a fatal diagnosis.155
448. One on One Interviews: Who Should Be Next?: Which technology mavens would you like to see interviewed by the Bits blog for its 'One on One' series of Q&A's?156
449. Alcohol Cited in 2008 Russian Crash: The crash, which involved a Boeing 737 operated by a domestic subsidiary of Aeroflot, killed all 88 people aboard.151
450. New York Region Comes to Grips With Shock of Storm's Fury: Officials across the metropolitan region called damage from the weekend storm some of the worst they'd seen.167
451. Gaps in Dealing With Cancer in Teenagers: Experts see a gap in treatment between pediatric and adult care.106
452. Twitter to Offer Service That Ties Into Other Sites: A service called @anywhere will allow people to make use of Twitter through other Web sites.145
453. German Priest Suspended in Abuse Case Close to Pope: Peter Hullermann, the priest at the center of a German sex-abuse scandal that has embroiled Pope Benedict XVI, was suspended.178
454. At South By Southwest, It's Not Just About Location: At Southwest by Southwest, location-based services are the buzz, but there's more going on than that. The Times is covering the festival on the Bits, Media Decoder and ArtsBeat blogs and on Twitter.251
455. U.S. Safety Agency Still Unsure About Case of Runaway Prius: Safety regulators were unable to recreate the sudden unintended acceleration reported by a California owner of a Toyota Prius.187
456. Netanyahu Offers an Apology, but No Shift in Policy: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel did not indicate that new housing plans in East Jerusalem would be canceled.173
457. Mexico Slayings Rock U.S. Consulate: The White House responded angrily to deadly attacks that appeared to be the first on U.S. officials and their families by Mexico's drug cartels.181
458. The Puppy Diaries: Added Pain When the Patient Can't Talk: Because dogs can't describe their pain, illness can be especially frightening.137
459. Kremlin Sweeps Regional Elections: A shift from United Russia, a pro-Kremlin party, suggests some dissatisfaction with the country's dominant political force as Russians continue to struggle with the economic crisis.216
460. Iran Announces 6 Death Penalties: In what appeared to be a strong warning to the opposition ahead of a traditional annual celebration, authorities announced death penalties for six people arrested during December protests.222
461. At Xavier, Nun Works Out Players' Academic Side: Sister Rose Ann Fleming has been pointing Xavier players toward degrees since she became academic adviser in 1985.163
462. In Ohio, Obama's Health Care Push Is Personal: At a seniors' center, President Obama talked about a cleaning woman who had dropped her costly insurance plan, only to discover she had leukemia.192
463. Dodd Lays Out Details of Financial Overhaul Bill: Senator Christopher J. Dodd noted that the two parties were not far apart when he announced last week that Democrats would proceed with their own bill.201
464. South by Southwest's Location-Based Allure: A swirl of new media at the South by Southwest conference.102
465. Enigma Wrapped in Rumor: Maliki's Hospital Visit: In the political vacuum after the election, a rumor spread that the prime minister had been shot.147
466. The Price of a Dead iPad Battery: $99: Apple detailed its battery replacement policy for the new iPad: $99 plus $6.95 shipping.127
467. Mobile Calling Fees Under Pressure With Rollout of New Networks: The introduction of faster Long-Term Evolution networks could lower costs for operators and potentially unleash a new price war in the industry in Europe.219
468. Bees in the City? New York May Make Hives Legal: The honeybee's bad rap — and the days of urban beekeepers facing $2,000 fines — may be over this week.165
469. Tracking Electric Use Could Allow Utilities to Track You, Too: Smart grid technology holds great promise, but policy groups worry that smart electric meters pose a potential threat to privacy.192
470. Architecture Review | Jean Nouvel: Luxury Tower at Corner of Grit and Glamour in Chelsea: Jean Nouvel's new residential tower in Chelsea conjures a downtown New York we once loved and can now barely remember.208
471. Q&A: Seeing Internet Explorer On Chrome: How to make the Chrome browser read pages designed for Internet Explorer.114
472. Prius Incident Stumps Investigators: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Safety investigators have found no evidence so far to support or disprove a California motorist's claim his Toyota Motor Corp Prius sped out of control on its own, and cautioned the case may never be explained, U.S. regulators said on Monday.302
473. 4 Killed in Car Bombing in Iraq: Explosives packed in a parked car detonated Monday on a busy street in Fallujah, a town in a once dangerous and still unsettled region of western Iraq.184
474. Katie Spotz Completes Solo Trip by Rowboat Across Atlantic: Katie Spotz, a 22 year-old woman from Ohio, completed her solo trip across the Atlantic, becoming the youngest person to cross an ocean by rowboat.207
475. Moody's Warns of Risks to Triple-A Credit Ratings: The U.S., Germany and others could see their top-notch credit rating come under pressure if the recovery in the global economy stalls, the agency warned Monday.211
476. Car Bomb in Iraq's Falluja Kills at Least 7: A car bomb in Iraq's western Anbar province killed at least seven civilians and wounded 20 others on Monday, as Iraq struggles to end years of sectarian violence after a pivotal national vote.237
477. For a Philippine Political Family, Land Issue Hits Home: A disputed plantation is owned by the extended family of a presidential candidate, Benigno Aquino III, whose mother started a land reform program.203
478. Thai Protesters Shut Parts of Bangkok: Protesters shut down parts of the Thai capital on Monday but appeared to be a long way from achieving their goal of forcing the government to step down.191
479. Discovery Communications Expands With Eye on Global Market: Discovery Communications is well positioned in cable TV, analysts say, because it owns most of its shows and can cheaply replay them in dozens of countries.216
480. Frustration Grows in Iraq at Slow Pace of Vote Tally: American officials have expressed concern privately that even a fair election might be made to appear unfair because of the slow vote count.194
481. Online News Readers Use 5 Sites or Fewer, Study Says: Only 35 percent have a favorite site and 21 percent rely primarily on a single source, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.190
482. The Media Equation: Talking Back to Your TV Set, Endlessly: With social media, a traditionally passive form of entertainment could someday become a conglomeration of professional production and multiple conversations.218
483. Volunteers Duplicate Federal Videos for an Online Archive: The International Amateur Scanning League has taken it upon itself to copy as much federal video as it can and put it online.184
484. Pacquiao Shifts His Focus From Boxing to Politics: Manny Pacquiao won his latest fight, but the prospect of a bigger one against Floyd Mayweather Jr. hovers over his plans to run for a seat in the Philippine Congress.217
485. Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants: A Defense Department official set up a private network of spies in Afghanistan and Pakistan who gathered intelligence on insurgents, according to officials.212
486. A.I.G. May Cut a Bonus Pool by About 30%: Officials at A.I.G. are hoping to quell a controversy over bonuses that has plagued the insurer ever since taxpayers came to its aid in 2008.183
487. Phillips-Van Heusen Nears $3 Billion Deal for Tommy Hilfiger: Phillips-Van Heusen, the clothing conglomerate that owns Calvin Klein, is near a deal to buy Tommy Hilfiger for about $3 billion.191
488. Millions Being Spent to Sway Democrats on Health Care Bill: Ferocious advertising takes aim at about 40 House Democrats whose votes will help determine the fate of the health care bill.185
489. More Parity Found Atop the N.C.A.A. Tournament Bracket: As the N.C.A.A. is discussing the possibility of expanding its tournament, the assembling of this year's field was defined by the undistinguished nature of the teams on the bubble.236
490. Blessing and Curse of Structured Recess: No Goofing Off: A Newark school is one of a growing number that use a recess coach to curb bullying and behavior problems.163
491. China Uses Global Trade Rules to Its Advantage: Evidence is mounting that Beijing uses inconsistencies in international trade rules to spur its own economy at the expense of others.181
492. Toxic Waters: Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly: Ruptures in aging water systems cause pollutants to seep into water supplies, but in many cities, residents have protested rate increases to fix pipes.218
493. Peter Graves, Spymaster and Host, Is Dead at 83: Mr. Graves of television's "Mission Impossible" and the host of the "Biography" series, also successfully spoofed his own gravitas in the "Airplane" movie farces.211
494. Video Game Review | Final Fantasy XIII: From Square Enix, a Stunning and Distant World: Final Fantasy XIII is a milestone of artistic conception and technical execution that has been egregiously undermined by obstinately prosaic overall design.244
495. British Put Teeth in Anti-Piracy Proposal: Internet companies and civil liberties groups contend the powers it would give the British authorities would be a move toward censorship.180
496. 'Earth Days' Documentary to Be Seen on Facebook First: Eight days before the film is shown on PBS, it will appear on Facebook for a social experience of the film.163
497. Volunteers Duplicate Federal Videos for an Online Archive: The International Amateur Scanning League has taken it upon itself to copy as much federal video as it can and put it online.184
498. China Issues Warning to Google's Partners: Authorities warned that Google's partners must comply with censorship laws even if the search giant does not, an industry expert said.177
499. Media Cache: German Publishers Question Apple's Rejection of Nudity: German publishers are worrying that Apple's desire to limit offensive material on its iPhone applications is spilling over into censorship, particularly when it comes to nudity.246
500. New Way to Tell Friends Where You Are: Giving people more choices in revealing their locations with their cell phones is being popularized by the Foursquare service.165
501. Dodd Is Ready to Introduce Reform Bill: Senate Democrats will press forward on legislation to overhaul the nation's financial system after months of stop-and-start bipartisan talks.181
502. Phillips-Van Heusen Nears a Deal for Tommy Hilfiger: Phillips-Van Heusen, the big clothing conglomerate that owns Calvin Klein, is near a deal to buy Tommy Hilfiger for about 2.2 billion euros in cash and stock, people briefed on the matter told DealBook on Sunday night.271
503. Report Faults Obama's Efforts at Transparency: A new report suggests that transparency has been decidedly mixed across the federal government, with progress slow and erratic.174
504. Beckham to Miss World Cup With Injury: AC Milan and England midfielder David Beckham left the field with a serious-looking ankle or foot injury late in Sunday's 1-0 Serie A win over Chievo.189
505. Selection Sunday: Men's N.C.A.A. Tournament Field: The N.C.A.A. men's tournament bracket will be revealed.106
506. U.S. Consular Aide and Husband Killed in Mexico: President Obama expressed outrage at the "brutal murders" that were apparently carried out by drug traffickers in the violence-racked border town of Ciudad Juárez.212
507. Panic in Georgia After a Mock News Broadcast: A mock-documentary that pretended to report on a Russian invasion of the country sent viewers into a panic.153
508. Netanyahu Offers an Apology, but No Shift in Policy: Israel's prime minister did not indicate that the new housing plans for a Jewish neighborhood would be cancelled — a move that might mollify the U.S. and ease the start of peace talks.244
509. 'Green Zone' in Dismal Showing Over Weekend: Hollywood suffered its first major flop of the year over the weekend with the debut of the Iraq thriller "Green Zone," which sold an anemic $14.5 million in tickets at North American theaters.237
510. Performance Art Gains Favor; Fights Ensue: With performance art now fashionable, there's a search for revenue that angers some artists.135
511. Kentucky Beats Mississippi St. in Overtime: Kentucky's John Wall scored seven of his 15 points in overtime to beat Mississippi State 75-74 on Sunday.149
512. Ushahidi - Africa's Gift to Silicon Valley: How to Track a Crisis: A small Kenyan-born Web site is bringing crowdsourcing to disaster relief and other humanitarian causes.171
513. 2 Americans Killed in Drive-By Shooting in Mexico: Three people with ties to the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez were killed in a drive-by shooting.148
514. Complaint Box | They're Stealing My Sky: In South Brooklyn, a precious view is being replaced by a seven-story, multi-unit building.132
515. The South Bronx, Plagued by Obesity, Tops a Hunger Survey: A recent survey found that the most severe hunger-related problems in the nation are in the South Bronx, long one of the country's capitals of obesity.210
516. As Health Vote Awaits, Future of a Presidency Waits, Too: Win or lose on health care, President Obama will face a vastly different political landscape after the fate of his plan is decided.189
517. Rays of Hope in Battling an Agonizing Disease: Epdermolysis bullosa, a rare genetic disease full of suffering and disfigurement that makes skin as fragile as a butterfly's wing, is the focus of research along three differing paths.231
518. Crews Work to Restore Power After Rain Storm: With the worst over after a storm that killed five people, utility crews were out across the metropolitan region.159
519. As Health Vote Awaits, Future of a Presidency Waits, Too: Win or lose on health care, President Obama will face a vastly different political landscape after the fate of his plan is decided.189
520. Heart Therapies for Diabetes Patients May Harm: Three treatment strategies that doctors had expected would prevent heart attacks among people with Type 2 diabetes have proven to be ineffective or even harmful.209
521. Protesters Surge Into Bangkok, Urging New Election: Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters poured into Bangkok demanding that the government step down.160
522. Film: Ben Stiller: There's Something About Mortification: Noah Baumbach's "Greenberg" crystallizes the Ben Stiller persona.123
523. Sunday Routine | Linda I. Gibbs: Reading, Relaxing and Playing Parent for a Deputy Mayor: Linda I. Gibbs's portfolio includes homelessness, child welfare, aging, hospitals and juvenile justice. Church helps her de-stress, and reflect.234
524. After the Earthquake, a Military Chile Can Love Again: Even during Gen. Augusto Pinochet's bloody rule, his countrymen admired the ideal of order and flocked to the big parades.177
525. Israel Arrests Top Hamas Official: Israeli forces arrested a senior Hamas figure after a raid in Ramallah, the seat of the West Bank-based Palestinian government, the Israeli military said.189
526. City Critic: The New York Skyline, Where Eagles Roam: Bald eagles have made a comeback in New York State. They can even be seen in the city — but they're just visiting. They choose to nest elsewhere.206
527. Apple's Spat With Google Is Getting Personal: Once allies, Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt are now engaged in a gritty fight over mobile computing and cellphones.158
528. Film: 'The Runaways': The Girls Who Kicked In Rock's Door: The most striking thing about "The Runaways," a new film about the trailblazing bad-girl rock band from the 1970s, is how authentic it feels.200
529. Chinese Leader Firmly Defends Currency and Trade Policies: Premier Wen Jiabao charged that the developed world seeks to force unfair changes in China's economic policies "just for the purposes of increasing their own exports."226
530. Manny Pacquiao Retains W.B.O. Welterweight Title: Manny Pacquiao defeated Joshua Clottey by unanimous decision Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium to retain his World Boxing Organization welterweight championship.211
531. Dodd to Unveil a Comprehensive Financial Overhaul Bill: The proposal, to be unveiled on Monday, expands on shareholder provisions and hews in many ways to a proposal advanced by the White House, said people briefed on the legislation.234
532. One Analysis of the Google Buzz Mess: The backlash to Google's social networking feature sheds light on the challenges all technology companies must face when it comes to thinking about privacy, says one researcher.215
533. Intense Wind and Rain Blast the New York Region: A nor'easter was blamed for two deaths in New Jersey and left hundreds of thousands without power in New Jersey, metropolitan New York and Connecticut.200
534. Rachel Alexandra Loses to Zenyatta's Stablemate Zardana: Rachel Alexandra, the reigning Horse of the Year, lost the New Orleans Ladies Stakes to Zardana, the stablemate of Zenyatta, who ran her record to 15-0 just a half hour later.232
535. Big 12: Kansas 72, Kansas State 64: Kansas Wins the Big 12 and Likely a No. 1 Seed: The Jayhawks defeated instate rival Kansas State in the final of the Big 12 tournament and solidified their claim as the best team in the country.230
536. The Medium: How to make it to the top of the engrossing professor-ranking site,
537. Ushahidi - Africa's Gift to Silicon Valley: How to Track a Crisis: A small Kenyan-born Web site called Ushahidi is bringing crowdsourcing to disaster relief and other humanitarian causes.187
538. The Haggler: Capturing the Moments of Customer Frustration: When a Flip video camera won't connect with a Mac laptop, a new father inadvertently embarks on a customer-service adventure.185
539. Novelties: From Camera to Computer, With Fiber Optic Links: Fiber optic links may soon help consumer gadgets and computers communicate with each other at ultrahigh speeds.171
540. Ping: Labels Balk at Services to Stream Music to Various Devices: Music in the cloud, an Internet music service that everyone anticipates but which has not yet caught on, would cause problems for the music industry itself.222
541. 400,000 Without Power in Northeast: Strong winds and heavy rain pounded parts of the Northeast, knocking out power to nearly 400,000 customers and diverting international flights.179
542. Senate Parliamentarian in a Starring Role as Health Care Bill Referee: As Washington enters the final act of its long-running health care drama, Alan S. Frumin, the Senate parliamentarian, is in a starring role.211
543. U.S. and Russia Move Closer to Arms Control Deal: President Obama and President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia spoke by telephone to resolve differences on a treaty that would slash the active nuclear arsenals of both countries.226
544. U.S. Woman Held in Ireland Plot Had Been Isolated From Family: An American woman, who family members fear may have become a radicalized Muslim, was detained in connection with a plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist.214
545. Do Riders Think Some Cabbies Cheat Them? Are Cabs Yellow?: Passengers were not shocked by officials' report that thousands of drivers gouged millions of dollars by setting taxi meters at too high a rate.203
546. Apple's Spat With Google Is Getting Personal: Steve Jobs of Apple and Eric Schmidt of Google, once friends and allies, are now engaged in a gritty battle over the future of mobile computing and cellphones.205
547. Obama Proposes Overhaul in Education Law: The Obama administration called for sweeping changes to the Bush administration's No Child Left Behind law, proposing to eliminate provisions that have encouraged teaching to tests and labeled one in three schools as failing.267
548. New York Prisoner Who Posed as Another to Escape Is Captured: Freddie Thompson, who escaped during a court appearance on Staten Island, was back in custody after about 56 hours of freedom.188
549. Explosions in Afghanistan's Kandahar: Twenty-seven people were killed and more than 50 wounded when a series of explosions hit the center of Afghanistan's southern city of Kandahar after nightfall, a hospital official said.223
550. For-Profit Schools Cashing In on Recession and Federal Aid: Long accused of overpromising and underdelivering, commercial trade schools are under fire because they are attracting more students and more Pell grants.214
551. The Long Story of the Building at 104-106 Bowery: Dan Barry revisits the history of the Bowery and looks for a flophouse's last resident, the subject of a past column.167
552. Vatican Speaks as Abuse Details Emerge: The Vatican spoke out to protect the pope against what it called an aggressive campaign against him in Germany.151
553. Same Race, Same Opponents, Three Decades Later: It has been 32 years since Lowell Darling, an artist, last ran for public office in California. One thing has not changed: his opponent is Jerry Brown.199
554. Some Palestinian Jordanians Lose Citizenship: A Human Rights Watch report said 2,700 people lost citizenship from 2004 to 2008 and more were vulnerable.152
555. New Fraud Cases Point to Lapses in Iraq Projects: Chaos, weak oversight and wide use of cash payments in the reconstruction program in Iraq allowed Americans who took bribes or stole money to get off scot-free.210
556. Blagojevich's Lawyers Seek Trial Delay: Lawyers for former Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois said they needed much more time to prepare for his federal corruption trial.171
557. Karzai Reverses on Vote Auditors: President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has agreed to reverse an earlier decision and allow two foreigners on a commission that will monitor parliamentary elections.197
558. Arrests Expose ETA's Roots in Venezuela: A rare window into ETA activity in Venezuela has opened.97
559. Targeted by Drug Cartels, Reporters in Mexico Retreat: Attacks on members of the media along a long stretch of the border with the U.S. have resulted in what amounts to a news blackout.185
560. On the Hill: Portraying Hand-Picked as a Bad Thing: In the Indiana Senate race, Republicans are planning a strategy that grew out of developments suggesting that efforts to anoint candidates or manipulate the playing field can backfire.236
561. Afghan Leader to Allow Foreign Election Monitors: Afghanistan's president has agreed to reverse an earlier decision and allow two foreigners on a commission monitoring upcoming parliamentary elections.201
562. Kissinger Hospitalized in South Korea: A hospital official said that former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was recovering after being hospitalized in Seoul with stomach pains.184
563. Surfing's Next Generation Takes to the Air: With soaring tricks adapted from action sports like snowboarding, BMX freestyle and skateboarding, a new generation of surfers has pushed the sport into another realm.211
564. Suicide Attack in Pakistan Kills 13: A suicide bomber blew himself up at a security checkpoint in northwestern Pakistan, officials said, killing at least 13 people and injuring 52.180
565. Henry Kissinger Hospitalized in South Korea: Henry Kissinger, the former United States secretary of state, was admitted to hospital in the South Korean capital of Seoul on Saturday with what an official called a minor stomach problem.234
566. Saturday Profile: Heartthrob's Barbed Blog Challenges China's Leaders: Han Han, the heartthrob racecar driver and pop novelist who just happens to be China's most widely read blogger, has been delivering increasingly caustic attacks on China's leadership.255
567. Big East: West Virginia 53, Notre Dame 51: Mountaineers and Hoyas Are a Step From the Top: The No. 4-seeded Mountaineers outslugged Notre Dame, 53-51, on Friday, and will play No. 8 Georgetown for the Big East title on Saturday.228
568. Collecting: Lots of Web Traffic in Such a Tiny Town: Michael Paul Smith's photographs of scale-model sets with diecast model cars have captivated viewers online.161
569. Honey, Don't Bother Mommy. I'm Too Busy With My Blog and Building My Brand.: So-called mommy blogs were once little more than glorified electronic scrapbooks. Now they have recently evolved into a cultural force to be reckoned with.232
570. Appeals Court Upholds Cable TV Access Rules: The regulations require cable TV companies to make programming available on equal terms to rival TV providers.155
571. Facebook Helps Social Start-Ups Gain Users: Facebook Connect can help nascent Web services recruit a healthy crowd of users in a hurry, and help the users find their friends on those sites.189
572. Netflix Cancels Contest Over Privacy Concerns: The movie rental company canceled a competition to improve film recommendations after learning that customers could be identified from data it released.199
573. Vast F.C.C. Plan Would Bring Net to More in U.S.: The 10-year plan would reimagine the nation's media and technology priorities by establishing high-speed Internet as the country's dominant communication network.212
574. Big East: Georgetown 80, Marquette 57: Monroe Leads Hoyas Into Big East Title Game: Greg Monroe had 23 points and 13 rebounds, and No. 22 Georgetown beat Marquette in a 80-57 victory that sent the Hoyas to the Big East title game for the third time in four years.263
575. Gingrich Savors Another Turn in the Spotlight: Despite some political baggage, the former House speaker has built himself into a one-man industry, to renewed attention among conservatives.188
576. Fashion Diary: Wrapping Up Fashion Week in Paris, With an Iceberg and a Wake: Wrapping up fashion week in Paris with an iceberg, parties and a wake.148
577. E.E.O.C. Sees Bias in Almontaser Ouster at Khalil Gibran School: A federal commission has determined that the Department of Education discriminated against the principal of an Arabic-language public school in Brooklyn.218
578. Tea Party Avoids Divisive Social Issues: God, life and family get little mention in the party's statements, with the focus instead on fiscal responsibility.156
579. Vast F.C.C. Plan Would Bring Net to More in U.S.: The 10-year plan will reimagine the nation's media and technology priorities by establishing high-speed Internet as the country's dominant communication network.211
580. Woods Looking to Return at Masters, But His Camp Says Little: While there is a lack of concrete information from his camp, sources believe that Tiger Woods is working with Ari Fleischer and will not return to golf before the Masters in April.242
581. One on One: Andrey Ternovskiy, Creator of Chatroulette: A interview with the Andrey Ternovskiy, the 17-year-old Russian founder of Chatroulette who has abandoned high school to travel the world and meet with technology investors.229
582. 3 Rulings Find No Link to Vaccines and Autism: In another setback to the antivaccine movement, all three judges used strong language in dismissing the expert evidence from the opponents' lawyers.195
583. Clinton Rebukes Israel for Housing Announcement: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called Israel's plans for new housing units for Jews in East Jerusalem "a deeply negative signal" about Israel-American relations.221
584. Taxi Drivers Overbilled 1.8 Million Times, New York Says: Thousands of New York taxi drivers overcharged riders more than $8 million by switching the meter to double the rate, the Taxi and Limousine Commission said.215
585. Apple's Tim Cook Receives $22 Million Bonus: Apple has awarded its chief operating officer $22 million in cash and stock for leading the company while Chief Executive Steven P. Jobs was on medical leave last year.213
586. What We're Reading: A Cook, a Slacker, Some Bubbly and Fall Colors: Our daily roundup of tech tidbits features a Flickr visualization of seasonal colors, Tim Cook's $5 million bonus, an upstart competitor to Twitter and Slacker Radio's upcoming music service.259
587. Clinton Rebukes Israel for Housing Announcement: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called this week's announcement "a deeply negative signal" for the Mideast peace process and ties with the U.S.202
588. Suspect Held in Attack on Woman in Bar Bathroom: The police have a suspect in custody in the brutal assault and attempted rape on Thursday of a woman in the bathroom of the Social bar in Midtown. They say he is the same man caught on a surveillance video leaving the bar.271
589. Yemen Arrest Yields Another U.S. Terror Suspect: The arrest of a New Jersey man in Yemen is the latest in a string of cases involving radicalized American Muslims.163
590. Sony Adds Motion Control to the PS3: Sony introduced its answer to the motion-controlled Wii, the PlayStation Move.115
591. Cabbies Gouge Passengers Out of Millions, Agency Finds: For the past two years, thousands of taxi drivers overcharged passengers a total of more than $8 million by switching the meter to double the rate.203
592. Gillibrand Still Trying to Win Over Bloomberg: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has worked against Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand's candidacy but never said why.154
593. Hurdles Remain for City's Settlement of 9/11 Suit: A federal judge overseeing the settlement between the city and 9/11 cleanup and rescue workers said he would take a week to review the terms of the accord.206
594. When Will Location-Based Mobile Coupons Take Off?: People want to receive location-based cellphone coupons, but most have not, according to a Web analytics firm.161
595. Protecting Your Privacy on Google Buzz: The new social networking service continues to evolve, giving users more control over who can see what.143
596. iPhone Battery Replacement: DIY Or Not?: When an iPhone's battery needs replacing, can you do it yourself?106
597. America's Top Phones? Not Who You Think.: Who makes the most popular phones in America? It's Samsung, and therein lies a valuable lesson for phone shoppers.156
598. Your Money: In Most Cases, Best to Pass Up Overdraft Protection: Many bank customers are having to decide whether to ask for overdraft protection. Most should say no.166
599. Reprimands Expected in 2008 Battle: An investigation into the 2008 battle of Wanat, one of the deadliest days of the war for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, is expected to result in serious letters of reprimand for three officers.226
600. Democrats Planning for Health Bill Vote Next Week: The White House and Congressional leaders put Democrats on notice Friday that they would push ahead next week toward climactic votes on the health care legislation.215
601. Netflix Cancels Contest Plans and Settles Suit: Bowing to privacy concerns, Netflix said it was shelving its plans for a sequel to a contest that awarded a $1 million prize.173
602. India and Russia Build Ties With Pacts: The agreements, which signal a warming between the two nations, will provide India with nuclear power plants and weapons for its military.178
603. Texas Conservatives Win Vote on Textbook Standards: Because the state is one of the largest buyers of textbooks, the changes approved by the Texas School Board will have a broad influence.188
604. Pakistani Offensive Turns Into a Test of Wills: The army has gained the upper hand, but insurgents in South Waziristan continue to make their presence known.157
605. Obama Focuses on Yellen, 2 Others to Fill Fed Board: The administration on Friday identified two economists and a lawyer as its choices to fill vacancies on the central bank's board of governors.195
606. Plastic Logic Delays Its Que Tablet: Plastic Logic is delaying its $800 professional document- and book-reading device until this summer.137
607. Patient Money: Finding the Right Care for the Elderly: Advice for making an informed decision about supporting an ailing parent without bankrupting the family.159
608. Cost of Stadium Reveals Tensions in South Africa: Even as a $137 million stadium to be used for four World Cup games this summer is rising, poverty remains prevalent in South Africa.182
609. China Warns Google Again After C.E.O.'s Remarks: A top Chinese regulator warned bluntly that any move by Google to stop censoring its Chinese search engine would draw a response from Beijing.191
610. China Warns Google Again After C.E.O.'s Statement: A government minister responded to a statement from Google's chief executive that "something will happen soon" in a standoff over Internet censorship.201
611. Talks to Address Trade in Tuna and Ivory: Negotiations on protecting endangered species will open in Qatar with tensions over efforts to ban trade in bluefin tuna and to reopen exports of elephant ivory.203
612. German Church Leader Meets Pope to Address Scandal: After the meeting Friday, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said that Pope Benedict was "very satisfied" with steps the German church had taken to address the abuse.211
613. Vonn Wins 3rd Straight World Cup: Putting an exclamation point on a season of unprecedented achievements, Lindsey Vonn now has 33 World Cup wins, the most for an American skier.177
614. Beliefs: Beliefs: A Christian Overture to Muslims Has Its Critics: "The Camel Method" for preaching to Muslims has prompted controversy among Southern Baptists.160
615. Lexus, a Toyota Brand, Avoids Taint From Recalls: The brand's sales and reputation have held up, analysts say, because Lexus has not been included in Toyota's most serious recalls.180
616. Kathryn Bigelow: How Oscar Found Ms. Right: Kathryn Bigelow's two-fisted win at the Academy Awards has helped dismantle stereotypes about what types of films women can and should direct.186
617. N.H.T.S.A. Studying 'Black Box' for Cars: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering whether data recorders similar to those on planes should be required on all new cars and trucks.205
618. Movin' On Up: A new flat panel TV wall mounting bracket makes viewing an automated process.91
619. Obama to Delay Pacific Trip By Three Days: President Obama is delaying his trip to Indonesia, Australia and Guam next week, so the White House can focus on passing health care legislation.188
620. Christians Urged to Boycott Glenn Beck: A liberal evangelical leader responds to the broadcaster's attack on churches that preach about social or economic justice.163
621. U.S. Retail Sales Topped Forecasts, Rose 0.3% in February: The 0.3 percent increase, the biggest since November, provided hope that the recovery was gaining momentum.166
622. Book Review | 'Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent Into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death,' by Jim Frederick: A riveting account of the flawed leadership, bad luck and virulent personalities that led to the 2006 murder of an entire Iraqi family by American soldiers.268
623. Solar Power Up Your iPhone: A new solar charger promises to keep your iPhone juiced up at all times.100
624. Palestinians Honor a Figure Reviled in Israel as a Terrorist: Palestinian students dedicated a public square to the memory of Dalal Mughrabi, who in 1978 helped carry out the deadliest terrorist attack in Israel's history.222
625. Tip of the Week: Baseball Schedules: How to put a baseball game schedule onto your personal calendar.101
626. Lindsey Vonn Wins World Cup: GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (AP) -- Lindsey Vonn won her third straight overall World Cup title.129
627. British Airways Crew Plan Strike: The union representing British Airways cabin crew says workers will strike for a total of seven days this month.146
628. Twin Suicide Attacks Hit Military Sites in Pakistan: The suicide bombings killed at least 39 in the second attack in a week to strike the eastern city of Lahore.161
629. Winter Games Yield Forecasting Insights: A system used at the Games is part of a program to improve the accuracy of winter storm forecasting.141
630. Deadly Blast Shakes Pakistan City: Police say a suicide bomber targeting an army vehicle struck the city of Lahore with many casualties feared.143
631. Janet Yellen Is Said to Be Picked for a Fed Seat: Janet L. Yellen, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, is thought to favor keeping interest rates low to stimulate economic growth and reduce joblessness.222
632. Advertising: Instant Ads Set the Pace on the Web: Companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft let advertisers buy ads in the milliseconds between the time someone enters a site's Web address and the moment the page appears.222
633. Afghan Tribal Rivalries Bedevil a U.S. Plan: Fighting between Afghan subtribes raises questions about using tribes as part of a counterinsurgency strategy.155
634. How Do You Say 'Jersey Shore' in Russian?: At a casting call in Brooklyn for the Russian equivalent of "Jersey Shore," some of the accents are different but the lifestyle seems familiar.186
635. A Trailblazer of Civil Rights Dies Forgotten: Neighbors were startled to learn that Juanita W. Goggins, who had frozen to death at home, was the first black woman elected to the South Carolina legislature.205
636. 'The Demons': 12-Hour Play, and Endless Bragging Rights: "The Demons," a 12-hour production of a grim Dostoyevsky novel that will be performed only twice, may be the must-see show of the New York theater season.211
637. U.C.L.A. 75, Arizona 69: U.C.L.A. Ends Arizona's N.C.A.A. Tournament Streak: Arizona's streak of 25 consecutive N.C.A.A. appearances has ended, and with it their hopes of an automatic bid.188
638. Obama Social Secretary Ran Into Sharp Elbows: The rise and fall of Desirée Rogers, the White House social secretary who became a victim of a publicity stunt by aspiring reality show stars.188
639. Earthquake's Burdens Weigh Heavily on Haiti's Elderly: No strangers to hardship, elderly Haitians find themselves distinctly vulnerable and emotionally burdened these days.172
640. New Earmark Rules Have Lobbyists Scrambling: Lobbyists and military contractors dependent on lucrative no-bid contracts were looking for ways to get around the new House ban involving commercial companies.205
641. Board's Decision to Close 28 Kansas City Schools Follows Years of Inaction: The decision to shutter 28 of its 61 schools reveals the depth of dysfunction in the chaotic, almost non-functioning Kansas City School Board.219
642. American Held in Yemen After Shootout: A 26-year-old from suburban New Jersey is in custody in Yemen, after he was arrested in a sweep of suspected militants and reportedly killed a security guard in a failed escape attempt.224
643. Inquest on Lehman Brothers Failure Points to Accounting Gimmicks: Before the investment bank's failure, transactions secretly moved billions of dollars off its books, an examiner's report finds.194
644. Ground Zero Workers Reach $657 Million Settlement: A settlement has been reached in the cases of thousands of rescue and cleanup workers who sued the city over damage to their health, according to city officials.212
645. Rapid Rise in Seed Prices Draws U.S. Scrutiny: A Justice Department antitrust investigation of the seed industry is apparently focused on Monsanto.147
646. Sorting Through the Apple iPad Options: Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the fairest iPad of all? Nick Bilton finds that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.160
647. Samsung Unwraps a New E-Book Reader: Samsung unwraps an e-book reader that is missing one very key feature--3G connectivity.124
648. Social Networking Apps That Network: What are the best apps for consolidating all your social networking on a cellphone?120
649. How to Choose the Right Apple iPad for You: A step-by-step guide to making a smart choice between the Wi-Fi-only and 3G versions of Apple's iPad.145
650. What We're Reading: A Nobel Peace Prize for Us All?: Our daily roundup of Internet gems looks at a campaign to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Internet, quantum computing and one airline's crackdown on video chatting in the air.231
651. South by Southwest: A Virtual Playground in Austin: Start-up hopefuls and creative entrepreneurs are heading to the South by Southwest technology conference.157
652. Reid's Wife and Daughter in Accident: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's wife and daughter were being treated from serious injuries they sustained when their vehicle was rear-ended, a spokesman said.200
653. Top Obama Priorities Collide as Student Loan Legislation May Be Attached to Health Care: Top Democrats are fighting to attach the proposed overhaul of student loan programs to health care reform.195
654. Ground Broken on Atlantic Yards Project: After years of delays and lawsuits, officials broke ground Thursday afternoon on the $4.9 billion Atlantic Yards project near Downtown Brooklyn.185
655. Pink Floyd Wins Court Battle With EMI Over Downloads: The court ruling prevents the record company from selling single downloads on the Internet from the group's concept albums.177
656. Nokia is Coming to America – Still: Backed by flashy new phones and fresh software, Nokia is ready to woo American smartphone buyers all over again on price.164
657. Girl Fatally Struck by Train at 77th Street: A girl was crushed to death between a subway train and the platform at the 77th Street station of the No. 6 train on Thursday afternoon.181
658. Starbucks Fans Can Become 'Baristas' on Foursquare: Starbucks will give loyal customers a barista badge on Foursquare -- and get information about their behavior.162
659. Reyes Prescribed Rest for Thyroid: Mets shortstop Jose Reyes is likely to start the season on the disabled list, missing two to eight weeks, his agent said on Thursday.168
660. Cuomo Will Recuse Himself From Paterson Investigations: Andrew M. Cuomo, the New York Attorney General, said he would appoint an independent counsel to take over his office's investigation into two matters involving Gov. David A. Paterson.239
661. Concerns on Iran in U.S. Rights Report: The State Department said in an annual report that the human rights situation in Iran had "degenerated" since the disputed election last year.182
662. Syracuse Has an Injury Scare in Loss to Georgetown: Syracuse center Arinze Onuaku left with an injury but is expected to be back for the N.C.A.A. tournament.157
663. Patchwork Retirement Plan Adds to Greece's Debt Woes: Greece's retirement plan, which lets 40 percent of its work force retire early, has become divisive in Europe.164
664. Aqueduct Casino Deal is Dead: Gov. David A. Paterson's office said Aqueduct Entertainment Group would not be awarded a contract to build and run a casino at the Aqueduct racetrack.180
665. Holder Failed to Disclose Brief on Detainee Policy: A Justice Department spokesman said the omission by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. during his confirmation hearings was inadvertent.190
666. Live Updates From the Big East Tournament, Day 3: Live updates from Day 3 of the Big East men's basketball tournament.118
667. New Site Unmasks Chatroulette Players: Does Chatroulette, the popular video chat site, lose its appeal if it loses its anonymity?129
668. Disease Cause Is Pinpointed With Genome: It now appears possible to sequence a patient's genome at reasonable cost and with sufficient accuracy to be useful.157
669. Investors Bet on Betaworks, a New York Tech Incubator: Betaworks, the start-up incubator that helped spawn TweetDeck and, raises another $20 million.156
670. Unease Hangs Over Mideast as Biden Ends Israel Trip: Uncertainty over talks between Palestinians and Israelis seems only to have grown during the course of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s visit.199
671. Aftershock Measuring 7.2 Shakes Chile During Inauguration: A 7.2-magnitude quake hit central Chile on Thursday as the inaugural ceremonies for the new president were under way.176
672. Dodd to Offer Regulation Bill Without G.O.P.: The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, hoping to break a logjam on the overhaul of financial regulations, will unveil his proposal on Monday.194
673. Texas Hearing Considers Deeper Conservative Stamp on Textbooks: Proposed changes to the state's social studies curriculum would portray conservatives in a more positive light.175
674. World Food Program Won't Renew Some Somalia Contracts: World Food Program officials said it would welcome an independent investigation into its Somalia operations after a report that up to half the food aid was being diverted.226
675. Q&A: The Safety of Unsecure Networks: Logging on to someone else's Wi-Fi network can leave your computer vulnerable.116
676. Hamas Releases British Journalist: The British journalist, accused by Hamas of being a security threat, had been held for a month in Gaza.138
677. Biden Appeals to Restart Peace Talks: Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. called for no delay in resuming peace talks, after Palestinians said Israel must cancel a settlement project before negotiations can begin.212
678. Tight Race in Iraq Could Mean Weeks of Horse-Trading: Early results in Iraq's elections on Thursday indicated that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki's coalition was likely to win a plurality in an exceedingly close race.222
679. Tough Times for Basil Paterson, Father of New York's Governor: Friends said it has been hard for Basil A. Paterson, a political power in Harlem for decades, to watch his son, David A. Paterson, become embroiled in scandal.222
680. New Strike Paralyzes Greece: For the second time in a week, a general strike Thursday closed public services, halting all flights and most transport across the debt-plagued country.181
681. Barcelona Journal: Trumpeting Catalan in Small Type on the Big Screen: A local bill requiring that at least half the copies of every film from outside Europe be dubbed in Catalan is the latest attempt to assert Catalan culture.228
682. Greece Paralyzed by New Strike: A nationwide strike on Thursday closed hospitals and schools and stopped all flights and most public transport across the debt-plagued country.175
683. Syracuse-Georgetown Game Highlights Big East Matchups: With the opening rounds over, it's time for the top seeds to play in the Big East tournament. The first matchup is a familiar one: Georgetown versus Syracuse.213
684. Advertising: Like Texting, but With Video: Companies like American Greetings are moving beyond texting by offering services that send video messages to cellphones.163
685. The Mouse That Roared: Turning to the Internet to Catch a Favorite TV Show: With new devices making it easy to stream Internet content to a television, more people are watching cable shows for free.198
686. Sports Business: Lots of Memories, and Debris, at Old Yankee Stadium: So much has been destroyed that it's hard to feel even a tingle of fuzzy nostalgia for the house that Ruth built and the city is razing.206
687. Battery Ventures Raises a Fresh $750 Million: Battery Ventures' new, $750 million fund is the latest sign of a revival in Silicon Valley.137
688. TARP Oversight Panel Finds Fault With GMAC Bailouts: A report to be released Friday questions the Bush administration's decision to rescue "a company that apparently posed no systemic risk to the financial system."214
689. Dogs That Detect Bedbugs: Bedbug-sniffing dogs are the new and furry front line in an escalating domestic war.110
690. Obama's Student Loan Overhaul Endangered: House Democrats were desperately trying to prevent a sweeping overhaul of student loan programs from becoming a casualty of the health care battle.190
691. Kansas City Adopts Plan to Close Nearly Half Its Schools: The Board of Education in Kansas City, Mo., accepted a sweeping and contentious plan to shrink its school system in the face of dwindling enrollment, budget cuts and a $50 million deficit.246
692. Gary Gensler's Conversion to Financial Reformer: Gary Gensler, head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is the leading contender to oversee the instruments that played a key role in the financial crisis.212
693. David J. Loglisci Pleads Guilty in New York Pension Scandal: David J. Loglisci, the former chief investment officer for the New York's pension fund, told a court of kickbacks.175
694. Driven to Distraction: Distracted Driving in Ambulances and Police Cruisers: Lawmakers are trying to get drivers to stop texting and talking on the phone, but police officers and paramedics are required to use an array of dashboard gadgets.240
695. Chile's New President Enters a Changed Political Landscape: Sebastián Pińera takes office Thursday, after the earthquake and subsequent relief efforts have changed perceptions of the military and of the political right.219
696. E-Mail Messages Are Disclosed in Ensign's Ethics Case: Previously undisclosed e-mail messages provide new evidence about Senator John Ensign's efforts to steer lobbying work to the husband of his former mistress.213
697. A Futures Site Coming to Bet on Movie Ticket Sales: A virtual futures exchange is being assembled to allow people to bet money on a film's box office success.158
698. Driven to Distraction: Distracted Driving in Ambulances and Police Cruisers: Lawmakers are trying to get drivers to stop texting and talking on the phone, but police officers and paramedics are required to use an array of dashboard gadgets.240
699. TV May Be the New Google Reader Play's Best Venue: Google announced a new feature of its Google Reader Web site on Wednesday called Google Reader Play. The updated application offers a simple, personalized view of Web content.226
700. Archive and Historical Society Exhibition for Grateful Dead: An exhibit at the New-York Historical Society is the first large- scale showing of items from the Grateful Dead archive.181
701. Baby's Snuggled in a Sling, but Safe?: Baby carriers are more popular as parents believe the snuggled-up style has benefits for infants.136
702. A Futures Site Coming to Bet on Movie Ticket Sales: A virtual futures exchange is being assembled to allow people to bet money on a film's box office success.158
703. Decoded Genome Gives New Hope in Confronting Diseases: Geneticists said the new research shows it is now possible to sequence the genome of a patient at reasonable cost and with sufficient accuracy to be of practical use to researchers.236
704. Detained Herdsmen Talk About Killings in Nigeria: The police have arrested about 200 people in Jos, where this week dozens of herdsmen slaughtered hundreds of people in a brutal act of sectarian retribution.207
705. What We're Reading: What You're Reading: Our daily roundup of technology tidbits features Google's new service to show you what the Web is reading, the employment boom for hackers and a couple of trips down memory lane.219
706. Tech Talk Podcast: This week's podcast includes the changing fortunes of Pandora, the Internet radio site and an exploration of geek style.139
707. Quoted Remarks by Nelson Mandela's Ex-Wife Raise a Stir: In the London Evening Standard this week Winnie Mandikizela-Mandela described her former husband as a figurehead who had made a bad deal with South Africa's former white rulers.234
708. With New Homes, Town Makes Amends for Discrimination Decades Ago: Hamtramck, Mich., settled a long-running housing discrimination suit by offering homes to the descendants of black residents forced off their property in the 1950s and '60s.239
709. State of the Art: Multitouch Computing Is Here. Will Gorilla Arm Follow?: Finger gestures used on the iPhone can now be used on laptops and full-size computer screens, but the tactile experience isn't quite the same.216
710. Administration Nears a Crossroads on Trade: The question is whether the U.S. is prepared to lead or whether protectionist pressures will make it impossible to engage fully with trading partners.194
711. Q&A: Controlling the PC by Phone: The iPhone App Store has apps that allow you to remotely tap into your PC.108
712. Furriers Lure Young Designers: An industry campaign to aggressively court designers results in a fur rebound on the runway.123
713. House Leaders Bar Earmarks to For-Profit Companies: The ban, announced by House Democratic leaders, wipes out one of the most lucrative and controversial means of awarding no-bid contracts to private firms.206
714. White House Spars With the Chief Justice: The administration doesn't hesitate to take issue with remarks made by the chief justice of the United States.152
715. Group Will Review Climate Panel Work: The review aims to help the U.N. climate change panel avoid the kinds of errors that have brought its work into question in recent months, officials said Wednesday.202
716. Tricks to Keep Your Device's Battery Going and Going: Smartphone and laptop batteries may seem like cruel masters when they threaten to lose power, but you have more control than you may think.193
717. Two Large Multinationals Pull Back From Iran: The announcements by Ingersoll-Rand and Royal Dutch Shell come as the U.S. is pressing for new sanctions.151
718. Mobile Apps That Outperform Web Sites: Some Web site founders have been surprised that their products are better suited to cellphones.134
719. Sebelius to Insurers: It's Not Too Late to Work Together: How long "before the business model collapses of its own weight?,'' the secretary of health and human services asked insurers on Wednesday.197
720. Obama Tells Haitian Leader That U.S. Aid Will Continue: President Obama made the pledge after meeting with President Rene Preval of Haiti on Wednesday, even as the U.S. military begins withdrawing forces.204
721. No Noise is Good Noise: The Sony NC300D earbuds perform as well as their bigger cousins, the over-the-ear NC500Ds, but at a fraction of the size and weight.156
722. Concocting a Cure for Kids With Issues: The fight over vision therapy, a controversial subspecialty of optometry that takes the traditional practice beyond its usual focus on eye health and eyesight.199
723. Pennsylvania Woman Tied to Plot on Cartoonist: Prosecutors accused Colleen R. LaRose, who called herself "JihadJane," of involvement in a plot with militants.158
724. In Illinois, Scores Apply to Run as No. 2 on Democratic Ticket: After scandal forced the nominee for lieutenant governor out, Democrats in Illinois are letting citizens apply online to run.189
725. Yoink If You Want Free Stuff: Yoink, a new Apple iPhone application and Web site, allows people to post and look for free items in areas near them.147
726. Iran and U.S. Trade Barbs in Kabul Visit: As his visit overlapped with that of the U.S. defense secretary, the Iranian president said the U.S. occupation was doomed to fail.173
727. On the White House: Rove on Rove: A Conversation With the Former Bush Senior Adviser: The Times caught up with Karl Rove to talk about democracy in Iraq, the impact of the C.I.A. leak case and questions about his family life.225
728. NYT: Tech Talk for 03/11/2010: The Internet radio site Pandora is on an upswing and Bettina Edelstein talks to Times technology reporter Claire Cain Miller about how it works and how it's managed to survive. J.D. Biersdorfer chats with the senior merchandiser for, Ty Liotta, about geek taste and selecting the gadgets, clothing, snacks and other stuff the site sells. What's a geek, anyway? Pedro Rafael Rosado checks out the term, and he's no nerd. In J.D.'s roundup of the week's tech news: a new HP tablet that runs Flash; Google's new Data Explorer and Valve and Steam games for the Mac.606
729. TV Providers Seek New Federal Rules on Retransmission Rights: With a petition to the F.C.C. and a letter to Congressional leaders, cable and satellite providers said the current rules were "broken and in need of repair."220
730. With Biden in West Bank, Settlements Cloud Talks: Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. arrived in Ramallah to meet with Palestinian leaders a day after Israel said it would build 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem.219
731. Panel Releases Proposal to Set U.S. Standards for Education: The new standards, which experts said could well be adopted by a majority of states, would replace the nation's motley current checkerboard of locally written standards.230
732. Jerusalem Journal: Palestinian Family's Eviction Stirs Old Ghosts in a Contested City: The removal of a Palestinian family has touched two nerves: the fate of East Jerusalem and the grievances of refugees from the 1948 war.223
733. Corey Haim, Actor, Has Died: Mr. Haim, an actor best known for his roles in 1980s coming-of-age comedies like "Lucas" and "License to Drive," was found dead on Wednesday. He was 38.181
734. Attacking Lawyers From the Right and Left: Is it fair to criticize lawyers for having represented Guantanamo detainees?119
735. Gates in Saudi Arabia to Discuss Iran: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates will discuss military cooperation and Iran's nuclear program, officials said.151
736. Economic Scene: Wishing for a Health Care Plan That Cuts Costs: President Obama's health reform plan is a mixed bag for those who care about keeping down medical costs.168
737. New York Is Finally Taking Its Coffee Seriously: Dozens of new cafes and coffee bars treat coffee making like an art, or at least a high form of craft.151
738. New Breed of Brewers of No Buzz: Niche coffee roasters are changing decaf by going an extra mile for good beans.112
739. China's Exports Rise 46 Percent: Economists said the data signals a rebound in consumer demand in the U.S. and other Western markets.133
740. Red Sox to Cubs, Kevin Millar Embraces Another Challenge: Kevin Millar was with Boston when it won its first World Series in 86 years. Can he help the Chicago Cubs end their long drought?187
741. Prominent Sunni Cleric Dies: Sheik Mohammed Sayed Tantawi died of a heart attack during a visit to Saudi Arabia.112
742. After Victory Against Disney, Children's Group Loses Its Lease: The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood was evicted after pressuring the Walt Disney Company into offering refunds to buyers of its Baby Einstein videos.222
743. Sports of The Times: St. John's Takes an Opener, With No Fight From UConn: St. John's gets to play another day in the Big East tournament. And Connecticut does not. Both good.175
744. Aid Group Attacked in Pakistan: Militants attacked the offices of an international aid group in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday, killing five people working for the organization, police said.191
745. Demand for Lithium Is Poised to Take Off: As awareness spreads that lithium is an ingredient for hybrid cars, a hunt is under way for sources of the metal.155
746. Google Opens App Store For Business Software: Google unveiled a marketplace of business software to help to spur the adoption of its own suite of productivity applications.172
747. Google Maps Adds Directions for Cylists: Google adds biking directions to its digital maps for 150 American cities, to the acclaim of cycling activists.152
748. 2 Reports of Trouble in Stopping Toyota Priuses: Two drivers reported problems with Priuses that they said were not related to a sticking mat.142
749. Eric J. Massa Says He Tickled House Staff Member: Former Representative Eric J. Massa, under investigation by a Congressional ethics panel, said he "did nothing sexual."169
750. Nascar Gives Edwards Probation for Deliberately Causing Crash: After imploring drivers to be more aggressive on the racetrack this season to help rebuild fading fan support, Nascar issued a probation to Carl Edwards.216
751. Draft on Payday Rules Loses a Provision: Senator Bob Corker wants a proposed bank agency to be more lenient toward nonbank companies, but some advocates say that would hurt consumers.183
752. No. 1 UConn 60, No. 8 West Virginia 32: No. 1 UConn Women Improvise to an All-Too-Familiar Tune: UConn won its 72nd consecutive game, an N.C.A.A. women's record, and another Big East title on Tuesday.200
753. Attacks on Detainee Lawyers Split Conservatives: Right-leaning legal scholars have bristled at a video, produced by a group that Liz Cheney runs, that questions the loyalty of lawyers who worked for terror detainees.216
754. Abroad: Caravaggio in Ascendance: An Antihero's Time to Shine: By at least one amusing new metric, Michelangelo has been bumped from his perch atop the Italian art charts by Caravaggio, a hyperrealist whose art is instantly accessible.235
755. Angered by U.S. Security, Pakistanis Return as Heroes: A U.S. tour arranged by the State Department to improve ties to Pakistani legislators ended in a public relations fiasco when the group refused to submit to extra airport screening.236
756. As Abuse Scandals Widen in Europe, Vatican Defends Response: The Vatican said Tuesday that local churches had "acted swiftly and decisively" to address the growing child sex abuse scandal in Europe.198
757. Ravitch Sets Broad Plan on New York Fiscal Crisis: Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch will unveil a plan that includes borrowing billions and imposing curbs on future spending.166
758. Pennsylvania Woman Tied to Plot on Cartoonist: Federal prosecutors accused Colleen R. LaRose, who called herself "JihadJane," of linking up online with militants overseas, culminating in an alleged murder plot.210
759. What We're Reading: Barbie, Steve Jobs and Carly Fiorina: Our daily roundup of Web gems includes a deeper look at Barbie the engineer, Carly Fiorina's tenure at Hewlett-Packard, Jonathan Schwartz's battles with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and a pricing glitch at
760. Special Report: Paris Fashion Week: McQueen's Mesmerizing Finale: Alexander McQueen's last creations had subtlety and beauty as well as the urgent futurism that was the essence of his spirit.191
761. Bank of America Ending Overdrafts on Debit Cards: The decision could cost the bank tens of millions a year in revenue and put pressure on other banks to do the same.165
762. Demand for Lithium Is Poised to Take Off: As awareness spreads that lithium is an ingredient for hybrid cars, a hunt is under way for sources of the metal.155
763. State Police Losing Its Second Chief in Two Weeks: The State Police's first deputy superintendent had been serving as acting superintendent since last Tuesday, when his predecessor resigned.190
764. Flu Shots in Children Help People of All Ages: A study of farming colonies in Canada found that giving flu vaccine to schoolchildren protected the community.157
765. Gates Visits Former Taliban Village: Robert M. Gates's visit to the village of Now Zad — and his first walk through a market during wartime in Iraq or Afghanistan — would have been unimaginable even three months ago.230
766. Half of Food Aid to Somalia Is Diverted, Report Says: As much as half the food aid sent to Somalia is diverted from needy people to a web of corrupt contractors, Islamist militants and local U.N. staff, according to a new report.229
767. I Tickled Aide, but That Was All, Massa Says: He acknowledges exercising poor judgment, recalling tickling an aide during a birthday party.139
768. H.P. Barks, Then Bites Apple on the iPad: Two of the world's computing powerhouses have started a war of words around their forthcoming tablet computers.153
769. St. John's 73, UConn 51: St. John's Eliminates a Fading UConn: St. John's buried the Huskies' last hopes for reaching the N.C.A.A. tournament by winning the first round matchup in the Big East Tournament.204
770. A Talk with the Turing Winner: Charles Thacker, the lead designer on the Alto, the Xerox PARC prototype of the modern personal computer, won the Turing Award.158
771. Panasonic Adds Micro Four Thirds Cameras: Panasonic has added two new Micro Four Thirds cameras to its line-up, including a model with a touch-screen and one that is the smallest interchangeable lens camera with a viewfinder.225
772. After a Disruptive Airport Kiss, Facing the Consequences: Haisong Jiang, who prompted an evacuation of a terminal at Newark airport in January, pleaded guilty to defiant trespass on Tuesday.190
773. China and India Join Climate Accord: The countries are the last two major economies to join the agreement reached in December, which calls for limiting the rise in global temperatures.184
774. Chilean Cities Shifted West in Quake: The Earth really did move during the massive Chile quake: Researchers say cities and islands physically shifted west a bit.161
775. Facebook Will Allow Users to Share Location: The social networking site plans to roll out features next month that will give its 400 million users the option of sharing their location with friends as part of their news feeds.225
776. Some Iraq Results Coming Wednesday: Iraq's electoral commission said Tuesday that it would announce partial results of parliamentary elections on Wednesday.156
777. Cisco Unveils One Router to Rule Them All: Cisco has unveiled its biggest routing system to date, one that the company says is capable of linking everyone in China on a video call.180
778. Pressed by Charters, Public Schools Try Marketing: Principals in Harlem are hiring firms to help lure students with Web sites, brochures and open houses.153
779. Live Updates From the Big East Tournament: The Times's Pete Thamel and Kevin Armstrong, along with Zach Hillesland, a former Notre Dame forward, will provide analysis and updates throughout the day.198
780. Uproar in India Over Quota for Female Lawmakers: A plan to reserve a third of the seats in India's legislatures for women plunged Parliament into chaos and threatened the governing coalition.191
781. A Little Black Box to Jog Failing Memory: Researchers have tested the Sensecam, which contains a digital camera and an accelerometer, as an aid to people with Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders.206
782. Solar Industry Learns Lessons in Spanish Sun: A national commitment to solar power transformed one community but big subsidies led to unsustainable growth.155
783. A Bike Theft in the Time of Twitter: An alarm goes out online, and a messenger is soon reunited with his stolen bike.117
784. China and India Join Climate Accord: The countries are the last two major economies to sign up to join the agreement reached in December, which calls for limiting the rise in global temperatures.195
785. New Palm OS 1.4 Adds Video: Palm has added new features in its Web OS 1.4 upgrade. Here's how to get it.104
786. Foursquare Introduces New Tools for Businesses: Foursquare, a location-based social network, is rolling out new tools that will give businesses more information about their customers and allow them to target special offers.223
787. App of the Week: M.L.B.'s Utility Player: Major League Baseball issues a $14.95 baseball app that works on most smartphones. But to watch the live games, you'll need to pay $100 more.183
788. Google's Toolkit for Translators Helps Feed Its Machine: With its Translator Toolkit, Google hopes to teach its translation system to understand minority languages, like Maori.176
789. Fashion Review: Minimalism, and Plenty of It: Reviews of Givenchy, Galliano, Lagerfeld and McCartney collections.113
790. Mexico Oil Politics Keeps Riches Just Out of Reach: The country, which kicked out oil firms in 1938, now needs assistance to get its oil out of the ground.155
791. Lost in Time, Letters Capture American Grief for a President: A new book has collected some of the thousands of surviving letters to Jacqueline Kennedy after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.201
792. Indonesian Forces Kill 3 Terror Suspects: Indonesian counterterrorism forces stormed an Internet cafe and a nearby house on the outskirts of Jakarta on Tuesday.160
793. Q&A: Sweep Out Old System Restore Files: How to rid your PC of old System Restore files.88
794. Berlin's Airport: Shining Beacon or Waste of Money: To get Berliners arguing, bring up the $3.4 billion mega-airport rising just beyond the limits of Germany's hip but economically strapped capital.198
795. Cyprus Police Confirm Body Is Ex-Leader's Corpse: A Cyprus police spokesman has confirmed that a body discovered in a Nicosia cemetery is the stolen corpse of ex-president Tassos Papadopoulos.192
796. Biden Calls U.S. Ties to Israel 'Unshakable': Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. opened talks with Israeli leaders on Tuesday, part of a concerted U.S. effort to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.203
797. Itineraries: Going Global, Stateside: Business has become so global that companies are giving cultural training even to those who never go overseas, because they work with people around the world.196
798. Oscar Winners Try to Keep Whale Off Sushi Plates: Activist documentarians orchestrated a sting operation to ferret out what authorities say is illegal whale meat.162
799. Sauri Journal: Shower of Aid Brings Flood of Progress: Bombarding a Kenyan town with health care, education and job training seems to be lifting people out of poverty, but can the results be magnified?201
800. Public Pension Funds Are Adding Risk to Raise Returns: Even as big companies are moving their pension funds out of stocks, state governments are chasing higher returns for their plans by making riskier investments.214
801. Solar Industry Learns Lessons in Spanish Sun: While a national commitment to solar power transformed one mining community, generous subsidies also resulted in unsustainable growth.180
802. Nascar's Call for Aggressiveness Is Met by a Deliberate Crash: One result of Nascar's renewed focus on aggressive driving came when Carl Edwards sent Brad Keselowski flying on Sunday.183
803. In Chile Capital, Damage Is Inside and Invisible: Santiago's high-rises and tree-lined boulevards appear mostly unscathed, but many people in the city still do not know if their lives will ever be the same.206
804. In Jury Selection for Hate Crime, a Struggle to Find Tolerance: Prospective jurors in the case of the 2008 killing of a 37-year-old Ecuadorean in Patchogue, N.Y., have brought up issues about the treatment of immigrants in Suffolk County.238
805. Google Improves Its Translation Tool: The company is using its network to push the limits of translation technology; its free service has become the favored source for millions.177
806. Google Improves Its Translation Tool: The company is using its network to push the limits of translation technology; its free service has become the favored source for millions.177
807. Experts Urge Keeping Civilian and Military Options in Terror Trials: Some former security officials warned that a proposed ban on civilian trials could create obstacles to swift punishment.189
808. New Trial Granted in 5 Murders in New Orleans: A judge overturned the trophy verdict because the prosecution failed to turn over evidence in a capital case.156
809. Supreme Court Roundup: Justices to Hear Case of Protest at Marine's Funeral: The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide whether the father of a fallen Marine may sue protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church who picketed the funeral.237
810. Reaching for Stars When Space Thrilled and Paranoia Ruled: In a new book, "Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race 1957-1962," Megan Prelinger sees hopes, dreams and fears in the form of magazine ads.212
811. What We're Reading: Conan's Twitter Buddy and New York in Pixels: Our daily roundup of Web gems includes a brain-controlled computer, the one person that Conan O'Brien follows on Twitter and a new site that broadcasts your purchase history to your followers.258
812. Oil and Gasoline Prices Begin to Creep Up: Somewhat upbeat economic data, new tensions in Nigeria and reports that China plans to build up its reserves have lifted crude prices. Gasoline prices have followed.208
813. Toyota Says Its Fixes Work When Properly Done: The carmaker said reports of continued acceleration problems after a repair could be traced to improper work.156
814. Departing Congressman Assails Democrats: Representative Eric J. Massa, a New York Democrat accused of sexual harassment, said that party leaders tried to drive him out of office.178
815. Why So Many Superheroes Are Drawn to New York: A panel in Midtown on Tuesday will examine New York City as character, inspiration and player in the universe of superhero comics.177
816. Infection Defense May Spur Alzheimer's: Beta amyloid, which was once thought to be a chief villain in Alzheimer's, may be part of the brain's normal defenses, researchers at Harvard suggested.192
817. Doctor in Drug Inquiry Says He Treated Rodriguez: Anthony Galea, who is under investigation in Canada for possibly smuggling drugs into the United States, said he treated Alex Rodriguez for an inflamed hip last season.218
818. The Academy Smiles With Both Faces: The Oscars telecast exposed an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in identity crisis: the ceremony was big and commercial; the winners were small and arty.200
819. Pandora: In the Middle of the Music: The music and technology industries are still trying to figure out how we will listen to music online in the future, but Pandora is trying to capitalize on whatever business model eventually emerges.236
820. Enriching Uranium Only Gets Easier: Making the leap from reactor-grade nuclear fuel to bomb-grade is like the rich getting richer: really fast.143
821. Northrop to Bow Out of Bidding for Tanker: The company had complained that the requirements favored Boeing, and Northrop's executives had questioned whether the $40 billion contract would be profitable.202
822. With Signs of Spring, New York Diners Go Outside: Outdoor dining season seems to come to the city earlier each year, with New Yorkers eager to take advantage of a growing number of options.189
823. American Missionary Freed in Haiti: One of two U.S. Baptist missionaries still held on kidnapping charges in Haiti was released Monday, but the group's leader remained in custody.179
824. Hey, 'Friend,' Do You 'Like' My Sad Story?: With their ubiquitous usage on social networks, the meanings of the words "like" and "friend" are starting to change. Do we need to find better words to use instead?209
825. France Télécom Needs 'Radical Change' After Suicides, Report Says: France Télécom has already stopped several practices identified as being particularly disruptive, like forcing employees to change jobs and closing work sites.226
826. Greece's Leader Wants to Restrict Speculative Trading: The exotic market bets, the prime minister said on Monday, will make it difficult for Greece to put its austerity program in place.186
827. Biden Arrives in Israel on Trip to Restart Peace Talks: The visit will also focus on persuading Israel to help in efforts to impose sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program rather than pursue direct military action against the country.237
828. Obama Says Health Overhaul Should Trump Politics: Before a crowd of students, President Obama took aim at critics who say that enacting the bill will hurt Democrats in November.177
829. Retired General Is Picked for T.S.A.: President Obama plans to appoint a former senior Army official with a career in intelligence to lead the Transportation Security Administration, according to an administration official.223
830. In a Polarized Court, Getting the Last Word: The practice of Supreme Court justices reading a dissent from the bench to note their unhappiness is on the rise.158
831. Magazine Preview: The Limits of Rahmism: He was chosen as White House chief of staff because he could make things happen. What happened?136
832. Link By Link: Strangers in the Net, Exchanging Glances: ChatRoulette, a nascent Internet phenomenon, is providing Web researchers with a social networking case study into the nature of online togetherness.205
833. A Handy Road Map for the Final Weeks: With the health care debate in the home stretch, the main action is now in the House.123
834. As Iraq Tallies Vote, U.S. Says Pullout Plans Are 'on Track': The top American military commander in Iraq on Monday praised the Iraqi military's performance during Sunday's parliamentary election.196
835. Army Officer Is Said to Be T.S.A. Pick: WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama plans to appoint a former senior Army official with a career in intelligence to lead the Transportation Security Administration.210
836. Ethnic Violence in Nigeria Kills 500, Officials Say: The victims were Christians killed by Muslim herdsmen this weekend, apparently in reprisal for similar attacks on Muslims in January.186
837. Ford Adds Security and Other Features to Sync System: As Ford Motor makes its Sync technology more powerful, the auto maker is adding security features to protect owners from snoopers.184
838. Q&A: Making Movies in Windows 7: How to find Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7.79
839. Quake Kills Dozens in Turkey: At least 51 people died when an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude struck near the town of Elazig in eastern Turkey early on Monday, the semi-official Anatolian News Agency reported.205
840. Suicide Bomber Rams a Pakistan Building: An explosives-laden truck rammed into the gate of a house used by the Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore, killing at least seven people.181
841. The TV Watch: Supersizing the Show (Austerity Is So 2009): Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony was one enormous Hollywood stimulus package.136
842. Gates Visits Afghanistan to Meet With Karzai: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is to review plans for a U.S.-led offensive into the Taliban heartland of Kandahar.163
843. Wartime Pope Has a Huge Fan: A Jewish Knight: Gary Krupp is credited with breaking a logjam in a debate over whether Pope Pius XII did as much as he could have to save Jews from the Holocaust.192
844. Drilling Down: Rapid Rise of Children With Cellphones: Though girls still have more cellphones than boys, the gap is about half as large as it was in 2005.155
845. Major League Baseball to Stream ESPN Events: Major League Baseball Advanced Media will handle the technology infrastructure and customer support for the nearly 3,500 live events that ESPN streams each year.206
846. Suicide Bomber Rams a Pakistan Building: An explosive-laden truck rammed into a house used by Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency, killing at least 7.154
847. In Deal on Everglades, a Dream Is Deferred: Florida's ambitious plan to reclaim the famed wetlands is instead on track to rescue the fortunes of United States Sugar.165
848. Arkansas's Senator in Middle, Hit on All Sides: Senator Blanche Lincoln, a moderate Democrat, is caught between antigovernment ire and the frustrated left.155
849. 'The Hurt Locker' Wins Big at Oscars: The Iraq war drama "The Hurt Locker" took home the Oscar for best picture, while its director, Kathryn Bigelow, became the first woman to win an Oscar for best director.207
850. Sunnis Go to Polls, This Time, to Retain a Voice: Sunni Arabs largely sat out Iraqi national elections in 2005, but the need to protect their interests brought them out in droves on Sunday.189
851. Our Towns: A Local Street and a Lesson in History: The folks on Petain Avenue in Milltown, N.J., have had to confront the legacy of the World War II Nazi collaborator for whom the street is named.196
852. EBay Highlights Conservation As a Benefit of Buying Used: EBay, recovering from unprofitable quarters and falling market share, has recast its site to make it more attractive to new kinds of shoppers, like the carbon conscious.227
853. U.S. Hopes Internet Exports Will Help Open Closed Societies: The Treasury Department will issue a general license for the export of free personal Internet services and software geared toward Iran, Cuba and Sudan.212
854. Pandora Sees a Big Future: Heir to FM: After a decade of near-death experiences, the Internet music service is attracting attention from investment bankers who think it could go public.185
855. For Web and Public TV, Brief Films That Dramatize Issues: An attempt by a public television stalwart to bring the young into the fold with punchy takes on social issues.169
856. Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Caffeinate: Open-carry advocates, who bring guns into places like Starbucks, are a wild card for the gun-rights movement.150
857. Short-Sale Program to Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss: The Obama administration will offer distressed homeowners $1,500 to sell for less than the mortgage balance, along with incentives for banks.197
858. News Analysis: U.S. Reaches Out to Tokyo's Real Power: At a time of turmoil in Washington's ties with Japan, diplomats have been negotiating a visit to Washington by Ichiro Ozawa, the man widely seen as really running the country.230
859. U.S. Allows Internet Exports to Closed Societies: The Treasury Department will issue a general license for the export of free personal Internet services and software geared toward Iran, Cuba and Sudan.201
860. Pandora Sees a Big Future: Heir to FM: After a decade of near-death experiences, the Internet music service is attracting attention from investment bankers who think it could go public.185
861. A.I.G. Is Said to Sell Unit to MetLife, but Next Step Is Unclear: The latest deals leave the American International Group with no obvious sales to raise the money to pay the rest of its debt, roughly $50 billion, to the U.S.224
862. Job Market Stabilizes for Business Students: Unemployment and public anger over bailouts remain high, but aspiring bankers find they can now get a foot in the door.164
863. Live Blogging the Oscars: A running tally and commentary on the 82nd annual Academy Awards.91
864. The National Enquirer Earns Some Respect: As The National Enquirer chased reports of an affair involving John Edwards, it strung together a series of scoops and earned a little respect along the way.199
865. Tuscany Without the Crowds: With few tourists, the dead of winter is the time to visit Tuscany, when the landscape is bright green, locals fill the cafes, and the cuisine is at its best.186
866. Palestinian Sees Lesson Translating an Israeli's Work: In memory of a son killed in a terrorist attack, a Palestinian lawyer paid for an Arabic translation of the autobiography of Israel's most prominent author and dove, Amos Oz.229
867. American Qaeda Operative Arrested in Pakistan: Pakistani officials said Sunday that an important Qaeda operative who is a U.S. citizen had been arrested, but his identity was not immediately clear.197
868. Microsoft Gives Rival Browsers a Lift: As Microsoft complies with new European rules to offer a choice of browsers to Windows users, smaller browsers are getting a boost.170
869. Pakistan Arrests American-Born al-Qaida Militant: The American-born spokesman for al-Qaida, Adam Gadahn, has been arrested by Pakistani intelligence officers in the city of Karachi, officials said Sunday.205
870. Clashes Kill Dozens in Central Nigeria: Clashes between Muslims and Christians have been reported near the central Nigerian city of Jos, where sectarian violence flared in January.180
871. Rivers Takes Aim at the Stars' Wardrobes at the Oscars: Celebrities beware: Joan Rivers is on their case thanks to her new gig as the head cop on E! Entertainment's "Fashion Police."183
872. Karzai Visits Former Taliban Stronghold: The Afghan president arrived in Marjah, and heard complaints from residents about the actions of Afghan and foreign troops who seized the town from the Taliban.201
873. Officials Allow Sex Offender to Live Near School: When parents complained that a convicted sex offender was living across from an elementary school, the authorities said there was nothing they could do.202
874. Iraqi Elections: Live-Blogging Election Day: Live blogging the Iraq elections77
875. Disney Pulls ABC From Cablevision After Deal Fails: The move potentially leaves about three million cable customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut without access to the Academy Awards telecast on Sunday night.218
876. Iraqi Elections: Live-Blogging Election Day: Live blogging the Iraq elections77
877. As Iraqis Go to Polls, Premier Faces Strong Challenge: Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki faced a strong challenge from a bloc of parties led by Awad Allawi, a former interim prime minister.191
878. Lessons at Indian Hospital for Births After C-Sections: A small, underfunded hospital in Arizona, with about 500 births a year, is outperforming richer institutions when it comes to keeping Caesarean rates down.211
879. Paterson Rewards Redemption With a Pardon: Gov. David A. Paterson pardoned a man whose rise from poverty and street crime in Chinatown to success as an executive was about to end in deportation.194
880. Sports Briefing | Football: Burleson Tweets: It's Official: The free-agent receiver Nate Burleson tweeted that he was joining the Detroit Lions.144
881. Letting Women Reach Women in Afghan War: Women will accompany men on patrols in Afghanistan to try to win over rural Afghan women who are culturally off limits to outside men.175
882. Breaking With Scientology: Fifty-six years after its founding by the science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, who died in 1986, the church is fighting off calls by former members for a reformation.195
883. Seoul Police Link 1,700 Pairs of Shoes to 2 Feet: Police opened an ex-convict's warehouse and found 170 boxes packed with expensive designer shoes, all believed to have been stolen.182
884. R.I. School Shake-Up Is Embraced by the President: A Rhode Island school board's decision to fire the entire faculty of a failing school may have lasting ripples on the nation's education debate.195
885. A Squandered Talent Claimed by the Street: Michael Chatfield, a talented basketball player from the Queensbridge housing project in Queens, was shot dead in October at age 31.175
886. The Screen's Now Setting Many a Stage: Projections are so much a part of going to the theater these days that the Yale School of Drama is going to offer a full-fledged projection design program starting this fall.213
887. New Jersey Dining | Online: A Vibrant Culture of Food Blogging: Restaurateurs have grown accustomed to seeing diners use cellphones to photograph meals, because of the rapidly expanding ranks of food bloggers.209
888. Digital Domain: Getting Older Without Getting Old: In its wide, wide world, Facebook has the advantage of "network effects" — making its value grow in tandem with the number of people who use it.202
889. New York Isn't Silicon Valley. That's Why They Like It.: A decade after the dot-com bust, the Internet economy in New York is springing back to life.149
890. In Basra, Iraqi Shiites Face Off Again: The fact that men on opposing sides in a war have become mere political rivals in the space of two years is a testament to the progress made by Iraq's democracy.201
891. Channeling Toyota to Beat Toyota: As Toyota stumbles through its recall ordeal, G.M. and Ford have been handed a big chance to make their argument on quality to American consumers.180
892. New War Goal: To Let Women Reach Women: Women will accompany men on patrols in Afghanistan to try to win over rural Afghan women who are culturally off limits to outside men.174
893. Car Bomb Strikes Shiite Holy City: A car bomb exploded near a bus for pilgrims in the Shiite holy city of Najaf on Saturday, killing at least three people, including two Iranians, on the eve of key national elections, officials said.233
894. Obama's Message Maven Finds Fingers Pointing at Him: David Axelrod has felt the brunt of criticism over what many view as the administration's failure to clearly define and disseminate President Obama's agenda.210
895. U.S. Enriches Companies Defying Its Policy on Iran: A Times analysis shows that the U.S. has rewarded companies with more than $107 billion in contracts and loans while they were doing business with Iran, despite efforts to discourage investment there.252
896. 2010 Iraqi Elections: Why I Will Vote: Under Saddam I remember my father telling me, "You will go and vote and say yes because it is not your life. It is our life too."168
897. With Haitian Schools in Ruins, Children in Limbo: Thousands of earthquake-damaged schools in and around Port-au-Prince could remain closed for months or never reopen, officials say.181
898. Ex-Mayor Gets 15 Years for Bribery; City Pays Price: Former Mayor Larry Langford of Birmingham, Ala., was also fined $360,000 by a federal judge.145
899. Coalition Takes On Entrenched Parties in Iraq Kurdish Area: Leaders of the two leading parties in Iraq's Kurdish region are taking a challenger movement as a serious threat to their long-time hold on power.206
900. Icelandic Voters Set to Reject Debt Deal: Voting began Saturday in a referendum on a deal to repay British and Dutch customers for losses from a failed Icelandic bank that has so incensed residents it has little chance of passing.230
901. A Sport Recoils From a Punch and Its Publicity: Brittney Griner's two-game suspension for punching an opponent and breaking her nose brought women's basketball the kind of attention it does not want.199
902. British Premier Visits Afghanistan: Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain is visiting his nation's troops in Afghanistan and promising them 200 new patrol vehicles that can resist roadside bombs more effectively.219
903. Fake Former Presidents Use Comedy for a Cause: The kings of presidential comedy were reunited last weekend — with a little nudge from the Congressional Oversight Panel.175
904. Millions of Toyotas Recalled, None in Japan: Despite reports of unintended accelerations, Toyota denied the problems existed in Japan, where a pro-business culture undermines consumer protections.196
905. Obama Urges Action on Health Care: In his weekly radio address, President Obama promoted his health plan and dismissed Republican criticism of it.146
906. New Afghan Chief in Marja Has Criminal Record: The Afghan man chosen to lead the former Taliban stronghold has a violent criminal record in Germany.148
907. Oscar Casts Its Glow on a Regular Guy: The screenwriter Mark Boal, a newbie to the spotlight, navigates the Hollywood award shows.130
908. Why the Rainmaker Is Now the Gatekeeper: Julianna Smoot will soon assume her new job as White House social secretary, practically as the anti-Desirée Rogers.157
909. The Female Factor: Bringing a Softer Approach to Peacekeeping: As modern peacekeeping has evolved, the number of female police officers in U.N. peacekeeping missions around the world has doubled during the past five years.222
910. Senecas See Comeback Over Sale of Cigarettes: The tribe, which controls a mail-order cigarette empire, began a campaign of lobbying and political threats to fight off a ban, and for now it has prevailed.203
911. For Auto Towns, an Obama Emissary Is Ambassador of Hope: Edward B. Montgomery can't bring auto jobs back, but he's helping depressed former car-assembly towns tap federal money to build new futures.198
912. Hoping to Graduate From Guards to Gauguins: A group of guards at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has started Sw!pe, a journal meant to highlight their own art.158
913. Haitians in U.S. Double Up to Take In Their Own: Households are vibrating with relief and claustrophobia as relatives displaced by the quake seek shelter.154
914. Congressman Accused of Harassment Resigns: Eric J. Massa, who had announced a few days ago that he would retire from the House at the end of his term, moved up his departure to next week, citing health reasons.210
915. U.S. Aiding Somalia in Its Plan to Retake Its Capital: The U.S. is concerned about terrorism links between Somalia and Yemen, and its assistance could be crucial to the effort by Somalia's government to bring order after decades of anarchy.240
916. Detroit Journal: Seeking a Future for a Symbol of a Grander Past: Despite a vote by the City Council last year to demolish Michigan Central Station, many in Detroit now want to find a new use for the 97-year-old building.221
917. Dysfunction Displaces Work in a Distracted Albany: No party can muster a voting majority in the State Senate, the governor is notable mostly for his absence and a $9 billion budget gap must be plugged in three weeks.216
918. Fashion Review: The Cavalry Can't Save Them: Reviews of Lanvin, Dior, Rick Owens and Nina Ricci shows in Paris.111
919. Paterson Insists He'll Clear His Name: If he were to resign because of unproved allegations, Gov. David A. Paterson of New York says, all public officials would become more vulnerable.184
920. Bears Are Big Spenders in Free Agency: Chicago, normally one of the more conservative spending franchises, went on a shopping spree Friday, adding Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna.202
921. Flawed Security Exposes Vital Software to Hackers: McAfee, a leading Internet security company, found that weak security controls in the systems used for software creation make it easy for hackers to steal valuable data from technology companies.246
922. Former Book Designer Says Good Riddance To Print: A man who long made his living from physical books says the arguments against e-book devices miss a key point: for most printed matter, the value is in the content, not the physical form.237
923. Video Game Review | BioShock 2: Making Another Dive Into Evils of the Deep: BioShock 2 is fun, but it is also a bit stagnant in its creative ambition.150
924. Debate Flares Anew on Civil vs. Military Terror Trial: The Obama administration said it would make no decision on where to prosecute the Sept. 11 terrorist case "for weeks," following a flare-up in the debate over a venue.222
925. Mets Send Reyes to Get Thyroid Tests: The Mets pushed back Jose Reyes's spring training debut indefinitely while the 26-year-old shortstop has tests on his thyroid gland.170
926. Congressman Resigns in Wake of Harassment Charge: Eric J. Massa, a freshman Democrat who represents upstate New York, is resigning his House seat as he faces an investigation into charges that he harassed an aide.214
927. G.M. Plans to Reinstate 661 Dealerships: The company said that 661 of the 1,100 dealerships seeking to stay would receive letters giving them the option to do so.162
928. Massa to Resign Under Ethics Cloud: New York Democrat Eric Massa is stepping down from his seat, effective Monday, in the House of Representatives.147
929. Gearing Up for the iPad: Accessories makers are are likely to take advantage of all the things an iPad lacks--camera, Web cam, keyboard, memory card slot, video game controls, a cable to link to an HDTV's HDMI outlet.217
930. New Jersey Transit Seeks Higher Fares: The transit agency's leader announced Friday that he'll seek to increase fares by 25 percent and trim service.149
931. House Panel Asks for More Records From Toyota: Two top members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee questioned how rigorously Toyota tested for sudden acceleration in its vehicles.186
932. On Final Campaign Day, Iraqi Leader Lists Gains: Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki made a detailed and at times pugnacious case to be reelected.146
933. A Jewish Ritual Collides With Mother Nature: This year's snowstorms have made observance of a ritual boundary known as an eruv difficult for Orthodox Jews.155
934. Germany Makes No Promise of Financial Support to Greece: The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, ended talks without making a firm pledge, as Greece was hit by strikes over its adoption of a new austerity package.211
935. No Endangered Status for Plains Bird: The Interior Department said Friday that the greater sage grouse was facing extinction but would not be designated as an endangered species for now.186
936. Taiwan Quake Cuts LCD Production: Taiwan earthquake shuts two major manufacturers of LCD TV panels. The impact on TV prices for the consumer will depend on the speed of the recovery.182
937. A Nervous Embrace of Freedom's Progress in Iraq: Iraq's elections are among the most free in the region, but the nation's politics are more vibrant than its institutions, threatening the nascent democratic experiment.217
938. On Assignment: Into the Maw at Marja: Tyler Hicks of The Times accompanied Company K, Third Battalion, Sixth Marines into Marja. Patrick Witty annotates Mr. Hicks's firsthand account.183
939. Private Equity Firm Acquires Broadband Provider: Abry Partners will acquire RCN for about $1.2 billion including debt, in the latest in a series of acquisitions by private-equity firms.185
940. A Closer Look at Windows Live: There are a couple of whopping great features Windows Live, available to everyone (even non-Windows people), that are totally underpublicized.173
941. The Newest Hybrid Model: A vast project in Florida will be the world's second-largest solar plant, attached to the nation's largest fossil-fuel power plant.156
942. The Fans Are Disappointed, but Is That a Crime?: Peter J. Henning of White Collar Watch looks at the indictment of four men who are accused of bypassing computer security measures to buy up blocks of tickets through online vendors, and he asks whether this is fraudulent.271
943. The Drama of How the Race Is Run: This awards season has had as much narrative sweep as a made-for-television mini-series.122
944. Apple iPad Hits Stores April 3; Pre-Orders Begin March 12: Apple announces that the iPad will go on sale in U.S. stores on April 3, with pre-orders accepted beginning March 12.176
945. Cuban Defector Joins the Cincinnati Reds With Much to Learn: The Reds were the surprise winners in the Aroldis Chapman sweepstakes, gambling on a talented prospect instead of an expensive free agent.199
946. Apple iPad Arrives in Stores on April 3: Apple said announced that the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad will arrive in U.S. stores on April 3rd, with the 3G version of the device coming later in April.199
947. China Premier Details Economic Plan: Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said that China could expand social spending and pour money into strategic industries while still meeting its 8 percent economic growth target.206
948. 36,000 Jobs Are Lost in February; Rate Steady at 9.7%: The losses reported by the Labor Department were less than the estimates by economists, who said that winter storms were likely to affect the numbers.205
949. Turks, Kurds, Armenians: View From a Small Town: Christopher de Bellaigue investigates the bewildering historical entanglements in which Turkey is ensnared.156
950. One Less Distraction While Driving: A new audio feature on 2011 Minis may make driving less, rather than more, distracting.123
951. Wake Up!: A new alarm clock wakes even the deepest sleepers.60
952. Turkey Warns U.S. on Armenian Vote: Turkey warned the Obama administration on Friday of negative diplomatic consequences if it doesn't impede a U.S. resolution branding WWI-era killing of Armenians a genocide.209
953. Strong Aftershock Rattles Chile: A 6.3-magnitude earthquake shook Chile on Friday morning, striking near the epicenter of last week's quake.140
954. Roberto Barbon, Japan's First Latin Baseball Player, Still Feels at Home: Roberto Barbon came to Japan from Cuba in 1955 and never left. He may be the longest continuously serving figure in baseball there.205
955. In Testimony, Brown Says Iraq War Was 'Right Decision': Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is testifying on Friday as part of an inquiry into the war in Iraq, said the decision to go to war was "made for the right reasons."221
956. Tip of the Week: Twitter for Windows 7 Help: How to use Twitter to get help with Windows 7 questions.101
957. Two Pentagon Police Officers Shot; Gunman Killed: The two officers were wounded when a man walked up to them outside of the Pentagon Metro station and opened fire. The gunman was later fatally shot by police in a shootout.222
958. Local Chileans, Feeling at Loose Ends, Try to Connect After Disaster: About 15,000 people from Chile or of Chilean descent live in the region but the population is geographically diffuse and separated by class.210
959. Fashion Review: In Paris, Risks Bring Rewards: Reviews of the Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, Rochas, Gareth Pugh, Balmain and Manish Arora.137
960. Division Over Paterson, Even Among Backers: Some support for Paterson among black leaders meeting in Harlem Thursday night.123
961. Advertising: Tireless Employees Get Their Tribute, Even if It's in Felt and Polyester: A campaign from Zappos features puppets, styled after actual company employees, interacting with customers and demonstrating their patience.227
962. News Analysis: I.M.F. Help for Greece Is a Risky Prospect: If Greece asks the International Monetary Fund for help, it could touch off political and financial tension in other European countries.195
963. Report Finds 36 Died Under Assisted Suicide Law: All who died cited "loss of autonomy" as a reason for seeking the lethal medication. Most also said they could no longer enjoy life and feared losing "dignity."209
964. Haitian Singer and His Guitar Fight Urge to Weep: Beken, known for his songs about despair and redemption, lost his home in the quake and is now struggling to find the will to make music again.193
965. Political Memo: Rash of Scandals Tests Democrats at Sensitive Time: Ethics cases have opened the party to the same lines of criticism that Democrats used against Republicans in winning control of the House and Senate four years ago.232
966. Pressure Mounting, Paterson Meets Ally and Loses a Top Aide: Peter E. Kauffmann's resignation came as new information emerged indicating that the governor's contact with the woman involved in the assault case was more extensive than previously reported.254
967. Clicker Redesigns Its Online Video Guide: Clicker is trying to help users more easily find video online by adding new features, including search tools and pointers to popular videos.182
968. The Newest Hybrid Model: A vast project in Florida will be the world's second-largest solar plant. It's also going to be attached to the nation's largest fossil-fuel power plant.178
969. 2 Pentagon Police Officers Shot: At least three people, including the gunman and two Pentagon police officers, were wounded during a shooting Thursday evening at a train station near the Pentagon.196
970. Film: Huge Film, Small Film: Big Stakes: Very soon now, whatever suspense remains in this Oscar season will be over. Bullock or Streep? "Avatar" or "Hurt Locker"? All will be revealed. Will you be watching?206
971. Market Defies Fear of China Housing Bubble: China is in the middle of a spectacular real estate boom. But the question is whether it is in the middle of a bubble — one that might threaten the global economy.214
972. Metro Reports Shooting Outside Pentagon Station: Metro transportation officials say there has been a shooting outside the Pentagon station, near the entrance to the military facility.183
973. Obama Begins Drive for a Health Care Bill: The president met with insurance executives and House Democrats in hopes of getting a health care overhaul passed in the next few weeks.179
974. What We're Reading: Inside the Minds of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg: Our daily roundup of Web morsels includes a play about Apple's Steve Jobs, a Facebook engineer's take on working for Mark Zuckerberg and Google's criticism of its own pages' failure to do well in search results.283
975. For Gamers Who Are All Ears: Two headsets cater to the gaming crowd. One even has special lights that show what side you are playing on.136
976. Closing of Highway Rest Stops Stirs Anger in Arizona: The state's decision to close 13 of 18 highway rest stops has been met with more anger and resistance than other cost-cutting moves.186
977. Food Products Recalled Over Salmonella Concern: Dozens of packaged food products are being recalled after federal regulators discovered that a widely-used ingredient made by a large manufacturer was contaminated with Salmonella.228
978. Paterson Still Governor, for Now: Governor Paterson says he will be the governor on Friday, but does not say if the same will be true next week.144
979. A Top Paterson Aide Quits: Governor Paterson's communications director resigns, saying he could not in good conscience continue to serve the administration.156
980. House Panel in U.S. Condemns 1900s Deaths of Armenians: The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to condemn as genocide the mass killings of Armenians early in the last century, defying a last-minute plea from the Obama administration.236
981. House Approves $15 Billion Jobs Measure: The measure, approved 217 to 201, is intended to spur job creation by granting payroll tax breaks to businesses that hire new workers.175
982. U.S. House Panel Approves Armenian Genocide Measure: A congressional panel voted to label as "genocide" the World War I-era massacre of Armenians by Turkish forces, despite pressure from the Obama administration and Turkey to drop the matter.242
983. TiVo Prevails in Patent Rights Case Against Dish: A federal appeals court cleared the way for TiVo to collect hundreds of millions of dollars from Dish Network over a patent dispute for digital video recorders.210
984. The Gowanus, in All Its Gooey Glory: We asked for your photos and paintings of the Gowanus Canal. You sent us close to 200 of them. Here they are. Thanks.154
985. For Many House Democrats, Cost Is the Concern: Democratic leaders need to win over fiscal conservatives in the House, but no new steps toward cost containment are envisioned for the health care legislation.206
986. New York Is Among Finalists for U.S. School Grants: The competition, known as Race to the Top, offers states a chance at a share of $4 billion in school improvement money.171
987. Study Says Undersea Release of Methane Is Under Way: But a scientist who led the study said it was too soon to say whether the findings suggest the potential for a dangerous release of methane — a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide.255
988. British Online Copyright Laws Draw Debates: A "digital economy bill" in Britain threatens to shutdown online Web sites for copyright infringement, even when the content is uploaded by users.190
989. China's Cyberposse: Internet users are hunting down and punishing people who have attracted their wrath.104
990. PCs for Pee-Wees: A new software package entertains kids while protecting them from the negative aspects of the Internet.121
991. As Budget Cuts Free Prisoners, States Face a Backlash: State officials are trying to maneuver between saving money through early-release programs and maintaining the public's sense of safety.191
992. Who Can Save Albany? Koch & Company Will Give It a Try: "Somebody's got to do something," the former mayor said of the coalition he is forming to plot a purge of any New York legislators resisting change.204
993. Panel Raises Concerns Over 'Government Guarantee' for Citigroup: Members of a government committee questioned whether the support that Citigroup received could pose future risks for the financial system.203
994. California Students Protest Education Cuts: The demonstrations, which are backed by a range of groups, are taking place on college campuses and at public schools.162
995. Egypt Overturns Death Sentence in Singer Murder: The retrial of a wealthy former legislator for the murder of a Lebanese pop singer raised questions about what role political connections played in the appeal.208
996. New Jobless Filings Declined Last Week: Yet the improvement only partly reverses a sharp rise in claims in the previous two weeks.130
997. Levin to Replace Rangel as Ways and Means Chairman: Representative Sander Levin, a liberal Michigan Democrat, will replace Charles B. Rangel of New York as the next chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.218
998. What's in Your Facebook Ads?: Plumbing the mysteries of Facebook's self-service advertising system.99
999. Deadly Attacks Mar First Day of Voting in Iraqi Elections: Attacks aimed at soldiers, police officers and other security workers who were voting early killed at least 12 on the first day of voting in parliamentary elections.224
1000. Wall Street Rises Ahead of Jobs Report: Shares rose slightly Thursday after a better-than-expected dip in initial jobless claims and improving retail sales.156
1001. Selling 3D TVs Without 3D Programming: Mitsubishi is marketing what may be the first 3D TV bundle. But is it a good deal? Shop around.134
1002. Germany Sentences 4 in Terror Case: Two Germans and two Turkish men were convicted over a foiled 2007 plot to attack U.S. targets in Germany and given prison sentences ranging up to 12 years.191
1003. Greece Begins Bond Sale as It Waits for Help From Europe: Greece is offering new bonds to refinance its debt, in a move that will test the government's — and the E.U.'s — credibility with investors.212
1004. European Central Banks Stand Pat: Both the European Central Bank and the Bank of England remained concerned about the strength of the economic recovery.152
1005. TripIt Raises Money to Manage Itineraries: TripIt, a Web and mobile travel planning service, has raised $7 million in venture capital.134
1006. An Explosion of Mobile Patent Lawsuits: As mobile devices becomes the next wave of computing, large technologies companies sue each other over a number of patents.163
1007. U.S. Fears Election Strife in Iraq Could Affect Pullout: U.S. officials are worried that the parliamentary elections scheduled for Sunday could ignite violence that would complicate the planned troop withdrawal.211
1008. Stampede Kills Scores in India: Thousands who came to a popular ashram in northern India for a free meal Thursday were caught in a stampede which left more than 60 dead.169
1009. TV Industry Faces Massive LED Shortage: A serious shortage of LED lighting sources could cause LCD TV price decreases to level off.131
1010. Touching the Wi-Fi Network: How to fix the Wi-Fi settings on your iPod Touch or iPhone.87
1011. Film and Fashion: Just Friends: The influence movies once had on fashion has been supplanted by television shows, even blogs.125
1012. Advertising: Plenty of Ads to Go Around on Oscar Night: Demand is holding up for ad spots during big event television shows like the Oscars .141
1013. Chinese Military Spending Is Slowing Down: In the smallest rise since 1989, China will increase its military spending by just 7.5 percent in 2010.146
1014. Fears of Lawlessness Prompt Show of Force in Chile: Four days after the earthquake, residents guarded streets while the military and police enforced curfews and monitored gasoline rationing.190
1015. Sony Researches 3D: To promote 3D TV, Sony is opening a new viewing facility in Las Vegas.90
1016. Moderate Quake Rattles Taiwan: A 6.4-magnitude earthquake shook southern Taiwan on Thursday.92
1017. Skin Deep: One-Touch Shopping, for Members Only: The prospect of finding deals on skin care products attract impulse buyers to members-only Web sites.150
1018. Californians Compete for a Shot at Redistricting: Thousands applied for 14 positions to help redraw the state's 120 districts, the only citizen effort of its kind.163
1019. Kunming Journal: A Miniature World Magnifies Dwarf Life: The Kingdom of the Little People theme park has attracted controversy, but the dwarfs who work there praise an environment where everyone shares the same challenges.222
1020. For Movie Stars, the Big Money Is Now Deferred: Stars who not long ago vied for as much as $25 million a picture have seen their upfront salaries shrink.153
1021. Toyota Sued Over a Fatal California Lexus Crash: Relatives of a state trooper and his wife, killed in a sudden acceleration case, said defects caused the car to speed out of control and crash.192
1022. Sidney Crosby's Medal-Winning Gear Is Missing: Lost: Gold-medal-winning stick, gloves and puck. If found, please contact Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Team Canada.178
1023. Monitoring Your Child's Friendships: Sometimes it's the kids who need help navigating the social shoals of elementary school. Sometimes it's the parents.153
1024. One Flight Attendant's Answer to the Carry-On Crunch: Meet Larry Wu, a resourceful Virgin America flight attendant, who is doing his part to ease the carry-on crunch.166
1025. Many Potential Successors if Rangel Retires: If Mr. Rangel decided not to run, it would touch off an intense battle for what has been, for the past 20 Congressional elections, the safest of safe House seats.207
1026. Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets: Critics of the teaching of evolution are gaining ground by linking the issue to global warming, arguing that dissenting views on both should be taught in public schools.205
1027. Japan's New Plan in Okinawa Dispute: The proposal would modify a 2006 deal to relocate the Futenma Marine Corps air station to a less populated area in Okinawa, and the new base would be smaller.195
1028. Facebook Ads Strike Some as Off-Key: Advertisers on Facebook are a motley bunch. Some are Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble. Others are "not only creepy but off-putting," says a media consultant.191
1029. Concerns Over Metal Hip Implants: Studies show that in some cases the devices can quickly begin to wear, generating metallic debris with effects that include groin pain, death of tissue in the hip joint and loss of surrounding bone.232
1030. Book on Spitzer's Downfall Sets Off Angry Replies: Eliot Spitzer called an account by his former senior adviser "self-serving and largely inaccurate."150
1031. Shifting Soil Threatens Homes' Foundations: Extreme weather possibly linked to climate change, as well as construction on less stable ground, have provoked unprecedented foundation failures in houses nationwide.211
1032. Ads Posted on Facebook Strike Some as Off-Key: Advertisers on Facebook are a motley bunch. Some are Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble. Others are "not only creepy but off-putting," says a media consultant.201
1033. Vernon Journal: Town Finds Good Neighbor in Nuclear Plant: The Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor has many detractors across the state, but in Vernon the plant is seen as a vital part of the town.192
1034. Murky Candidacy Stokes Iraq's Sectarian Fears: While Sunni politicians thought to have ties with the Baath Party have been barred from elections, a Shiite once accused of running death squads is on the ballot.209
1035. First Gambit in Battle for Governor of Texas: The confetti had barely settled on the primaries when the Democratic nominee went after Gov. Rick Perry.150
1036. Sometimes, Workplaces Aren't Meant for Children: An air traffic controller is in trouble after letting his children speak to pilots. Here's a look at places where it might not be the best idea to bring your child to work.221
1037. A Proposal for Reining In Credit Card Fees: Federal regulators announced a proposal to protect credit card customers from unreasonable fees for paying late or exceeding their limit.181
1038. Acceleration Incidents Cited on Repaired Toyotas: Federal regulators said they had received 10 reports of vehicles accelerating unexpectedly after being repaired.162
1039. What We're Reading: A Customer Strikes Back and an Odd Mayoral Campaign: Our daily roundup of Web nuggets includes a look at the consequences of bad customer service, one man's battle to become a mayor on Foursquare and the brisk trade in e-books for the iPhone.262
1040. RealNetworks Drops Fight to Sell DVD Copying Software: In a settlement with the movie industry, RealNetworks agreed to abide by an earlier court order blocking the sale of its RealDVD copying software.201
1041. The Voices of Fibromyalgia: Six men and women share stories of living with a disease many people don't believe exists.118
1042. A Survivor's Tale From Chile: The first-hand account of an earthquake survivor from Constitucion, Chile.104
1043. Mullen Recalibrates the Use of Force: Adm. Mike Mullen laid out new principles Wednesday for how to address contemporary threats, saying that overwhelming military force can be counterproductive if it is used recklessly.220
1044. Paris: My Old Lady: With the song "Crimson and Clover" playing at Rochas this afternoon, I guess it was pretty clear we were back in the '60s.142
1045. A Last Bow at the Oscars for Walters: Barbara Walters will return Sunday with a pre-Oscar interview, but this will be the last.127
1046. Tech Talk Podcast: Etiquette, Cassette Tapes and the F1 Key: This week's tech podcast includes Jenna Wortham on minding your manners online, how to get those magnetic-tape cassette treasures onto DVD's and CD's and why IE users in Windows XP should avoid the F1 key.266
1047. Executive Pleads Guilty in Galleon Case: Ali Hariri, a former vice president of Atheros, is the 10th person to plead guilty out of 21 traders, lawyers and executives accused of insider trading last fall.203
1048. Is It Ever O.K. to Snoop on Your Spouse's E-Mail?: Nick Bilton of the Bits blog tackles Internet etiquette, including the ethics of going through the e-mail and text messages of a spouse if you suspect infidelity.213
1049. Russian Olympic Chief Quits: The head of Russia's Olympic Committee has become the first official to heed President Dmitri A. Medvedev's demand for resignations following the poor showing at the Winter Games in Vancouver.221
1050. NYT: Tech Talk for 03/04/2010: Bettina Edelstein chats with Times technology reporter Jenna Wortham, who writes the Internet Protocol column at, about online etiquette dilemmas involving work, home and heartbreak. J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado explain how to transfer your magnetic-tape cassette treasures onto DVD's and CD's. And J.D.'s roundup of tech news this week includes a new bug alert for those using Internet Explorer in Windows XP, 2000 and Server 2003 (avoid the F1 key) and the film critic Roger Ebert regaining his voice, after battling thyroid cancer, through customized text-to-speech software.645
1051. How Much Can You Stick on Flickr?: Flickr lets you upload 100 megabytes of photos each month free. Pro accounts give you more space.132
1052. Take-Two Interactive Posts Loss but Tops Forecast: The video game maker also said it would cut its corporate staff by 15 percent, a move that would save about $15 million a year.178
1053. Getting the Most Out of Twitter: Even the most prolific users say Twitter has become more useful as a way to tap in to the discussions of the day than to broadcast their own thoughts.183
1054. N.Y. Democrat Retiring From Congress: The retirement of Representative Eric J. Massa, who was elected in 2008, will leave Democrats challenged to maintain their hold on a hard-won seat.185
1055. Corporate Deal Makers Head to Emerging Markets: This year, $135 billion, or 34 percent, of takeover deals have been linked to companies in the developing world.160
1056. Rove on Iraq: Without W.M.D. Threat, Bush Wouldn't Have Gone to War: The former Bush adviser's take is unequivocal and unapologetic about his years inside the administration.174
1057. Hopes for Alzheimer's Drug Are Dashed: The drug, called Dimebon, failed in its first late-stage clinical trial, dealing a blow to patients with Alzheimer's and the companies developing the treatment, Medivation and Pfizer.222
1058. Fed Survey Finds Recovery Plods On: The latest regional report found that the economy showed signs of modest improvement even though harsh snowstorms crimped activity in some parts of the country.196
1059. Putting Twitter to Work, From Sideline: Even the most prolific users say Twitter has become more useful as a way to tap in to the discussions of the day than to broadcast their own thoughts.190
1060. Bilton on ABC: Dos and Don'ts of Digital Etiquette: Diane Sawyer of ABC interviews the Bits blogger Nick Bilton about texting at dinner time and the propriety of poking around the e-mail or cellphone of a significant other.223
1061. U.S. Circulates New Draft Proposal for Iran Sanctions: The proposed new sanctions suggested would both broaden the scope and intensify three previous rounds of sanctions enacted since 2006.189
1062. Front Row: Extra Points for Good Catwalking: All the fans who cannot get enough of "Project Runway" can get their fashion fix on a new video-game version, released for the Wii system.183
1063. Obama Urges Up-or-Down Vote on Health Care Bill: In his final push for an overhaul, President Obama did not call specifically for reconciliation, a parliamentary tactic, but advisers made clear that is his plan.211
1064. A New Round in Apple and Amazon Music Fight: Billboard is reporting that Apple has started to push back against music labels that have worked out exclusive deals with Amazon in exchange for being featured on the online retailer's MP3 Daily Deal.245
1065. Chilean President Defends Handling of Quake: In an interview, the president made it clear that she resented the accusations against her government.147
1066. Obama's Remarks on Health Care: President Obama describes the Democratic plan of action on health care.103
1067. Not Being Labour May Not Be Enough, Tories Find: With an election looming, the Conservative leader David Cameron has learned that it is not enough to sit back, relax and wait for a government to eat itself alive.212
1068. Italy Accuses 7 of Arms Sales to Iran: The Italian police have arrested seven people accused of illegally selling arms to Iran via Eastern Europe, the authorities said Wednesday.178
1069. Magazine Preview: Building a Better Teacher: There are more than three million teachers in the United States, and Doug Lemov is trying to prove that he can teach them to be better.180
1070. And the Best Oscar App Goes to . . .: If you are counting down the hours until you hear the words "the envelope please," there are a few iPhone apps to help you savor the anticipation.184
1071. At Auto Show, Carmakers Put Up a Good Front: Even as car companies struggle to pull out of a deep crisis, they are not scrimping on auto show bombast.150
1072. Amid Scandal, Paterson Gathers His Full Cabinet: The unusual session came after the governor's own appointee to the United States Senate became the latest ranking Democrat to call for his resignation.200
1073. Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal in Washington: The nation's capital is now the sixth place in the nation where same-sex marriages can take place.145
1074. Battle Over Modern Warfare Game As Two Executives Depart: The heads of the game studio Infinity Ward, which produces the Call of Duty games for the publisher Activision Blizzard, have abruptly left that company.211
1075. Bits Scan: Flash Drives, Jon Stewart and Warfare at Activision: Wednesday morning's news roundup includes the BBC's cutbacks online, a suspect who ate his flash drive to destroy evidence and a mysterious internal battle at Activision.234
1076. Under Fire, Rangel Appears to Be Losing Grip of Committee: With Republicans planning to force a vote to remove him from his position as leader of a powerful House committee, Representative Charles B. Rangel will have a news conference at 9 a.m.244
1077. An Indie Takes on Animation's Big Boys: Even in a year with a lot of unlikely Oscar nominees, Tomm Moore, the director of "The Secret of Kells," is a reach.156
1078. An App for Donating Money While You Shop: CauseWorld combines the trends of mobile, location, shopping, virtual goods and bite-size philanthropy.145
1079. Strain on HTC From Apple Suit Is Likely to Be Long-Term: Apple's patent suit against HTC will not cause major problems for the Taiwan technology company in the short term, analysts said. But it could strain its relations with partners in the U.S. market.254
1080. Don't Tell the Kids: Some may feel squeamish about eating it, but rabbit has a fan base that grows as cooks discover how easy they are to raise — and how good the meat tastes.182
1081. Greek Cabinet Approves New Austerity Measures: Looking to save at least $5.5 billion and narrow its gaping deficit, Greece approved tax hikes and budget cuts.158
1082. Greece Braces for Deep Spending Cuts: Officials seek savings of 4.8 billion euros with measures including a 2 percentage point hike in value-added tax.151
1083. Still With Obama, but Worried: At the A.F.L.-C.I.O.'s winter meeting, leaders spoke of mobilizing the base to help minimize Republican gains this fall and about how President Obama could do more to help their cause.215
1084. Scholar's School Reform U-Turn Shakes Up Debate: The historian Diane Ravitch's reversal on reform strategies, like standardized testing and charter schools, has angered critics and heartened admirers.200
1085. Suicide Bombers Kill Dozens as Iraq Vote Nears: Despite heightened security ahead of Sunday's elections, a devastating series of bombings shook the city of Baquba.163
1086. China to Launch Space Station Module: The Chinese space agency's long-range plans include a permanent space station as well as a lunar mission.143
1087. News Analysis: Britain Grapples With Debt of Greek Proportions: Without a strong political majority to tackle Britain's lumbering fiscal problems, the stage could be set for a potential double-dip recession, if not worse.221
1088. With Leno, Palin Pushes Back Against 'Family Guy': In an interview on "The Tonight Show," Sarah Palin once again criticized "Family Guy" for a joke she believed was directed at her family and rebuked the news media for not giving her the opportunity to fully explain her opinions on that show.293
1089. Viacom and Hulu Part Ways: The fracture with Viacom will take "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and other Comedy Central shows off the video site.146
1090. N.C.A.A. Tournament Goes Online, Clip by Clip: The N.C.A.A. offers fans a way to watch searchable highlights from men's tournament games since 2000.148
1091. Scientists Taking Steps to Defend Work on Climate: Grudgingly, many climate scientists are beginning to engage critics, admit mistakes and open up their data.158
1092. When the Line for Dinner Is a Mile Long: The menu on the newly renovated $1.2-million Pie Car for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus -- its 24-hour-a-day dining facility on the mile-long train -- is not what it used to be.238
1093. Hutchison Concedes Texas G.O.P. Primary to Perry: Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison conceded the Republican primary for governor to Rick Perry, the incumbent.153
1094. Abuse Case Rouses India's Middle Class to Take On the Powerful: The fight for justice for a girl who was molested by a police official has become a symbol of middle-class rage at a broken system.195
1095. Memo From Dubai: Police Strive to Guard Dubai's Image After Killing: The Dubai police staged an aggressive response after the January killing of a Hamas operative, underscoring the city-state's determination to protect its image — and economy — from any further damage.283
1096. Perry Leads in G.O.P. Primary for Texas Governor: With a handful of precincts reporting, Gov. Rick Perry led Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and a third candidate.160
1097. What Apple vs. HTC Could Mean: The lawsuit could lead to changes in the workings of Android smartphones, although it could be settled quickly.142
1098. Gridlock May Be Ending on Consumer Protection: A plan to allow the Federal Reserve to protect consumers from abusive financial products could be a breakthrough.160
1099. The Sea, Lifeblood of Chilean Towns, Turns Deadly: A series of four or five powerful waves that followed the quake practically wiped some coastal towns off the map.164
1100. Under Fire, Rangel Appears to Be Losing Grip of Committee: Caught in a swirl of ethics inquiries, Representative Charles B. Rangel, the dean of the New York Congressional delegation, appeared to be losing his hold as Republicans planned to force a vote insisting that he step aside.282
1101. State Police Chief Abruptly Retires: New York State Police Superintendent Harry Corbitt is leaving amid an abuse case that is threatening the governor.151
1102. Beltran Interviewed in Galea Inquiry: Carlos Beltran said on Tuesday that he met with federal agents investigating Anthony Galea. Authorities are also interested in speaking with the Mets former first baseman Carlos Delgado.224
1103. Viacom Will Take 'Daily Show,' 'Colbert' Off Hulu: Viacom will remove "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and other Comedy Central television shows from Hulu next week, in a move that represents the first major fracture between TV show owners and the popular video Web site.272
1104. A Yahoo Birthday Party With Carol Bartz: Carol Bartz muses on China, antitrust and her own turnaround efforts at Yahoo during the company's 15th birthday celebrations.167
1105. Naomi Campbell Is Said to Hit Driver: The supermodel Naomi Campbell, who has pleaded guilty in the last three years to two assault charges, was reported to have hit her driver.176
1106. What Apple vs. HTC Could Mean: The lawsuit could lead to changes in the workings of Android smartphones, although it could be settled quickly.142
1107. TiVo to Offer Boxes That Go Beyond the Recorder: In addition to its standard TV offerings, TiVo, the DVR pioneer, said it would offer an array of related offerings from Netflix, Blockbuster, YouTube and Amazon.210
1108. Apple Sues HTC, Maker of Google Phone: In the lawsuit, Apple said HTC phones running Android violate 20 of its patents, including those relating to the iPhone's ability to recognize the touch of multiple fingers on its screen at once.234
1109. Iraq's Top Cleric Refuses to Influence Elections: Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has refused to endorse any of the coalitions seeking votes among the Shiite majority.166
1110. Mudslides in Uganda Kill at Least 83: Three landslides sent mounds of earth hurtling towards villages near the Kenyan border, causing devastation, state emergency officials said.178
1111. Viacom Will Take 'Daily Show,' 'Colbert' Off Hulu: Viacom will remove "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and other Comedy Central television shows from Hulu next week, in a move that represents the first major fracture between TV show owners and the popular video Web site.272
1112. Postal Service Revives Cutback Plans: Faced with deficits and erosion of its business, the U.S. Postal Service reintroduced proposals to cut costs, close post offices, raise rates and eliminate Saturday delivery.212
1113. Hedge Fund Makes $2 Billion Offer for Novell: Elliott Associates says it wants to buy Novell for $5.75 a share and turn around the struggling company.150
1114. What We're Reading: Steampunk, Roger Ebert and a City Called Google: Our daily roundup of nuggets from around the Web includes a look at an aesthetic movement called steampunk, a cultural history of 3-D movies and Topeka's decision to rename itself Google, Kansas.264
1115. Banned Pesticide Sets Off New Chinese Food Scandal: The scandal is centered on the cowpea — an ancient species of legume that includes the black-eyed pea.161
1116. Obama Offers to Use Some G.O.P. Health Care Proposals: The president told leaders in Congress that while he was open to addressing some Republican concerns, he would press ahead with the health care overhaul despite their objections.233
1117. U.S. Plans New Measure for Poverty: Officials intend to factor in the cost of food, shelter, clothing and utilities in their assessment of life for the poor.157
1118. Brown Enters Calif. Governors' Race: California Attorney General Jerry Brown announced his candidacy for governor on Tuesday.125
1119. U.N. Official Condemns Gaza Blockade: The senior U.N. official for humanitarian relief said the blockade enforced by Israel and Egypt amounted to the collective punishment of 1.5 million Palestinians.201
1120. Supreme Court Remains Divided Over Gun Control: The justices are considering a sequel to the blockbuster 2008 decision, District of Columbia v. Heller.151
1121. Obama Takes Economic Detour From Health Care: President Obama took a brief detour from promoting his health care plan in Washington and traveled to Savannah, Ga. in the latest stop on his economic and job-creation tour.219
1122. Microsoft Gaming Tech Has Broader Uses: Microsoft is working on software for 3-D displays of data and on-screen painting with intricate detail. And it hasn't forgotten smart watches.182
1123. Democratic Leaders Go to Albany to Meet With Paterson: Gov. David A. Paterson stayed in the Executive Mansion on Tuesday amid calls for his resignation.152
1124. Living Together First Doesn't Make Marriage Last, Study Finds: Counting growing numbers of cohabiting couples, along with the ensuing marriages and divorces.157
1125. Wall Street Bailout May Moderate City's Downturn: Economists are revising their employment forecasts, saying the decline will be about 200,000 jobs.148
1126. G.O.P. Splits on Senator's Move to Block Benefits: Senator Susan Collins on Tuesday tried to override the objections of her fellow Republican, Senator Jim Bunning.163
1127. U.S. May Set Rule Requiring Brake Override System on Cars: The system would be meant to prevent acceleration episodes like those that have led to the recall of millions of Toyotas, the Transportation secretary said on Tuesday.226
1128. U.S. to Reveal Rules on Internet Security: The government will lift part of the veil on its strategy for protecting the nation's public and private computer systems.165
1129. Microsoft R&D Celebrates the Human Body: The software maker shows off the state-of-the-art when it comes to gesture technology for games.137
1130. On Primary Eve, Texas Race Seems Close No More: Gov. Rick Perry's success in portraying Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison as a Washington insider has given him a comfortable lead heading into Tuesday's primary for governor.218
1131. Apple Sues Phone Maker HTC Over Patents: Apple filed suit against HTC, maker of the Google-designed Nexus One, alleging that it infringed on patents related to the iPhone.172
1132. In G.M. Sales, Signs of Some Gains From Toyota's Woes: American carmakers may have been unable to take full advantage of the Toyota recalls because snowstorms kept consumers away.179
1133. Tailgating at the Supreme Court, Without the Cars: A big gun-control case on Tuesday has attracted many people who want to watch the legal proceedings unfold.158
1134. Apple Sues Phone Maker HTC Over Patents: Apple filed suit against HTC, maker of the Google-designed Nexus One, alleging that it infringed on patents related to the iPhone.172
1135. Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn Is Given Superfund Status: The designation by the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday paves the way for a federal cleanup of decades-old pollution there.186
1136. The Palm Pre Plus Creates a Hotspot: The Palm Pre Plus works as a wireless hotspot to connect other devices to the Web. But the setup can be tricky.148
1137. Bits Scan: Pirates Bay, the Internet River and a Google Patent: In Tuesday's tech news roundup: The Pirate Bay is still thriving despite legal efforts to shut it down, data is flowing through new channels on the Internet and Google patents location-based advertising.267
1138. Chilean Troops Deployed in Hard-Hit City to Quell Unrest: A curfew was extended on Tuesday in the devastated city of Concepción, as President Michelle Bachelet promised to send aid on boats, but said that looting would not be tolerated.236
1139. BBC Proposes Deep Cuts in Web Site: The British Broadcasting Corp. is facing complaints from commercial rivals, who say public funding gives it an unfair advantage in expanding online.184
1140. App of the Week: Recipes for All: Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro adds 40,000 dishes you don't get with the free version plus new features like recipe sharing over Bluetooth.172
1141. 2,000 Furloughs Linked to Impasse in Congress: Senate Democrats characterized a Republican's opposition to a bill that provided extension of aid to the jobless as the cost of inaction.184
1142. G.M. Triples Opel Investment: General Motors said it would put $2.6 billion into its Opel and Vauxhall units and reduce the amount it is seeking from European governments.171
1143. U.S. to Reveal Some Rules on Security for Internet: The government will lift part of the veil on its strategy for protecting the nation's public and private computer systems.174
1144. Iraqis Awash in Gifts From Candidates: The practice of candidates giving the public everything from chickens to cash is widespread and mostly welcomed.151
1145. Iraqis Awash in Gifts From Candidates: The practice of candidates giving the public everything from chickens to cash is widespread and mostly welcomed.151
1146. Celebrities in a New Theatrical Role: 'Presenters': By lending their names to Broadway shows as investors, celebrity taste makers hope they can help them stand out.164
1147. News Analysis: Army Ebbs, and Power Realigns in Turkey: After the military was pushed from its political pedestal, Turkey is sloughing off an outdated doctrine, but nervous about what will take its place.204
1148. Striving to Map the Shape-Shifting Net: Some believe that a practice called peering is fundamentally altering the Net. Others say it is of little consequence.158
1149. Paterson Said to Direct Aides to Influence Abuse Case: The accounts of Gov. David A. Paterson's actions provide the first evidence that he helped direct an effort to influence a woman making abuse charges against his aide.222
1150. Ford Decides Not to Run for New York Senate Seat: Harold E. Ford Jr., a longtime Tennessee congressman, said he did not want to endanger the Democrats' Senate majority with a divisive primary fight.198
1151. Data Shows Camrys Not Recalled Also Had Problems: An analysis of U.S. government documents showed that many Camrys built before 2007 — and not covered in recent recalls — were linked to speed control problems.223
1152. The New News Junkie Is Online and On the Phone: The Internet is the most popular source of news after television, and reading the news is becoming increasingly social, according to a new report.194
1153. Error Blocks PlayStation 3 From Using Its Network: Sony said the problem was caused by a flaw in the system's clock as February ended and March began.150
1154. Somali Pirates Taking Trade to Terra Firma: The United Nations World Food Program said that a gang was holding three large trucks and their drivers.148
1155. No Crime in Acorn's Advice to 'Pimp,' D.A. Says: Workers in the Brooklyn field office of Acorn broke no laws when they advised conservative pranksters posing as a pimp and a prostitute on the fine art of income fudging, the Brooklyn district attorney announced Monday.268
1156. Ford Decides Not to Run: Harold E. Ford Jr. told friends that he could beat Kirsten E. Gillibrand but feared the damage that his candidacy might inflict on the party, said the people he told of his plans.204
1157. World War II Figure Inflames Passions in Ukraine: Decades after his death at the hands of the K.G.B., Stepan Bandera can still rally Ukrainians.144
1158. Driven to Distraction: Digital Billboards, Diversions Drivers Can't Escape: The effect of on high-tech billboards on highway safety is being debated in state legislatures.171
1159. Driven to Distraction: Digital Billboards Create a Diversion Drivers Cannot Escape: High-tech billboards, unlike cellphones, cannot be turned off, and their effect on highway safety is being debated in state legislatures.221
1160. Human Culture, an Evolutionary Force: Biologists are finding evidence that culture has been interacting with genes to shape human evolution.140
1161. Hockey Game Seen by 27.6 Million: Canada's victory over the United States to win the Olympic men's hockey gold medal on Sunday attracted the most viewers since the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Games.204
1162. Airfare Taxes Become Ever Weightier Part of Total: The fees and taxes on airline tickets are already high, and there are proposals to increase them.148
1163. Google Buys Picnik, a Photo Editing Service: Google is buying the online photo editing service Picnik, which competes with Adobe and other companies.149
1164. What We're Reading: Vanishing Text Messages and Online News Habits: Monday's roundup of Web nuggets includes an application that deletes text messages from both phones, a 1995 essay on cyberhype and a study on how people read news online.238
1165. Rodriguez to Meet With Investigators: The Canadian doctor Anthony Galea is suspected of distributing performance-enhancing drugs to various athletes.149
1166. Nasdaq and S.&P. Turn Positive for the Year: The burst of enthusiasm was not enough, however, to propel the Dow Jones industrial average above its Dec. 31 close.161
1167. A Photo Collage from the CeBit Tech Trade Fair: Technology companies are showing off their new wares at CeBit, the giant technology trade show that begins on Tuesday in Hanover, Germany.186
1168. Justices Won't Hear Uighur Case: The court declined to rule on whether Muslims from China's Uighur region can be released into the U.S., because other countries have offered to accept them.189
1169. 4 Charged in Concert Ticket Purchase Scheme: Prosecutors say the four made more than $25 million by illegally buying and then reselling tickets to sought-after shows.166
1170. Are We Prepared for an 8.8 Quake?: Which kinds of neighborhoods would be most susceptible if a quake hits the West Coast?121
1171. Obama Takes Aim at School Dropout Rates: The president spoke at a gathering alongside retired General Colin Powell, who leads a group called America's Promise Alliance.168
1172. In the Arena: The Best and the Worst of the Games: The Winter Olympics in Vancouver offered a string of glorious and not-so-glorious performances.146
1173. Judge Backs Trustee on Repaying Madoff Victims: The judge rejected the argument made by investors that their claims should be based on their account statements.160
1174. Chileans on Vacations Struggle to Get Home: Summer vacation was winding down when the quake hit, and with the airport damaged, many Chileans are stranded.154
1175. Freescale Places New Bet on the E-Reader Market: Freescale introduces a new processor for E Ink devices, which it sees as a growing category despite the incursion of color tablets.180
1176. Hopes for Senate Seat Open Rifts in Calif. G.O.P.: Senator Barbara Boxer is seen as vulnerable, but divisions among Republicans have opened up in the primary.158
1177. Connecting Your Car, Socks and Body to the Internet: A new report from McKinsey discusses the growing move to connect "things" to the Internet, including cars, pills, farming and billboards.190
1178. New York Is Ordered to Move Mentally Ill Out of Group Homes: The ruling by a federal judge Monday gives 4,300 residents the right to leave housing that has been compared to warehouses.184
1179. 'Connection Failure' for PlayStation Users: In an embarrassment for Sony, PlayStation game consoles worldwide are having trouble getting access to the PlayStation Network.171
1180. Medvedev Fumes After Russian Team Disappoints: President Dmitri A. Medvedev on Monday called for officials who trained the Olympics team to resign.147
1181. Marketers on Facebook Find Photo Tagging: Marketers are making inroads into Facebook.85
1182. Paterson Says He Will Not Resign: Gov. David A. Paterson said he had no intention of his resigning and said calls for him to step down were the result of political hysteria.173
1183. Pentax Toughens Its Rugged Camera: Pentax toughens up its Optio line of rugged cameras.87
1184. Latest Updates on Chile's Earthquake: The Lede is following tracking the response to the earthquake online. Readers who are in Chile are encouraged to submit first-hand accounts in the form of text, video or photographs by posting comments or links below.255
1185. Fed's No. 2 Plans to Retire, Leaving 3 Vacancies on Board: The departure of Donald L. Kohn would give the Obama administration the chance to significantly affect the Fed's governance.183
1186. Bits Scan: Verizon Fees, E-Book Profits and Chilean Telescopes: In this morning's news roundup, we look at a suit against Verizon Wireless over phantom fees, Google's claim that Microsoft is waging a proxy war against it, Chile's earthquake-proof telescopes and more.267
1187. Soured Over Policy, Latin American Leaders Await Sessions With Clinton: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to face growing disappointment from leaders with what they see as the Obama administration's lack of resolve and initiative on a variety of issues.273
1188. 3D TV Are Arriving, But Can't Play 3D Yet: Samsung is first to market with two new 3D-capable TVs. Sears and Amazon are already taking orders.142
1189. New Scrutiny on Censorship Issues for U.S. Companies in China: Now that Google has thrown down the gauntlet, American companies may find arguments about the need to obey local laws do not offer blanket protection from questions about conduct.242
1190. Ex-Bosnian Serbian Leader Testifies in Hague Trial: Radovan Karadzic began to testify in his own defense on Monday against charges of war crimes and genocide.158
1191. Aftershocks Shake Chile as Rescue Efforts Continue: Amid a rising death toll and isolated outbreaks of looting, three aftershocks struck Chile on Monday morning as earthquake rescue efforts continued.200
1192. Media Cache: It's Not Just Microsoft Against Google: A tiny French Web site was one of three organizations — and the only one not affiliated with Microsoft — to file new antitrust complaints against Google in Europe last week.240
1193. A.I.G. Unit Said to Be Near Sale to British Company: Prudential said Monday it was in "advanced" talks to buy A.I.G.'s life insurance unit in Asia for about $35.5 billion.171
1194. Governors' Troopers Pressured by Duty and Politics: Police units such as those that became involved in a case against a member of Gov. David A. Paterson's staff show a tension between duty and loyalty to those they protect.223
1195. After Fumble, Microsoft Redoes Phone Software: Microsoft's new mobile phone software, coming at the end of this year, offers "tiles" instead of icons, and has "hubs" for similarly themed functions.197
1196. Survey Finds Slack Editing on Magazine Web Sites: A survey conducted by the Columbia Journalism Review found that magazines' Web sites reflect a trade-off of standards for online speed.185
1197. Condé Nast Is Preparing iPad Versions of Some of Its Top Magazines: The first products it will adapt for the digital reader will be Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Glamour.183
1198. Math of Publishing Meets the E-Book: E-books are cheaper to produce than print volumes, but consumers may not realize that expenses like overhead and royalties are still in effect, publishers say.196
1199. Granted Political Asylum to Learn at Home: A Tennessee judge granted asylum to a German couple who said they feared persecution in their home country because they wanted to home school their five children.205
1200. Olympic Flame Burns Brighter on Last Day of the Games: The Olympics that started under the cloud of an athlete's death ended on Sunday, much more joyously than they had begun.175
1201. Under Utah Legislation, Seeking Illegal Abortion Would Become a Crime: Prompted by the story of a girl who hired someone to beat her and make her miscarry, the legislation includes penalties of up to life in prison.215
1202. After a Young Real Estate Tycoon's Fast Rise, an Even Faster Fall: Now indicted for a second time, Adam C. Hochfelder once ran a partnership that managed or had a stake in eight million square feet.198
1203. White House Is Rethinking Nuclear Policy: Aides to President Obama say that he will permanently reduce America's arsenal by thousands of weapons.145
1204. For Canada's Faithful, a Gold That Means Most: To hear Canadians tell it, the hockey gold medal has come home, where it belongs, thanks to a victory in the final event of the 2010 Winter Olympics.196
1205. News Analysis: With Marja Largely Won, Marines Try to Win Trust: After pushing into a Taliban enclave in Afghanistan, American forces must gain support among people with a deep suspicion of the central government.213
1206. Toxic Waters: Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act, Hampering E.P.A.: Thousands of the nation's largest water polluters are outside the E.P.A.'s reach because the Supreme Court has left uncertain which waterways are protected.222
1207. Math of Publishing Meets the E-Book: E-books are cheaper to produce than print volumes, but consumers may not realize that expenses like overhead and royalties are still in effect, publishers say.196
1208. Vote Looms as a Key Test for Iraq's Future, and Maliki's: In a country where "the coup or the coffin" have been the normal means of leaving power, a prime minister faces the voters.181
1209. Network News at a Crossroads: As ABC News prepares to cut hundreds of jobs and with news available more places than ever, the future for the ABC and CBS news divisions is deeply insecure.187
1210. Canada 3, U.S. 2 (OT): Crosby's Goal Ends Thriller as Canada Beats U.S.: Team Canada saved its reputation by ruining a desperate comeback bid by the United States in overtime on Sunday to win the Olympic gold medal.215
1211. In Senate, a Renewed Effort to Reach a Consensus on Financial Regulation: Among the disputed elements is the creation of a consumer protection agency to watch for deceptive and abusive terms on things like mortgages and credit cards.233
1212. Slain Hamas Operative Was Drugged, Dubai Police Say: A police statement gives new details about a January assassination that has been widely attributed to Israel's intelligence service, though Israel has not acknowledged involvement.233
1213. Live Updates From Closing Ceremony: Live updates from the Vancouver Games closing ceremony.91
1214. Attackers Kill 11 in Philippines: Eleven people were killed in an attack believed to have been carried out by the militant group Abu Sayyaf in retaliation for recent arrests, officials said Sunday.197
1215. Finding Untainted Jurors in the Age of the Internet: The Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday in its first major change-of-venue case in decades.149
1216. Both Sides Stand Their Ground on Health Care: The months-long confrontation over health care seemed to lurch closer to the use by Democrats of a controversial parliamentary maneuver for passage.194
1217. Storms in France Kill at Least 45: A strong winter storm with powerful winds and heavy rain killed more than 50 people in at least four countries, officials said, with at least 45 of the dead in France.202
1218. 15 Hurt When Ice Shatters Glass in Manhattan Atrium: The New York City Buildings Department cited the owners of the building for failing to properly maintain the Sony high-rise on Madison.188
1219. Live Analysis: U.S. and Canada Fight for Hockey Gold: The New York Times provides live analysis of the men's hockey gold medal game between the United States and Canada.169
1220. Europe Union Moves Toward a Bailout of Greece: A bailout of Greece is expected to involve loan guarantees from the German and French governments.145
1221. Obama Healthy but Struggles With Smoking: Doctors recommend that the president continue his "smoking cessation efforts" and that he change his diet to bring down a cholesterol level that is borderline high.206
1222. Video of Earthquake Damage in Chile: La Tercera, a newspaper in Santiago, Chile, has published more than a dozen video clips on its Web site showing some of the damage around the country.187
1223. On Assignment: Nine Eyes on the Prize: How does Bruce Bennett photograph a disc moving at 100 miles per hour? With seven different cameras, Nicholas Loomis reports.164
1224. Fierce Storms in France Kill at Least 40: A violent storm with fierce rain and hurricane-strength winds battered Western Europe, leaving at least 45 people dead, including 40 in France alone.191
1225. Ice Falls Into Atrium in Sony Building: Fire officials said that ice broke through a glass atrium at the Sony Building and that 10 people had minor injuries.157
1226. Police Catch Basque Militant Leader: Ibon Gogeascoechea, the leader of armed Basque separatists ETA ,was arrested in France on Sunday, with Spanish authorities saying the group had been preparing an attack in Spain.215
1227. Hey, Waiter! Just How Much Extra Do You Really Expect?: Many people are tired of service workers' expecting customers to give lavishly to make up for their cheap bosses.169
1228. Hey, Ryan! Not You, the Other One.: When the United States takes on Canada on Sunday in the gold medal game, 7 of the 23 players on the American roster will share the name Ryan.177
1229. 1.5 Million Displaced After Chile Quake: The earthquake ripped apart buildings and bridges across Chile, and more than 300 people were killed.142
1230. White Knuckles and Gold for U.S. Bobsled Team: The gold medal was the 37th for the United States at the Vancouver Games, the most by a country at a single Winter Olympics.171
1231. Storms Kill at Least 15 in France: Violent storms swept through France over the weekend, killing at least 15 people, officials said.132
1232. Spain Says ETA Leader Caught in France: Ibon Gogeascoechea, the leader of armed Basque separatists ETA ,was caught on Sunday in northern France, the Spanish Interior Ministry said.180
1233. Israel Police Quell Rioters at Holy Site: Israeli police forces stormed a Jerusalem holy site on Sunday to disperse Palestinian protesters hurling rocks at visitors.165
1234. Spain Says ETA Rebels' Top Leader Caught in France: Ibon Gogeascoechea, the leader of armed Basque separatists ETA, was arrested on Sunday France together with two other senior rebels, the Spanish interior ministry said.220
1235. Japan Breathes Sigh of Relief as Tsunami Passes: Nearly a half million people in Japan were ordered to higher ground on Sunday, but only small waves appeared, and there were no reports of damage.195
1236. To Delight of Crowd, Canada Wins Men's Olympic Curling Gold: Canada defeated Norway, at last securing a gold medal for the Canadian skip, Kevin Martin.151
1237. Cramped Quarters Define Struggles of Iraqi Families: Every day, Iraqis deal with the lack of electricity, pervasive corruption and a housing shortage that forces multiple families to live under the same roof.208
1238. At Binghamton, Concerns That Sports Are Still the Focus: Faculty members and administrators are concerned that those who carried out the orders in building a big-time men's basketball program remain.199
1239. Unlikely Activist Who Got to the Tea Party Early: Keli Carender, 30, is credited with holding the first protest that bloomed into the Tea Party movement.153
1240. U.S. and Canada Foresee a Fight for Gold: Sunday's gold medal men's hockey game will most likely be trench warfare, fought in the corners, along the boards, in the no-man's land in front of the net.198
1241. When American and European Ideas of Privacy Collide: An Italian ruling against Google highlights the clash between Europe's love of privacy and America's of free speech.169
1242. 6 Months, $90,000 and (Maybe) a Great Idea: With entrepreneurs in residence, venture capital firms in Silicon Valley host proven business people, hoping for another successful start-up.185
1243. Unboxed: Redrawing the Route to Online Privacy: When it comes to online data, those lengthy written notices about protecting your privacy are no longer enough, experts say.172
1244. Novelties: Energy Scoreboards, Designed for the Home: Companies are developing gadgets that can monitor home electricity costs, outlet by outlet.145
1245. Economic View: The Buried Treasure in Your TV Dial: Selling the radio spectrum that is used for over-the-air television would create a bonanza for the government (and even make our smartphones work better).206
1246. The Count: So Far, E-Books Aren't Making Sales Waves: 54
1247. Generation of Frustrated Strivers Wages Jihad on Pakistan: A new generation has made militant networks in Pakistan more sophisticated and deadly.145
1248. Georgia Republican to Leave House: John Linder of Georgia is the 19th Republican to announce that he is leaving Congress.121
1249. Paterson Faces Big Question: Can He Lead?: With New York grappling with enormous problems, people were focused on a key question: Can such a damaged and distracted leader really run the state?192
1250. Inside the Rings: The Winter Games With the Summery Smile: The Vancouver Games showed the world the city's easy-going demeanor and occasionally unseasonable winters.165
1251. H.G.H. Case Gives Impetus to Baseball and Football to Act: A disclosure that a rugby player in England tested positive for human growth hormone appeared to validate officials' call to test for the substance in Major League Baseball and the National Football League.265
1252. In Yemen's South, Protests Could Cause More Instability: A growing protest movement in southern Yemen threatens to turn into a rebellion if its demands are not met, possibly creating a broader haven for Al Qaeda.212
1253. District May End Economic Diversity Program: At stake is the direction of a Raleigh suburb school system, the largest to consider income in placement.150
1254. Congressional Memo: Conflict in Senate Could Get Messier: A group of Democrats held a Republican senator's feet to the political fire over his opposition to extended unemployment benefits.188
1255. Pelosi Struggles to Corral Votes for Health Care Bill: The future of President Obama's health care overhaul now rests largely with two blocs of swing Democrats — abortion opponents and fiscal conservatives.213
1256. Buffett's Bargain Shopping Spree: Warren E. Buffett described using the last 18 months to scoop up a string of assets and strengthen his company.145
1257. Olympic Glory, Led by Stars Hardly on the Team: The U.S. is adding to its medal haul, but many of its premier athletes train outside the influence of their teams.162
1258. Underwater Plate Cuts 400-Mile Gash: The magnitude 8.8 earthquake that struck off the coast of Chile early Saturday morning occurred along the same fault responsible for the biggest quake ever measured.202
1259. Sirens Sound on Hawaiian Coasts: Evacuation alarms sounded in Hawaii's vulnerable coastal areas as the region prepared for what federal officials say could be a dangerous tsunami.179
1260. Tsunami Threatens Hawaiian Islands: A tsunami was generated on Saturday that could cause damage along the coasts of all the Hawaiian islands, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.182
1261. Latest Updates on Earthquake in Chile: An 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on Saturday morning, setting off a tsunami warning across much of the Pacific. The Lede is tracking reports of the damage.219
1262. In France, Gendarmes Are on Patrol Against Oyster Rustlers: The reason that oyster thefts are rising harks back to a mysterious decimation of stocks a few years ago that hit the seed oysters.191
1263. 8.8-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Central Chile: A massive quake struck Chile early Saturday, shaking the capital of Santiago, bringing down buildings and setting off a tsunami. At least 47 were killed with the toll rising.219
1264. 8.8-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Central Chile: A massive earthquake struck near Concepcion, Chile, early on Saturday, shaking buildings and causing blackouts in parts of the capital of Santiago.192
1265. California Campus Sees Uneasy Race Relations: Racial incidents at the University of California, San Diego, fed a simmering, some say much-needed, debate over race relations.173
1266. The Saturday Profile: Ex-Jihadist Defies Yemen's Leader, and Easy Labels: Tareq al-Fadhli, who knew Osama bin Laden, is at the center of Yemen's turbulent recent history and is now redefining himself as an ally of the United States.232
1267. 8.3-Magnitude Quake Hits Chile: A massive magnitude-8.3 earthquake struck near Concepcion, Chile, early on Saturday, shaking buildings and causing blackouts in parts of the capital of Santiago.193
1268. Jordan to Buy Charlotte Team: Michael Jordan has struck a deal to buy controlling interest of the Charlotte Bobcats, taking charge of the money-losing team in his home state.174
1269. Canada 3, Slovakia 2: Canada Advances, but Struggles With Slovakia: Canada repelled a late comeback by Slovakia to face the U.S. in the gold-medal game Sunday.159
1270. Dodd Proposes Financial Protection Agency: Senator Christopher J. Dodd proposed a new agency to regulate credit cards and other consumer products.146
1271. Ohno Disqualified in 500 Final, but Wins 8th Medal in 5,000 Relay: The American speedskater was disqualified from the 500-meter final as he attempted to win his eighth Winter Games medal. Canada's Charles Hamelin took the gold.227
1272. Rising Threat of Infections Unfazed by Antibiotics: Some infectious-disease specialists say Gram-negative bacteria could emerge as a bigger threat than MRSA.157
1273. Panel Clears 7 Lawmakers in Lobbying Scandal: The House ethics committee rejected an independent report that tied political contributions from defense contractors to earmarks.175
1274. On a Day of Surprises, U.S. Speedskating Teams Rule the Track: The American women eclipsed the world-record holders from Canada in a quarterfinal, and the American men defeated the Netherlands in the semifinals.211
1275. Hamelin Wins Short Track Gold as Ohno Is Disqualified: Charles Hamelin claimed Canada's first gold medal at the short track, staggering across the finish line in a wild finish that resulted in the disqualification of Apolo Anton Ohno.234
1276. For Cuomo, Spotlight Suddenly Grows Hotter: Now that Gov. David A. Paterson has abandoned his campaign, assumptions about Andrew M. Cuomo — not to mention his record — will be scrutinized and challenged.217
1277. To Court Blacks, Foes of Abortion Make Racial Case: A movement long viewed as white and Republican is trying to expand by arguing that abortion is intended to wipe out blacks.175
1278. Cellphones Let Shoppers Point, Click and Purchase: Some retailers plan to turn applications on mobile phones into information displays and devices for ordering.160
1279. Cellphones Let Shoppers Point, Click and Purchase: Some retailers plan to turn applications on mobile phones into information displays and devices for ordering.160
1280. On Hockey: U.S. Routs Finland, but Questions and Canada Remain: The United States will play the winner of tonight's semifinal between Canada and Slovakia for the gold in men's hockey, but questions about their mettle linger.224
1281. In Need of Allies, Governor Walks Alone: Two years ago, Gov. David A. Paterson took office to applause from fellow legislators. But as he drew the curtain on his campaign, he found himself utterly alone.203
1282. White House Social Secretary Says She Will Resign: Desirée Rogers, who was faulted for a lack of security checks at the first state dinner when a couple crashed the party, will leave her post next month.203
1283. U.S. Eyes New Target: Heartland of Taliban: The American military said that the coalition offensive in Marja, Afghanistan, is just a prelude to a bigger battle in Kandahar.172
1284. What We're Reading: Art Fraud, Steve Jobs and Citibank: Technology tidbits from around the Web selected by Times technology journalists.136
1285. Booming China Finds Workers in Short Supply: Factory wages are up as much as 20 percent from a year ago and still white-collar workers are having to pitch in to meet shipping deadlines.185
1286. Gatorade Ends Relationship With Woods: Gatorade officially cut its ties to Tiger Woods on Friday, one week after he admitted to extramarital affairs and said he was unsure when he would return to golf.201
1287. Toyota Accused of Withholding Test and Design Data: In letter to Toyota, Representative Edolphus Towns is seeking more details on a database of vehicle design and testing information.183
1288. Justice Dept. Reveals More Missing E-Mail Files: Senators demanded to know what happened to batches of e-mail messages by Bush administration lawyers who worked on opinions justifying waterboarding.198
1289. One on One: Esther Dyson, Health Tech Investor and Space Tourist: Esther Dyson, investor and technologist, discusses technology that tracks your health and why she thinks you will want to use it.195
1290. Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods: A spokesperson for Gatorade confirmed late Friday that it had ended its relationship with the golfer. Gatorade will continue its relationship with the Tiger Woods Foundation.202
1291. White House Social Secretary Resigns: Desiree Rogers, who was faulted for a lack of security checks at the first state dinner when a couple crashed the party, will leave her post next month.190
1292. Your Money: Preparing for the Inevitable Bursting Bubble: There's bound to be another bubble and another one after that. A way to survive their collapses is to honestly assess your long-term goals.197
1293. Live Blog: United States vs. Finland: Live blogging the men's quarterfinal hockey game between the United States and Finland.125
1294. Beliefs: Defender of Waterboarding Hears From Critics: Liberal and conservative Catholics have objected to arguments made by a former Bush speechwriter that church teachings permitted waterboarding.198
1295. Italian Billionaire Surrenders to Police in Money Laundering Probe: Silvio Scaglia, who founded Fastweb, Italy's biggest telecommunications company after Telecom Italia, surrendered after arriving in Italy early Friday.219
1296. 'Shutter Island' Got Plenty of Gold From the Olympics: The movie made $41 million in its first week, a career best for Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, thanks largely to its ad campaign.192
1297. The Online Private Sale Trend Packs Its Bags: A new site called PackLate wants to offer steep discounts on last-minute vacations, using an approach that's similar to private-sale fashion sites.193
1298. When It Comes to Content, Amazon's Kindle Won't Be Undersold: is pushing newspaper, magazine and book publishers to guarantee that Kindle customers will get the lowest prices on electronic content. In return, publishers may get a bigger cut of the revenue.267
1299. Vonn Misses a Gate in the Slalom: Lindsey Vonn, who won gold in her first event in Vancouver, the women's downhill, failed to finish three of her next four events.163
1300. Another Puzzle in Iran After Nuclear Fuel Is Moved: Officials in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East have been trying to determine why Iran moved much of its low-enriched nuclear fuel out in the open, where it could easily be attacked.236
1301. Narrating Canada's Quest for Gold in Olympic Men's Hockey: The profiles of the Canadian hockey announcers Chris Cuthbert and Gord Miller are rising as they provide an oral history of the men's competition in Vancouver.218
1302. Race in the South in the Age of Obama: James Fields is a black Democratic state legislator in a nearly all-white Alabama county that voted against Obama. Is he an anomaly or the future?185
1303. Paterson to Drop Out of Governor Race: Gov. David A. Paterson of New York is set to announce that he will not seek election after reports that he and the State Police intervened in a domestic-assault case against a senior aide, according to a person told about the plans.271
1304. The Wired Repo Man: He's Not 'As Seen on TV': The auto repossession business is booming during the recession, making use of new technologies to improve efficiency and reduce the need for legwork.195
1305. Observatory: Converting Body Movements Into Electricity: Researchers at Princeton said they found a way to harvest the body's energy using piezoelectric crystals, an application that could first be used in shoes to keep a music player charged.243
1306. Paterson to Drop Out of Race for Governor: Gov. David A. Paterson is set to announce that he will not seek re-election in the wake of reports that he and the State Police intervened in a domestic-assault case against a senior aide.231
1307. The Medium: Framing Childhood Points of Entry: Has the curating of digital photos come to define modern parenting?114
1308. Bits Scan: Facebook's Patent, Nokia's Woes and Phishing on Twitter: Our Friday morning roundup of technology news also looks at 3-D movies and televisions and the poor sales at Palm.182
1309. Study Finds Stents Effective in Preventing Strokes: The new findings have the potential to make a procedure that is less invasive than surgery more widely used.160
1310. Thai Court Seizes $1.4 Billion From Ex-Premier: Thailand's Supreme Court ruled that Thaksin Shinawatra had abused his power to benefit companies he owned.154
1311. New York Cancels Classes as Blizzard Hammers Northeast: Thousands of people were without power and dozens of school districts — including all New York City public schools — were shut down on Friday.212
1312. The Koons Collection: Jeff Koons is working at a role he has never assumed in his three-decade career: curator of other people's art.133
1313. Myanmar Denies Dissident's Appeal: The Supreme Court in Myanmar refused an appeal to end the house arrest of the country's leading dissident, Aung San Suu Kyi.159
1314. Many Dead in Attacks on Kabul Guesthouses: At least 18 people were killed early Friday when several suicide bombers attacked two guesthouses popular with foreigners in the Afghan capital.187
1315. Kim Yu-na Wins Gold in Figure Skating: Kim Yu-na was nearly flawless, and became South Korea's first Olympic champion in figure skating. Mao Asada of Japan took silver and Joannie Rochette of Canada the bronze.210
1316. Bunning Blocks Jobless Aid in Senate: Senator Jim Bunning takes a stand to block extending jobless benefits unless Democrats figure out how to pay to them.155
1317. Paterson Gets Some Sobering Advice on His Future: Even David A. Paterson's allies are saying he can not simultaneously govern, manage fallout from the latest scandal and lead the Democratic ticket this fall.207
1318. Cablevision Posts Profit in Quarter: The company's only money-losing division was its Newsday newspaper, where ad revenue fell by 20 percent.141
1319. Sirius XM Posts Profit, Its First Since Merger: The company, formed when Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio merged, said the results were a sign that it had recovered from near bankruptcy.199
1320. Telecom Italia Delays Results Because of Money-Laundering Scandal: Telecom Italia delayed the release of its results after officials seized €300 million in connection with a money-laundering scandal.199
1321. Alexei Grishin of Belarus Wins Gold in Aerials: The aerialist better known as Speedy pulled off his signature move, but Alexei Grishin of Belarus was more consistent and won the gold. Ryan St. Onge of the U.S. took fourth.222
1322. Explosion Shakes the Center of Kabul: A large explosion shook the center of the city early Friday morning, damaging a high-rise hotel.134
1323. Radiation Bills Raise Question of Supervision: Federal officials are looking into the billing practices at a Florida cancer center, but the case points to concerns about oversight involving complex radiotherapy.211
1324. On Wall Street, a Romance With the Curling Stone: Curling has captivated Wall Street traders thanks to CNBC, which switches to curling coverage after the closing bell.167
1325. Plan to Seek Use of U.S. Contracts as a Wage Lever: One in four Americans work for companies with federal contracts, and administration officials see an opportunity to lift more families into the middle class.209
1326. News Analysis: Uniting Democrats Is Challenge at Health Forum: The president did not seem to win over any Republicans, and seemed to end the day largely where he started, with little choice but to rally his Democrats to act on their own.237
1327. Preferring Girls Over Boys: For generations boys have been preferred to girls in Asian culture, but there is at least one study which hints that in at least one country this bias is changing.191
1328. Canada 2, U.S. 0: Canadian Women Take Gold in Hockey Final: Canadian goalie Shannon Szabados stopped all 28 American shots and enabled Marie-Philip Poulin's two goals to stand up and make Canada the Olympic champions.217
1329. Paterson Weighs Race as Top Aide Quits in Protest: After the governor's top criminal justice adviser resigned, Gov. David A. Paterson said he would consult with party leaders over the next few days and reflect on his future.224
1330. Police Say Actor Andrew Koenig Found Dead: Vancouver police said "Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig has been found dead in a downtown park.140
1331. Live Blog: Follow the Women's Long Program: Follow women's figure skating's long program at the Vancouver Olympics with the live blog on Rings.143
1332. California Deputy Is Killed in Gun Battle: Two other officers were wounded when a fire investigation in rural Fresno County turned into a gun battle and standoff.162
1333. Turkey's Leaders Seek to Defuse Crisis: Tensions were rising between the military and the government over the arrests of 20 former and current officers on charges of plotting a coup. Three of those officers were subsequently released.234
1334. Mayor's Housing Offer Sets Off Row in Jerusalem: Disagreements have arisen over matters of ownership and the demographics of East Jerusalem.140
1335. Panel Finds Rangel Broke House Rules With Caribbean Trip: A House panel has found that Rep. Charles B. Rangel of New York broke Congressional rules by failing to properly disclose financial details of a trip to the Caribbean.225
1336. What We're Reading: Patents, E-Books and Spy Software: Thursday's highlights of overlooked, unusual or just plain interesting technology news from around the Web.162
1337. Women's Free Skate Q.& A. With Juliet Macur and Jeré Longman: Q. and A. on the women's free skate.98
1338. Are Trade Shows a Waste of Time?: In Las Vegas, with the decline in sales and no great rebound in sight, you might have thought the mood would be somber. It was anything but.174
1339. Another Cold, Wet Blanket Covers Northeast: Travel was disrupted at major airports from Philadelphia to Boston by a heavy mix of rain and snow on Thursday.155
1340. 'American Idol': Who Will Be the First to Go?: A sleepless night of research, phone calls, and meetings with lawyers has failed to yield results: Turns out there is no way to wipe the "American Idol" semifinalist slate clean and start over with a new group of 24.263
1341. A Grieving Mancuso Falls Short in the Giant Slalom: After finishing eighth in the giant slalom, Julia Mancuso twice broke down and cried while discussing the Wednesday death of her longtime friend, C.R. Johnson.211
1342. Greece Faces High Hurdles to Raising More Funds: Investors are concerned about Greece's ability to raise cash and reassure a skeptical market about its plans to restructure the economy.185
1343. Patti LuPone Asks Fans to Name Her Book: What should the Tony-Award winning actress call her new book about her life in the theater?132
1344. 2 Sheriff's Deputies, Officer Shot in N. Calif: Two Fresno County deputies and a police officer were shot Thursday by a man who then barricaded himself inside a house and continued to fire on law enforcement officials, authorities said.236
1345. Person Killed by Falling Tree in Central Park: A caller to 911 said that the victim was sprawled on ground, in distress, with severe wounds to his head.152
1346. Rebensburg Takes Giant Slalom Gold: Unheralded Viktoria Rebensburg of Germany, who had never won a major race, clocked a two-run combined time of 2 minutes, 27.11 seconds Thursday down Franz's GS.196
1347. Teen Moodiness, or Borderline Personality Disorder?: Dr. Alec Miller responds to readers' questions about borderline personality disorder in adolescents.153
1348. Iraq to Rehire 20,000 Hussein-Era Army Officers: The reinstatement was surprising, because it came on the heels of a decision to ban hundreds of candidates from the upcoming election, supposedly for supporting the former regime.228
1349. Top Paterson Official Resigns: The cabinet official who supervises the state police has resigned in the wake of reports of intervention by the state police and Gov. David A. Paterson into a domestic-assault case against a senior Paterson aide.243
1350. Photoshop and Photography: When Is It Real?: If you were running a photography contest, at what point would you draw the line and say "That's not photography anymore?"167
1351. Photoshop and Photography: When Is It Real?: If you were running a photography contest, at what point would you draw the line and say "That's not photography anymore?"167
1352. How to Tell if a Good Savings Rate Will Last: A look at which banks have consistently offered high yields for saving.117
1353. Two Men Face New Charges in Subway Bomb Plot: The two men were accused of working with Najibullah Zazi to launch bombings on Manhattan subways.143
1354. Fed Reviewing Goldman's Moves on Greek Debt: The Federal Reserve is examining the stratagems devised by Goldman Sachs other big banks to help Greece mask its burgeoning debt over the last decade.195
1355. Afghan Officials Claim Control Over Taliban Area: Even as the government re-staked its claim on the center of Marja, there were reports of scattered fighting.158
1356. Leak in Shark-Filled Aquarium in Dubai Mall: One day after a killer whale at Sea World in Orlando dragged a female trainer into his tank by her ponytail, causing her death, a crack appeared in a huge aquarium in a Dubai mall filled with hundreds of sharks.256
1357. The Snowboarder Supported by Grocers: After Alex Loo lost her financing in 2008, the Kin brothers, who arrived in Canada with nothing but now own 27 markets, became her sponsor.177
1358. Film: The Dude Plumbs His Weary Soul: On the road to screen immortality, Jeff Bridges transformed from a pretty boy to a weathered veteran with bottomless soul.160
1359. Don Pardo: Live From New York, Still: Take it away Don Pardo! The legendary announcer celebrated his 92nd birthday on Monday.125
1360. 'Yes' to Pop-Tarts! Panel Approves Bake-Sale Rules: Only one mother protested rules to prohibit most bake sales but allow students to sell items like Pop-Tarts and Doritos.172
1361. Lessons of a Cleft Lip: Six-month-old Elan Oliva is one operation away from being "cured" of the cleft lip and palate doctor's found on his sonogram before he was born.168
1362. New Indictments in Subway Bomb Plot: Two men already in custody were indicted on Thursday on charges of participating in a Qaeda plot to detonate explosives in the New York subway system.187
1363. In the Arena: Slalom: From Gimmick to Main Event: Ski slalom was first invented by one Sir Arnold Lunn in 1922, and since then, its popularity has only grown.158
1364. At Health Care Session, Obama Stresses Areas of Agreement: At his much-anticipated health care forum on Thursday, President Obama used his opening remarks to make the case that reforming the health care system is critical to the nation's economy.246
1365. Palm Cuts Its Forecast and Its Shares Fall: The company cited slower-than-expected consumer adoption of its products, leading to weaker-than-expected orders.157
1366. Bernanke Defends Fed's Ability to Supervise Banks: The Fed chairman urged senators not to strip the Fed of its oversight authority and also expressed skepticism about the the so-called Volcker Rule.198
1367. The Oscars, by the Numbers: Oscar fans are obsessed with stats, and the Bagger and other sites are here to fill that need.122
1368. Why Can't PCs Work More Like iPhones?: The traditional desktop interface remains confusing for many computer users. Could Apple and Microsoft replace it with their easy to use mobile operating systems?201
1369. Framing the Debate: The curtain rises on what may be the final act in the long-running health care debate.106
1370. Blogging the Health Care Summit: President Obama, leading Republicans and Democrats, are sitting down for what's expected to be a six-hour meeting to hash out health care issues.178
1371. Bits Scan: Google's Accountability and Nintendo's E-Reader: Our morning technology round-up also looks at Google's integration of Facebook updates into real-time search, a teenager's conviction for blackmailing other boys with sexually explicit photos, and pico projectors.273
1372. Why Can't PCs Work More Like iPhones?: The traditional desktop interface remains confusing for many computer users. Could Apple and Microsoft replace it with their easy to use mobile operating systems?201
1373. Barbershop Politics in Baghdad: Talking politics at a barbershop in Baghdad.76
1374. The Senate Offers Small Businesses a Little Relief: There's a hiring tax credit in the bill, and it would also extend the 2009 stimulus's more generous expensing limits - up to $250,000.186
1375. Time to Press China on Its Exchange Rate: Getting China to revalue its currency would help America's economic recovery, an economist writes.140
1376. When Is It Sex Addiction?: When is it simply greedy and hedonistic versus a sexual addiction? One reader asks a panel of experts.129
1377. State of the Art: Clear Trend in Pocket Projectors: The LG, a cellphone with an (almost) built-in projector and the Aaxa, which uses lasers for clearer images, represent a new generation of projectors.201
1378. A 19th Century Idea for Health Reform: Health | Today's idea: To get healthy young Americans into the insurance pool, pay them bonuses if it turns out they're correct in their belief that they won't get sick, say two academics. [Regulation]240
1379. In First Look, Idol's Men Underwhelm: The men of this season's American Idol are certainly the least promising group ever selected by the judges.145
1380. India and Pakistan Resume Talks: At a critical moment across the region, senior officials from the two countries held their first official talks since the 2008 Mumbai attacks on Thursday.187
1381. Preparing for Health Debate, and Its TV Audience: From the seating to the camera positions to the buffet lunch, Thursday's session has been carefully orchestrated.163
1382. Australian Grabs Gold in Women's Aerials: Lydia Lassila of Australia ended China's domination, landing a triple-flip, double-twist combination on her second jump to grab gold. Li Nina and Guo Xinxin won silver and bronze, respectively.235
1383. Watch How You Hold That Crayon: In affluent areas, occupational therapists have taken their place among those helping successful students137
1384. Finance Bill Compromise Appears Likely: The Obama administration is prepared to agree that an existing agency, rather than a new agency, could take responsibility for consumer protections187
1385. Gay Marriage Makes Gain in Maryland: Maryland's attorney general said that state agencies should recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states until the legislature or courts decide otherwise.201
1386. For Workers at Closing Plant, Ordeal Included Heart Attacks: Three co-workers facing layoffs had heart attacks, supporting research that suggests job loss can have health consequences.184
1387. Radiation Errors Reported in Missouri: CoxHealth in Springfield, Mo., said 76 patients over five years were overdosed because powerful new equipment had been set up incorrectly.177
1388. Australian Wins Gold in Women's Aerials: Lydia Lassila flew pencil-straight through the dreary fog to win Australia's second gold medal of the Games.149
1389. Canada 7, Russian 3: Canadian Hockey Fans Get Their Wish: Team Canada won a decisive victory over Russia in men's hockey, exactly what fans had been hoping for when the Games began.181
1390. Campaign Goes After Opponents of Gay Marriage: Leading national advocates of gay marriage have formed a group to campaign against New York State senators who opposed same-sex marriage.184
1391. Once Mighty Party Falls, and Worries Grip Japan: Thrust into the role of opposition party, and with its number of lawmakers cut in half by last August's defeat, the Liberal Democrats appear demoralized.202
1392. Fun or Formal? Medal Ambiences Are Miles Apart: In spirit and scope, the dual celebrations in Whistler and Vancouver reflect the schism between what the Winter Olympics once were and what they have become.205
1393. 'Evita' Revival Planned for Broadway: The Argentine actress Elena Roger will play the title role.97
1394. Pride of Canada and Grandmas: Kevin Martin, Canada's most famous curler, has rock star status and disguises for going out in public, but so far no Olympic gold medal.166
1395. Coke Is Said to Pursue Bottler: The Coca-Cola Company is in talks to buy the North American operations of its largest bottler, according to a person briefed on the matter.171
1396. Bribes Let Tomato Vendor Sell Tainted Food: Prosecutors say SK Foods not only paid off corporate buyers in exchange for lucrative contracts but also hid quality problems like mold in tomato paste.196
1397. Banks Bet Greece Defaults on Debt They Helped Hide: Bets by some of the same banks that helped Greece shroud its mounting debts may actually now be pushing the nation closer to the brink of financial ruin.205
1398. Coke in Talks to Buy U.S. Unit of Its Biggest Bottler: The Coca-Cola Company is in talks to buy the North American operations of its largest bottler, according to a person briefed on the matter, reversing a 14-year-old strategy of separating its bottling operations from its main soft drink business.300
1399. Questions of Influence in Abuse Case of Paterson Aide: Court and police records portray a brutal encounter followed by an effort to make a potential political embarrassment go away. The episode, including contacts by the state police and the governor, has come under scrutiny.276
1400. Live Analysis: Canada 7, Russia 3: Analysis and updates from the men's hockey quarterfinal between Canada and Russia.117
1401. Vancouver Journal: A $1 Billion Hangover Awaits an Olympic Party: There's an undercurrent of crankiness in Vancouver over the invasion of Olympic tourists, and apprehension over the immediate legacy of a $1 billion debt.220
1402. Our Towns: Inspired by Olympics, Newcomers Flock to Curling Clubs: Every four years, clubs around the country draw hopefuls who dream of gold medals without needing a ripped body.179
1403. Is Sex Addiction an Excuse?: Is Tiger Woods's sex addiction claim just to save face and release all personal responsibility for his actions? Dr. Joe Kort responds.163
1404. Charges Filed in Federal Inquiry Into Katrina Police Shooting: A retired police officer was charged with obstruction of justice in the handling of a police shooting in the days following Hurricane Katrina that killed two civilians.231
1405. Bilton on ABC: Facebook, Farmville And Foursquare: Diane Sawyer of ABC interviews Bits blogger Nick Bilton.107
1406. Signs of Life, and Change, in Climate Inquiry: Some signs that climate science, recently bruised, is emerging stronger for its battles.135
1407. Tech Talk Podcast: The Future of Cellphones: Ashlee Vance dishes on the giant mobile industry trade show and J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado give a how-to on posting videos online without letting the whole world see them.230
1408. Phone Smart: Locked or Unlocked? Today, That Is the Money Question: Consumers have to do the math when deciding whether to pay more upfront for the freedom of a so-called unlocked phone or pay less for a device with strings attached.233
1409. Another Historian Criticizes 'The Kennedys': Add David Talbot, the author of "Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years," to the list of writers who are pre-emptively criticizing "The Kennedys," a planned mini-series that the producer Joel Surnow is preparing for the History channel.292
1410. Nintendo's Newest Portable Gaming System: On Sunday, March 28 a swollen-looking DS, called the DSi XL, will arrive in the United States.136
1411. NYT: Tech Talk for 02/25/2010: Bettina Edelstein talks to Times technology reporter Ashlee Vance about the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the big news was the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 OS and the Intel-Nokia open-source OS called Meego. J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado explain how to share video online with friends and family without letting in the whole world, or certain people, like parental units or your boss. Pedro becomes an early adopter of "wideband" fiber optic service, which prompts him to explore the tech term "DOCSIS." J.D.'s roundup of this week's tech news includes Wal-Mart's latest push into the online movie business with its planned purchase of Vudu and the controversy around a Pennsylvania school district's alleged spying via laptop webcam, now the subject of a lawsuit and an FBI probe. And The Times's personal technology editor, Sam Grobart, offers a look at what's in the Gadgetwise blog this week.949
1412. Deal Said to Be Reached on Deutsche Bank Building: Two insurers agreed to pay a total of $102 million toward the $300 million cost of deconstructing the 41-story tower.168
1413. C.I.A. and ISI Train Wary Eye on Goals, and Each Other: Despite a tormented relationship, the U.S. and Pakistani intelligence agencies are working together on tactical operations, as the C.I.A. extends its secret war deep into Pakistan's cities.245
1414. A Tie-Up Between Intel and TSMC Fizzles: A deal announced a year ago between Intel and TSMC has failed to result in new products, highlighting Intel's problems at getting into the consumer electronics game.206
1415. In the Shoes of Olympians' Parents: Lately, I find myself thinking about the parents, just one more example of how your lens shifts when you have children.155
1416. Disaster Awaits Quake-Threatened Cities in Developing World: In many cities, populations have swelled faster than the capacity to house them safely, so that a quake could surpass Haiti's devastation.199
1417. Yelp Is Sued After Dispute Over a Review: A suit against Yelp, the user-generated reviews site, alleges unfair business practices and accuses Yelp of extortion.160
1418. Live Analysis: United States vs. Switzerland: The United States plays Switzerland, followed by the much-anticipated Canada-Russia game.135
1419. Whale Kills SeaWorld Worker: An employee at SeaWorld Orlando died Wednesday after a killer whale came up from the water, grabbed the trainer around the waist and thrashed her around.182
1420. Turkey Unsettled by Officer Arrests: Tensions between Turkey's powerful military and the government escalated sharply on Wednesday as a court ordered the formal arrests of 12 officers on charges they had plotted a coup.219
1421. Inquiry Grows in Dubai Assassination: The Dubai police released the names of 15 more suspects on Wednesday in the killing of a senior Hamas operative in a Dubai hotel room last month, expanding the range of an investigation.224
1422. G.M. to Close Hummer After Sale Collapses: A $150 million deal to sell Hummer to a Chinese company stalled as the companies awaited approval from the Chinese government.169
1423. State of the Art: Brighter and Clearer: New Trends in Pico World: A new generation of projectors — the LG Expo and Aaxa L1 — has arrived. The LG is a cellphone with built-in projector and the Aaxa uses lasers for brighter and clearer images.255
1424. Hedge Fund Moves on Stuyvesant Town: Appaloosa Management is seeking to take control of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, the largest apartment complexes in Manhattan.175
1425. Vermont Senate Votes to Close Nuclear Plant: In an unusual state foray into nuclear regulation, the Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 to block a license extension for the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.195
1426. Concrete-Testing Company Guilty of Enterprise Corruption: The company and its two top executives were convicted of the most serious charge levied in the case.158
1427. Yelp Is Sued After Dispute Over a Review: A suit against Yelp, the user-generated reviews site, alleges unfair business practices and accuses Yelp of extortion.160
1428. 'Millennials' More Pro-Government Than Older Americans: Americans born after 1980 appear to be more pro-government, pro-regulation and pro-market-intervention than previous cohorts.181
1429. After Travis the Chimp, a Police Officer's Descent: A veteran officer has suffered from depression since fatally shooting the chimp who mauled a woman last year.161
1430. Special Report: Bloggers Open an Internet Window on Shanghai: Covering topics ranging from airport transportation to cup cakes and adolescent angst, online posts are filling an information void and opening the daily life of the city to Western eyes.249
1431. Vonn Crashes Out of Giant Slalom: On a snowy and foggy day, Lindsey Vonn crashed 10 gates from the bottom.106
1432. Arts & Leisure Preview: Violence That Art Didn't See Coming: The Amy Bishop case frames the role of women in bloodshed in a way that is new to our culture.155
1433. Not Necessarily a 'Lost Decade' for Savers: A recent study by Fidelity offers some more proof that the last 10 years were not necessarily a "lost decade" for steadfast savers.175
1434. You Shall Know His Velocity: Speedy Gonzales Gets a Movie: Not only will George Lopez, the comedian and TBS talk-show host, be providing the character's voice -- he also gives Speedy his "Latino seal of approval."213
1435. Snow Day at the Hospital: For hospital staff, snow day rules are the opposite of what they are for most people.111
1436. Whistler Volunteers Do Grunt Work, and Love It: A group of hearty volunteers, members of the Whistler Weasel Workers, prepare the mountain for big races.153
1437. Showcase: In Asia, Hope for Haiti: Agnes Dherbeys believes an Indonesian province may offer a hopeful precedent for Haiti. Eirini Vourloumis explains why she thinks so.168
1438. Q. and A. With the Kabul Bureau: The Times Kabul bureau answers readers' questions about the military operations in Marja, Afghanistan.135
1439. More Satellites Will Act as Eyes for Troops: Three more satellites will help U.S. soldiers overcome the obstacles to GPS signals that are posed by Afghanistan's terrain. Nonmilitary users will also benefit.206
1440. A Maker of Fuel Cells Blooms in California: Start-up Bloom Energy unveils its energy servers, which use solid oxide fuel cells to generate electricity at low cost and with fewer greenhouse gas emissions.203
1441. A Secretive Start-Up Raises the Curtain: Bloom Energy, which is announcing a fuel-cell breakthrough, has been toiling in silence for nearly a decade.149
1442. How Many Successful Businesses Can One Owner Run?: No matter how hard it looks, there always seem to be business owners ready to try running more than one venture at a time.173
1443. Senate Votes 70-28 to Approve $15 Billion Jobs Bill: Though modest in scope, the bill was hailed by Democrats as evidence that the parties could work together.159
1444. Vaccine Approved for Child Infections: The vaccine, Prevnar 13, is effective against more types of bacteria, particularly a virulent subtype called strain 19A.159
1445. Health Insurance Executive Defends Premiums: Angela F. Braly, president of WellPoint, told a House panel that higher premiums were justified by soaring costs.158
1446. Bits Scan: Apple TV, an Improved Xbox and a Week Without Google: Other items in our technology news roundup include a European antitrust inquiry into Google and a look at a new type of augmented reality technology.214
1447. Pregnancy, Depression and Acupuncture: Two studies released in the past few days address the the prevalence and treatment of depression during and after pregnancy.163
1448. New-Home Sales at a Low in U.S.: The 11.2 percent plunge confounded forecasts as transactions were at an ebb unseen since record keeping began in 1963.151
1449. British PM as Animated Anti-Hero: A news and gossip site in Taiwan and Hong Kong known for blurring the distinction between the two by making computer-animated videos to illustrate its stories that treat rumor as fact, pictures British Prime Minister Gordon Brown as the boss from hell.286
1450. Toyota's President to Offer 'Full Responsibility': In a prepared statement, Akio Toyoda assured lawmakers that the carmaker is moving to fix the problems and regain the trust of consumers.188
1451. Bernanke Forecasts Long Period of Low Interest Rates: In a statement before the House, the Federal Reserve chief predicted that the economic recovery would remain slow.168
1452. Inside the Rings: Through Grief and Tears, a Triumph on the Ice: Two days after her mother died, Canadian Joannie Rochette summoned a poignant performance of extraordinary composure.182
1453. Now Showing | Deyn's Debut: Agyness Deyn is the latest model trying to make the transition to acting, but she's doing it via the art gallery rather than Hollywood.163
1454. 'Lost' Watch: Go Ask Alice: An episode that makes a visit to Wonderland seem like a walk around the block.106
1455. Second Strike Paralyzes Greece: Protesting Greek workers brought the country to a standstill on Wednesday in the second 24-hour strike in two weeks against austerity measures.175
1456. Date Night in the Senate: A Primer on Budget Reconciliation: Does all the talk about passing health care legislation under "budget reconciliation make your head hurt? Think of it as an evening out.197
1457. G.O.P. Expects Little From Health Forum: Republican leaders rejected President Obama's challenge to come up with a single comprehensive proposal to achieve his goal of guaranteeing health insurance for nearly all Americans.223
1458. Survivors, Captured on Film, Now Gone: By the time Harvey Wang's film "The Last New Yorker" was released last week, several of the long-running stores it celebrates had gone out of business.190
1459. Toyota Chief in Trial by Fire Before Congress: Akio Toyoda will be making his debut before the American public under a harsh spotlight in testimony before a House committee on Wednesday.186
1460. The U.S. Military's 'German Fetish': Wednesday | Today's idea: American military thinkers have a "German fetish," an ex-officer writes. They view war less as a manmade disaster than as a creative science and art, a la Carl von Clausewitz. [TomDispatch]252
1461. Are We Overpaying Grandpa?: The elderly receive a large amount of government assistance - an amount that is not commensurate with their numbers, an economist writes. How long can that last?189
1462. New Complaints Filed Against Google in Europe: Among the accusations is one that says the company plays down certain sites in its search results.145
1463. Italian Court Finds Google Violated Privacy: Three current and former Google executives have been convicted of privacy violations over a video of an autistic boy being abused that was posted online.198
1464. India and Pakistan to Resume Diplomatic Talks: The United States is hoping improvement in relations between the two neighbors could help the broader American military effort in Pakistan and Afghanistan.202
1465. Italian Court Finds Google Violated Privacy: Three Google executives were convicted of privacy violations related to online video in a case that could affect freedom of expression on the Internet.196
1466. Amman Journal: Sidewalks, and an Identity, Sprout in Jordan's Capital: Sidewalks and benches are seen as powerful tools, helping a city bereft of an identity develop a sense of place.183
1467. Italian Court Finds Google Violated Privacy: Three current and former Google executives have been convicted of privacy violations over a video of an autistic boy being abused that was posted online.198
1468. Nigerian President Returns Home Amid Uncertainty: President Umaru Yar'Adua of Nigeria returned home early on Wednesday, reviving political anxiety in Africa's most populous nation.180
1469. 2 Generals Wary About Repealing Gay Policy: The generals' comments may provide cover for lawmakers who oppose repealing the policy known as "don't ask, don't tell."164
1470. Washington Sends Delegation to Moscow, via Silicon Valley: This week, in lieu of more typical diplomatic delegations to Russia, Washington sent a detachment of Silicon Valley dreamboats, including the world's most popular Tweeter: Ashton Kutcher.246
1471. Just Like Mombot Used to Make: New robots serve and cook food, and, in the process, act as good-will ambassadors for a more automated future.141
1472. Pressure Is No Problem for Kim Yu-na: Kim Yu-na, the reigning world champion and the dominant skater of the past two seasons, remained unfazed and earned the best short program score in history.194
1473. Target Cancer: A Drug Trial Cycle: Recovery, Relapse, Reinvention: The mysteries of new drugs and the limits of the medical trial process are forcing doctors testing targeted drugs to make difficult choices about patients' lives.229
1474. Questions Surface After Haitian Airlift: Twelve of the 52 children transported from Haiti to Pennsylvania last month were not in the process of being adopted and might not all even be orphans.192
1475. Beers of The Times: A Delicious Free-for-All: A panel conducted a blind tasting of 20 Belgian-style golden ales.112
1476. Baseball Plans to Test for H.G.H. in Minors: Major League Baseball said it would soon begin testing players' blood for human growth hormone.140
1477. Man Connected to Americans in Haiti Makes His Case: Jorge Torres, who represented some of the 10 Americans once charged with child abduction in Haiti, said he would turn himself in to prove he had done nothing wrong.216
1478. Just Like Mombot Used to Make: New robots serve and cook food, and, in the process, act as good-will ambassadors for a more automated future.141
1479. Advertising: That Triple Salchow Was Great. Now for More Ads.: Olympic marketers consider commercial time an opportunity to show their best new ads, including popular spots that first ran during the Super Bowl.210
1480. Water-Cooler Effect: Internet Can Be TV's Friend: Web sites like Facebook and Twitter allow people to split their time between computers and TVs as they watch events.166
1481. H.P., Tech Powerhouse, Stumbles in Smartphones: In a rapidly growing market, H.P.'s smartphone sales have fallen about 80 percent over the past five years.155
1482. New Complaints Filed Against Google in Europe: Among the accusations is one that says the company plays down certain sites in its search results.145
1483. A $3.5 Billion Effort Aims to Help Tech Start-Ups: Intel is leading an initiative to add jobs and spur innovation to keep the U.S. ahead of nations like China and India.169
1484. Gentle White House Nudges Test the Power of Persuasion: President Obama's consensus-building style might not win the votes he needs to pass his health care measure.164
1485. Yahoo Gets Closer to Twitter: On the heels of a partnership with Facebook, Yahoo says it will closely integrate its sites with Twitter.135
1486. Economic Scene: On Eve of Health Meeting, Big Questions Still Linger: Thursday's meeting is mostly for show, but it could affect whether Congress passes a sweeping bill or no bill at all.187
1487. Satellites Will Act as Eyes for Troops: Three more satellites will help U.S. soldiers overcome the obstacles to GPS satellite signals that are posed by Afghanistan's terrain. Nonmilitary users will also benefit.211
1488. Water-Cooler Effect: Internet Can Be TV's Friend: Web sites like Facebook and Twitter allow people to split their time between computers and TVs as they watch events.166
1489. Progress Slow in City Goal to Rid Schools of Bad Teachers: In its first two years, a stepped-up campaign has led to the firing of only three of New York City's 55,000 tenured teachers for incompetence.201
1490. Illness Complicates Plans to Close Immigration Jail: The Varick Detention Facility in Greenwich Village is supposed to relocate 300 detainees to New Jersey by Friday.166
1491. Ministers Question Status of Washington House: The C Street Center received a jolt of notoriety last year after conservative politicians said they sought spiritual counseling there in connection with an affair.210
1492. Swiss Win to Set Up Hockey Rematch With U.S.: Switzerland beat Belarus in a shootout to advance to the quarterfinals, where it will play the Americans on Wednesday.164
1493. Live Blog: Follow the Women's Short Program: Live Blog: Follow the women's short program from the Vancouver Olympics.117
1494. Wall Street '09 Bonuses Increase 17%: Flush with record profits in 2009, investment banks and securities firms paid New York City employees an estimated $20.3 billion in annual bonuses, according to a new report.212
1495. Fearing Obama Agenda, States Push to Loosen Gun Laws: President Obama has been largely silent on the issue of guns as states engage in a largely successful push for expanded gun rights, even passing measures that have been rejected before.239
1496. Too Many Olympic Events, or Not Enough?: With the pileup of new sports in the Winter Olympics, should any be dropped?117
1497. Microchip Technology Wins Michigan Business Challenge: The start-up's technology could be used in smart credit cards, computers, sensors that control temperature or detect motion in smart homes and buildings, and a variety of medical and mobile devices.253
1498. Architecture Review: A New Fort, er, Embassy, for London: The design for the new embassy in London is not inelegant by the standards of other recent American Embassies, but it has all the glamour of a corporate office block.224
1499. Financial Investing for Film Buffs: The company that runs a virtual Hollywood stock market is creating a new Hollywood Stock Exchange that uses real money.155
1500. Franklin's Electronic Dictionary: Worth the Price?: Franklin has a new hand-held electronic dictionary. Is it worth buying?123
1501. Samsung's High-Performance Compact Camera: Samsung has announced four new point-and-shoot cameras, including a high-performance compact with a very bright lens.160
1502. The TV Numbers Game: TV sales numbers for 2009 are out, and there are a few surprises.86
1503. Chinese Flock to Parks for Closer Look at Minorities: The ethnic theme playgrounds showcase features of ethnic minorities but also enforce the narrative that they are part of greater China.189
1504. Kingston's Mega-Drive Is A Cram Course in Data: Be prepared to pony up big bucks-in the neighborhood of one thousand, one hundred bucks-for Kingston's just released 256-gigabyte USB flash drive.194
1505. App of the Week: Spot Spring on the Wing: BirdsEye isn't your usual field guide, it uses real-time mapping to show you where the birds are right now.149
1506. Guilty Verdict in Stein Murder: A Manhattan jury has convicted Natavia S. Lowery of second-degree murder in the 2007 death of real-estate broker and former punk-rock manager Linda Stein.186
1507. Retailers That Cater to Home Refurbishing See Glints of Rebound: Two home improvement bazaars reported earnings that may reflect a turning point.145
1508. Roger Ebert's Voice, Lost and Found: Film critic Roger Ebert shares his experience82
1509. Gates Calls Europe Anti-War Mood Danger to Peace: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said opposition to the military was impeding the alliance's security goals.159
1510. Analysis: N.H.L.'s Stance on Olympic Participation Faces Challenge: Will the Sochi Olympics be a costly disruption for the N.H.L., or is the league's stance against future participation firmly on thin ice?205
1511. White House Urges Repeal of Insurers' Antitrust Exemption: President Obama endorsed a repeal of the health insurance industry's exemption from antitrust law.157
1512. ABC News to Cut Hundreds of Staff Members: In what it called a "fundamental transformation," ABC News said Tuesday that it was seeking to substantially reduce its staff, possibly by up to 25 percent.199
1513. Convictions Overturned in Bronx Firefighter Deaths: Five years after two firefighters jumped to their deaths in the Bronx fighting a blaze in an apartment building that had been illegally subdivided, a judge overturned the negligent homicide convictions of the building's owners on the grounds that they did not know about the illegal partitions.346
1514. No Brownies at Bake Sales, but Doritos May Be O.K.: A city panel will vote on an amended regulation that will allow student groups to sell items like Pop-Tarts and Doritos during the school day, but nothing homemade.216
1515. Cheney Sustained Mild Heart Attack: The former vice president had a mild heart attack.86
1516. Back to Basics on Climate and Energy: An effort to cut through the heat and find points of agreement on climate and energy.123
1517. Intel Was Attacked at the Same Time as Google: Intel says it was victim of a cyber attack in January, around the same time that Google was victim of a broad-based attack that started in China.192
1518. Washington Sends Delegation to Moscow, via Silicon Valley: This week, in lieu of more typical diplomatic delegations to Russia, Washington sent a detachment of Silicon Valley dreamboats, including the world's most popular Tweeter: Ashton Kutcher.246
1519. French Ad Shocks, but Will It Stop Young Smokers?: A new campaign that plays off a pornographic stereotype has gotten more attention than even its creators intended.165
1520. Janka Takes Early Lead in Giant Slalom: Carlo Janka of Switzerland was the early leader as the men's giants slalom got under way at the Vancouver Games Tuesday.160
1521. Hiring Freezes Hamper Weatherization Plan: The lack of progress on President Obama's plan to create jobs and lower energy costs is "alarming," a report said.157
1522. New York's Nooks Are a Challenge to Census Takers: Officials have been working to root out hidden residents and new addresses as the count approaches.150
1523. Afghan Leader Asserts Control Over Election Body: President Hamid Karzai has moved to ensure that he can handpick members of an electoral oversight commission, to the dismay of his political rivals and international allies.223
1524. Personal Health: Medical Paper Trail Takes Electronic Turn: Hospital systems around the country are taking advantage of financial incentives to foster the creation and use of electronic records.194
1525. Advertising: Take a Step Closer for an Invitation to Shop: Using a technique called geo-fencing, the North Face will send shoppers text messages as soon as they set foot near a store.183
1526. Computers Turn Flat Photos into 3-D Buildings: Researchers are developing a system to create renderings of neighborhoods and potentially even entire cities.156
1527. Administration Makes Push for Consumer Agency: The creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency has emerged as the main stumbling block in the Congressional debate over legislation to overhaul financial regulations.221
1528. Bits Scan: Inside Google, the Future of Gaming and Data Breaches: Our Tuesday morning roundup of technology news also includes a look at the continuing digital divide and more on Apple's decision to remove sex-related iPhone applications from the App Store.257
1529. List of Troubled Banks at 16-Year Peak, F.D.I.C. Says: Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation officials said that banks that run the risk of collapse rose to 702 at the end of 2009 and said they expected the industry to remain under stress.239
1530. Magazine Preview: Where Scott Brown Is Coming From: Like many politicians who have presented themselves as folk heroes, America's newest senator is more complicated.165
1531. Home Prices Rise for Seventh Month: While the 20-city home price index rose 0.3 percent from November to December, the index was off 3.1 percent from December a year ago.170
1532. Toyota Insists Electronics Are Not to Blame in Safety Issue: In remarks for a House hearing, a Toyota executive maintains that floor mats and gas pedals, and not the electronics system, are responsible for the acceleration problem.231
1533. Deal to Sell Hummer to Chinese Company Runs Into Trouble: Hostility from Chinese regulators and bank financing problems have raised obstacles to plans by a Chinese machinery company to buy the G.M. unit.203
1534. Blasts Kill Civilians in 2 Afghan Provinces: Separate explosions in the country's southern and eastern provinces on Tuesday killed at least 9 civilians and wounded 20 others, officials said.190
1535. Lone Athlete Is the Face of San Marino in Vancouver: Marino Cardelli is part of the breed sometimes derisively referred to as "Olympic tourist," one of those who alone carry the flag, literally and figuratively, of a country.225
1536. Flatt Is the Picture of Efficiency, on Ice and Off It: Rachael Flatt, the 17-year-old United States national figure skating champion, pursues straight A's as well as Olympic gold.179
1537. Deadly Blast in Afghanistan's Helmand Province: Afghan police say at least three civilians have died and at least 11 others were wounded in an explosion in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province.201
1538. Apple Bans Some Apps for Sex-Tinged Content: With Apple hoping for a family- and school-oriented future for its new iPad, it is looking more closely at what is for sale in its App Store.186
1539. Canadians Secure Ice Dancing Gold: With breathtaking, seamless moves that made them appear to be floating, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the free dance to clinch the first gold medal in ice dancing for a non-European team.224
1540. Hurdles Stymie Counterterrorism Center: The National Counterterrorism Center is struggling with staffing and internal cultural clashes, a study says.149
1541. Canada's Virtue and Moir Win Gold in Ice Dance: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir ended 34 years of European domination to win the ice dance gold medal. Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White won silver.198
1542. F.C.C. Takes a Close Look at the Unwired: A new study shows that nearly one-third of Americans do not have high-speed access to the Internet, and cost is one of the biggest obstacles.183
1543. Apple Bans Some Apps for Sex-Tinged Content: With Apple hoping for a family- and school-oriented future for its new iPad, it is looking more closely at what is for sale in its App Store.186
1544. The Comfortable Delights of Ski Jumping, With or Without Cowbells: As the Winter Olympics get bigger, faster, higher and slipperier, the original danger sport of ski jumping feels quaint and old-fashioned.205
1545. Big City: It's All Sweetness and Light, Until the Snowballs Fly: When a nice day at the playground turns ugly, disturbing behavior from adults and children alike is perplexing and paranoia-inducing.198
1546. Inside the Rings: Kim Carries Nation's Expectations on Her Skates: No South Korean figure skater has won an Olympic medal, as is expected of Kim Yu-na.151
1547. Banks Pressure Customers to Keep Fees Rolling In: Banks stand to lose billions because of new overdraft laws meant to protect consumers, so the industry is mounting an aggressive campaign.188
1548. U.S. Women Reach Gold Medal Hockey Game: The American team avenged its 2006 Olympic loss against Sweden Monday with a 9-1 victory, and reached its third gold medal game in three Olympic tournaments.198
1549. In Biathlon, Concerns About Russia's Program: Alexander Tikhonov continues to be a major influence on his sport after a criminal conviction, irking biathlon leaders.165
1550. 5 Republicans Help Advance Jobs Measure in Senate: A $15 billion job-creation bill moved toward passage in the Senate after a rare break in Republican solidarity.162
1551. Target Cancer: After Long Fight, Drug Gives Sudden Reprieve: The trial of a melanoma drug offers a glimpse at navigating a medical frontier as more drugs tailored to the genetic profile of a cancer are being tested on humans.225
1552. Asia's Boom Conceals Some Darker Prospects: The region still faces significant economic challenges, ranging from deflation in anemic Japan to an over-reliance on exports in places like Taiwan.192
1553. Destroying C.I.A. Tapes Wasn't Opposed, Memos Say: The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2003 did not object to destroying videotapes of brutal interrogations by the C.I.A., according to documents.212
1554. Memo From Russia: Straining to Define Itself, Opposition Tests Limits: A fuss over criticism of Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin has inspired this question: Could a docile, dependent opposition turn into the real thing?219
1555. Taliban Leader Said to Be Taken in Afghanistan: A Pakistani official said that the authorities had captured Mullah Abdul Kabir, another member of the Quetta Shura, a small group of leaders who direct the Taliban.212
1556. Cheney Hospitalized After Chest Pains: An aide to Dick Cheney said that the former vice president was resting comfortably as doctors evaluated his heart condition.163
1557. Lawmakers' Ties to Toyota Questioned at Start of Inquiries: Government watchdog groups are questioning whether deep financial and personal connections between lawmakers and Toyota could taint inquiries.202
1558. M.T.A. Plans to Lay Off Hundreds of Subway Agents: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is looking to lay off station agents, according to two people with knowledge of the plans.183
1559. Doctor Training Aided by Drug Industry Cash: More than half of the nation's medical residency programs to train doctors in internal medicine accepted financial support from the drug industry, a survey found.207
1560. Bob Dole Hospitalized for Pneumonia: Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole is recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center after a bout with pneumonia, his spokesman said.175
1561. A Face-Off on the Safety of a Drug for Diabetes: In 2007, a cardiologist recorded a meeting with four executives of GlaxoSmithKline to warn them that the diabetes drug Avandia raised the risk of heart attacks.209
1562. TV Sports: U.S. Men's Hockey Win Is Only a Bit Player on NBC: A prime-time Olympic show on NBC is an exercise in short-attention viewing, and a sport like hockey, which can't be chopped up, was relegated to cable.213
1563. With G.O.P. Help, Senate Advances Jobs Bill: In a rare bipartisan breakthrough, the Senate pushed a $15 billion measure intended to spur job creation over a crucial preliminary obstacle Monday night after five Senate Republicans broke ranks to back consideration of the Democratic leadership initiative.303
1564. New Gay Theater Is More About Love Stories Than Politics: A new breed of plays and musicals is replacing the political messages of 1990s shows with more personal appeals for social progress.190
1565. A Murder Suspect's Worth to Science: In Web postings, some suggest that Amy Bishop, the suspect in six shootings, three of them fatal, could still contribute to medicine.170
1566. Striking Lufthansa Pilots Agree to Suspend Walkout: Lufthansa pilots agreed to temporarily return to work amid news of further strikes by French air traffic controllers and British Airways cabin crew.200
1567. New York Terror Suspect Admits Guilt and Cooperates: Najibullah Zazi pleaded guilty in Brooklyn to terrorism charges after admitting to a plot to blow up the subways.166
1568. From the Clash of White Dwarfs, the Birth of a Supernova: Astronomers at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics said they had "revealed the source of the most important explosions in cosmology."197
1569. Christopher Wheeldon Leaves Dance Company He Created: Three years after forming Morphoses/The Christopher Wheeldon Company, to much excitement in the dance world, the choreographer is walking away from the ensemble.215
1570. Sidebar: Questions of an Affair and a Fair Trial: Texas's top criminal court says a judge's affair with a prosecutor has no bearing on a capital trial. The man who was convicted has asked the Supreme Court to disagree.218
1571. At Met, Less Zeffirelli, Pricier Tickets: The Metropolitan Opera, which announced its plans for the 2010-2011 season on Monday, said Peter Sellars would make his directing debut at the house with "Nixon in China."213
1572. Mobile Broadcast TV–New Options and New Headaches: The imminent ability to watch live broadcast TV on a smartphone could bring new dangers.146
1573. Polyvore Snags Former Google Executive as C.E.O.: Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, formerly of Google and Accel, is the new chief executive of Polyvore, a fashion-oriented e-commerce start-up.184
1574. House Panel Finds Fault With Toyota's Response to Problem: Toyota made misleading statements on the repairs it said would fix an accelerator problem, leading House Democrats said in a letter on Monday.201
1575. To Impress, Tufts Prospects Turn to YouTube: Increasingly at universities like Tufts, student applicants are submitting YouTube videos alongside written essays.160
1576. Wal-Mart Is Said to Be Buying Vudu Movie Service: The retail giant's purchase of the startup would represent a major move into selling movies over the Internet.160
1577. To Impress, Tufts Prospects Turn to YouTube: Increasingly at universities like Tufts, student applicants are submitting YouTube videos alongside written essays.160
1578. Spike in Iraq Violence as Vote Nears: A string of bombings, beheadings and shootings rippled through Iraq on Monday, leaving at least 23 people dead and intensifying concern about violence ahead of national elections.217
1579. Wal-Mart Is Said to Be Buying Vudu Movie Service: The retail giant's purchase of the startup would represent a major move into selling movies over the Internet.160
1580. Wall Street Struggles to Extend Rally: Traders took in better-than-expected earnings from the home-improvement retailer Lowe's, which said its fourth-quarter profit rose 27 percent.181
1581. Lost Limbs Redefine Life for Thousands in Haiti: New amputees are facing the hard reality of living with disabilities in a shattered country whose terrain and culture have never been hospitable to the disabled.210
1582. Technology: Television That Streams, Even if Traffic Doesn't: Electronics companies think they can make in-car television work with new broadcasts that are designed specifically for viewers on the move.202
1583. Judge Accepts S.E.C.'s Deal With Bank of America: But in his ruling, the judge delivered harsh words for the S.E.C., saying that the settlement was "half-baked justice at best."177
1584. Zazi to Plead Guilty to Terror Charges: The authorities said Mr. Zazi received weapons and explosives training at a Qaeda camp in Pakistan, bought beauty products that contained the raw materials to build a bomb and traveled to Queens with bomb-making instructions on the eve of the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.319
1585. All Officers Are Acquitted in Mineo Abuse Trial: Three police officers were acquitted on all counts Monday in a Brooklyn police-brutality trial.144
1586. Bits Scan: Tracking Adobe Stock, Google Hackers and Sexy iPhone Apps: Our Monday morning technology news roundup also looks at AOL's plan to build a newsroom of the future, an emerging battle among chip makers and possible price cuts for TV shows on Apple's iTunes.265
1587. U.S. Hockey Team Starts to Believe Again: As Canada sorts out its problems, the United States has a straightforward path to the semifinals of the men's hockey tournament.170
1588. Obama Details Plan to Expand Health Care to Uninsured: President Obama on Monday laid out for the first time a detailed legislative proposal for overhauling health care, largely sticking with the approach passed by the Senate.226
1589. Obama Details Plan to Expand Health Care to Uninsured: President Obama on Monday laid out for the first time a detailed legislative proposal for overhauling health care, largely sticking with the approach passed by the Senate.226
1590. Iran to Build More Enrichment Plants: A senior Iranian official said on Monday that his country planned to build 10 more nuclear enrichment plants, two of them within the next year.181
1591. Networks Wary of Apple's Push to Cut Show Prices: Apple wants to ignite TV show sales, especially as it prepares to introduce the iPad. But its proposals to lower prices are being met with skepticism from networks.214
1592. NATO Airstrike Is Said to Have Killed 21 Afghan Civilians: An airstrike against what was believed to be a group of insurgents ended up killing at least 21 civilians in Uruzgan Province, Afghan officials said.208
1593. Honoring Citizen Journalists: A George Polk Award was given to an anonymous man for a video of the violent death of Neda Agha-Soltan, an Iranian woman who became a symbol of the opposition movement in June.206
1594. Drilling Down: For Teenagers, Messaging on the Go: Instant-messaging led over cellphone text-messaging in 2007, but the balance of power shifted in 2009, according to a survey.176
1595. Selling a Celebrity Look: Web sites have made it easier for readers to shop for celebrities' looks, letting them click on pictures to identify and buy the clothes they see famous people wearing.194
1596. Networks Wary as Apple Pushes for 99-Cent TV Shows on iTunes: Apple wants to ignite TV show sales, especially as it prepares to introduce the iPad. But its proposals to lower prices are being met with skepticism from networks.226
1597. Toyota Touted $100 Million Savings After Limiting Recall: An internal memo claimed that the company saved millions by negotiating with U.S. regulators on a limited recall of floor mats.185
1598. Afghans Voice Their Fears Amid Marja Campaign: The elders of several rural villages asked Marines when the searches of their homes will stop and how they can work on crops without risking being shot.199
1599. Target Cancer: A Roller Coaster Chase for a Cure: Dozens of "targeted" drugs are emerging, backed by unprecedented investment by pharmaceutical companies, which could profit from drugs that prolong life even by weeks.217
1600. After Skating, a Unique Olympic Event: Crying: With cameras in their faces and microphones picking up every sound, figure skaters awaiting their scores in the kiss-and-cry area offer a scene unlike any other.208
1601. Shuttle's Mission Ends Smoothly: Endeavour left the International Space Station behind with a new life support module and a bay window observation deck.152
1602. An Entertaining and Bloody Debut for Ski Cross: When ski cross made its Olympic debut Sunday, Canada's Christopher Del Bosco took a risk that epitomized both the racer the sport he competes in.193
1603. Dutch Gold Is Latest Disappointment for Canada: Ireen Wust used a blazing final lap to win the gold in the women's 1,500 meters. Kristina Groves of Canada took the silver but her countrywoman, the favorite Christine Nesbitt, faded to sixth.240
1604. Link by Link: A Vision of Iceland as a Haven for Journalists: The country is weighing legislation offering reporters and publishers aggressive protections for free speech and investigative journalism.200
1605. Hacking Inquiry Puts China's Elite in New Light: Investigators looking into Web attacks on Google traced the intrusions to Jiaotong University and Lanxiang Vocational School, elite Chinese schools with strong American ties.223
1606. Textbooks That Professors Can Rewrite Digitally: Macmillan is introducing software that will allow college instructors to edit digital editions of textbooks without consulting the original authors or publisher.210
1607. A Bus System Reopens Rifts in South Africa: A new bus system promises to ease the hardship of millions who still live in townships far from cities, but opponents are pushing back.179
1608. An Astor Juror Says Her Fear Dictated Vote: A juror's statements will form the basis of an an expected appeal of Anthony D. Marshall's fraud conviction.152
1609. Waking Its Neighbors, U.S. Upsets Canada: Team USA, the youngest team at the Olympic tournament, beat Canada 5-3 in a victory spurred by Brian Rafalski, the oldest American player on the ice.191
1610. Toyota Boasted Saving $100 Million on Recall: An internal memo claimed that the company saved millions by negotiating with U.S. regulators on a limited recall of floor mats.173
1611. 2 Men Charged in Texas Church Fire: The two men were charged with with felony arson and are suspected in nine other blazes this year.133
1612. Lawmakers Consider an Animal Abuse Registry: A proposal would make California the first state to place animal abusers on the same level as sex offenders.153
1613. Obama to Urge Oversight of Insurers' Rate Increases: President Obama will propose giving the federal government new power to block excessive rate increases by insurers, as he rolls out comprehensive health care legislation.223
1614. Inside the Rings: On Skating Radio, Experts Mix Fun With Games: Closed-circuit radios offer spectators at the Olympic figure skating competition a mix of expert analysis, cheeky humor and fashion policing.205
1615. For Chip Makers, the Next Battle Is in Smartphones: Intel and its rivals are in a race to dominate a growing market for small mobile devices with chips that are inexpensive and use little power.194
1616. 2 Men Charged in Texas Church Fire: Federal authorities say two men have been charged with setting an east Texas church on fire and are suspected in a string of similar blazes this year.186
1617. The Female Factor: Crusader Rowing Upstream in Cambodia: Mu Sochua, the most prominent woman in Cambodia's political opposition, is a member of a new generation of women who are working their way into the political systems in Asia.231
1618. EMI Says Abbey Road Studios Not for Sale: The record label EMI denied that Abbey Road Studios in London was being put on the market but confirmed that it was seeking financial help to save it.192
1619. Could a Start-Up Competition Help Haiti?: Attempts to organize a Startup Weekend in Nigeria in 2008 failed because the non-profit lacked a network in the country to help secure a venue, promote the event, and recruit participants.230
1620. Lufthansa Pilots Launch 4-Day Strike: The pilots are seeking increased job security and German labor conditions to apply to Lufthansa pilots hired abroad.154
1621. 'Shutter Island' Soars at Box Office: "Shutter Island," yanked from the fall release schedule by a cost-cutting Paramount Pictures, was a strong No. 1 at the North American box office.184
1622. General Describes Marja as 'Initial Salvo': Gen. David H. Petraeus, the head of the U.S. Central Command, said the battle in the Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan could last 12 to 18 months.190
1623. Aging Rocker Turns Pitchman in Germany: An advertising campaign featuring Alice Cooper that both satirizes and promotes modern technology has helped rescue sales at Saturn, a chain of electronics outlets that belongs to Metro Group.232
1624. Norwegian Leads Men's Super Combined: Askel Lund Svindal was in first after the downhill portion of the race, but several big-name challengers, including Bode Miller, were in a position to challenge.199
1625. A Base for War Training, and Species Preservation: As it conducts round-the-clock exercises to support two wars, Fort Stewart, in Georgia, spends as much as $3 million a year on wildlife management.198
1626. Schlumberger to Buy Smith for $9.78 Billion: Oil field service provider Schlumberger said it was acquiring another major industry player, Smith International, for about $9.78 billion in stock.192
1627. Live Analysis: Olympic Hockey Triple Header, Including U.S.-Canada: Live analysis of Team Canada's 7:30 p.m. ET matchup against the United States, a rivalry sandwiched between two other gold-medal caliber games: Czech Republic vs. Russia and Sweden vs. Finland.261
1628. Journeys: Alaskan Road Trip, 500 Feet Up: Known as flightseeing, tours via small, sturdy aircraft capable of landing in uneven terrain help open up Alaska to the average traveler.179
1629. Complaint Box | Workout Miscreants: Many people seem to have a hard time fathoming workout etiquette, and the results can be distracting and even dangerous.156
1630. Tactical Tweaks for U.S.-Canada Hockey Game: The coaches of Team Canada and Team USA offered a glimpse into some of the tactical gambits they will try ahead of their clash in the Group A men's hockey finale on Sunday.217
1631. Dutch Pull-Out From War Expected After Government Collapse: A day after his government collapsed, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said he expected Dutch troops to come home from Afghanistan this year.204
1632. Malibu Journal: U2 Guitarist's Plans Don't Find Green Harmony: A debate over public access versus exclusive seclusion has enveloped a member of the environmentally conscious U2.177
1633. Doubts Raised on Book's Tale of Atom Bomb: The author of a new book about the destruction of Hiroshima concedes that he was probably duped and says he will rewrite the book for future editions.193
1634. Prize on the Battlefields of Marja May Be Momentum: Turning the tide of battle, once it's running against you, is tough. Are Americans doing it in Afghanistan?159
1635. The Arts, From A to Z, at Hong Kong Festival: Hong Kong has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to its arts scene, so when it puts on a festival, it sometimes overcompensates by throwing in everything including the kitchen sink. The lineup at this year's Hong Kong Arts Festival, which starts on Feb. 25 and runs through March 28, is a testament to that, but no matter -- the upside is, there is something for everyone.429
1636. Democrats Target Independents in Colorado and Virginia: In light of recent election losses, the party has begun to harness the sizable volunteer army amassed from the Obama campaign known as Organizing for America as it gears up for the midterms.246
1637. God Said Multiply, and Did She Ever: Yitta Schwartz, a Satmar Hasidic Jew, left perhaps 2,000 descendants when she died last month at 93.137
1638. Portugal Landslides' Toll Rises to 40: The death toll from mudslides and flash flooding on the Portuguese island of Madeira rose to 40. More than 120 others were injured, authorities said.188
1639. Collecting: Unrequited Longing for the 67th Volvo: Lars Jansson, who owns a rare 1957 Volvo Sport, wants to track down the last of the production run.150
1640. Gingrich and Beck Galvanize Conservatives: Newt Gingrich and Glenn Beck were among the speakers who championed limited government and lower taxes at the three-day Conservative Political Action Conference.204
1641. Will Airlines and Passengers Call a Truce?: Once passengers shell out hundreds of dollars for a ticket, the sales pitches begin: Checking a bag? Need a pillow? How about some trail mix?185
1642. Ohno's Wins 7th Medal and Sets U.S. Record: Apolo Ohno won his seventh Olympic medal on Saturday night in the 1,ooo-meter race, making him the most decorated American Winter Olympian of all time.195
1643. Ohno Advances to Final, With History on the Line: Apolo Ohno reached the men's 1,000-meter final, while another American, J.R. Celski, was disqualified in the semifinals.170
1644. Doubts Raised on Book's Tale of Atom Bomb: The author of a new book about the destruction of Hiroshima concedes that he was probably duped and says he will rewrite the book for future editions.193
1645. Davis Wins Silver in 1,500-Meter Speedskating: Mark Tuitert of the Netherlands was the winner of the 1,500-meter race. American speedskater Shani Davis finished second.168
1646. The Surreal World of Chatroulette: The latest online phenomenon connects you through webcams to a random, fathomless succession of strangers from across the globe.163
1647. Xerox's New Chief Tries to Redefine Its Culture: Ursula Burns, the new C.E.O. of Xerox, wants its 130,000 employees to take more initiative and to become more fearless and frank with one another.195
1648. Prototype: Building a Better Mailbox: Flexibility and persistence helped a California couple create and successfully market their lockable mailboxes.149
1649. Cries for Help via Text Messages Are Used to Direct Aid to Haiti: A new emergency relief effort relies on text messages and social networking Web sites to help coordinate humanitarian aid in quake-ravaged Haiti.211
1650. Beck Wows the CPAC Crowd: Fox News personality Glenn Beck caps the CPAC events.79
1651. The New Poor: Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs: The social safety net was built for short-term gaps between jobs, but work may be scarce for years, even as the American economy shows signs of a rebound.216
1652. Their Corner of the World: When cultural ties are strong, mere decorating won't do. For some people, home is a microcosm of their homeland.140
1653. The Breast Whisperer: As a lactation consultant in Brooklyn, Freda Rosenfeld has helped stressed-out mothers feed their newborns better and eased their fears.158
1654. Health Executive Named Chairwoman of N.A.A.C.P.: Roslyn M. Brock, 44, the board's current vice chairman, will take the reins from Julian Bond who had served for 12 years.170
1655. At CPAC, Gingrich Calls for 'Principled Bipartisanship': The former House speaker addresses the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference.150
1656. Wheels Down in Portugal: The United States women's national team has arrived in Portugal for the Algarve Cup tournament.120
1657. Vonn Wins Bronze in Super-G for Second Medal: Austria's Andrea Fischbacher won gold in the event in which Lindsey Vonn is the World Cup champion. Slovakia's Tina Maze took silver.179
1658. Fury Just Beneath the Surface: Over the years, Amy Bishop, arrested last week in the shooting of six faculty members, had shown evidence that a small slight could set off a disproportionate reaction.199
1659. The Neighborhood Curling Team: The three main members of the American men's curling team at the Vancouver Olympics have lived together in Duluth, Minn.151
1660. Inside the Rings: Glint of Gold Never Left Orser's Eyes: The Canadian failed in his dream to win a gold medal in figure skating, but he still has a chance to help a South Korean skater win.189
1661. U.S. Faces Canada in Men's Hockey: The winner of the men's Olympic hockey game on Sunday between the U.S. and Canada will earn a bye into the quarterfinals.156
1662. Up Next! On Live TV! A Battle Over ... Health Care?: President Obama and Republican leaders are going over strategies for a televised "summit" they are holding this week on health care policy.192
1663. For Female Ski Jumper, Olympic Chance Is Elusive: Despite protests and a high-profile court case, the International Olympic Committee has barred women from competing in ski jumping.181
1664. Ivorian Protesters Seek to Oust Leader: Thousands of protesters marched through a central Ivorian city, demanding the ouster of the president as some of them set fire to cars, smashed shops and looted a local government office.227
1665. A Texas Senator, Now a Challenger Lagging in Polls: The Republican primary for governor in Texas is pitting a popular senator against a once-vulnerable incumbent.162
1666. In Turmoil, Sunni Party Calls for Boycott of Iraq Vote: The Sunni political party whose two most prominent leaders were disqualified from next month's elections because of supposed ties to Saddam Hussein's Baath Party called for a boycott.239
1667. Military Analysis: Marines Do Heavy Lifting as Afghan Army Lags in Battle: The day when the Afghan Army will be well led and able to perform complex operations independently, rather than merely assist American missions, remains far off.236
1668. Paterson Declares Intention to Seek Re-election: Gov. David A. Paterson returned proclaimed his candidacy for election, issuing a defiant challenge to those who have encouraged him to quit.189
1669. Local Stop | Chelsea Market: True to Its Savory Roots: Chelsea Market, on the ground floor of a building once part of the Nabisco bakeries, is a smorgasbord of food and retail shops.182
1670. Video: Ten Minutes With Rep. Mike Pence: The latest installment of our video series, featuring interviews with the No. 3 Republican in the House.145
1671. Alexander Haig, Ex-Secretary of State, Dies at 85: Mr. Haig served as secretary of state under President Reagan and a commanding White House chief of staff as President Nixon's administration crumbled.201
1672. Alexander Haig, Ex-Secretary of State, Dies at 85: Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig served Republican presidents and ran for the office himself.152
1673. 5 Killed in Ivory Coast Protests: The Ivorian police fired on demonstrators at an anti-government rally, the opposition said.125
1674. Ukraine Prime Minister Drops Election Challenge: Prime Minister Yulia V. Tymoshenko of Ukraine has effectively conceded the presidential election.146
1675. Ukraine Prime Minister Drops Election Challenge: Yulia Tymoshenko on Saturday dropped her legal challenge to the election of Viktor Yanukovich, saying she did not trust the court to reach a fair verdict.203
1676. Japan Plans to Ignore Any Ban on Bluefin Tuna: Japan will not join in any agreement to ban the international trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna under the United Nations treaty on endangered species, its fisheries officials said.224
1677. Calls in Egypt for ElBaradei to Seek Presidency: Crowds greeted Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, upon his return to Egypt on Friday.177
1678. Fashion Review: Nice Way to Fold the Tents: Tommy Hilfiger had the last word at Fashion Week as its 18 years in Bryant Park ended.130
1679. Russians Lead After What May Be Final Compulsory Dance: In what could be the final performance of the compulsory dance in the Olympics, the Russian ice dancing team of Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin came out on top with 43.76 points.236
1680. The Saturday Profile: An Accidental Leader Stirs Hopes in Nigeria: That Acting President Goodluck Jonathan is eliciting such unusual hopes only a week into his tenure is testimony to the scale of the country's neglected needs.226
1681. Party Leaves Dutch Coalition Over Troops: The coalition government collapsed on Saturday when the two largest parties failed to agree on whether to withdraw troops from an Afghanistan province as planned this year, Dutch media reported.236
1682. Business Briefing | Companies: Intuit Raises Profit Forecast on Tax Software Sales: Intuit raised its full-year earnings forecast on Friday and said sales of its TurboTax tax preparation software would most likely beat its previous expectations.245
1683. On and Off the Ice, Ohno Is Positioned for Success: American speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno has evolved into his own brand.121
1684. Poor Sanitation in Haiti's Tent Camps Adds to Risk of Disease: Public health specialists consider the diseases stemming from the buildup of human waste in tent camps as possibly the most pressing health threat in the ravaged country.233
1685. Dutch Cabinet Collapses Over Afghan Talks: The Dutch coalition government collapsed on Saturday when the two largest parties failed to agree on whether to withdraw troops from Afghanistan's Uruzgan province as planned this year, Dutch media reported.250
1686. 'Family Guy' vs. Palin: Can Disability Be Funny?: Sarah Palin and an actress with Down Syndrome have different perspectives on the depiction of a character with the condition on a Fox animated series.200
1687. In the West, 'Monument' Is a Fighting Word: News that the federal government was considering national monument designation for blocks of land in nine states reopened old wounds in the West.189
1688. Controversial Diabetes Drug Harms Heart, U.S. Concludes: Government reports concluded that hundreds of people taking Avandia suffered heart attacks and heart failure, but some said the drug should remain available.214
1689. A New Report and a New Verdict in Terror Fight: A Justice Department report concludes that lawyers who advised the Bush administration on brutal interrogation tactics were not guilty of professional misconduct.210
1690. The TV Watch: Vulnerability in a Disciplined Performance: Tiger Woods's apology was an open confession by a notoriously disciplined and self-contained professional athlete, and a highly expert and disciplined performance.221
1691. Fashion Diary: Let the Games Be Stylish: While far from setting any benchmarks for style, fashions at the Vancouver Olympics have been starkly less awful than at past Games.173
1692. News Analysis: Rift Widens as U.S. and China Seek Opposing Goals: The White House visit with the Dalai Lama and the decision to sell arms to Taiwan are viewed by China as signs of disrespect on matters of sovereignty and territorial integrity.243
1693. F.C.C. Opens an Inquiry for a Game Show on Fox: The F.C.C. is questioning whether some contestants of "Our Little Genius" were fed quiz answers in advance.155
1694. Agency Proposes U.S.-Paid Research on Stem Cells: The National Institutes of Health proposal would expand its definition of human embryonic stem cells to include cells generated after the fertilized egg's first few divisions.225
1695. Apple to Replace Bad Hard Drives: The computer company says it will replace for free "a very small percentage" of hard drives that are prone to failure in some MacBook laptops sold from May, 2006 up to December, 2007.217
1696. Sezmi Says "Open!": Sezmi says it's now open for business, with a package of cable channels at rock-bottom prices.114
1697. Sony Intros First 3-D Ready A/V Receiver: 3-D TV accessories are beginning to hit the market, ahead of the launch of 3-D capable HDTVs.135
1698. Netflix Does Dash: Sony's new Internet viewer will also allow Netflix subscribers to stream movies.99
1699. Bloomberg Shifting Fortune to New Firm: Michael R. Bloomberg has decided to remove his fortune from Quadrangle Capital Partners 10 months after a scandal involving the firm and the state pension fund.200
1700. Acquaintances Saw No Anger in Pilot in I.R.S. Building Crash: The amateur pilot who crashed his plane into an Internal Revenue Service building on Thursday was described as a companionable family man.200
1701. Judge Weighs Delay in Galleon Civil Trial: Judge Jed S. Rakoff gave no indication when he would rule on a request to let the criminal trial go first.149
1702. A Visual Tool to Track Olympic Tweets: NBC and Stamen Design have created a visual tool to help Olympic fans follow the Twitter traffic about their favorite sports and athletes.177
1703. Justice Dept. Finds No Misconduct in Interrogation Memos: The Justice Department has concluded Bush lawyers showed poor judgment — not professional misconduct — in writing memos authorizing harsh interrogation techniques.235
1704. A Terrorism Prosecutor Changes His View: Andrew C. McCarthy, who brought high-profile terrorism cases to court, now says such cases do not belong there.152
1705. Military Analysis: Afghan Campaign Went Beyond Traditional Military Goals: The drive to take Marja has been rooted in psychological warfare against the Taliban, and an ear to what local residents thought.204
1706. Svindal Grabs Super-G Lead From Miller: Bode Miller was in contention for a medal after his wild run on a difficult super-G course.131
1707. F.B.I., Laying Out Evidence, Closes Anthrax Letters Case: The bureau released a report adding new details to its case that the attacks were carried out by Bruce E. Ivins, an Army biodefense expert who killed himself in 2008.224
1708. Soldiers Practicing the Art of Sport: Athletes from all the disciplines, including hundreds of women athletes, have military connections, and they run deepest in China and Russia and many European nations.205
1709. Patient Money: Finding Help for Learning Disabilities: Parents who are aware of the available resources have a better chance of getting help for a learning-disabled child.171
1710. Vook, Maker of Multimedia E-Books, Raises $2.5 Million: Vook, a company devoted to adding video, photos and sound to e-books, has raised a round of seed financing.163
1711. From One Family, Three Olympic Ice Dancers for Two Countries: New Jersey may be home, but Cathy and Chris Reed compete for Japan and Allison Reed for the Republic of Georgia.174
1712. On Religion: Myths Obscure Voodoo, Source of Comfort in Haiti: Dismissive attitudes follow a history of misrepresentation in American journalism and popular culture.165
1713. Senator Lautenberg Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer: New Jersey's senior senator, a Democrat, says he expects to make a full recovery from cancer and to continue working while in treatment.186
1714. 6 in Allied Forces Die in Afghanistan: More than half of the 11 NATO fatalities in the Marja offensive so far occurred on Thursday, as Taliban fighters continued to put up determined resistance.194
1715. Weymouth Journal: In 'No Excuse' Campaign, Bad Drivers Offer Excuses: A small program in Britain focuses on driving behaviors, such as fiddling with the radio, that people do all the time because they can get away with it.222
1716. Therapy Schedule Said to Explain Time of Woods Speech: Tim Finchem, the commissioner of the PGA Tour, said in published reports that the time frame met with Tiger Woods's rehab schedule.186
1717. Inside the Rings: Placing Consistency Above the Big Trick: Unlike the silver medalist, Yevgeny Plushenko, Evan Lysacek, who won gold, did not attempt a quadruple jump on Thursday.179
1718. Bits Scan: Friday's Tech News Roundup: GigaOm presses Google's Eric. E. Schmidt to apologize for Buzz's privacy problems, Dell bucks the trend of strong tech profits, and PC World wonders whether Yahoo's search engine will fade into obscurity.243
1719. Data Ease Fear of Inflation, Despite Higher Energy Costs: Prices excluding food and energy actually fell, something that has not happened in more than a quarter-century.169
1720. Missile Kills Militant Commander's Brother in Pakistan: A drone strike in Pakistan on Thursday intended for the militant Sirajuddin Haqqani killed his brother instead, officials said.183
1721. The Times Announces New Roles For Two Senior Editors: The Times announced that Rick Berke will take over as National Editor and Suzanne Daley will move to Europe as a correspondent.181
1722. Pope Names First Australian Saint: Pope Benedict XVI approved sainthood for Mother Mary MacKillop on Friday, making the woman known for her work among the needy Australia's first saint.185
1723. Coded to Obey Law, Lights Become Marlboro Gold: Tobacco companies plan to use light packaging to identify "light" cigarettes, which critics say skirts the law.159
1724. Fashion Review: The Big New Idea Is Modesty: Fall 2010 collections from Anna Sui, Phillip Lim and more.103
1725. Slovakia Upsets Russia in Shootout: Slovakia upset the Russians 2-1 in a game that was fast, physical and, if you didn't mind the absence of goals-scoring, the most thrilling of the tournament so far.200
1726. Niger's Capital Reported Calm After Coup: A day overthrowing President Mamadou Tandja, the military junta identified its chief and said civil servants would run the country until a government was formed.203
1727. Fed Rate Move Rattles Stocks and Sends Dollar Higher: The Federal Reserve's decision to raise the interest rate on short-term loans sent commodities and overseas stock indexes lower and gave fresh momentum to a rise in the dollar.230
1728. Sports Business: Spotlight on Tiger Woods and His Strategy: Tiger Woods's transgressions occurred off the golf course, which raises some questions about the wisdom of his one-man show.184
1729. Lysacek Wins the Gold With Style: Evan Lysacek became the first U.S. man to win the Olympic gold medal since Brian Boitano in 1988, upsetting defending champion Yevgeny Plushenko.179
1730. Canada 3, Switzerland 2: Crosby's Shootout Goal Saves Canada: Team Canada, one of the favorites for gold in the Olympic hockey tournament, needed to go to an overtime shootout to beat Switzerland, fraying the sporting nerves of a nation.237
1731. In Pakistan Raid, Taliban Chief Was an Extra Prize: New details of the capture of Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban's top military commander, indicate that the arrest was a "lucky accident."202
1732. Google and Mountain View Recast Company-Town Model: A planned development has exposed fissures between Google and the city council of Mountain View, Calif.155
1733. Two Chinese Schools Said to Be Tied to Online Attacks: Experts in the United States connected the intrusions into Google and other corporations to computers at a top Chinese university and a school with ties to China's military.228
1734. Canada 3, Switzerland 2: Crosby's Shootout Goal Saves Canada: Sidney Crosby scored the only goal of a shootout, giving Canada a victory and avoiding a second inconceivable loss to the Swiss in as many Olympics.210
1735. Torah Bright of Australia Wins Women's Halfpipe: The Australian Torah Bright lit up a dark night with gold-medal run and an effervescent smile, winning the snowboarding halfpipe competition at Cypress Mountain on Thursday.222
1736. As Campaign Nears, Paterson Is Seen as Increasingly Remote: Interviews with aides, legislators and friends reveal criticism about the management and election efforts by Gov. David A. Paterson of New York.204
1737. States Consider Medicaid Cuts as Use Grows: Relentless fiscal pressure and exploding demand are driving the potential cuts, even as Democrats push to add 15 million people to the rolls.185
1738. Live Blog: Men's Free Skate: Commentary from the three-time Olympian Todd Eldredge, and Times reporters in Vancouver, for the men's figure skating final.153
1739. Two Chinese Schools Said to Be Tied to Online Attacks: Experts in the United States connected the intrusions into Google and other corporations to computers at a top Chinese university and a school with ties to China's military.228
1740. Judge Keeps His Word to Immigrant Who Kept His: When the judge sentenced the juvenile in 1996, he promised to stand behind him if he stayed out of trouble.155
1741. A Wishlist of Features for the Next Round of Cellphones: As mobile phones reach a plateau of innovation, what can we expect from the next generation of mobile devices? Here's a wishlist of six features that could help move mobile technology forward.249
1742. Soldiers Storm Presidential Palace in Niger: The apparent coup attempt occurred on Thursday while the government was meeting inside the palace, according to officials and diplomats.181
1743. Will Carriers Offer a Better Way to Get Voice Mail?: We all should have known that it boils down to money. Tedious voice-mail recordings make it; fixing the system costs it.173
1744. Knicks Acquire Tracy McGrady in Trade: The main components of the trade involved Houston acquiring Kevin Martin from the Kings and Sacramento receiving sixth-man Carl Landry from Houston and Jared Jeffries from the Knicks.222
1745. Mineo Jury Told That Officer Had Prior Charges: One juror in the Michael Mineo trial told the others that the officer accused of abusing Mr. Mineo had been accused of brutality before, prompting the jury to send a note to the judge Thursday afternoon that they "don't know how to proceed."289
1746. Revenue Rose but Profit Dropped for Dell: Dell executives hope that the end of the economic downturn will result in a resurgence in technology spending.152
1747. I.A.E.A. Report Suspects Iranian Nuclear Activity: The U.N.'s nuclear inspectors declared for the first time that information it has collected raised concern of "past or current undisclosed activities" by Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.238
1748. Fed Raises Interest Rate That It Charges Banks: The increase in the discount rate is seen as a first step by the Fed to normalize lending after more than two years of extraordinary actions to prop up the economy.212
1749. Brown Tees Up Romney at CPAC: The newest senator from Massachusetts, whose victory revved up conservatives, introduced former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.160
1750. Yahoo-Microsoft Partnership Clears Regulatory Hurdles: The two companies said they would begin shifting Yahoo's search platforms to Microsoft and hope to complete the process by 2012.183
1751. Judge Hears Arguments on Google Book System: The proposal to create the world's largest digital library has put giants like Sony and Microsoft on opposite sides.161
1752. Small Plane Crashes Into I.R.S. Building in Texas: There were indications that the pilot, who was killed in the crash on Thursday, had conflicts with the I.R.S.160
1753. Obama Sets Up Debt Panel: By executive order, a commission is created to seek ways to reduce the nation's debt.111
1754. Risking China's Anger, Obama Meets With Dalai Lama: The meeting at the White House with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader on Thursday was low-key, but raised the hackles of China nonetheless.193
1755. Athlete Had Filed Warnings About Luge Track: An athlete warned Canadian officials about hazards at the track months before a competitor was killed last week.157
1756. Small Plane Crashes Into Building: The plane crashed into a building that houses the Internal Revenue Service in Texas on Thursday, and officials said it may have been an intentional act.187
1757. Vonn Starts Quickly in Super Combined: Lindsey Vonn took the early lead in the first run on Thursday.101
1758. Sony to End OLED Sales in Japan: Sony this week has announced it will no longer produce its $2,000-plus OLED set for the Japanese market.137
1759. Bits Scan: Thursday's Tech News Roundup: Over the past 18 months, hackers have breached more than 2,500 private and government computers, Kodak isn't happy with Apple and Research and Motion, and David Pogue reviews Google Buzz.228
1760. A Look Back at 20 Years of Photoshop: Photoshop is turning 20, and it's planning a big party for itself. Here are some highlights of its history and online resources for user tips.180
1761. How to Take Better Low-Light Photos: Photojournalist Harry Benson shares some tips on how to get the best shot in low light.124
1762. Kerik Is Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison in Corruption Case: The former New York police commissioner rose to national prominence after 9/11 but pleaded guilty last year to tax fraud and lying to the White House.210
1763. Movie Review | 'Shutter Island': All at Sea, Surrounded by Red Herrings: Martin Scorsese's camera sense fills every scene with creepiness, but sustained suspense seems beyond him.179
1764. House Committee Invites Toyota's Chief to Testify: The panel's chairman said Akio Toyoda could "help clarify the situation" at a hearing exploring the recall of millions of cars.178
1765. Movie Review | 'Shutter Island': All at Sea, Surrounded by Red Herrings: Martin Scorsese's camera sense fills every scene with creepiness, but sustained suspense seems beyond him.179
1766. Bomb at Pakistan Mosque Kills Dozens: Pakistani intelligence officials said a suicide vest exploded at the mosque, which was used as a storage and assembly center by local militants.182
1767. U.N. Climate Chief Resigns: Yvo de Boer, the stolid Dutch bureaucrat who led the international climate change negotiations over four tumultuous years, is resigning his post as of July 1.186
1768. The Patent Litigation Dilemma: Free Riders: The suspicion in the technology industry is that Intellectual Ventures is essentially outsourcing its litigation, that is selling or licensing certain patents to shell companies and patent attorneys, and that it has agreed to share in the proceeds.292
1769. In Blow to Taliban, 2 More Senior Leaders Are Arrested: Afghan officials said the Taliban's "shadow governors" for two provinces in northern Afghanistan had been detained in recent days.186
1770. Bomb Kills 29 in Northwest Pakistan: PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) -- A bomb blast at a mosque in Pakistan's northwestern tribal belt killed 29 people including some militants Thursday, underscoring the relentless security threat here even as Pakistani-U.S. cooperation against extremism appears on the upswing.305
1771. Top U.N. Climate Official Resigns: Yvo de Boer, the top U.N. climate change official, told The Associated Press that he was resigning in July after nearly four years.166
1772. Suicide Bomber Kills 12 in Ramadi: A suicide bomber struck near the government headquarters in the capital of Anbar Province on Thursday.137
1773. N.H.L. Stars Thrill as Czechs Defeat Slovaks: The Czech Republic's 3-1 victory over Slovakia provided a glimpse of why this Olympic hockey tournament is expected to be the greatest in the history of the game.208
1774. A Trickle of Live Streams on the Web: NBC is streaming fewer live events on its Web site than it did for the Summer Games in Beijing, marking a step backward in online access to marquee events.193
1775. Malicious Software Infects Corporate Computers: The program has infected the computers of more than 2,500 corporations, a network security firm reported.153
1776. French Court Finds Fraud in Wine Sent to U.S.: A dozen wine producers and traders were found guilty of having supplied an American trader with mislabeled "Pinot Noir" wines, and six were handed a suspended prison sentence.222
1777. Malicious Software Infects Corporate Computers: A malicious software program has infected the computers of more than 2,500 corporations around the world, according to NetWitness, a computer network security firm.212
1778. Retirees Trade Work for Rent at Cash-Poor Parks: An itinerant army of willing retirees get to realize their dreams of a life on the road in a way that benefits struggling state and national parks.196
1779. Apple's Prices for E-Books May Be Lower Than Expected: Apple wanted publishers to discount best sellers, so its $12.99-to-$14.99 range is merely a ceiling, according to people familiar with talks with publishers.212
1780. White Takes Gold in Snowboard Halfpipe: Shaun White, the reigning champion, defended his turf on the men's halfpipe.116
1781. Errors and Weather Obscure Results: The Winter Games could be remembered for a series of foibles, accidents, miscalculations and unseasonably warm weather that has scrambled skiing and snowboarding events.205
1782. Inside the Rings: Growing Pains for Women's Hockey: Canada and the United States dominate the field. The others are inching along the learning curve.149
1783. Senator Retires, and Voters, Too, Grow Dismayed: Of those stunned by Evan Bayh's announcement that he will not see re-election, perhaps no group was left more flabbergasted than Mr. Bayh's constituents.202
1784. Davis Is First Skater to Defend 1,000m: Shani Davis has won his second straight gold medal in the men's 1,000-meter Olympic speedskating.137
1785. Agreement Near on New Overseer of Banking Risks: The White House and Senate are nearing agreement on forming a council, led by the Treasury secretary, to identify systemic risk to the financial system.201
1786. Live: Expectations Mounting for Halfpipe Medal Round: The men's snowboard halfpipe competition has begun and after all the backside 720s and frontside 900s, spectators are looking forward to the double corks and, wait for it, Shaun White's Double McTwist 1260.260
1787. Davis Wins 1,000m in Speedskating: American Shani Davis won the men's 1,000m speedskating gold medal at the Richmond Olympic Oval to repeat as Olympic champion on Wednesday.173
1788. U.S. Cracks Down on 'Contractors' as a Tax Dodge: Federal and state officials, many facing budget deficits, are starting to aggressively pursue companies that try to pass off regular employees as independent contractors.220
1789. What You Need to Know About Google Buzz: Here's our first installment a kind of primer explaining Buzz and how to use it in the way you prefer.143
1790. Tech Talk Podcast: The Buzz on Buzz: In this week's podcast, Miguel Helft discusses Google Buzz, new-media artist Randy Sarafan makes new things with dead computers and an exploration of the tech term "e-cycling."213
1791. Environmental Advocates Are Cooling on Obama: For some environmentalists, optimism for President Obama is giving way to resignation, or even anger.147
1792. Judge Releases Eight Americans Jailed in Haiti: Eight of 10 Americans arrested on child abduction charges were ordered released after the parents testified.156
1793. Safe Travels for You and Your Data: There are common-sense measures you can take to keep your data secure when using your computer on the road.143
1794. Music Review | 'We Are Plastic Ono Band': Amid All That Experience, Innocence: The Plastic Ono Band, an informal group John Lennon assembled in 1969, reunited for the first time, in Brooklyn.191
1795. Turning Patents Into 'Invention Capital': Intellectual Ventures has acquired 30,000 patents and has so far collected more than $1 billion in license fees.154
1796. HBO GO, The Best Online Video Service I Cannot Use: HBO's latest online video streaming service, HBO GO, is only available to cable or , and ignores the viewing habits of some web only video viewers.199
1797. Snipers Bedevil U.S. Troops in Offensive in Afghanistan: The Taliban's familiar display of haphazard and ineffective shooting has been punctuated by the work of what would seem to be several well-trained marksmen.213
1798. Haitian Judge Says 8 of 10 Americans Will Be Freed: A judge said he was freeing eight Baptists charged with child kidnapping after the parents testified.153
1799. NYT: Tech Talk for 02/18/2010: Bettina Edelstein talks to Times technology reporter Miguel Helft about Buzz, Google's latest foray into social networking, and how the company is responding to privacy concerns that generated an angry buzz over the new service. J.D. Biersdorfer chats with Randy Sarafan, a new-media artist and author of "62 Projects to Make With a Dead Computer (and Other Discarded Electronics)," about things you can make from old gear. (iMac terrarium, anybody? Gizmo jewelery?) And Pedro Rafael Rosado hashes out the tech term "e-cycling." J.D also gets a preview of what's in the Gadgetwise blog from The Times's personal technology editor, Sam Grobart. And in this week's roundup of tech news, Barbie gets a new gig as a computer engineer.761
1800. Ex-Goldman Programmer Pleads Not Guilty to Stealing Code: Sergey Aleynikov is charged with stealing trade secrets and taking them to his new employer.150
1801. Israelis Share Suspicions in Hamas Leader's Killing: After an assassination investigation revealed a world of bumbling spies and assassins, Israelis are questioning what role their intelligence agency might have played.219
1802. Hewlett-Packard Lifts Outlook as Profit Rises 25%: The results for the industry bellwether showed that technology spending by corporations was creaking back to life.165
1803. App of the Week: Finding Vines and Fine Wines: The Tasting Room app, as its name implies, helps locate places to sip and savor wines.133
1804. Fisher-Price Takes (On) a Leap: Fisher-Price has been showing its new iXL Learning Systems (pronounced "I excel"), a touchscreen edu-game platform for preschoolers coming in June for $80.188
1805. New York's Top Court Veers to the Left With New Chief: Jonathan Lippman, who heads the State Court of Appeals, has been happy to win split decisions, in contrast to his predecessor, who often sought unanimity.209
1806. Tesla Employees Killed in Plane Crash: The plane, a twin-engine Cessna, crashed in foggy weather and set two homes and several vehicles on fire in Palo Alto, Calif.164
1807. State of the Art: Google Message Feature Moves Beyond Twitter: Google offers a new tool that out-Twitters Twitter when it comes to sending and receiving messages. Is there a catch? You bet your Buzz there is.208
1808. Trendspotting: Grunge Gets Respectable: Grunge returned with a vengeance in the form of a multitiered orchestration of garments.128
1809. Tesla Employees Killed in Plane Crash: The plane, a twin-engine Cessna, crashed in foggy weather and set two homes and several vehicles on fire in Palo Alto, Calif.164
1810. Haiti to Free Eight U.S. Missionaries and Hold Two: A Haitian judge said he would order the release of eight of 10 American missionaries accused of kidnapping children.168
1811. Tech Industry Catches Its Breath After a Burst of Innovation: After a series of new products have altered the technology landscape in recent years, companies at the Mobile World Congress are making smaller changes.214
1812. After Delays, Women's Downhill Begins: Julia Mancuso, an American, had a terrific run down the bumpy course Wednesday.118
1813. Tech Industry Catches Its Breath After a Burst of Innovation: After a series of new products have altered the technology landscape in recent years, companies at the Mobile World Congress are making smaller changes.214
1814. Security at the Games, and Its Cost, Are Heavy: Security costs have risen far beyond initial estimates, with the final tally expected to go beyond $1 billion Canadian.167
1815. Concrete-Testing Company Guilty in Partial Verdict: The jury has yet to reach a verdict on a count of enterprise corruption, the most serious charge against the company, Testwell Laboratories, and its owner, V. Reddy Kancharla.227
1816. Skype Fights to Be Heard on Mobile Phones: Telecom operators perceive providers like Skype as freeloading competitors that could undermine their investments.157
1817. Obama Starts Push to Cast Stimulus Bill as a Success: President Obama defended his year-old stimulus package on Wednesday, as his administration begins an effort to defend past and future economic programs.206
1818. Controlling Phones With the Body Electric: Companies at the Mobile World Congress showed ways to control devices with your body and eyes.137
1819. Vringo Seeks to Make Ringtones More Social: The start-up Vringo is looking to go public as it bets that consumers want more out of their ringtones.147
1820. What Are Those Blue Lines?: The blue lines on ski and snowboard courses give the athletes visual cues.102
1821. Positive Views of Israel, Brought to You by Israelis: A government campaign to improve Israel's image abroad addresses the Palestinian conflict but also includes an emphasis on food, culture and technology.206
1822. Practical Traveler: Sites That Do Your Fare Digging: Meta-search sites — among them,, and — search hundreds of travel sites at once in a quest to identify the best rates and save your mouse some work.244
1823. Booking a Flight the Frugal Way: The Frugal Traveler sifts through the many booking sites out there, and outlines the steps he takes when booking a flight for himself.167
1824. Tough Work Rounding the Halfpipe Into Shape: Unseasonably warm weather and a lack of snow have made constructing the Olympic halfpipe a bigger challenge than expected.167
1825. Bits Scan: Wednesday's Tech News Roundup: In this morning's technology news, HBO is finalizing its new HBO GO service, Twitter hires its 140th employee and the Federal Communications Commission discusses its coming National Broadband Plan.239
1826. Home Construction Rose in January: Construction increased 2.8 percent last month, pushing activity to the highest level in six months, but applications for building permits declined 4.9 percent.194
1827. New Approach Would Let High Schoolers Graduate Early: Eight states are introducing new courses and a battery of tests for sophomores that will allow students who pass to enroll immediately in community college.210
1828. Video Ad Start-Up YuMe Raises $25 Million: The start-up company YuMe has raised another round of venture capital as it tries to lead a new wave of online video advertising.173
1829. Walgreen to Buy Duane Reade for $1.1 Billion: Walgreens, the national pharmacy chain, said on Wednesday that it has agreed to buy Duane Reade Holdings, one of New York City's major drugstores, for about $1.1 billion in cash.224
1830. U.N. Rejects 'Militarization' of Afghan Aid: Senior U.N. officials in Afghanistan said U.N. agencies would not participate in the military's reconstruction strategy in Marja as part of its current offensive there.213
1831. Davis's Withdrawal Prompts Questions: Shani Davis pulled out of the 500 meters race made waves again with his fellow speedskaters.130
1832. Toyota to Install Brake-Override System: President Akio Toyoda also said that he would not appear before the U.S. Congressional hearings scheduled for later this month.168
1833. If You Can't Take the Heat, Don't Read Me on Twitter: Chefs — who have traditionally been walled up behind the dining room — are talking back online, often profanely.180
1834. Qwest Profit Dropped 39% in 4th Quarter: The company said landlines for consumers and small businesses fell 12 percent, to 6.8 million.135
1835. Study Finds Public Discontent With Colleges: A majority of people now believe that colleges are more concerned with the budget than with education, a study found.162
1836. Plushenko, Once Untouchable, Faces Competition: Yevgeny Plushenko returned to the Olympic Games on Tuesday to find something he might not have recognized: competition for the gold medal.186
1837. Political Memo: G.O.P. Hopes for Senate Control Face Hurdles: A review of the political map suggests Republicans would need more bad luck for Democrats while offering their own flawless performance.198
1838. Favored Scottish Terrier Wins Westminster Title: A Scottish terrier named Sadie, the overwhelming favorite, was chosen the best in show Tuesday night at the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.196
1839. New Look at Death of Alabama Professor's Brother: Missing police records emerged and led authorities to say there had been probable cause in 1986to charge the young Amy Bishop, now accused of killing three colleagues in Alabama.228
1840. General Says 2 Iraq Politicians Have Ties to Iran: Gen. Ray Odierno said that Ahmed Chalabi and Ali Faisal al-Lami, two influential Iraqi politicians involved in blocking candidates in the parliamentary election next month, "clearly are influenced by Iran."257
1841. Washington State's Rink of Olympic Dreams: Apolo Ohno and J.R. Celski, who have 11 world championships and seven Olympic medals between them, got started in a roller rink in the Pacific Northwest.196
1842. Redemption, but Not for Jacobellis: Hoping to redeem herself after squandering an opportunity at gold in 2006, Lindsey Jacobellis, a dominant figure in the snowboard cross, again squandered an opportunity to win.212
1843. Stimulus Jobs on State's Bill in Mississippi: Mississippi is one of 21 states using stimulus money to the salaries of private employers' new hires.147
1844. Fashion Review: It's Not All Black; There Was Some Snow: Reviews of the Donna Karan, Chris Benz, Derek Lam, Halston and Vera Wang shows.136
1845. Arrest of Taliban Chief May Be Crucial for Pakistanis: Pakistan has eliminated a key opponent, enhanced cooperation with the United States and ensured a place for itself in negotiating the end of the Afghan war.211
1846. Payback Time: Party Gridlock Feeds New Fears of a Debt Crisis: A polarized political system seems unable to solve problems that involve trust, tough choices and little or no short-term gain.190
1847. Slow Trip Across Sea Aids Profit and Environment: By halving its top cruising speed, a container ship has cut its fuel consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases.165
1848. Elders of Wall St. Favor Tight Rein: George Soros, Nicholas F. Brady, John S. Reed and others favor the so-called Volcker Rule to restrict bank activities.155
1849. Fashion Review: American Style, Way Up High: Reviews of Fall 2010 collections from the Marc Jacobs and Rodarte.112
1850. Paterson Aide's Quick Rise Draws Scrutiny: David W. Johnson, who has become one of the most senior people in Gov. David A. Paterson's administration, has arrests in his past.174
1851. Body Recovered in Mount St. Helens: Officials found the body of a veteran climber who fell into the crater atop Mount St. Helens in Washington.143
1852. Jacobellis Exits in Snowboard Cross Semifinal: Lindsey Jacobellis wiped out in the semifinals of the women's snowboard cross, denying her a chance to erase the tumble she took while showboating in the 2006 final at Turin. Maelle Ricker of Canada won gold.255
1853. S. Korean Wins Women's Speedskating: South Korea has won another stunning gold at the Olympic speedskating oval as Lee Sang-hwa knocked off two overwhelming favorites in the women's 500 meters.193
1854. Art Review: Colossi, Both Kitschy and Compelling: Viola Frey's giant ceramic sculptures of men and women are among the underappreciated wonders of late-20th-century art.169
1855. Diplomatic Memo: Iran Policy Now More in Sync With Clinton's Views: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has relished taking the lead in seeking support for U.N. sanctions.177
1856. Live Blog: Follow the Men's Short Program: Follow the men's short program on the Times' live blog.98
1857. Vonn and Mancuso, the Best of Rivals: Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso have long been the yin and yang of American ski racing.124
1858. Economic Scene: Judging a Stimulus by the Job Data Reveals Success: If, last year, Congress had passed a stimulus bill that really worked, what would the economy look like today? Well, almost exactly as it does now.215
1859. Bandleader Kevin Eubanks Will Leave Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show': Mr. Eubanks has told colleagues that he will definitely leave his post after an interim transition period starting March 1.186
1860. Kennedy Miniseries Stirs Controversy: Prominent critics want a new History channel mini-series about John F. Kennedy's presidency halted.137
1861. Obama Selects Heads of His Deficit Panel: Commission on the national debt will be headed by Alan K. Simpson, a former Republican senator, and Erskine Bowles, chief of staff for former President Bill Clinton, according to a senior administration official.254
1862. United States 3, Switzerland 1: Team USA Beats Swiss in Men's Hockey Opener: The U.S. had its hands full for much of the hockey opener but emerged a winner over Switzerland.173
1863. Marc Jacobs's Magic Lane: At his New York show last night, Marc Jacobs seemed eager to show clothes were exquisite without being complicated.141
1864. Energy Company Mergers Are Expected to Rise: Energy companies are focused on buying fast-growing small companies, or on acquisitions that expand reserves.154
1865. Analysis: Despite Scrutiny, Vonn's Injury Is Still a Mystery: It is not clear how the bruised shin will affect Lindsey Vonn's medal chances, which begin with the downhill on Wednesday.184
1866. Viewing the Mouse Tracks You Leave Behind: Anatoly Zenkov, a Russian programmer and designer, developed a mouse tracking application as an experiment. The software gives users a striking picture of their wanderings on the computer screen.238
1867. Restaurant Review: Motorino: Brooklyn's Motorino, which recently opened a Manhattan location, serves the city's best pizza.123
1868. Inside the Rings: Canada's Real Winter Games Begin When the Puck Drops: Canada takes a great deal of pride in hosting the Winter Games, and most of that is tied inextricably to the home team's chances of winning gold in men's ice hockey.237
1869. White House Hints of New Health Bill: Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, suggests there might be an online version of health care legislation before the Feb. 25 summit.180
1870. U.S. Wants to Know When Toyota Knew of Problems: Federal regulators are investigating whether Toyota acted quickly enough in recalling millions of vehicles.156
1871. Adding Rocket Man to His Résumé: SpaceX, a company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, is vying for contracts with NASA for shuttling astronauts to the International Space Station.174
1872. Shares Rise as Worries Over Greece Ease: A jump in a New York State manufacturing index raised hopes that United States factories were beginning to stir.153
1873. Judge Rules Against Cyclists: Applying parade regulations to large groups of riders -- and enforcing them -- did not violate the Constitution, he finds.152
1874. New Hints of Skulduggery in Hamas Killing: New questions emerged about the identities of the assassins of a Hamas official in Dubai in January.143
1875. In Bid to Revive Nuclear Power, U.S. Is Backing New Reactors: The president announced approval of an $8.3 billion loan guarantee for two reactors in Georgia, which would be the first nuclear plants built in the United States since the 1970s.241
1876. Fighting Slows in Afghan Offensive, Allies Say: In the battle for Marja, Taliban resistance is fierce but less consistent, an official said on Tuesday.151
1877. That Smartphone is So Qt: Intel and Nokia have gambled that Qt - pronounced 'cute' - will win the hearts of software creators and then win the mobile wars.155
1878. In the Arena: Late Peak by Swiss Ski Veteran Is Well-Timed: Didier Defago, 32, the oldest man to win the Olympic downhill, was hardly an unknown threat.152
1879. Tax Evasion Case Draws in Another Bank: A wealthy investor in Virginia pleaded guilty on Tuesday to criminal tax evasion through an international bank, said by a person briefed on the case to be HSBC.200
1880. Malaria Most Likely Killed King Tut, Scientists Say: The application of advanced genetic techniques to mummies marks a new step in the reach of science into historical research.177
1881. An iPad for the Preschool Set: The Fisher-Price iXL: Fisher-Price says it will soon offer a tiny touch-screen computer for tots.128
1882. In Apps World, Divide and Conquer Carries Risks: Experts say the state of play for apps is a cacophony of incompatible, competing software that threatens to slow the growth of the mobile Internet.196
1883. Acer Chief Pledges Bigger Push Into Corporate PCs: Gianfranco Lanci, the chief executive of Acer, says that corporations are now buying PCs like they buy pencils or paper -- the brand doesn't matter.199
1884. Google Hires eBay Veteran for New Commerce Position: Google hires an eBay veteran as vice president of commerce, a new position that suggests a push by Google into the online retail sector.189
1885. App Shows Where the Grass Is Greener: The Cannabis app shows patients where to find medical marijuana in 14 states.115
1886. Bit Scan: Tuesday's Tech News Roundup: Our suggestions for your morning reading include items on Microsoft's new cellphone software, Apple chief executive Steven P. Jobs and the missteps at Google Buzz.202
1887. Heavy Snow Postpones Men's Super Combined: Tuesday's Olympic men's super combined has been postponed because of heavy snow on the top of the Whistler Creekside racecourse and soft snow conditions brought on by snowfall at the bottom of the mountain.249
1888. Pope Urges Irish Bishops to Confront Sex Abuse: Pope Benedict XVI calling the mistreatment of young people a "heinous crime," but a Vatican statement made no direct reference to further punitive measure.203
1889. Qwest Profit Falls 39%: A decline in its landline business, as well as unemployment, a poor business climate and weak housing cut into earnings at the phone company.165
1890. European Union Sets Deadline for Greece to Make Cuts: European finance ministers said in a statement that Greece must show by March 16 that it is on track to cut its deficit.174
1891. Iran Responds Sharply to Clinton's Dictatorship Remark: Locked in a confrontation with the U.S., Iran accused Washington on Tuesday of disguising its intentions in the Persian Gulf region, state media reported.210
1892. Parade of Ice Machines Overshadows Speedskating: South Korea's Mo Tae-bum won gold in the men's 500 meters speedskating after several broken ice machines caused more than an hour delay of the event.198
1893. After a Shooting, Colleagues Try to Regain Footing: The murders at the University of Alabama have left the close-knit biology department trying to pick up the pieces.166
1894. Afghan Suicide Bombings Less Effective as a Tactic: While coalition forces still do not take such attacks lightly, 17 that were recently carried out killed no soldiers, though they caused injuries and killed bystanders.219
1895. Clashes Intensify as Soldiers Push to Hold Key Areas: Despite claims by the government that militant resistance in Marja was waning, Marines and Afghan soldiers kept facing heavy fire in their effort to secure the area.219
1896. China Ends Russian Winning Streak in Pairs With a One-Two Punch: China's Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won the pairs gold medal despite a strong performance by their compatriots Pang Qing and Tong Jian.197
1897. Mexican Broadcaster Buys 30% Stake in Telecom Unit: Grupo Televisa hopes to add wireless and broadband data services to its existing portfolio of pay TV offerings.163
1898. A Chance to Finally Forgive Mom for Throwing Out That Card: On Tuesday, Topps will formally announce its Million Card Giveaway, in which special cards placed in every sixth pack this year will have a code corresponding to a vintage card.237
1899. Reuters BreakingViews: A Difficult Stretch in a Telecom Deal: Bharti Airtel's plan to buy the African assets of Zain worried investors who fear the company can't afford it.172
1900. Student Suspended for Facebook Page Can Sue: Katherine Evans did not like her English teacher. She created a Facebook page to say so. Now the matter is in court.161
1901. Jobs Is Said to Assist With Book on His Life: Apple's chief executive is set to collaborate on an authorized biography, to be written by Walter Isaacson, the former managing editor of Time magazine.198
1902. Inside the Rings: Giving In to Emotion, Miller Gets a Bronze: Four years after leaving the Turin Games with no medals and a tarnished reputation, Bode Miller rediscovered the excitement of skiing in the Olympics in Vancouver.225
1903. Tea Party Movement Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right: More than populist discontent, the Tea Party movement is about a transformation from political indifference to bracing for tyranny.186
1904. In California, Exhibit A in Debate on Insurance: With the health care debate seemingly stalled, the White House has seized on the fury about an insurer's planned rate increases.177
1905. Greek Bailout Increasingly Unpopular in Germany: The fiscal crisis shaking the Greek government has shown that Europe's financial interdependence is especially difficult to manage in tough economic times.204
1906. American Wins Snowboard Cross Gold: American Seth Wescott, the winner in Turin 2006, nabbed his second Olympic snowboard cross gold medal.138
1907. It's Not Political, but More Canadians Are Lefties: A majority of Canadian hockey players shoot with their left hand, while most Americans shoot with their right. No reason is known for this disparity.201
1908. News Analysis: U.S. Encounters Limits of Iran Engagement Policy: White House officials maintain that they have not abandoned President Obama's pledge of engagement, but there is little diplomatic nicety to be seen these days.225
1909. Secret Joint Raid Captures Taliban's Top Commander: Pakistani and American intelligence forces captured Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the most significant Taliban figure to be detained in the war in Afghanistan, officials said.225
1910. Democrats Reel as Senator Says No to 3rd Term: Senator Evan Bayh's decision not to seek a third term gives Republicans a new chance to pick up a seat and Democrats fresh anxiety about losing the party's center.210
1911. Fashion Review: Fit and Folklore: Collections from Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen, Maria Cornejo, Diane Von Furstenberg, Caroline Seikaly and Thakoon.147
1912. Marja: From USAID to U.S. Marines: Pashtu graffiti covered the walls. One phrase appeared several times: Taliban zinzabad, or "Long live the Taliban."150
1913. Student Online Speech Suit Can Go On: Katherine Evans did not like her English teacher. She created a Facebook page to say so. Now the matter is in court.154
1914. Missionaries in Haiti Skeptical of Newcomers: As a broad band of religious groups rush to Haiti, what seems to divide missionaries most is how long they have been working in the country.186
1915. You, Too, Can Soon Be Like Tom Cruise in 'Minority Report': Gesture-based computer interfaces are almost a reality, says John Underkoffler, who led the team that dreamed up the version shown in the 2002 science-fiction movie.225
1916. Vonn Quells Doubts, Wins Training Run: Lindsey Vonn's injured shin did not keep her from winning a women's training run on Monday.130
1917. Wanted: Volunteers, All Pregnant: The world's largest long-term study of the health of children aims to track 100,000 babies until they turn 21.144
1918. Four Dead and 1 Missing in N.J. Plane Crash: Police said they had recovered four bodies after a small plane crash at a at Monmouth Executive Airport.149
1919. American Wins Snowboard Cross Gold: American Seth Wescott, the winner in Turin 2006, nabbed his second Olympic snowboard cross gold medal on Monday in a closely fought battle won on the final jump of the course.211
1920. Two Dead and Three Missing in N.J. Plane Crash: The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a small plane crash at the Monmouth Executive Airport.155
1921. Fashion Diary: A Model's Prospects: Slim and None: Many consider Coco Rocha a veritable behemoth in a business that makes a fetish of being rail thin.150
1922. Trafficking Charges for Adviser to Jailed Americans in Haiti: A man who falsely portrayed himself as a lawyer in Haiti is at large with Salvadoran charges pending against him.175
1923. Mobile Data, the Next Generation: High Speeds but at What Cost?: Carriers are wary of repeating the mistakes of a decade ago, when billions were spent on equipment and licenses for third generation networks that were largely ignored by consumers until Apple introduced the iPhone.280
1924. France Issues Arrest Warrant for Cyclist Floyd Landis: The judge wants to question Floyd Landis about data hacking at the antidoping lab that conducted tests for the 2006 Tour de France.186
1925. Will Steady Resolve Land Lysacek the Gold?: Evan Lysacek, a two-time figure skating national champion, is still looking for his first Olympic medals.149
1926. Itineraries: Conventions Crack Down on Unofficial Exhibitors: Renegade vendors called "outboarders" say they have to stretch their meager marketing budgets any way they can, but the industry calls them parasites.212
1927. Bernstein on the Mystery Behind the Music: A set of instructional appearances Leonard Bernstein made in the 1950s on "Omnibus," a television program about science and the arts, has just been released on DVD.207
1928. After Night of Grooming, Men's Downhill Is a Go: The men's downhill course is ready after a weekend of postponements, and skiers and coaches were told to expect a fast track.174
1929. Arrest Warrant Issued for Cyclist Floyd Landis: A French judge has issued an international arrest warrant against the American rider Floyd Landis for suspected hacking into an anti-doping laboratory computer.208
1930. Forecast: The Downhill, Hopefully: One of the most grueling events has become predicting the elements and what they will do to the competition schedules.153
1931. Bayh Decides Against Re-election Bid: Senator Evan Bayh, a moderate Democrat from Indiana, will not seek another term this year.128
1932. Microsoft Starts Over in Phone Software: Microsoft unveiled a new version of its flagship smartphone software on Monday, now called Windows Phone.146
1933. Microsoft Starts Over in Phone Software: Microsoft unveiled a new version of its flagship smartphone software on Monday, now called Windows Phone.146
1934. Pope Meets Irish Bishops to Debate Abuse Scandal: Pope Benedict XVI began meeting with 24 serving Irish bishops on Monday to discuss a clerical abuse scandal that has rocked the Roman Catholic church in Ireland.211
1935. Local TV for Devices on the Move: Broadcasters that have been losing viewers are betting that TV on mobile devices can win back an audience and lead to new revenue.164
1936. Charges in Web Video Bring Unusual Rebuttal From F.D.I.C.: The statement by the F.D.I.C. was not only an effort at rumor control and a nod to the power of online media but also a defense of the agency.201
1937. Passenger Trains Collide Head-On in Belgium: Two commuter trains collided head-on at rush hour in a Brussels suburb Monday, killing 20 people, Belgian officials said.166
1938. Cities Prepare for Life With the Electric Car: In West Coast communities, green consciousness and enthusiasm seem to be stirring public interest in the cars.157
1939. More Shoppers Go Online, Hungry for Deals: More people shopped online last year but spent less, and for some things, like clothes, preferred brick-and-mortar stores.165
1940. Bharti Airtel Bids for Zain's African Phone Customers: Bharti Airtel, the largest Indian mobile phone company by subscribers, confirmed on Monday that it is in talks to buy the African assets of the Kuwaiti telecom company Zain for about $10.7 billion.252
1941. Intel and Nokia Team Up on Mobile Software: The technology heavyweights joined forces at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona to unveil MeeGo, a software platform designed to run on just about any computing device.222
1942. Inside the Rings: China Grooms Team to Become a Powerhouse: China's plan for the Games seems to be to win as many medals as possible using as few athletes as necessary.168
1943. Passenger Trains Collide Head-On in Belgium: Two commuter trains collided at rush hour in a Brussels suburb Monday, killing a number of people, officials said.159
1944. Taliban Fighters Said to Flee Under Coalition Pressure: A large number of Taliban fighters may have crossed the border into Pakistan after pressure from U.S. and Afghan forces, Afghan officials said on Monday.209
1945. Clinton Fears Iran Is Headed for Military Dictatorship: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Monday that the U.S. fears Iran's government is being supplanted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.206
1946. East 141, West 139: East Wins N.B.A. All-Star Game by 2: The game capped off a memorable and unusual All-Star weekend, complicated by weather and labor problems for the N.B.A.175
1947. Smarter Sensors Start Going to Work: Royal Dutch Shell and Hewlett-Packard are announcing a joint project to use next-generation sensor technology in oil exploration that points toward the potential gains from advanced sensing systems.235
1948. Older and Better, Chinese Couple Dominates the Pairs: Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo came out of retirement last year to try for the Olympic gold that had eluded them for so long.173
1949. Links Between Charity and State Senator's Staff: The charity, founded by State Senator Malcolm A. Smith and Representative Gregory W. Meeks, received state funds through the office of Mr. Smith.194
1950. After 9/11 Trial Plan, Holder Hones Political Ear: The attorney general, once resistant to perceived encroachment from White House political officials, now seeks their guidance.177
1951. Wait Ends as Canada Wins Gold at Home: Alexandre Bilodeau's gold medal in the men's moguls was the first by a Canadian athlete in a Canadian Games.147
1952. Tears Roll as Haiti Emerges From Shock: After a numb month during which few individuals had ceremonies to mark their deaths, grief is pouring out at memorials and funerals.172
1953. Expecting a Surge in U.S. Medical Schools: Seeking to address an imbalance in U.S. medicine, nearly two dozen medical schools have opened or are set to open.157
1954. Anger Leads to Apology From Google About Buzz: The company is disabling Buzz's much-criticized auto-follow feature, which had been intended to make it easy for people to start using the service.194
1955. Cities Prepare for Life With the Electric Car: In West Coast communities, green consciousness and enthusiasm seem to be stirring public interest in the cars.157
1956. Taking a Texas Primary Ever Farther to the Right: Debra Medina has become a wild card in the race for the Republican nomination for governor of Texas.150
1957. U.S. Housing Aid Winds Down, and Cities Worry: In Elkhart, Ind., more than one in 10 mortgage holders is seriously behind on payments, and the median sales price has plunged to the level of a decade ago.203
1958. Music: For Haiti, They Are the Remake: "We Are the World 25 for Haiti," the remake to aid earthquake victims, had its video premiere on Friday night during the Olympics.169
1959. Freestyle Skier Brings Home the Gold to Canada: Alexandre Bilodeau won the men's moguls, the first gold medal for a Canadian on home soil in Olympic history.157
1960. U.S. Women Rout China in Hockey: Jenny Potter, at 31 the oldest player on the team, became the leading scorer, male or female, in American Olympic history and Meghan Duggan added two goals.189
1961. After Delays, McMurray Captures Daytona 500: Jamie McMurray held off Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the final turn to win the race that was delayed for hours because of a pothole.170
1962. German Wins Gold on Shortened Luge Course: Felix Loch became the youngest men's singles luge athlete to win a gold medal.121
1963. Dick Francis, Jockey and Writer, Dies at 89: Mr. Francis's notable but blighted career as a champion steeplechase jockey for the British royal family was eclipsed by a second, more brilliant career as a popular thriller writer.227
1964. McMurray Wins Daytona 500: DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Jamie McMurray has won the Daytona 500, holding off a hard-charing Dale Earnhardt Jr. over a wild final two-lap sprint.174
1965. U.S. Women Thump China in Hockey Opener: Jenny Potter scored three goals in the first 22 minutes while becoming the leading scorer in U.S. Olympic history.155
1966. U.S. Missiles Said to Kill 6 in Pakistan: Two missiles fired from a U.S. drone aircraft killed at least six militants, Pakistani security officials said.153
1967. 7 Dead in Illinois Apartment Fire: An early morning fire that ripped through a suburban Chicago apartment building left seven dead, including a newborn baby, a 3-year-old and four teenagers.190
1968. U.S. Wins Its First Medal in Nordic Combined: The U.S. ended its medals drought in the Nordic combined event when Johnny Spillane won the silver medal.151
1969. Americans Break Down Nordic Combined Barrier: Johnny Spillane of the U.S. took the silver medal in the Nordic combined event, the U.S.'s first medal in the sport.162
1970. At Carnival Time, a Joyless Haiti: Haiti's three-day Carnival was called off, replaced with an equal period of mourning in Port-au-Prince.138
1971. Murder Suspect Was Questioned in Plot Against Professor: Amy Bishop was also a suspect in a 1993 mail bombing plot against a Harvard Medical School professor, the Boston Globe quoted an official as saying.205
1972. Where Is Apple? Nowhere and Everywhere: At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, just about the only company not talking about Apple will be Apple itself.166
1973. Palestinian President Suspends Aide in Sex Scandal: The accusations against the aide, brought to light by a former senior Palestinian intelligence officer, have stoked a crisis of confidence in Palestinian leadership.217
1974. Dick Francis, Novelist, Dies at 89: Mr. Francis, a best-selling crime writer, drew on his experience as a successful steeplechase jockey for his racing thrillers.162
1975. New Olympic Additions Have History With Danger: Snowboard cross and ski cross, the only new medal sport added for these Olympics, are likely the most dangerous.160
1976. U.S. Boat Wins Back America's Cup: A protest was filed after Larry Ellison's trimaran BMW Oracle finished ahead of two-time defending champion Alinghi of Switzerland.166
1977. Dueling Vice Presidents Trade Barbs: Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and former Vice President Dick Cheney continued their war of words on national security issues.167
1978. China Charges Ex-Electronics Executive With Insider Trading: A long-running scandal over the former Gome chairman's alleged activities has already tarnished the careers of a series of Chinese officials.202
1979. Biden Expects China's Support on Iran: Vice President Joe Biden said that the United States expected to gain China's support for imposing sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.181
1980. Afghan Civilians Killed in Taliban Offensive: 46
1981. Bharti Airtel Bids for Zain's African Phone Customers: Bharti Airtel, India's largest mobile phone company by subscribers, offered to buy the African operations of the Kuwaiti telecommunications company Zain in a deal valued at about $10.7 billion.248
1982. Analysis: Falk Says N.B.A. and Players Headed for Trouble: When the N.B.A. and the players union opened negotiations this weekend, every warning issued by the league's first superagent David Falk was in play.208
1983. Inside the Rings: Quick to Blame in Luge, and Showing No Shame: A deep look into the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili was supposed to happen. But the luge federation seemed more concerned with reopening the track.210
1984. American Wins Gold in Women's Moguls: As Jennifer Heil, a Canadian, finished second behind the American skier Hannah Kearney, Canada failed to pry loose the monkey clinging to the back of its Olympic fortunes.209
1985. Google Alters Buzz to Tackle Privacy Flaws: Google is making important changes to Buzz to address criticism from users and privacy advocates.141
1986. Google Alters Buzz to Tackle Privacy Flaws: Google is making important changes to Buzz to address criticism from users and privacy advocates.141
1987. Ohno's Silver, His 6th Medal, Ties a Record: The short-track speedskater secured the silver medal in the 1,500 meters, tying Bonnie Blair for the most ever Winter Olympic medals won by an American, with six.207
1988. Results Unproven, Robotic Surgery Wins Converts: Robot-assisted prostate cancer surgery makes sense on some levels. But it costs more, and it is not clear whether its outcomes are better, worse or the same.206
1989. Slower Speeds and Snowy Conditions as Luge Begins: A day after tragedy struck the Olympic sport, the men's singles luge competition began in a wintry mix at the Whistler Sliding Center on Saturday evening.205
1990. Ohno Wins Silver in 1,500 for 6th Olympic Medal: Apolo Anton Ohno has won six medals in three Olympics, the most of any short-track skater.139
1991. Fashion Week : Muscling In on the Front Row: At fashion shows, V.I.P. status is defined downward, and fashion is not amused.124
1992. New Challenges Await on Adjusted Luge Course: The modifications made to the Whistler Sliding Center after the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili after a crash during a training run presents luge sliders with a new set of challenges that include slower race speeds.259
1993. Insurer Delays Increase for California Customers: Anthem Blue Cross, California's largest for-profit health insurer, expressed confidence that its new premiums would pass state scrutiny even as it delayed their implementation.226
1994. Off the Shelf: A Side-by-Side Look at Tax Software: Putting the leading tax software programs — TurboTax and H&R Block at Home — through their paces.163
1995. In Detroit, Is There Life After the Big 3?: As parts makers add customers like NASA and solar power companies, they are helping to offset the tens of thousands of lost jobs in the auto industry.194
1996. Ping: These Battle Lines Are Drawn in Yellow: Google is taking on the Yellow Pages by courting small businesses. A new service, to highlight listings, costs only $25 a month.174
1997. Novelties: Hospital-Clean Hands, Without All the Scrubbing: In the battle against harmful germs, researchers are studying room-temperature plasma gases as the next great disinfectants.184
1998. The Haggler: One Compliment, but Two Complaints: One reader tells the Haggler he loves Samsung's customer service, but two others disagree.139
1999. Corner Office: He's Not Bill Gates, or Fred Astaire: Vineet Nayar, chief executive of HCL Technologies, says he tries to tell employees "to not look up to me, but to look within."179
2000. Wall Street Helped to Mask Debts Shaking Europe: Wall Street did not create Europe's debt problem. But bankers enabled Greece and others to borrow beyond their means, in deals that were perfectly legal.202
2001. R.I. Democrats Bid for Kennedy's Seat: Two prominent Democratic politicians throw their hats in to replace Representative Patrick Kennedy, who announced this week he won't run for re-election.192
2002. Swiss Ski Jumper Wins 1st Gold Medal of Vancouver Olympics: Swiss ski jumper Simon Ammann earned his third Olympic title by winning the normal hill event Saturday.163
2003. Sobriety Checkpoints Catch Unlicensed Drivers: Sobriety checkpoints have become profitable operations, more likely to seize cars from unlicensed — and often illegal immigrant — motorists than to catch drunken drivers.231
2004. Luge Officials Alter Track While Asserting It Was Safe: The death of the luge athlete was because of human error, officials said.129
2005. India on Alert After Bomb Kills 8: Indian authorities issued an alert after eight people were killed when a bomb hidden in a bag detonated in the western city of Pune.167
2006. Church Adviser May Have Warrant: The man providing legal advice to American church members arrested in Haiti may have charges against him in the United States and a warrant for his arrest in El Salvador for sex trafficking.223
2007. A Test for the Meaning of Victory in Afghanistan: The success of a huge offensive on the Taliban stronghold Marja will rise and fall on what happens after the gunfire.167
2008. In Black Caucus, a Fund-Raising Powerhouse: By taking advantage of political finance laws, the Congressional Black Caucus has built a fund-raising juggernaut unlike anything else in town.187
2009. Attack Gives Marines a Taste of War: Company K, part of a surge battalion, received a crash course in the Afghan war.117
2010. Chatroulette's Creator, 17, Introduces Himself: Who's behind the popular Webcam-shuffle site Chatroulette? Andrey Ternovskiy, who says he is a 17-year-old high school student in Moscow.185
2011. Changes Made to Luge Competition: Luge officials say the track is safe while announcing major changes.102
2012. Even at a Haiti Benefit, Fashion Is Always Itself: The usual mosh-pit atmosphere behind the scenes of a fashion show was raised a few notches on Friday at a benefit for Haiti, convened by Naomi Campbell.203
2013. Obama Names Envoy to Islamic Group: President Obama said he was naming Rashad Hussain as special envoy to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.149
2014. Candidates to Stay Off Ballot in Iraq: Iraq's election commission said most of the 515 candidates disqualified from parliamentary elections would in fact remain off the ballot.176
2015. On the Hill: The Rattled State of Democrats: Senator Harry Reid's decision to pull the plug on a rare bipartisan proposal was a glimpse into the state of mind of rattled Senate Democrats.187
2016. The Saturday Word: Recess: It's the beginning of a long President's Day week.77
2017. Eight People Killed in Indian Bomb Attack: At least eight people died after a bomb ripped through a restaurant popular with tourists in the western city of Pune.161
2018. Trouble in Space Station Construction: Astronauts ran into a problem on Saturday while setting up the International Space Station's newest room, Tranquility: a critical insulating cover does not fit.199
2019. An Appraisal: A Tasteful Way to Start the Olympic Games: Even the death of a 21-year-old Georgian luger didn't do much to deflate the opening ceremony for the Vancouver Olympics.178
2020. Professor Is Charged After 3 Are Killed in Alabama: According to a faculty member, the professor had applied for tenure, been turned down, and appealed. She learned on Friday that she had been denied again.206
2021. Coalition Troops Storm a Taliban Haven: An American, British and Afghan force swept into the city of Marja to destroy the insurgency's largest haven.149
2022. Dreaming of a White Olympics: Was Vancouver, with its temperate climate, a bad place to hold the Winter Games?110
2023. Men's Downhill Race Is Postponed: The men's downhill was postponed after days of fog, rain and sticky soft snow.112
2024. Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power: President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.210
2025. One Grand Deal Too Many Costs Lobbyist His Job: Billy Tauzin is leaving his $2 million lobbying job for the drug industry amid complaints from drug makers that he bargained away their profits too cheaply.204
2026. Television Review: Working Hard News Into Script Full of Fluff: NBC faced a challenge in covering an athlete's death in addition to the opening ceremony.153
2027. A Muted Celebration Opens the Olympics: A day that had long been planned as a joyous kickoff in Vancouver ended up tinged with sorrow and uncertainty.150
2028. Doctors Haunted by Haitians They Couldn't Help: Many of the foreign medical workers who initially flew to Haiti are now overwhelmed by their experiences and the limits to what they could do there.196
2029. Obama Didn't Endorse This Billboard, Either: A marketing company removed President Obama's picture from its online advertisements asserting that a $70 billion financial aid windfall is available to potential college students.225
2030. Business Briefing | Media: Wal-Mart Agrees to Sell Live Nation Tickets: Wal-Mart Stores reached an agreement with Live Nation Entertainment to sell tickets to concerts and other events at about 500 stores.205
2031. Three Steps to Demystifying Online Dating: Online dating doesn't have to be as confusing as the final season of Lost. Here are some handy points and tips culled from the minds of experts.187
2032. Bluster on Twitter, and Off It, Too, From Russia's NATO Envoy: Dmitri O. Rogozin has rarely been one for niceties in his two years as Russia's envoy to NATO headquarters in Brussels, famously hanging a portrait of Stalin in his office when he arrived.251
2033. Three Steps to Demystifying Online Dating: Online dating doesn't have to be confusing. Analysis by the site OkCupid and tips from experts can help.147
2034. Business Briefing | Technology: Court in France Restricts Ebay's Use of Misspellings: EBay was ordered to pay about $316,500 to Louis Vuitton Malletier for legal costs and damages and stop using Internet search terms the luxury goods maker protested.250
2035. Listening In on a Pay Phone in Queens: Who still uses pay phones? A stakeout of sorts in Queens finds that the reasons for doing so are various — but almost always of great importance.191
2036. Critics Say Google Invades Privacy With New Service: Google has faced a firestorm of criticism on blogs and Web sites, and it has already been forced to alter some features of the service.188
2037. Tiger Farms in China Feed Thirst for Parts: Conservationists say the biggest threat to Asia's largest predator is the Chinese appetite for tiger parts.151
2038. Looking for a Date? A Site Suggests You Check the Data: OkCupid uses statistical tools to analyze traffic on its dating site and publishes the insights, such as to look intriguing, not just attractive, in your profile picture.226
2039. In the Cold of Morning, Descending Into Conflict: No gunfire, not even in the distance, broke the quiet as Marine platoons secured the northern edge of Marja, the focus of "Operation Moshtarak."194
2040. Fashion Review: Ralph Rucci Adds Some Strut: Reviews of the Ralph Rucci, Jason Wu and Wayne fall 2010 collections.114
2041. Marja 50 Years Ago: Model Villages and American Money: "Model villages in the Marja area are blossoming" - The New York Times, 1960131
2042. 6 Shot, 3 Killed in Alabama Campus Shooting: Three faculty members at the University of Alabama at Huntsville were shot to death and three other people were critically wounded on Friday afternoon.196
2043. Coming Soon: Live Updates From Opening Ceremony: Live blogging from the Vancouver Games opening ceremony.105
2044. White House Invites Congressional Leaders to Summit: The White House extends invitations to senior House and Senate lawmakers to attend the health care summit on Feb. 25.170
2045. El Bulli to Close Permanently: Ferran Adria will close El Bulli permanently and replace it with a culinary academy.115
2046. A Pocket Detective for Daters: Several background check apps purport to dig up the dirt on potential partners.110
2047. Google Co-Founder Hopeful about Uncensored Search in China: Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, also urged other companies recently targeted by Chinese hackers to speak out.172
2048. Doctors Haunted by Haitians They Couldn't Help: Many of the foreign medical workers who initially flew to Haiti are now overwhelmed by their experiences and the limits to what they could do there.196
2049. 3 Dead in Shooting at U. Of Alabama: Officials at the University of Alabama's Huntsville campus say three people have been killed and another injured in a campus shooting.171
2050. Barbie's Next Career? Computer Engineer: Barbie is outfitted with a binary code t-shirt and hot pink laptop for her latest career as a computer engineer, a job voted on by fans.177
2051. Coalition Force Attacks Taliban Stronghold in Afghan South: An American, British and Afghan force swept into the city of Marja in the largest offensive operation since the initial allied invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.219
2052. Zuckerman Said to Mull Run for U.S. Senate: Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the real estate tycoon and publisher of The Daily News, is considering a challenge to Kirsten E. Gillibrand.175
2053. Luger Seriously Hurt in Crash: Nodar Kumaritashvili, a men's Olympic luger from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, crashed during training and needed emergency treatment after a serious accident.199
2054. Kenyan Police Disperse Gay Wedding: The police said they intervened to prevent a local mob from attacking the ceremony, but they also arrested several wedding guests.166
2055. New Model for Afghan War: 'Population Is the Prize': A planned offensive is intended to serve as a prototype for a new type of military operation, based on the counter-insurgency thinking propounded by General McChrystal.221
2056. Security and Eager Crowds Greet Bollywood Film: "My Name Is Khan" drew crowds even as a political party sought to disrupt its release over remarks by its star.159
2057. A Room With One Heck of a View: Astronauts added a new node and cupola to the International Space Station on Friday, giving them more room and allowing them to capture more high-resolution images of Earth.205
2058. Europe Approves H.P's Takeover of 3Com: The European Commission concluded the deal "would not significantly impede effective competition" in Europe.148
2059. China's Project to Build Fast Trains Is Spurring Growth: In China, 42 high-speed rail lines have opened or are set to open by 2012; the U.S. hopes to build its first high-speed line by 2014.190
2060. Complaint Box | Online Class Reunions: It's jarring when a social-networking site replaces recollections of high school friends with the reality of what they have become.170
2061. Do-It-Yourself Genetic Engineering: In the burgeoning field of synthetic biology, even amateur scientists are building life forms.130
2062. NYT: TimesTalks presents Stephen King: The New York Times' Janet Maslin talks to bestselling author Stephen King.113
2063. The Medium: The Google Alphabet: The search engine's suggestions turn the Web into the Home Shopping Network.109
2064. In Honoring Coach, Museum Confronts Segregation: A new museum in Louisiana celebrates Eddie Robinson, whose career at Grambling began in the Jim Crow era.154
2065. Author, 17, Says It's 'Mixing,' Not Plagiarism: Outsized praise for a new novel quickly turned to a torrent of outrage as its young German author admitted to using full passages from another work.196
2066. Polanski's Visions of Victimhood: Roman Polanski's films often reverse the roles of tormentor and tormented. His persona looms even over a movie as devoid of autobiographical echoes as "The Ghost Writer."204
2067. On Mandela's Release Anniversary, Zuma Seeks High Ground: The 20th anniversary celebration of Nelson Mandela's release from prison came at a low point in the 10-month-old tenure of President Jacob Zuma.202
2068. Using Lasers to Zap Mosquitoes: Nathan Myhrvold of Intellectual Ventures demonstrated a high-tech system to fight malaria. It uses tiny lasers to shoot down disease-carrying mosquitoes.185
2069. Death and Texas: David R. Dow is a Houston lawyer. His dark, raw memoir exposes death-penalty machinery that can't be mediated by truth, logic or fact.151
2070. Tighter Curbs on Lending in China: For the second time in less than five weeks, China's central bank has moved to limit lending to consumers and businesses in a move aimed at forestalling inflation.198
2071. Equity Firms Acquire Web-Based Training Company: The buyers — Berkshire Partners, Advent International and Bain Capital — will pay $1.1 billion for SkillSoft.172
2072. Do E-Readers Cause Eye Strain?: Despite what your mother might have told you, doctors say that looking at an electronic screen doesn't hurt the eyes. Ergonomics and lighting play a much bigger role in eye strain.212
2073. Growth in the E.U. Slows to a Crawl: The economic recovery in the euro area almost ground to a halt in the last quarter of 2009, data showed Friday, with the economy of the 16-nation group growing by 0.1 percent.212
2074. DeGeneres a Rising Star in Daytime: Viewer studies and ratings suggest that the effervescent Ellen DeGeneres is well-positioned to lead the talk show pack when Oprah Winfrey exits the stage in 2011.198
2075. A Kennedy Departs Congress, Ending an Era: Patrick Kennedy's departure would mark the first time in a half-century a Kennedy did not serve in Congress.151
2076. Single Mother Is Spared Court-Martial: An Army specialist received an other-than-honorable discharge, ending an impasse over family responsibilities that had surprised many legal experts and spurred debate in military circles.226
2077. Now Mapping | New York Fashion Week Highlights: The editors of T reveal some of the things they are looking forward to seeing, doing, hearing and wearing.154
2078. Georgia Schools Inquiry Finds Signs of Cheating: Georgia education officials ordered investigations at 191 schools after a statewide inquiry raised red flags about answer sheets for some schools' standardized tests.215
2079. Wi-Fi Turns Rowdy Bus Into Rolling Study Hall: In an Arizona district, the "Internet Bus" has made students more productive and less rambunctious.146
2080. Senate Confirms 2 Dozen Obama Nominees: 40
2081. Mumbai Journal: Bollywood and Politics Collide in a Red-Carpet Standoff: The fight over the politics of a film star who has angered the Hindu right is a glimpse of the bitterly parochial politics that still divide India's most international city.246
2082. In the Calculations of Online Dating, Love Can Be Cruel: The social contract and some common courtesies have fallen by the wayside in the surge of online dating.161
2083. Bursting Pipes Lead to a Legal Battle: A whistle-blower lawsuit says JM Eagle, a pipe maker that does business with governments nationwide, manipulated test results on the quality of its products.196
2084. Maestro Behind Scenes Keeps U.S. Team Humming: Leslie Gamez is responsible for transporting 216 United States athletes, 475 employees and 14 shipping containers to the Games.174
2085. Health Reform in Limbo, Top Drug Lobbyist Quits: Billy Tauzin, the industry's top lobbyist, thought it was a smart move to bet on health care reform early — only to watch it come to a screeching halt.207
2086. Cost-Cutting Helps Profit at Viacom: Surpassing analysts' predictions, the media giant attributes some of the increase to cost cutting and DVD sales.149
2087. China Alarmed by Threat to Security From Cyberattacks: While much of the rest of the world frets about Chinese cyberspying abroad, China is increasingly alarmed about the threat that the Internet poses to its security and political stability.242
2088. Motorola Outlines Plan to Split Into Two Companies: The split is meant to finally divide Motorola into smaller, more focused operations.136
2089. Wi-Fi Turns Rowdy Bus Into Rolling Study Hall: In an Arizona district, the "Internet Bus" has made students more productive and less rambunctious.146
2090. Flawed Idea for Traffic Jams, but a Hit on Broadway: New York's experiment that closed parts of Broadway to vehicles will become permanent, officials said, even though it fell short of improving traffic flow.208
2091. Patrick Kennedy Won't Seek Re-election to Congress: A Kennedy's impending departure from Congress ends a half-century tradition for the family.143
2092. Hiding a Hollywood Symbol, to Make It More Visible: A preservation group hopes that Angelenos can be enticed to donate to an effort to keep development from encroaching on a famed sign.185
2093. Baltic States Rethink Euro Plans: Once enthusiastic about adopting the euro, countries like Latvia and Estonia are now looking more skeptically at the benefits of the euro zone after seeing Greece's troubles.208
2094. 'Vette Set: An Artist's Dream Collection Relocates: A collection of 36 Corvettes, once the prize in a nationwide contest and now owned by the artist Peter Max, has gathered dust for 20 years.191
2095. Senate Confirms 27 Obama Nominees: Late tonight, President Obama seemed to signal he would not be making any recess appointments, following the Senate's confirmation of more than dozen nominees.194
2096. Senators Strike Bipartisan Deal on Job Creation: Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, said he would take four core job-creating initiatives from the bipartisan proposal and seek to move those rapidly through the Senate.223
2097. China Alarmed by Threat to Security From Cyberattacks: While much of the rest of the world frets about Chinese cyberspying abroad, China is increasingly alarmed about the threat that the Internet poses to its security and political stability.242
2098. Health Reform in Limbo, Top Drug Lobbyist Quits: The head of the drug industry's lobbying group is leaving after disputes about its backing of health reform legislation.169
2099. Google Agrees to Buy 'Social Search' Service: Google acquires a start-up called Aardvark, which was founded by a group of former Google employees.146
2100. For Ski Jumpers, a Sliding Scale of Weight, Distance and Health: Officials say the most severe cases of underweight jumpers have been halted, but current rules still encourage jumpers to remain thin.199
2101. With One Call, John Berry Shuts Down the Government: In a snowstorm, the director of the Office of Personnel Management decides whether federal employees have to work.167
2102. Poll Finds Edge for Obama Over G.O.P. Among the Public: At a time of deepening political disaffection and intensified distress about the economy, President Obama enjoys an edge over Republicans in the battle for public support.227
2103. Sparse U.S. Listings Prompt Rush on China I.P.O.'s: With a paucity of domestic initial public offerings, the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are trying to attract Chinese listings from exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai.224
2104. Stanford Finds Computer Science Students Cheat More Than Others: In response to a high rate of honor-code violations in computer science classes, Stanford University is using computer programs to identify possible cheaters.223
2105. The Negative Buzz Around Google's New Social Network: Google's Buzz service scans a user's Gmail contact list to automatically create a social network. Critics say the process violates customer privacy.202
2106. Bill Clinton Undergoes Procedure for Chest Pains: Former President Bill Clinton was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital on Thursday where doctors inserted two stents after one of the bypass grafts from an operation five years ago became obstructed, a Clinton spokesman said.277
2107. Programmer Indicted in Theft of Goldman Software: Sergey Aleynikov is accused of stealing the software that Goldman Sachs uses to make rapid-fire trades in the financial markets.178
2108. Bill Clinton Undergoes More Heart Surgery: Former President Bill Clinton was taken to a New York hospital on Thursday with chest pains, a White House official said.164
2109. Motorola Confirms New Plan to Split Itself: Motorola confirmed on Thursday that it plans to reorganize itself into two independent companies by the first quarter of 2011, with its mobile handset unit to be combined with its set-top boxes in order to be spun off into a publicly traded company.293
2110. Magazine Preview: How Christian Were the Founders?: Conservative activists on the Texas Board of Education say that the authors of the Constitution intended the United States to be a Christian nation. And they want America's history textbooks to say so, too.258
2111. Mid-Atlantic States Dig Out, Again: For the fourth straight day this week, all United States governmental employees were told to stay home, and school children in the area got yet another day off.196
2112. Whistle-Blowing Nurse Is Acquitted in Texas: A jury quickly acquitted a nurse who had anonymously complained that a doctor was endangering patients.148
2113. New Poll Shows Support for Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': But the wording of the question in a new New York Times/CBS News survey demonstrates the way people respond to polls.179
2114. Report Faults Binghamton's Leaders in Basketball Scandal: The report described how a lack of oversight from the university president and athletic director allowed the basketball program to spin out of control.209
2115. Haitian Judge Says Americans Should Be Freed for Now: If prosecutors raise no objections, the 10 Americans charged with child abduction would be freed from jail but must remain in the country.192
2116. Facebook and Twitter Compete for Olympic Glory: Facebook and Twitter are competing to offer the best guide to the 2010 Olympic Games, which start tomorrow in Vancouver.168
2117. As Afghan Campaign Looms, Tribal Leaders Skeptical: Tribal leaders in Marja, the site of an imminent offensive by international forces, expressed skepticism that the operation and Afghan leaders would protect them from insurgents.230
2118. Vonn Says She Feels Good Enough to Train: The U.S. ski team said Lindsey Vonn, who had injured her shin, "felt good" after a course inspection.143
2119. Unsealed Letters Offer Glimpse of Salinger: A set of 11 letters that are being made public offer a view of his writing habits and his fascination with pop culture.163
2120. More Tools for Sifting Through Government Data: More data from the government has been digitized. Now more tools are needed to make the data accessible to citizens.164
2121. Alexander McQueen, Designer, Is Dead: Alexander McQueen, the British fashion designer known for some of the most controversial collections of the last two decades, was found dead Thursday morning at his apartment in London.223
2122. Taiwan Gains Mainland Market Entry: Taiwan's decision to relax restrictions on investment in China is giving its flat-panel firms a leg up in China's booming electronics market.177
2123. Explosion on Sixth Avenue: An explosion rocked Avenue of the Americas this morning. But television reports indicated there were no initial reports of injuries.159
2124. Motorola Considers Merging Units for a Spinoff: The company's plans to remake itself have included shopping its set-top box business and its wireless networking units.167
2125. YouTube, the G-Rated Edition: The video-sharing service offers parents a way to see a child-friendly version of the site.121
2126. One Last Time, Fashion Under a Tent: By centralizing their shows in Bryant Park, New York designers put American fashion on a global stage.139
2127. Baucus, Grassley Propose New Jobs Bill: The ranking Democrat and Republican on the Senate Finance Committee unveil details of proposed legislation for employment.162
2128. Alexander McQueen, Designer, Is Dead: Alexander McQueen, the British fashion designer known for some of the most controversial collections of the last two decades, was found dead Thursday morning at his apartment in London.223
2129. Europe Rejects U.S. Deal on Bank Data: Europe rejected an agreement with the U.S. to share information on bank transfers in order to track suspected terrorists, fearing for citizens' privacy rights.198
2130. BT Triples Profit on Cost Cuts: The company also announced that pension fund trustees had backed a plan to close a $14.1 billion shortfall, a record for a British company.171
2131. Alcatel-Lucent Posts Profit but Is Hurt by Declining Sales: The French-American network equipment maker reported its first real quarterly profit since the 2006 merger, but its stock fell sharply amid concerns over declining sales. The company, based in Paris, said it earned €46 million, or $63.5 million, in the fourth quarter of 2009, following a €3.9 billion loss a year earlier. Sales fell during the period by 20 percent to €3.97 billion, from €4.95 billion.463
2132. Europe in Deal on Greek Debt in Bid to End Currency Fears: Leaders had agreed on a political statement to deal with the crisis and will leave the details to be worked out among finance ministers on Monday.205
2133. S. Africa Marks Anniversary of Mandela's Release: South Africans on Thursday celebrated the steps that sounded apartheid's death knell 20 years ago: Nelson Mandela walking to freedom after 27 years in prison.208
2134. New Trial in 'Milkshake Murder': The murder conviction of an American woman who allegedly drugged her husband's milkshake before murdering him was overturned on Thursday.170
2135. Ahmadinejad Says Iran Is Now a 'Nuclear State': Ignoring threats of more stringent sanctions, the Iranian president told a rally of supporters on Thursday that Iran had produced a first batch of highly enriched uranium.219
2136. Officials See Slander in Uzbek Photos, but Artists See Censorship: Umida Akhmedova was found guilty Wednesday of slandering Uzbekistan with her photography, only to be saved from a prison sentence by the anniversary of the country's independence.246
2137. Iran Disrupts Internet as Crowds Gather for Anniversary: The move is thought to be part of an effort to head off opposition demonstrations planned for Thursday, the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.208
2138. The Four-Bedroom Kibbutz: The nonprofit Moishe House subsidizes rent for groups of Jewish 20-somethings in exchange for their promise to organize events for other young Jews.174
2139. Storm Passes, but Its Crippling Effect Remains: With the storm dissipating, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said New York City schools would reopen Thursday, but commuters still faced delays Wednesday evening.204
2140. Iran Disrupts Internet Service Ahead of Protests: The move is thought to be part of an effort to head off opposition demonstrations planned for Thursday, the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.201
2141. After 10 Months, Chief of MySpace Steps Down: Two MySpace executives, Mike Jones and Jason Hirschhorn, will become co-presidents of the social networking and entertainment Web site.181
2142. From That Instant Thrill, Enduring Art, Now for Sale: A variety of Polaroid photographs snapped by famous artists are going on the auction block.145
2143. Climate Fight Is Heating Up in Deep Freeze: As millions of people along the East Coast hole up in their snowbound homes, the two sides in the climate-change debate are seizing on the mounting drifts to bolster their arguments.226
2144. Germany, Forced to Buoy Greece, Rues Euro Shift: As Europe edges toward emergency guarantees to help stem market panic, Germany has increasing doubts about the euro experiment it long championed.195
2145. For Detained Youths, No One to Oversee Mental Health: New York State does not have a full-time staff psychiatrist to oversee the 800 locked-up youths, or any at detention facilities.182
2146. Tempting Fate at the Winter Games: An expanding schedule filled with risky new events has made the Winter Games more popular, and more dangerous, than ever.156
2147. The Safety Net: Once Stigmatized, Food Stamps Find New Acceptance: A program once scorned as "welfare" enjoys broad new support from city, state and federal governments and from neighborhood groups that recruit clients.219
2148. The Cost of an E-Book Will Be Going Up: A new deal negotiated by book publishers will increase the prices for digital books from $12.99 to $14.99, a move that has angered some readers.184
2149. Wall St.'s Biggest Bonuses Go to Not-So-Big Names: Bonus watchers focused on Goldman's chief, but he was eclipsed by the heads of Visa, Capital One Financial and American Express.179
2150. The Cost of an E-Book Will Be Going Up: A new deal negotiated by book publishers will increase the prices for digital books from $12.99 to $14.99, a move that has angered some readers.184
2151. Aerial Photos of Trade Center on 9/11 Released: The only close-in pictures taken from the air of the destruction of the Twin Towers on Sept. 11 have been made public by a federal agency.186
2152. With Toyota in Trouble, Rivals Gain: Some G.M. and Ford dealers are offering big discounts to drivers who trade in their Toyotas.129
2153. Anticipating Protests, Iran Disrupts Internet Communications: The move is thought to be part of an effort to head off opposition demonstrations planned for Thursday, the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.213
2154. Finding Parents in Haiti's Rubble Was Easy Part for Chicagoan: A Chicago man returned to Haiti and found his parents alive, only to encounter one bureaucratic or logistical hurdle after another.194
2155. Diary That Inspired Faulkner Discovered: The author William Faulkner appears to have drawn the names of characters and other inspiration from a plantation diary just discovered by scholars.189
2156. Phone Smart: Better Calling for Less, by Skipping the Cell Network: With a solid signal, users of Wi-Fi phone applications should have good sound quality and no dropped calls.175
2157. State of the Art: Vudu Drops Box for Improved Movie Service: The DVD-for-sale/rent feature is being built into TVs and Blu-ray players.135
2158. Taming Twitter's Streams With Automated Web Sites: Unlike Facebook, whose builders strive to make it an ever more organized social network, Twitter seems to thrive on being a jumble.182
2159. Aerial Photos of Trade Center on 9/11 Released: Newly released aerial photos of the World Trade Center capture its collapse from a different angle.147
2160. Tech Talk Podcast: Why E-Books Will Cost More: The Tech Talk podcast this week includes a discussion of e-book prices and offers some help with updating your BlackBerry.169
2161. Is It Time for Apple to Retire the Cats?: Apple, a company that prides itself on the simplicity of its product names, is running out of cat names for its OS X operating system.176
2162. Politics A to Z: Bipartisan, Blizzard Edition: The meaning of bipartisanship gets a grilling, from health care to the midterm elections.136
2163. Report Warns Silicon Valley Could Lose Its Edge: Unemployment in the area is higher than national levels and the worst since 2005, when tech companies were recovering from the dot-com implosion.194
2164. Charlie Wilson, Former Congressman, Dies at 76: A hospital spokeswoman says former Rep. Charlie Wilson of Texas has died at the age of 76 of cardiopulmonary arrest.164
2165. Europe Closing in on Plan to Avert Greek Debt Crisis: European leaders were close to agreement on measures aimed at persuading jittery investors that Greece will not be allowed to default.188
2166. Whiteout Conditions in Beleaguered Washington: Blinding winds whipped across the snow-pummeled Washington region on Wednesday.126
2167. NYT: Tech Talk for 02/11/2010: Bettina Edelstein gets the word from Times technology reporter Brad Stone on e-book price wars and why downloading books will likely cost you more money. J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado explain how to update your Blackberry OS (and stop those nagging messages). And Pedro reviews the new Marantz AV Surround NR1501 receiver. J.D.'s roundup of tech news includes the launch of Buzz, Google's new foray into social networking, and a Macworld conference with no Apple presence, and Times Personal Technology editor Sam Grobart stops by to chat about what's on that blog this week.619
2168. Shin Injury Threatens Lindsey Vonn's Quest: The injury calls into question her ability to train for — and possibly compete in — the the Winter Olympics.166
2169. Taming Twitter's Stream With an Automated Web Site: Unlike Facebook, whose builders strive to make it an ever more organized social network, Twitter seems to thrive on being a jumble.183
2170. Tracking the Campaigns of 2010: A new interactive map from The New York Times will provide a dynamic look at the incumbents and challengers, demographics and voting results for the midterm races across the country.214
2171. Whole Genome of Ancient Human Is Decoded: Using a swatch of hair, researchers analyzed the genome of a man who lived on the western coast of Greenland some 4,000 years ago.172
2172. Latest Data Hints at a Recovery in World Trade: Exports and imports increased for both China and the United States, suggesting American businesses and consumers were growing more confident about spending.204
2173. Questions on Rule of Law Raised by Iraqi Leader's Use of Army: The prime minister sent the military to press a provincial council on the appointment of a governor, raising doubts about Iraq's democratic institutions.216
2174. India's Central Bank Stops Some PayPal Services: The Reserve Bank of India said PayPal was not properly registered with regulators, and ordered the online money transfer company to stop commercial payments.206
2175. Google Plans to Enter Broadband Business: The company said it plans to build and test a high-speed fiber optic broadband network capable of allowing people to surf the Web at 100 times the speed of most broadband connections.225
2176. Google Plans to Enter Broadband Business: The company said it plans to build and test a high-speed fiber optic broadband network capable of allowing people to surf the Web at 100 times the speed of most broadband connections.225
2177. Wife/Mother/Worker/Spy: Beep! Chime! Buzz! Now, Juggle!: The author explains how high-tech devices have helped her refocus instantly.133
2178. Q&A with Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief of The editor in chief of provides insider info on a vacation that, all too often, seems out of reach of frugal travelers.205
2179. Bernanke's How-To on Rate Increase Lacks a When: The Federal Reserve chief outlined a strategy, but not a timetable, for scaling back the extraordinary measures the Fed has taken to prop up the economy.202
2180. Greek Civil Servants Strike Over Austerity Measures: Labor unions mounted a challenge to the proposed spending cuts officials have said are necessary to stave off the country's mounting financial crisis.203
2181. Sprint Nextel Narrows Loss as Fewer Subscribers Flee: Most of the improvement in customer figures during the quarter came from Sprint's Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA prepaid services.188
2182. AOL Cracks Open AIM's Door and Lets In Facebook: AOL is opening up its popular AOL Instant Messenger network and combining Facebook's chat service with its own.160
2183. Storm Batters East, Closing Schools and Halting Flights: A major snowstorm forced pre-emptive school closures in New York City and grounded hundreds of flights on the East Coast for the second time in a week.208
2184. About New York: A Reckoning for Felonies Political: The New York State Senate's expulsion of Hiram Monserrate was about more than concerns over domestic violence.162
2185. Britain Discloses Data on Ex-Detainee: LONDON (AP) -- Britain's government on Wednesday disclosed once-secret information on the treatment of a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who says he was tortured in U.S. custody, losing an extended court battle to keep the material classified.281
2186. Small Earthquake Hits Near Chicago: The 4.3-magnitude quake hit northern Illinois, waking up residents before dawn but causing no major damage.143
2187. Rules Are Bent a Little, and Olympic Torch Visits the U.S.: Olympic officials decided that the torch would travel only within the home country of the Games, but the flame still dipped into the United States.207
2188. Europe Watches as Portugal's Economy Struggles: Markets and observers question whether Portugal's foundering economy will improve — or worsen, and weaken Europe's overall financial health.195
2189. Toll Mounts in Afghan Avalanche: Authorities said a storm with heavy wind and rain set off waves of snow that buried two miles of a highway and left cars trapped in a tunnel, killing at least 150.196
2190. Myanmar Sentences American to Prison: A court sentenced an American citizen on Wednesday to five years' imprisonment and hard labor on charges of carrying a forged identity card and two other offenses.201
2191. Rio De Janeiro Journal: Clamping Down on the Kaleidoscope of Rio's Beaches: The new mayor's quest for order is making over the city's famous beaches and trampling on some storied traditions.190
2192. Advertising: Stress Relief Online, Aromatherapy by Mail: The online program, called Upliv, offers stress analysis, weekly sessions that teach relaxation strategies and toiletries with scents.191
2193. With Buzz, Google Plunges Into Social Networking: The new service, called Google Buzz, allows Gmail users to share updates, photos and videos as on Facebook and other social networking sites.191
2194. Music Review: Music That Changed History and Still Resonates: "In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement" was the Black History Month event in Michelle Obama's continuing music series.231
2195. A Viagra Alternative to Serve by Candlelight: Chefs and academics have been rethinking the list of alleged edible aphrodisiacs.127
2196. Storm Closes Schools and Grounds Planes Along East Coast: A major snowstorm forced pre-emptive school closures in New York City and grounded hundreds of flights on the East Coast for the second time in a week.209
2197. Arsonists Blamed for Series of Texas Church Fires: Ten churches are in ruins, and residents are enraged and puzzled.116
2198. Revising Book on Disorders of the Mind: Changes to the psychiatry guidebook that largely determines society's line between normal and not normal could affect treatment.168
2199. Honda Adds 437, 000 Cars to Recall: Honda Motor Co. is adding 437,000 vehicles to its 15-month old global recall for faulty airbags in the latest quality problem to hit a Japanese automaker.190
2200. Congress and Country: Behold the Differences: The House and Senate have more women and Asians than ever, but are less diverse by many other measures.149
2201. Safety Agency Scrutinized as Toyota Recall Grows: With the recalls of Toyota vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration promises to be scrutinized as much as the automaker.190
2202. Everything Is in Place in Vancouver, Except the Snow: Olympic organizers said Tuesday that snow was being trucked hundreds of miles to Cypress Mountain, the troubled freestyle skiing and snowboarding venue.206
2203. Lawmakers Expel N.Y. State Senator Over Assault: The expulsion of Hiram Monserrate, a senator convicted of assaulting his companion, was the first time a member of the Legislature was forced from office in nearly a century.223
2204. U.S. Eyes Sanctions on Revolutionary Guards to Curb Iran's Nuclear Plans: The Obama administration hopes to undermine the group that runs Iran's nuclear program, supports militant organizations and cracks down on protesters.224
2205. F.D.A. to Increase Medical Radiation Oversight: The agency said it would take steps to more stringently regulate three of the most potent sources of medical radiation, including CT scans.187
2206. The World of Long-Term Care Hospitals: Lawsuits, state inspection reports and statistics deep in federal reports paint a troubling picture of the care offered at some long-term care hospitals.192
2207. Councilman Charged With Money Laundering: Larry B. Seabrook was accused of diverting city money to himself, family and friends using closely controlled nonprofit groups.169
2208. As Champions March In, Their City Parties Harder: Two days after their first Super Bowl victory and in the midst of Mardi Gras season, a raucous parade honors the Saints.170
2209. Canada Finally Has the Nerve at the Olympics: A country characterized by modesty is going all out in an effort to win the most gold medals in the Vancouver Games.162
2210. Pakistan Is Said to Pursue Role in Afghan Talks With U.S.: The offer, aimed at preserving Pakistan's influence once U.S. forces leave Afghanistan, is a departure from Pakistan's previous reluctance to approach the Taliban.222
2211. Death of Kerrigan's Father Ruled Homicide: Daniel Kerrigan, the father of the former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, died after a fight with his son Mark on Jan. 24.164
2212. Saints Marching in New Orleans, at Last: Tuesday's Super Bowl victory parade for the New Orleans Saints, which will roll through their home city at 5 p.m. Central time, will be a hybrid homecoming celebration and Mardi Gras parade.231
2213. An Annual Report on One Man's Life: Nicholas Felton started collecting data about himself in 2005 to create an annual report about his life. Five years later, the project continues and now includes a service to help others quantify their lives, too.249
2214. Galleon Defendants Ordered to Turn Over Wiretaps: U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff has ordered Raj Rajaratnam and other defendants in the Galleon Group insider trading case to turn over wiretap recordings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which has brought a parallel civil complaint against Mr. Rajaratnam and other individuals.339
2215. Google Tries to Get Some Good Buzz: A new social-network aggregator, Google Buzz, begins its rollout this week.111
2216. Canon Improves Entry-Level Rebel D.S.L.R.: Canon improves the features of its starter D.S.L.R. cameras with the new EOS Rebel T2i, and adds four new PowerShot point-and-shoot models to its lineup.196
2217. Chechen Leader Drops Libel Suits: Ramzan A. Kadyrov, backed down from a conflict with human rights defenders and journalists on Tuesday, withdrawing several libel suits at the request, aides said, of his mother.211
2218. Square Feet: New Jersey, Home of the Servers: Commercial real estate is experiencing a boom in data center construction, especially in New Jersey, thanks to its proximity to New York's financial companies.205
2219. Google Offers Phone Help for Nexus One Owners: After mounting complaints about the lack of customer support for the Nexus One, Google is offering a phone hotline.162
2220. Google Gets More Social With Buzz: Google's Buzz service, which ties into Gmail, is another way for people to tell others what they're doing, thinking and feeling.163
2221. Obama Urges Setting Aside 'Petty Politics': The president stopped into the White House briefing room to talk about his meetings with leaders of both parties.157
2222. Iran Unleashes Wave of Arrests of Dissidents, Analysts Say: Iranian security officials were believed to have arrested as many as 1,000 people in the past two months, a rights group said.186
2223. Snowboard Videos: Send Us Your Tricks: Contribute your videos to the New York Times' snowboard Trick Library by uploading onto YouTube.135
2224. Samsung Gets the AMOLED Out: Reports are that the Korean brand will bring devices with AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) displays to market in the next year.175
2225. App of the Week: Weather for Everyone: The Weather Underground mobile Web site works on most any Web enabled phone, and on a smartphone you can set it up to work like an app.174
2226. German Church Faces Child Abuse Charges: The Roman Catholic Church faces yet another child abuse scandal, this time in Pope Benedict XVI's native Germany.154
2227. Expecting a Greek Bailout, Wall Street Rises: Stocks climbed on hopes that European officials would move to rescue Greece from its debt troubles.145
2228. Two Men and Their Trans-Atlantic Taxi Swap: Two collectors, one in England and one in Queens, swap vintage Checker and black cabs, but they've never met.153
2229. Mobile Data Traffic Expected to Surge: Mobile data traffic is expected to increase 39-fold in the next five years, according to a new report from Cisco Systems.160
2230. EBay Asks Its Users for Help Building New Search Tools: EBay is rolling out new search tools on Garden by eBay, a new site where eBay will seek feedback from buyers and sellers on new products that it is developing.215
2231. Video Game Review | Dante's Inferno: You Read It in Class; Now You Can Play It on Your Console: Dante's Inferno, the video game, is more reminiscent of the God of War games than it is of the "Divine Comedy," the epic poem that inspired it.239
2232. Americans Jailed in Haiti Plead for Help From U.S.: The 10 American Baptists detained in Port-au-Prince on child trafficking charges say the United States government could be doing more on their behalf.202
2233. China Report Shows More Pollution in Waterways: China revealed that water pollution in 2007 was more than twice as severe as official figures that had long omitted agricultural waste.183
2234. Dozens Buried in Afghan Avalanches: Deadly avalanches buried hundreds cars along a high mountain pass that links Afghanistan's capital to its north, killing at least two dozen people.183
2235. Thirty Knots, With the Wind at Your Wings: The sailboats competing in the America's Cup are the fastest ever built but about as delicate as a house of cards.157
2236. East Coast Braces for Another Storm: The second major snowstorm in less than a week was churning towards Washington and New York on Tuesday.140
2237. Councilman Seabrook Faces 13-Count Indictment: Charges against the councilman are said to include money laundering, larceny and conspiracy.139
2238. On Assignment: Minders, Fixers, Troubles: Yemen is a fascinating and daunting place for a Western photographer, as Michael Kamber learned. There are plenty of subjects; just not the ones you want.196
2239. Afghan Avalanches Kill at Least 28: At least 28 people are dead and another 1,500 are stranded following multiple avalanches in Afghanistan.140
2240. Making Solar Power Portable: A growing number of business travelers are using portable renewable energy devices to power up their electronics when they work in places that offer little or no access to electricity.213
2241. Survey Raises Questions on Data-Driven Policy: Results of a crime data survey have made critics and admirers of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg wonder about the reliability of data underpinning policy decisions on the budget, education and other issues.248
2242. Iran Is Said to Begin Nuclear Enrichment: Brushing aside international threats of stricter sanctions, Iran reportedly began enriching its uranium on Tuesday.157
2243. In City Real Estate, Old Clans Are Shrewd Again: Some families with deep roots in Manhattan kept their heads a few years ago when the market for skyscrapers and other big projects overheated.191
2244. Making Solar Power Portable: A growing number of business travelers are using portable renewable energy devices to power up their electronics when they work in places that offer little or no access to electricity.213
2245. Insider's Admission Deepens Galleon Case: Rajiv Goel said that in 2007, he provided the hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam with confidential tips about Intel and Sprint Nextel.175
2246. Foursquare Signs a Deal With Zagat: Foursquare, the hip social network whose software is on the phones of many young urbanites, is branching out.145
2247. Findings: Will You Be E-Mailing This Column? It's Awesome: A University of Pennsylvania study found that readers of news in print and online had more exalted tastes than might be expected.188
2248. McCain, Facing G.O.P. Foe in Primary, Tilts to Right: Challenged by by J.D. Hayworth from the airwaves, and soon in a primary, John McCain has moved starkly, and often awkwardly, to the right.192
2249. Toyota to Recall 2010 Prius for Brake Problems: People with knowledge of Toyota's plans have said the recall would cover the latest-model Priuses sold worldwide before late January.181
2250. Dollars Flow Out as Data Flows In: The average American is expected to spend nearly $1,000 on services like cable, Internet and online video games.147
2251. U.N. Climate Panel and Chief Face Credibility Siege: Rajendra K. Pachauri and the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change face accusations of scientific sloppiness and potential financial conflicts of interest.217
2252. On Health Bill, G.O.P.'s Road Is a New Map: Republicans this month will bring President Obama a set of ideas and a more modest health care plan.144
2253. Dollars Flow Out as Data Flows In: The average American is expected to spend nearly $1,000 on services like cable, Internet and online video games.147
2254. In Northern Iraq, a Vote Seems Likely to Split on Familiar Lines: In Nineveh Province, a coming parliamentary election considered crucial to Iraqi unity is instead highlighting conflicts among ethnic and religious groups.221
2255. Bills Stalled, Hospitals Fear Rising Unpaid Care: While the debate continues in Washington, health care systems nationwide struggle to offset money spent to treat patients who cannot afford to pay their bills.209
2256. Japanese Split on Exposing Secret Pacts With U.S.: Agreements on U.S. bases and allowing nuclear-armed ships in Japanese ports date from the 1960s and 1970s.157
2257. Payton's Path Was Winding; His Confidence Never Wavered: Saints Coach Sean Payton's circuitous path to the top of the N.F.L. embodies the team's "unwanted and underrated" character.181
2258. S.E.C.'s Cops on the Beat: The new enforcement team at the Securities and Exchange Commission is working to police Wall Street -- and to shake off the psychic blow of the Bernard L. Madoff affair.196
2259. Electronic Arts Shrinks Loss, but Shares Fall on Forecast: The publisher released its results, which analysts had expected to disappoint, after the regular market session ended.177
2260. Big City: Seeing How Far $100, and a Bit of Creative Generosity, Can Go: A writer in Brooklyn is celebrating four years of giving her friends a fistful of cash and challenging them to find interesting ways to donate.216
2261. Publishers Win a Bout in E-Book Price Fight: Publishers have managed to take some control — at least temporarily — of how much consumers pay for their content.173
2262. Paperwork Hinders Airlifts of Haitian Children: Doctors and aid workers are wrestling with the burden of proving that they are not illegally transporting children, whose risk of dying is rising while the paperwork awaits.221
2263. News Analysis: For Human Spaceflight, Can Measured Beat Bold?: The Obama administration is trying to keep humans flying in space, but will its measured proposals succeed?170
2264. Blacks Question Obama's Approach to Race: A quiet observation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday last month was typical of the president, whose low-key stance on race is frustrating some black leaders and scholars.220
2265. John P. Murtha, Congressman, Dies at 77: Representative Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, served 35 years in Congress, and was alternately respected and feared by colleagues.173
2266. Available Soon at a Barnes & Noble Near You: The Nook: Want to do more than look at a Nook? Starting Wednesday, Barnes & Noble will finally have its e-book reader available for sale in its bookstores.200
2267. Dow Closes Below 10,000 for First Time Since Nov. 4: In what is expected to be a quiet week in terms of economic news, traders are still grappling with concerns over some European countries' debt.196
2268. SAP Ushers Out Chief as It Repairs Customer Relations: SAP, the German software maker, said Monday that it would focus on restoring its damaged customer relationships after a surprise management shake-up that cost the chief executive his job.242
2269. Google to Add Social Features to Gmail: Google will unveil add-ons to Gmail that let people post and view messages about their day-to-day activities.149
2270. 10th Person in Galleon Insider Case Pleads Guilty: A former executive of Intel became the 10th person to plead guilty in the Galleon Group insider trading case after admitting in court on Monday afternoon that he had passed confidential corporate information to Galleon's founder, Raj Rajaratnam.296
2271. Congressman Murtha Dies: The Pennsylvania congressman was 77.61
2272. Michael Jackson's Doctor Is Charged With Manslaughter: The doctor, Conrad Murray, provided Mr. Jackson with a powerful anesthetic that was ruled a major factor in his death.173
2273. China Announces Arrests in Hacking Crackdown: Police officers also seized money and equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars during the crackdown, which occurred in November, state media reported over the past two days.227
2274. Ukraine Opposition Leader Appears to Win Election: Nearly complete poll results showed Viktor F. Yanukovich to be the winner of Ukraine's presidential election but Prime Minister Yulia V. Tymoshenko refused to concede.218
2275. Job Postings Hint at Amazon's Plans for the Kindle: While Amazon goes on a hiring spree for its Kindle division, hiring color LCD managers and Wi-Fi specialists, where does the company take the Kindle from here?211
2276. After the Parade, Saints Face Many Decisions: The Super Bowl champion Saints have 29 free agents — 11 of them unrestricted — heading into next season.164
2277. Risks, and Perhaps Rewards, in Obama's Health Summit: The president's proposed summit raises expectations, and questions, in Washington.136
2278. Iron Checkbook Shapes Cultural Los Angeles: Eli Broad dominates the arts in Los Angeles with a force that has no parallel in any major city.140
2279. Shakespeare Troupe Plans Residency in New York in 2011: The Royal Shakespeare Company will hold court in Manhattan for an unprecedented six-week, five-play residency inside the Park Avenue Armory.196
2280. Sidebar: A Mediocre Criminal, but an Unmatched Jailhouse Lawyer: While in prison, a former bank robber transformed himself into an accomplished Supreme Court practitioner.171
2281. Damage From Blast Hinders Rescue in Connecticut: Amid the power plant's twisted beams and cracked flooring, officials suspended the search for survivors early Monday, fearing for the rescue workers' safety.206
2282. Iran's Nuclear Move Prompts New Calls for Sanctions: After Iran notified the U.N. nuclear agency of plans to enrich its uranium, officials from the U.S., France and Russia called for stronger measures against Tehran.216
2283. Imagining a World of Hardware Mashups: Futurists look for "weak signals" that suggest where the world is heading. In technology, the signals may be pointing to hardware mashups.177
2284. Precise Under Pressure, Brees Completes His Quest: Drew Brees, just like the city that adopted him as its quarterback, has been battered and bruised over the years, but a victory in Super Bowl XLIV provided him a special vindication.233
2285. In Secret, Nations Work Toward Crackdown on Piracy: Negotiators, under intense pressure from media companies, luxury brands and other corporate victims of piracy to complete a deal, are facing criticism over the process.220
2286. Officer Is Shot and Suspect Is Killed in Newark: The police said the circumstances of the shooting, which left a sheriff's officer in critical but stable condition, were not clear.180
2287. How the Letterman-Oprah-Leno Super Bowl Ad Came Together: How the Super Bowl ad featuring David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno came together.148
2288. Desperate Search for Victims of Explosion in Connecticut: Efforts to find survivors are hindered by an absence of information about how many people were working at the site.173
2289. Sports of The Times: Battle for N.F.L.'s Ultimate Prize: Its Money: In the wake of the season's biggest game, the N.F.L. and its players union prepare for a clash with even bigger stakes.187
2290. TV Sports: Emotions Blur Lines During Burress Interview: Bill Cowher's interview with the former Giant Plaxico Burress on CBS's Super Bowl pregame show would have been better without the show of support at the beginning.220
2291. Music Review: In 12 Minutes, Flashes of Age and Familiarity: The Who chose a repertory from Pete Townshend's ambitious late-1960s albums and afterward, music born to be heard in arenas and stadiums.198
2292. Media Cache: Free vs. Paid, Murdoch vs. Rusbridger: The head of News Corp. and the editor of The Guardian are facing off over whether newspapers should charge for content on the Web.182
2293. Kindle Books in Snack Sizes: FT Press is selling stripped-down, 1,000- to 2,000-word versions of books, for $1.99, and a new series of essays of about 5,000 words, for $2.99.174
2294. Link by Link: Super Bowl Merchandise and the Bets Behind It: A Web site selling licensed Super Bowl merchandise mines the Web — and maybe a sports bar — and finds greater interest in the Saints.208
2295. The Fight Over Who Sets Prices at the Online Mall: Major brands and manufacturers — and now, book publishers — are deploying new tactics and tools to control how their products are presented and priced online.223
2296. Saints 31, Colts 17: Saints Snare Win From Manning: The Saints, long associated with losing and disappointing their fans, defeated Peyton Manning and the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV and gave New Orleans a reason to cheer.218
2297. Irked, Wall St. Hedges Its Bet on Democrats: Bankers, unhappy at the president's proposals for tighter financial regulations, are shifting donations to Republicans.164
2298. A Well-Written War, Told in the First Person: A new group of soldier-writers explore the futility of war — but wars that they for the most part support.159
2299. Advertising: In Super Bowl Commercials, the Nostalgia Bowl: Madison Avenue played it safe, dusting off characters like Sock Monkey and calling in stars of yore like Abe Vigoda.176
2300. Cry for Self-Rule by Sri Lanka's Tamils Is Muffled by Reality: After nearly three decades of war, any hope of self-rule among the country's Tamil minority appears to have been dashed by last month's presidential election.221
2301. After Turmoil at Merrill, Thain Will Lead the Lender CIT: John A. Thain is seeking to leave behind the controversies that haunted his final days at Merrill after it was acquired by Bank of America.197
2302. Sarobi Journal: Afghans Are Not Slowed by White-Knuckle Route: In Afghanistan, a road that runs through a mountain gorge between Kabul and Jalalabad holds its own terrors.171
2303. Toyota Is Expected to Add 2010 Prius to Recalls: The decision to recall at least 311,000 2010 Prius cars will be announced early this week, adding to the automaker's woes after recalls of other models.201
2304. For Students at Risk, Early College Proves a Draw: Early-college schools, once for the affluent and overachieving, are serving more low-income students.152
2305. Super Bowl Ad Watch: Blogging the Commercials: Super Bowl Ad Watch: A running look at the other side of the big game.117
2306. Toyota Extends Recall to 2010 Prius Model Cars: The decision to recall at least 311,000 2010 Prius cars will be announced early this week, and comes after a flurry of complaints about poor braking.197
2307. Former Vice President Leads as Costa Ricans Vote: The election could give the country its first woman president after a campaign dominated by voters' concerns over rising crime.177
2308. Obama to Hold Bipartisan Summit on Health Care: The meeting would mark the first time in the long health care debate that leaders from both sides would be allowed to air their ideas publicly.191
2309. Live: Super Bowl XLIV Pregame: New York Times reporters and editors provide live analysis from Miami of Super Bowl XLIV between the Colts and Saints.149
2310. Snow Recovery Slow Going in Mid-Atlantic: Residents tried to restore electricity and mobility, but it seemed unlikely that life would return to normal by the beginning of the workweek on Monday.194
2311. Los Angeles Suburbs Dig Out After Mudslides: Crews waded through thigh-high mud to check for gas leaks and survey damage as evacuated residents waited to find out if they could return to their homes.199
2312. In Compromise, Iraq Court to Review Candidates: Iraq staggered toward a resolution of its election crisis as the country's leaders gave a court time to reconsider a ban on candidates barred from next month's election.217
2313. Casualties Expected From Connecticut Explosion: A power plant under construction in Middletown, Conn., experienced a massive explosion on Sunday.145
2314. Is Google Running a Super Bowl Ad?: In a move that would mark a departure for Google's marketing efforts, the company is expected to air an ad during the Super Bowl.166
2315. Sunday Routine | Margaret Chin: With These Pancakes, No Sleeping In: The first Chinese-American elected to represent Chinatown, Margaret Chin goes to churches and civic meetings before cooking and ironing.205
2316. Palin Responds to 'Run, Sarah, Run': Sarah Palin said she would consider a run for president in 2012 "if I believe that that is the right thing to do for our country and for the Palin family."192
2317. Saints Aren't the First to Call on Fleur Power: The fleur-de-lis has come to be the symbol of the Saints. But it has been the symbol of many other things.154
2318. Iran's President Moves Ahead on Uranium Processing: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered Iran's atomic energy agency to begin producing a special form of uranium that could move the country closer to possessing fuel usable in nuclear weapons.243
2319. Peyton Manning's Case for Being the Best Ever: Peyton Manning is not just the N.F.L.'s most valuable player for the fourth time, but perhaps the dominant player of his generation.179
2320. With Orange Revolution in Mind, Ukrainians Vote: Ukrainians voted for president in an election that is shaping up as a verdict on the impact of the 2004 Orange Revolution.171
2321. A Valentine's Day Sampler as Famous New Yorkers Kiss and Tell: There are many ways to say "I love you,'' especially with Valentine's Day around the corner. But here's how some famous New Yorkers did it.202
2322. Cloudy Weather Halts Shuttle Launch: The launching of the space shuttle Endeavour was postponed a day because of thick clouds that moved during the last few hours of the countdown.180
2323. Iran's Leader Orders Higher Enrichment of Uranium: TEHRAN (Reuters) - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday told Iran's Atomic Energy Organization to start work on producing nuclear fuel for a Tehran research reactor, casting renewed doubt on the prospects for an international swap deal.290
2324. Poetic Connections: You-Caught-My-Eyes as Creative Kindling: The Missed Connections listings on Craigslist have inspired the work of New York city artists, comics and playwrights.179
2325. Chicago News Cooperative: A High-Tech Alternative for Hollywood Hopefuls: The Flashpoint Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, one of the country's most curious educational institutions, has drawn praise from some big names in Hollywood.235
2326. Corner Office: Now, Put Yourself In My Shoes: Susan Docherty of General Motors says that by asking potential hires how they would perform her job, she gets an idea of how they think on their feet.196
2327. Slipstream: Better Loving Through Chemistry: Through the use of various tests, a handful of dating Web sites are competing to impose some structure on the quest for love.170
2328. Digital Domain: Buy Now, Pay Later (Maybe With Your Allowance): On FooPets and Puzzle Pirates, young players can buy virtual goods like pet food through Kwedit, with a promise to pay later.189
2329. In Texas, a Trial and Possible Prison Time for Reporting a Doctor: A nurse is facing third-degree felony charges for informing state regulators that a doctor at her rural hospital was practicing bad medicine.208
2330. Sunday Routine | Alice Waters: Time to Catch Up With Herself: Alice Waters, the founder of Chez Panisse, takes Sundays to sleep a little later and get ready to begin the week — and, of course, to check out what's in the garden.234
2331. Is Debt Trashing the Euro?: Deficit spending by weaker states is hurting the entire euro zone, but the European Union hasn't cracked down.138
2332. Palin Assails Obama at Tea Party Meeting: Sarah Palin gave the Tea Party crowd exactly what they wanted to hear, complaining about bailouts and deficits and taking several swipes at President Obama.198
2333. Landrieu Takes Mayoral Seat in New Orleans: Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu won the election by a wide margin and became the first white man to hold the position since his father, Moon Landrieu, left office in 1978.207
2334. Bleak Portrait of Haiti Orphanages Raises Fears: The authorities fear that some less scrupulous orphanages are taking advantage of the chaos to round up children in crisis and offer them for sale as servants and sex slaves.223
2335. Smith, Rice Lead 7 New Football Hall of Famers: The N.F.L.'s career receiving and rushing leaders are joined in the Hall by John Randle, Russ Grimm, Rickey Jackson, Floyd Little and Dick LeBeau.194
2336. Iraqi Group Says It Captured American: An Iraqi militant group said it had abducted an American contractor, a day after the United States military reported that a contractor had been missing.191
2337. New Albany Journal: A Voting Result That Faulkner Could Drink To: In a couple of months, a person will be able to buy a beer legally in New Albany, Miss., William Faulkner's birthplace, for the first time in more than 50 years.227
2338. Group of 7 Vows to Keep Cash Flowing: The Group of 7 finance ministers, who are meeting in Canada, want to keep support for their economic recoveries while pledging to tackle their debt levels once sustained growth returns.223
2339. Political Notebook: Tea Party Looks to Move From Fringe to Force: About 600 people gathered to get serious about electing conservatives.136
2340. Police Manipulated Crime Data, Retired City Officials Say: More than a hundred retired New York captains and higher-ranking officials said in a survey that pressure led some supervisors and commanders to manipulate statistics.226
2341. Goldman Helped Push A.I.G. to Precipice: The bank's demands for billions of dollars from the insurer bled it of cash, which the government later provided.154
2342. Complaint Box | Online Insults: Political blogs, celebrity blogs, literary blogs and, yes, even some mommy blogs have one overwhelming thing in common: snark.158
2343. Gates Scoffs at Iran Nuclear Claim: The United States and Germany rejected Iran's assertion that it was close to accepting an international compromise on enriching uranium abroad.179
2344. Toyota's Pattern Is Slow Response on Safety Issues: Toyota's recent recalls and disclosures are part of a long-term pattern in which the automaker has often reacted slowly to safety concerns.191
2345. Notes From the Tea Party Convention: In Nashville, about 600 people gathered to get serious about electing conservative candidates.131
2346. Afghans Mistaken for Militants Killed: Villagers from Pakistan strayed too close to a border checkpoint and were killed when Afghan forces believed they were trying to overrun the post.185
2347. Delays and Rules Do Little to Tamp Down Contests for Parliament in Iraq: On the streets, and even on Facebook, candidates are seeking to sway a crucial vote that will define the political landscape for the next four years.222
2348. Obama Rallies the Party Faithful: The president urges Democrats at their annual winter meeting to keep moving forward, and not to be discouraged by recent losses in elections or on the health care front.203
2349. Snow Cripples Nation's Capital: A storm continued in some parts of the mid-Atlantic region Saturday, dumping nearly two feet of wet, heavy snow that had cut power to about 200,000 residents.190
2350. Gay Marriage Puts Mexico City at Center of Debate: A new Mexico City law goes into effect March 4 that will allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, propelling the city to the forefront of the global gay rights movement.231
2351. Ivory Coast, Eager for Vote, May Leave Many Out: Ivory Coast is stumbling toward a presidential election. But about million residents are not eligible to vote.159
2352. Gates Disputes Iran Nuclear Deal: ANKARA (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Saturday he saw no sign a deal was close between Iran and Western powers on exchanging some of its low-enriched uranium (LEU) for higher-grade fuel, suggesting it was time to move forward with sanctions.295
2353. O.K., Russia, Time to Work It: Western-style fitness is beginning to catch on among Russia's wealthy.101
2354. Devils' Organist Remains Part of Arena's Rhythm: The arena organist is alive and well in Newark, churning out the tunes between commercials and short blasts of high-energy music.178
2355. Sarah Palin, Vocal and Ready ... but for What?: Ms. Palin represents a new breed of unelected public official operating in an environment in which politics, news media and celebrity are fused as never before.208
2356. One Bowl = 2 Servings. F.D.A. May Fix That.: The F.D.A. may update serving sizes for foods like chips, cookies and ice cream to reflect how Americans really eat.161
2357. Anti-Abortion Ads Split Atlanta: Scores of billboards with an alarming message "Black children are an endangered species" have been erected in the Atlanta area.160
2358. News Analysis: Democrats Ask, Can Health Care Bill Be Saved?: President Obama pushes for a final bill, but didn't say how he would resolve the questions of policy, procedure and politics facing Congress.203
2359. After Escaping Jobless Rolls, Pain and Trauma May Linger: People returning to work after a period of unemployment are grappling with newfound insecurities and scaled-back budgets; reshaped priorities and broken relationships.225
2360. Bruised Maid Dies at 12, and Pakistan Seethes: The death of Shazia Masih, a wisp of a girl from a bone-poor family, has served as a vivid reminder of the powerlessness of the poor in Pakistan.192
2361. Southern Discomfort: With Mark Sanford in his final year in office, Jenny Sanford is publishing her elegant evisceration of a memoir, "Staying True."149
2362. Iran Signals Uranium Deal May Be Near: The West may balk at Tehran's condition: that it set the amounts of uranium to be enriched.130
2363. In Visit to Fox News, Jon Stewart Faults Fox News: This week on "The O'Reilly Factor," the comedian delivered one of the most sustained criticisms of the cable channel ever heard on one of its programs.202
2364. For iPhone Users, TV over 3G: AT&T has cleared Slingbox to transmit your home TV signal over the 3G network, providing TV without a Wi-Fi connection. Now it needs Apple's approval.180
2365. Macmillan Books Return to Amazon After Dispute: and the book publisher Macmillan finally settled their week-long dispute, restoring Macmillan books to the site.171
2366. Superbowl XLIV Apps to Load Before Kickoff: This Super Bowl weekend, whether you are rooting for the New Orleans Saints or that other team, there is a dog pile of apps to can enhance the game.192
2367. More on Online Language Learning: In addition to the online language learning programs discussed in a recent Times article, here are several more that may be of interest.170
2368. Haiti Hospital's Fight Against TB Falls to One Man: The sole worker at Haiti's only tuberculosis sanatorium fears an outbreak of a treatment-resistant strain.158
2369. Saturday Profile: Ukraine's Premier Stumps for Her Turn at the Top: Yulia V. Tymoshenko, a heroine of the Orange Revolution, has trailed in the polls leading to the presidential runoff on Sunday.195
2370. Greek Financial Crisis Proves Test for Euro Zone: Anxieties about the health of the euro go to the central dilemma of the European Union: the grip of states over economic policy, which makes it hard for the union as a whole to deal well politically with a crisis.263
2371. Goldman Chief's $9 Million Bonus Falls Below Expectations: The sum paid to Lloyd C. Blankfein was an apparent effort to defuse the public rancor over financial executives' compensation.185
2372. Jackson's Doctor to Face Charges Monday: The doctor who was treating Michael Jackson when he died suddenly in June will face charges on Monday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced.204
2373. A Search Engine That Relies on Humans: Aardvark, a social search company, is developing a new paradigm for Web searches that taps into social networks, not automated formulas, to provide answers to queries.206
2374. Testing Your Internet Speed: Advanced Edition: Other ways to check on the speed of your Internet connection.108
2375. Boy Found Dead in Midtown Hotel: Relatives of a woman found with the 9-year-old boy called the police, worried that something might have happened to him.153
2376. Brees's Colleagues See an Amazing Athlete Within: Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been described as a thinker, an overachiever and an underdog. But an athlete?161
2377. Tea Party Group Plans Political Action Committee: Gathering at their inaugural convention, organizers said they aim to raise $10 million this year, and hope to back conservative candidates in five races to start.212
2378. Film: Cue the Director's Adrenaline: With "Shutter Island," Martin Scorsese finds his next "something else."108
2379. Debt Problems Chip Away at Fortress Europe: For the 16 countries that use the euro, a question about whether a single central bank can manage the divergent economic and financial conditions of its members.205
2380. Allies in Afghanistan Will Get Armored Transports, Gates Says: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates pledged armored transport vehicles and other equipment to foreign troops to help protect them against roadside bombs.214
2381. The Twitter Train: George Packer Responds: New Yorker writer George Packer elaborates on his reluctance to use Twitter and other social networking services.156
2382. Chinese Firm Claims Apple Stole iPad Design and Name: Usually, it's a Western company accusing a Chinese company of stealing its designs. This time, a Chinese firm says that Apple stole the name and design of the iPad.218
2383. New York City Plans to Topple Public Housing Towers: For the first time in its 75-year history, the New York City Housing Authority wants to knock down an entire high-rise complex.180
2384. White House Blasts Shelby Hold on Nominees: The administration takes issue with a move by the Alabama Republican senator to hold up nominations for government posts over some home-state projects.195
2385. Talks With G.O.P. on Financial Bill at 'Impasse,' Dodd Says: Sen. Christopher J. Dodd indicated that Democrats would forge ahead with their own bill, following months of talks that had been aimed at reaching a bipartisan consensus.231
2386. On Religion: An Offensive Tackle Named Shlomo: Faith and pride drove Alan Veingrad during his pro football career, much as they do in his life now in the sharing of his story with other Jews.191
2387. JPMorgan's Dimon Gets $17 Million Bonus: JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon pulled in a roughly $17 million bonus in restricted stock and options for 2009, making him one of the best-paid banking chiefs around.204
2388. He's So Vain: The life of Warren Beatty, a man as hungry for artistic control as he was for women.98
2389. Obama Statue to Leave Indonesian Park: The decision to put up a statue of President Obama as a 10-year-old in a public park had been criticized, on grounds that Mr. Obama had only lived there as a child.203
2390. East Coast Braces for Heavy Snow: A major winter storm is expected to dump two feet of snow and potentially paralyze Washington for the second time this season.160
2391. On Wall Street, a Muted Response to Jobless Data: In early trading, the major indexes on Wall Street were flat, as investors took in the latest American unemployment report.173
2392. Blasts in Pakistan Kill Shiite Worshipers: A bomb ripped through a bus carrying Shiite Muslims in Karachi, and barely two hours later, another blast struck at a hospital where many of the wounded had been taken.211
2393. Jobless Rate Down to 9.7%; 20,000 Jobs Lost in January: Revisions to earlier months' data show a downturn deeper than had been thought, raising concern that a recovery would be slow to come.190
2394. Beneath Brown Bags, Saints Had Loyal Fans: Paper bags became the symbol for all the fans had to endure, but New Orleans's football team had rabid fans from the start.166
2395. Britain and Ireland Hail N. Ireland Agreement: The prime ministers of Ireland and Britain unveiled a breakthrough agreement Friday that saves Northern Ireland's Catholic-Protestant unity government.198
2396. Magazine Preview: Lindsey Vonn at the Summit: Getting to the top hasn't been easy. But with her crashes both athletic and personal behind her, a dominant Lindsey Vonn is ready to embrace her Olympic moment.206
2397. Toyota Considers Prius Recall for Brake Problem: Company officials in Japan were considering a recall of the 2010 Prius hybrid because of a flaw in the car's braking system. The company is to hold a news conference at 7 AM ET.226
2398. Deal Saves N. Ireland Government: The prime ministers of Britain and Ireland unveiled a breakthrough agreement Friday that saves Northern Ireland's Catholic-Protestant unity government.185
2399. Deadly Bomb Hits Shiites in Pakistan: KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) -- Officials say a motorcycle bomb struck a bus carrying Shiite Muslim worshippers in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, killing at least 11 people.214
2400. Inside Art: O! Say, You Can Bid on a Johns: The public will be able to see four works owned by Michael Crichton that Christie's is to sell on behalf of his estate in New York at the evening auctions in May.206
2401. U.S. Military Faults Leaders in Deadly Attack on Base: Issued on Friday, the military's account of a deadly Taliban attack in October suggested that any sanctions would be against higher-level officers.202
2402. North Korea Says It Will Release U.S. Missionary: North Korea said Friday it would release an American who illegally entered the country on Christmas Day to urge its leader, Kim Jong-il, to resign.197
2403. An Inn Is an Oasis From Environmental Affronts: The Topia Inn in the Berkshires is a laboratory of sustainability with an artsy vibe.133
2404. The Puppy Diaries: The Tao of Temple: According to Temple Grandin, the revered expert in animal behavior, it's fine to treat your dog like a child.147
2405. Behind Film's Drama, a Tale Like a Country Song: A battle is in progress over the estate of the songwriter Stephen Bruton, who co-produced the "Crazy Heart" soundtrack.168
2406. Obama Maps a Way Forward for a Health Overhaul: At a fund-raiser on Thursday, the president presented his clearest plan yet to move forward with comprehensive health care legislation.183
2407. A Personal Assistant on Your iPhone: A start-up called Siri says it combines "speech recognition with a brain" in its new virtual personal assistant for the iPhone. The application is designed to perform simple tasks such as booking restaurant reservations.257
2408. Insulin Study Could Lead to New Dosage Devices: A new study points towards a different way of regulating children's glucose levels by using a continuous glucose monitor instead of the standard diabetes management system.220
2409. Compliant Witness Gets Probation in Galleon Case: Mark E. Lenowitz helped the government turn a former colleague into an informant, so a judge decided not to give Mr. Lenowitz a prison sentence.194
2410. Memo From Hanoi: Vietnam Enlists Allies to Stave Off China's Reach: Vietnam seeks to bring more players into talks so that China will have to bargain in a multilateral setting with all nations that have claims in the South China Sea.233
2411. Facing Re-election, Schumer Draws Breath: Senator Charles E. Schumer does not like talk of any Democrat's political mortality, particularly his own.148
2412. Mid-Atlantic Braces for Another Winter Storm: A major winter storm stretching from the Midwest to the Mississippi Valley was headed for the East Coast on Thursday, threatening to dump two feet of snow on the Mid-Atlantic.221
2413. In the Shadow of the Olympics: Five blocks from the site of the opening ceremony for the Winter Games, the Downtown Eastside is a neighborhood of blight, but also of some hope.176
2414. Lawsuit Over a Crash Adds to Toyota's Difficulties: A fatal crash not explained by brakes or mats is adding to the push for a broader inquiry into problems with sudden, unintended acceleration in Toyotas.204
2415. The Dozens of Computers That Make Modern Cars Go (and Stop): Even basic vehicles have at least 30 microprocessors, controlling functions like braking, cruise control and entertainment systems.192
2416. Mayoral Primary Gives New Orleans Another Contest This Weekend: The results will say much about how the city views race, how it views leadership and how it views its challenges in the immediate future.201
2417. Insulin Study Could Lead to New Dosage Devices: A new study points towards a different way of regulating children's glucose levels by using a continuous glucose monitor instead of the standard diabetes management system.220
2418. Lobbying Imperils Overhaul of Student Loans: An aggressive lobbying campaign by the nation's biggest student lenders has put a plan to end government subsidies to private lenders in peril.188
2419. Microsoft's Innovation Versus Dick Brass: Dick Brass, a former Microsoft employee, believes the company is becoming a failure and has lost its creative spark.158
2420. Justice Department Criticizes Revised Google Books Deal: While the Justice Department did not explicitly urge a rejection of the deal, its opposition on copyright, class action and antitrust grounds is a setback for Google.223
2421. New York City Names Winners of Apps Contest: A variation on Yelp for taxis and a high-tech guide to subway entrances took home top honors in a city contest for apps using municipal data.186
2422. For Hollywood, Stand-Ins Play California's Part: In an indignity for Hollywood's struggling film production business, filmmakers are using cheaper locales to stand in for Los Angeles, the capital of the movie industry.218
2423. North Korea Appears to Ease Markets Crackdown: If confirmed, the easing of controls could signal a political setback for North Korea's government after it introduced a new currency and closed private markets.208
2424. Medical Group Urges New Rules on Radiation: The American Society for Radiation Oncology issued a six-point plan that it said would improve safety and quality and reduce the chances of errors in medical radiation.212
2425. G.O.P. Senator Is Sworn In, and Democrats Regroup: President Obama and Congressional Democratic leaders sought to reset their agenda as they lost their 60th vote in the Senate on Thursday.188
2426. The First Wave of iPad Gadgets: Apple has a new device, which can mean, among other things, one certain thing: a brand new bunch of accessories for it.151
2427. Tech Talk Podcast: Navigating the Sea of Data on the Internet: This week's Tech Talk podcast examines controlled serendipity, Internet aggregation and the two major flavors of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system for PCs.223
2428. Brown Is Sworn In as the 41st Republican: The newly elected Republican from Massachusetts is formally put in the Senate to replace Edward M. Kennedy.149
2429. Sony Returns to a Quarterly Profit: The company also projected a smaller full-year loss, providing the latest evidence of how the global economic recovery is filtering through to corporate earnings.198
2430. AOL Snags Another Google Exec to Oversee Content: David Eun, who oversaw Google's relationships with media companies, has joined the newly independent AOL to drive its push into content.186
2431. Brown Sworn in as Senator From Massachusetts: Republican Scott Brown took over the seat of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy on Thursday, vowing to be an independent voice in a divided Senate.193
2432. Democrats Question Comcast-NBC Universal Deal: Lawmakers are concerned that Comcast's plan to take control of the NBC media empire would hurt consumers and rivals.163
2433. Hospital Chain Withdraws St. Vincent's Offer: The withdrawal by Continuum Health Partners further harms the nearly bankrupt hospital's prospects for survival.158
2434. Google Asks Spy Agency to Look Into Cyberattacks: The collaboration raises civil liberties issues and questions about how much Google knew when it said it might end its business operations in China.198
2435. Evidence Builds on Color of Dinosaurs: For the second time in two weeks, paleontologists provided insight into what the prehistoric creatures looked like.154
2436. Google Asks Spy Agency to Look Into Cyberattacks: The collaboration raises questions about how much Google knew when it said it might end its operations in China.162
2437. Plan for Free Access to a Cloud Computing Service: The National Science Foundation and Microsoft Corporation announced a three-year deal that would give American researchers much-needed computing power.202
2438. Americans Arrested in Haiti Await Word on Criminal Charges: Members of a Baptist group are expected to learn Thursday if they face charges for trying to take children out of the country.186
2439. Op-Ed Contributor: Microsoft's Creative Destruction: Why Microsoft, America's most famous and prosperous technology company, has failed to bring us the future.159
2440. House Passes Cybersecurity Bill: With concern rising over attacks in cyberspace, the House passes a bill to invigorate research and development in computer security.165
2441. Stocks Down on Sovereign Debt Fears: Two of Wall Street's biggest fears, a deteriorating jobs market and the debt woes of foreign governments, fed anxiety about the health of the global recovery.195
2442. Details Scarce as Democrats Outline Jobs Plan: Senate leaders presented only a scant outline of legislation they said they hoped to begin voting on next week.158
2443. Cuomo Sues Bank of America as It Settles With S.E.C.: The attorney general accused the bank and two executives of securities fraud. Meanwhile, the bank settled an S.E.C. claim for $150 million.193
2444. Super Bowl Q. and A. With Judy Battista: Judy Battista answers reader questions on Thursday.92
2445. A Year After Mumbai, India Offers to Talk With Pakistan: Pakistan has not responded yet to an invitation by India for the first high-level talks since the Mumbai attack.169
2446. Canceled: Health Meeting for Obama and Democrats: President Obama will meet at the White House this morning with Democratic Congressional leaders to discuss possible ways to proceed with major health care legislation.217
2447. Settlement Talks Reported in Ground Zero Workers' Suit: The first cases seeking compensation for 9/11 responders' illnesses and injuries are scheduled for trial on May 16. But a settlement plan has been drafted, the judge said.227
2448. AT&T Gives Green Light to Sling TV Over 3G: AT&T reverses its ban on Sling Media's iPhone application streaming television over its 3G data network. The decision allows users to watch their home television signal on their iPhones, iPods and soon, iPads.253
2449. Ski Cross Team Takes Hard Bumps Before the Olympics: Chances of a United States medal in the debut of ski cross at the Vancouver Games took a hit when the team's only competitors were injured.194
2450. Don DeLillo, a Writer by Accident Whose Course Is Deliberate: Don DeLillo got the idea for his new book, "Point Omega," when he happened upon Douglas Gordon's video installation "24 Hour Psycho" at the Museum of Modern Art.223
2451. China Shows Little Patience for U.S. Currency Pressure: Beijing signaled on Thursday that it had no sympathy for the American complaint that China's devalued currency is fueling a persistent trade gap between the countries.223
2452. China Hits Back at U.S. Over Currency: BEIJING (Reuters) - China dismissed on Thursday U.S. threats it would get tough with Beijing on trade and currency to ensure American goods did not face a competitive disadvantage, saying its yuan currency was at a reasonable level.271
2453. Toyota Admits Prius Brakes Had Design Problems: The hybrid-electric vehicles had problems with their anti-lock braking system, the company said Thursday, a blow the what was one of the symbols of the automaker's engineering prowess.232
2454. A Veritable Vision in Five-Inch Heels: Llorraine Neithardt, a Jungian-inspired clairvoyant, teaches the art of shoemaking from her Hell's Kitchen apartment.156
2455. Sun's Chief Executive Tweets His Resignation: Following his company's acquisition by Oracle, Jonathan Schwartz bid adieu as chief executive of Sun Microsystems with a haiku on Twitter.184
2456. Rivals Await Blankfein's Bonus at Goldman Sachs: The compensation for Lloyd C. Blankfein will set a new benchmark for pay throughout the banking industry.154
2457. Guru Indicted In 3 Deaths At Arizona Sweat Lodge: James Arthur Ray, who led a "Spiritual Warrior" retreat in Arizona that left three participants dead after a sweat lodge ceremony, was arrested on manslaughter charges.218
2458. Skin Deep: Zap or Chill? Targeting Fat Without Surgery: Two new devices target love handles without surgery, but it is too early for consumers to know how effectively either device works.187
2459. The Trials of a Former Boy Wonder: Zac Posen is in "survival mode" as a rough economy softens his brashness.108
2460. G.O.P. Group to Promote Conservative Ideas: A group of Republicans is copying a Democratic model and hoping to capitalize on the fund-raising possibilities opened up by a recent Supreme Court ruling.199
2461. The Technologically Savvy Lend a Hand in Haiti: With laptops and expertise, volunteers organized by a group called Crisis Commons have created open-source technology tools for aid relief and recovery in Haiti.209
2462. Parted From Time Warner, AOL Posts a Small Profit: The chief executive, Tim Armstrong, said AOL had become a "leaner and more nimble organization," having cut costs sharply.173
2463. Monster Buys Yahoo Job Site: Monster Worldwide said on Wednesday that it had agreed to buy Yahoo's HotJobs site for $225 million, citing an improving job market.161
2464. Comcast Profit Rises Sharply on Web and Phone Revenue: The company said it would change the brand name of its cable TV, Internet and phone service to XFinity.158
2465. While Baptist Group Is Questioned, Scientologists Are Praised in Haiti: On Wednesday, as a Haitian judge continued to question 10 Americans whose faith-based mission to Haiti went badly astray, the work of volunteer ministers from the Church of Scientology was lauded in a report on American television.303
2466. Currency Dispute Likely to Further Fray U.S.-China Ties: The Obama administration wants China to stop artificially depressing its currency, a policy that fuels its persistent trade gap with the United States.208
2467. Victims From Haiti Arrive in Atlanta: These were the first evacuees to arrive in the United States after the government decided to reimburse hospitals for treating patients injured in the earthquake.199
2468. Sports Business: A Manufacturer's Debt to Haiti: Two decades after it stopped making baseballs in Haiti, the sporting goods manufacturer Rawlings could help the devastated nation by reopening its assembly plant.211
2469. Troops Prepare and Publicize Offensive Against Taliban: The U.S. and Afghan militaries are about to launch their biggest joint offensive of the war, and appear to be making sure the Taliban know about it.204
2470. A Nut Store Survives, but the Roasters Are Vanishing: If you want them fresh and warm from the roaster, SP, in Lower Manhattan, is about all that's left.153
2471. National Prayer Breakfast Draws Controversy: An ethics group is asking President Obama to stay away from the National Prayer Breakfast, whose sponsor, the group says, has ties to anti-gay legislation in Uganda.210
2472. Pakistani Scientist Found Guilty of Shootings: Aafia Siddiqui faces a life sentence for shooting at Army and F.B.I. officials while in custody in Afghanistan.158
2473. U.S. Report Details Money Laundering: An investigation has shed new light on how major banks unwittingly shifted hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of politicians, their relatives and associates.202
2474. Critic's Notebook: The Sour Notes of Iran's Art Diplomacy: A tour across Europe by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra drew protests and the faint echo of an earlier era of cultural diplomacy.186
2475. Rebuilding Effort in Haiti Turns Away From Tents: Aid groups have begun favor of do-it-yourself housing with tarpaulins at first, followed by lumber.149
2476. NYT: Tech Talk for 02/04/2010: J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado discuss upgrading from a 32-bit to a 64-bit OS and how to tell whether it's the right move for you. Bettina Edelstein chats with Times technology reporter Nick Bilton about corralling all that Web content and the impact of all that sharing online. This week's tech term 0 brought to you by Pedro -- is "content aggregator." Plus, tech news, including new calls for the demise of Internet Explorer 6.471
2477. Guru Charged in Sweat Lodge Deaths: The authorities charged a New Age guru with three counts of manslaughter for deaths that happened after a sweat lodge ceremony he led in Arizona last year.191
2478. Top Football Recruit Chooses U.S.C.: The decision by Seantrel Henderson, a 6-foot-8, 340-pound left tackle from Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, capped a frantic final week of recruiting.186
2479. The Pluses, and Oddities, of 3-D TV: While 3-D hardware is coming out this year, it will cost quite a bit more than the bargain HDTVs of the last few years; expect to pay about $4,000 for a full package.203
2480. For Scots, a Scourge Unleashed by a Bottle: Buckfast has emerged as a symbol of Scotland's entrenched drinking problems at a time when it is urgently debating how to address them.179
2481. Is Amazon Building a Superkindle?: Amazon's move to purchase Touchco, a New York start-up that specializes in pressure-sensitive touch technology, could bring with it a Superkindle that competes directly with the Apple iPad.224
2482. Have a Medical Question? Text a Group of Doctors: A start-up called Truth on Call lets reporters, financial analysts, pharmaceutical executives and, soon, patients, text questions to a group of doctors.202
2483. In Scans, Patients Deemed 'Vegetative' Signal Yes or No: Experts said a finding could alter the way some head injuries were diagnosed and also raise ethical questions about consulting severely disabled patients on care.219
2484. Justice Defends Ruling on Finance: In a speech, Justice Clarence Thomas defended the Supreme Court ruling that President Obama criticized in his State of the Union address.172
2485. At London Sale, a Giacometti Sets a Record: One of Alberto Giacometti's best-loved bronzes, "Walking Man I," has broken the world record price for a work of art at auction, selling to an unidentified bidder for $92.5 million.225
2486. Cisco's Profit Surges 23 Percent: Revenue at the network equipment maker rose 8 percent in the second quarter. The financial performance exceeded expectations.159
2487. Bernanke Takes Oath at Fed, Quietly: The ceremony marking a second four-year term as Fed chief had none of the pomp and praise of four years ago.145
2488. Amazon Said to Buy Touch Start-Up: The company has acquired Touchco, a New York-based start-up, according to a person briefed on the deal.138
2489. State of the Art: Best Cameras for $300 or Less: An experiment begun in 2001 continues: Which camera offers the most bang for relatively few bucks?.148
2490. Amazon Is Said to Buy Touch-Screen Company: In a sign that Amazon wants to upgrade its Kindle e-reader to compete head-on with the Apple iPad, Amazon has acquired Touchco, a New York-based start-up specializing in touch-screen technology.238
2491. Pakistani Scientist Convicted of Attempted Murder: A Pakistani neuroscientist was convicted on Wednesday of attempted murder charges for trying to kill American soldiers and F.B.I. agents in Afghanistan.203
2492. Panel Absolves Climate Scientist: An academic board has largely cleared Dr. Michael E. Mann of misconduct arising from the unauthorized release of more than 1,000 e-mail messages.179
2493. Nepal Struggles to Integrate Army: Within months, Nepal must complete the final, and most difficult, piece of the 2006 peace agreement: integrating Maoist fighters into the country's security forces.199
2494. Time Warner's Movies Help It Swing to a Profit: The results provide more evidence that traditional media businesses may be pulling out of a prolonged downturn.159
2495. New Olympus PEN E-PL1 Is Aimed at Everyday Users: Olympus has announced a new slick-looking PEN Micro Four Thirds camera that is easy to use and priced at $600.160
2496. Russian Finance Minister Reveals Plan to Lift Technology: The government will order ministries to use an increasing percentage of their budgets to buy products that qualify as "innovative."189
2497. Iran Opposition Leaders Urge Defiance of Regime: Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hussein Moussavi are urging protesters to take to the streets on February 11.149
2498. Haiti Welcomes Back Those Who Left: For years, educated 0migr0s have tried to play a more vital role in Haiti's development, with little success. The earthquake has changed that.178
2499. Video Game Review | Mass Effect 2: Dragging Out a Galaxy Rescue: Mass Effect 2, more refined but less complex than its predecessor, melds the combat of a shooter with the storytelling and characterizations of a role-playing game.229
2500. In Illinois Primaries for Governor, Results Still in Doubt: Gov. Patrick J. Quinn, a Democrat, claimed victory, but his opponent didn't concede. The results in the Republican race were even murkier.198
2501. Though the Characters Are Lost, the Fans Try Not to Be: Tuesday night's season premiere of "Lost" seemed to be trying to strike a balance between the show's convoluted mythology and its more human, character-driven dimension.225
2502. Powell Favors Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': The former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff throws his support behind new efforts to undo the policy against openly gay members of the military.198
2503. Obama to Democrats: Don't 'Play It Safe': President Obama tried to rally senators from his party to keep on pushing health care and economic proposals.151
2504. Stop Driving Recalled Toyotas, Says Agency Chief: Ray LaHood, the Secretary of Transportation, advised owners of recalled Toyotas not to use them until they are repaired by a dealer.182
2505. At a Neglected Movie Palace, Cobwebs Are Given Notice: The ACE Theatrical Group has agreed to restore the once-majestic Loew's Kings Theater in Brooklyn, which opened in 1929.175
2506. Iraqi Court Overturns Ban on Hundreds of Candidates: By overturning the fiercely disputed ban of candidates for suspected ties to the Baath Party, the court may have averted a boycott of the national election.209
2507. Japan Tells Toyota to Test Prius Brakes for Defect: The Japanese government received 14 reports of brake trouble, in another blow for the automaker.148
2508. New York Haitians See Chance to Gain Clout: Many Haitians in the region see the disaster as an opening to talk about the direction of their community.150
2509. AOL Posts Profit, but Subscribers Dwindle: The company said that quarterly net income was $1.4 million, compared with a loss of $1.9 billion a year earlier, but revenue fell as it lost subscribers.197
2510. Critic's Notebook: If Meals Won Medals: Where to eat in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is among the best food towns in the history of the Winter Games.155
2511. Comcast Profit Rises on Tax Gain and Higher Revenue: Fourth-quarter earnings were sharply higher, as the nation's largest cable operator solidified its position as the biggest U.S. Internet service provider as well.215
2512. The Twitter Train Has Left the Station: How can the New Yorker writer George Packer dismiss Twitter as "crack for media addicts" without even trying the social networking service?179
2513. 3 U.S. Soldiers Die in Attack by Pakistan Militants: No American soldiers are formally stationed in Pakistan, and their presence, mainly for intelligence and training missions, has been handled with extreme discretion.218
2514. In Helping Haiti, Pierre Garcon Wins Fans in Miami: Pierre Garcon, a second-year receiver, has helped his parents' homeland while helping Indianapolis reach the Super Bowl.172
2515. Obama Acts to Engage G.O.P., Testing Party's Intentions: The outreach is a marked shift in White House strategy intended to share the burden of governing and force Republicans to make compromises or be portrayed as obstructionist.230
2516. Heel. Sit. Whisper. Good Dog.: Debarking, a procedure to quiet noisy dogs, is falling out of favor with veterinarians and animal rights advocates.146
2517. 'Avatar' Bolsters News Corp.'s Earnings: Buoyed by "Avatar," the highest-grossing movie to date, News Corporation's adjusted second-quarter earnings were 25 cents a share, a nickel above the average expectations of analysts.224
2518. Ford's Challenge to Gillibrand Splits Donors: Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand and Harold E. Ford Jr. are wooing and pressuring titans of finance to pick sides in what could be the marquee political battle of 2010.211
2519. For Some Survivors, Polio Won't Fade Into the Past: Post-polio syndrome later in life has refocused surviors' minds on how the virus shaped their lives.152
2520. Pornography, and an Issue of Restitution at a Price Set by the Victim: A bid to force possessors of child pornography to pay damages to a victim is part of a larger debate over fairness in sentencing sex offenders.214
2521. China's Defiance on Rights Stirs Fears for Dissident: Experts say the disappearance of a human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, with no official accounting or legal explanation, is a disturbing milestone.200
2522. Rosensweig Lands At Textbook Renter Veteran Silicon Valley executive Dan Rosensweig has left the top job at the Guitar Hero gaming franchise to take over, a fast-growing start-up that rents textbooks online.228
2523. Official Says Terrorism Suspect Is Cooperating: The man who allegedly attempted to blow up a jetliner on Christmas has started talking again to interrogators.158
2524. A.I.G. Plan for $100 Million Bonus Payout Draws Fire: The American International Group, the giant insurer rescued in the biggest government bailout ever, agreed to cut its next round of bonuses by $20 million, but it still came under political fire.249
2525. No Aid or Rebound in Sight, More Homeowners Just Walk Away: By June, an estimated 5.1 million homeowners will face a critical point, when a home's value falls below 75 percent of what is owed on the mortgage.208
2526. Google Adds Multi-Touch Features to Nexus One Phone: Users of Google's Nexus One smartphones will start seeing updates over the coming days that fix spotty 3G service and enable multi-touch navigation of maps, photos and the Web.229
2527. App of the Week: Free Calls, if You Don't Mind Ads: iCall lets you make free calls from your iPhone.100
2528. Guinea Brutality Set Stage for Surprising Calm: Something rare has happened in a region often given to brutal autocracy: power has been peacefully transferred to a civilian, just four months after an army massacre.214
2529. Official Says Terrorism Suspect Is Cooperating: The Christmas Day airplane terrorism suspect has been cooperating with investigators, a federal official said.158
2530. Dot-Com Crash Catches Up With Venture Capitalists: Ten-year venture capital returns are deteriorating, yet venture capital still outperformed the public markets.161
2531. Lawmakers Ask Toyota to Prove Fix Solves Problem: A House committee wants documents showing the electronic systems on cars were not at fault.141
2532. Intelligence Chief Says Cyberattack Threat Is Growing: Increasingly sophisticated enemies have "severely threatened" America's information systems, Dennis C. Blair told a Senate committee Tuesday.196
2533. Volcker Takes Tough Line on Trading by Banks: Paul A. Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman, pushed his plan on Tuesday to restrict the investment activities of large banks, telling the Senate Banking Committee that there was no "rationale for public funds - taxpayer funds - protecting and supporting essentially proprietary and speculative activities."361
2534. Slowly, Food Distribution in Haiti Improves: Paper coupons that can be redeemed for 55 pounds of rice under a new United Nations food program have become more valuable than Haitian money.187
2535. Nokia Gets Its Manos: Nokia has hired a former Microsoft data center guru, Mike Manos, to help it build a presence selling cloud computing services.148
2536. 'Avatar' and 'Hurt Locker' Lead Oscar Field: The Academy scattered its honors among an unusually wide field of contenders.122
2537. Blair Called a Liar in Iraq Inquiry: Days after Tony Blair offered an impassioned defense of his decision to take Britain to war in Iraq, a former cabinet minister delivered a blistering condemnation.200
2538. Macmillan Books Still Mostly Absent From While it seems to have surrendered to a publisher's demands for higher e-book prices, Amazon is still keeping many Macmillan books off of its site.200
2539. Obama Promotes Small-Business Lending Plan: Focusing on job creation in New Hampshire on Tuesday, President Obama promoted his $30 billion lending plan.152
2540. Intelligence Chief Says Cyber Threat Is Growing: Increasingly sophisticated enemies have "severely threatened" America's information systems, Dennis C. Blair told a Senate committee Tuesday.190
2541. Some News Outlets Ready to Try Charging Online Readers: A new Steven Brill endeavor enables news outlets to charge their online readers. The tattered news industry may be ready to give it a whirl.196
2542. A Look Under the Hood of Tesla Motors: Tesla's I.P.O. filing reveals that the company is behind on achieving its ambitious goals. But Elon Musk, its chief executive, has big financial incentives to get the company on track.223
2543. Top Defense Officials Seek to End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': Adm. Mike Mullen and Defense Secretary Robert Gates told a Senate panel they would review how to institute a policy allowing openly gay people to serve in the military.227
2544. Ford's Sales Rose 25% in January: The automaker expected an increase because of a stronger economy and Toyota's problems with its gas pedal system.147
2545. Preflight Error Had a Role in Buffalo Crash, Agency Says: An error made by the crew before takeoff was a key ingredient in the crash that killed 49 people, the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday.210
2546. Critical Care: The Decline of St. Vincent's Hospital: The 161-year-old Roman Catholic hospital in Greenwich Village faces an offer from a chain that would convert it to an outpatient center.190
2547. Extra Money for Science in Obama's Budget: The president's proposed spending plan would increase money for the Health and Human Services Department and the National Institutes of Health.186
2548. News Analysis: Billions for NASA, With a Push to Find New Ways Into Space: The budget would cancel the program to replace the space shuttles in favor of developing new technology.179
2549. Midterm Season Opens With Primary in Illinois: Voters went to the polls on Tuesday across Illinois, where Republicans are eager to make inroads in November.156
2550. Police Question Suspect in Fatal Brooklyn Fire: A man seen on videotape helping people out of the fire that killed five people in Brooklyn on Saturday is now in custody and is expected to be charged with setting the fire.221
2551. 'Avatar' and 'Hurt Locker' Lead the Oscar Field: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences scattered its honors among an unusually wide field of contenders on Tuesday.173
2552. YouTube's Take From Movie Rentals: $10,709.16: YouTube's first foray into online movie rentals began with very modest results.126
2553. What If You Could Wear Your Smartphone Like a Bracelet?: Asus is developing new form factors for computers, such as a bracelet and a roll-up tablet, that rely on flexible, ultralight displays.192
2554. Agnilux is Start-Up for 'Won't Say a Peep': A company full of former Apple engineers is busy working on, well, who knows what.127
2555. From the Archive: Magnum's Moving Images: More than 180,000 prints from Magnum Photos have been shipped to Texas. The intent is to make them more accessible than ever.167
2556. White House Watches Illinois Primary: The White House has a stake in every campaign across the country, but in no place is the investment more personal than Illinois, which heads to the polls on Tuesday.203
2557. Obama to Skip European Union Summit in Madrid: The White House said it was a scheduling matter, but European officials, who learned of the decision in the press, said as of two weeks ago, there had been no hint that President Obama would not attend.249
2558. Russians Rally Around a Falling Enclave: Once a charming Moscow neighborhood, Rechnik is now a battleground in a fight between the government and homeowners over ambiguous land laws.182
2559. China's New Travelers Aren't Far From Home: Spurred by a mix of middle-class money, government support and interest in rediscovering China, its domestic tourism market is beating predictions and bucking global trends.217
2560. At Issue: Counting the Jobs Created: Even with simplified definitions of "saved" or "created" jobs, there is confusion about the affect of the stimulus.152
2561. Feng Shui Master Is Denied Billionaire's Estate in Hong Kong: A judge ruled on Tuesday that the estate of Nina Wang, once Asia's richest woman, will not be going to her feng shui master and married lover.204
2562. Advertising: An Advocacy Ad Stirs a National Debate: The evangelical group, Focus on the Family, has purchased an ad for the Super Bowl that is expected to contain an anti-abortion message.189
2563. Yahoo Renews Deal to Use A.P. Material: It was not clear whether The A.P. won more money from the deal, or what it might mean for the company's talks with Google and Microsoft.176
2564. Hacking for Fun and Profit in China's Underworld: A young hacker let a reporter into his world of trolling for information that may one day be worth money.155
2565. Google Extends Outside Research Funding to New Fields: Google is stepping up its funding of university research with $5.7 million in grants focused in four fields: machine learning, the use of cellphones in data collection, energy efficiency in computing and privacy.267
2566. Football's First Family: Archie Manning, revered in New Orleans for his 11 seasons as quarterback of the Saints and his years of commitment to the city, says he can't root against his son.188
2567. A Twist in Wall St. Reform Talks: President Obama's proposals to tax and curb the activities of Wall Street have thrown an unpredictable element into the debate over financial regulatory reform.194
2568. A Haitian Town Tries to Stay Busy: It is the thirst for normalcy, not gain, that seems to drive business in L0og0ne's central square, where 2,500 people have moved since the earthquake.185
2569. In Some Ministries, Flock Is Now a Fight Team: Evangelical churches are embracing mixed martial arts in an effort to appeal to young men.137
2570. Paulson's Final Days at Treasury: Still More Bailouts: In his new memoir, former Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. makes clear that his final days in the Bush administration didn't lack for drama, even after the worst of the financial crisis had subsided.261
2571. Teenagers Speak Up on Salinger: Teenage readers share their thoughts about Holden Caulfield.92
2572. News Photos, on the Move, Make News: The entire collection of pictures amassed over more than half a century by the Magnum photo cooperative will now be accessible to scholars and the public.191
2573. For Fannie and Freddie, the Future Looks Cloudy: The Great Bailout is mostly over for the banks. For Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the lifeline keeps getting longer.163
2574. In China Underworld, Hacking for Fun and Profit: A young hacker let a reporter into his world of trolling for information that may one day be worth money.154
2575. News Analysis: Huge Deficits May Alter U.S. Politics and Global Power: Projections suggest there is virtually no room over the next decade for new domestic initiatives for President Obama or his successors.206
2576. Google Planning Store for Business Apps: Google plans to enlist Google Apps partners in stocking a new online store in an effort to bolster its enterprise software business.173
2577. Saving Tiny Toads Without a Home: Conservationists who have worked for years to sustain the Kihansi spray toad are unsure it can survive if it is returned to the wild.167
2578. Study Finds Growth Spurt Among East Coast Trees: Forests in the eastern U.S. appear to be growing faster in response to rising levels of carbon dioxide.152
2579. France Telecom's to Split Top Management Posts: France Telecom said its chairman and chief executive, Didier Lombard, had proposed to hand his role as chief executive over to Stephane Richard.192
2580. Extra Money for Science in Obama's Budget: The president's proposed spending plan would increase money for the Health and Human Services Department and the National Institutes of Health.186
2581. New Budget Assumes Passage of Health Care Bill: The $3.8 trillion budget released on Monday reflects multiple layers of optimism.129
2582. Countries Submit Emission Goals: A total of 55 developed and developing countries restated earlier pledges to curb emissions by 2020.133
2583. As Marines Move In, the Taliban Fight a Shadowy War: A joint American-Afghan operation in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, demonstrates how insurgents combine ancient signaling methods with modern weaponry.204
2584. At the iPad's Heart, a Little Chip Designed by Apple Itself: With the A4 chip, Apple has challenged the norms of the mobile device industry, where chip design is usually left to microprocessor companies.203
2585. What Does It Mean to Be an 'Independent' Contractor?: A new proposal tucked in the president's 2011 budget to curb the misclassification of workers.148
2586. Video: Ten Minutes With the Budget Printer: Robert Tapella, the public printer of the United States, is also this week's guest on "Ten Minutes," the video series on The Caucus.176
2587. With Bill Stalled, What if Talks Reopen?: Why aren't Democrats talking about writing a new bill?96
2588. A Little Chip Designed by Apple Itself: With the A4 chip, Apple has challenged the norms of the mobile device industry, where chip design is usually left to microprocessor companies.182
2589. Russia's Evolution, Seen Through Golden Arches: When McDonald's entered the Soviet Union, it had no choice but to supply itself. Now the last ingredient 0 burger buns 0 has been turned over to the private sector.212
2590. NYT: TimesTalks presents Natalie Portman: The New York Times' Patrick Healy talks to actress Natalie Portman.109
2591. Gates Shakes Up Leadership and Funding for F-35: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said he was replacing the general in charge of the Pentagon's largest weapons program and withholding millions from the contractor.214
2592. Presidential Condolences and Troop Suicides: The White House is reviewing the "no-letter" policy for families of active duty service members who commit suicide.160
2593. One On One: T.J. Creamer, Astronaut (Currently In Space): In an exclusive e-mail interview, astronaut T.J. Creamer talks about tweeting from space, diet and depth perception experiments on the space station, and a treadmill named Stephen Colbert.246
2594. Two Israeli Officers Reprimanded for Gaza Shelling: The announcement by the Israeli military was a rare admission of high-level wrongdoing.139
2595. 10 Americans Arrested in Haiti Await Charges: The members of a Baptist group were arrested for trying to take 33 children across the border.140
2596. One On One: T.J. Creamer, Astronaut (Currently In Space): In an exclusive e-mail interview, astronaut T.J. Creamer talks about tweeting from space, diet and depth perception experiments on the space station, and a treadmill named Stephen Colbert.246
2597. Grammys Attract Biggest Audience in Years: The ratings dwarf other recent awards shows.87
2598. Obama Calls for End to NASA's Moon Program: The budget would cancel the program to replace the space shuttles in favor of developing new technology.148
2599. Father of Terrorism Defendant Is Charged Again: The father of Najibullah Zazi, the Denver shuttle bus driver arrested in September on terrorism charges after a visit to New York, was charged with obstruction of justice in an indictment unsealed Monday.252
2600. Officer Jabbed Baton Between Man's Buttocks, Colleague Testifies: A police officer testified Monday morning that he saw the officer accused of abusing Michael Mineo jab a baton between Mr. Mineo's buttocks.206
2601. Manufacturing Expanded Last Month: The January data renewed hope that rising activity at the nation's factories may help lead the economy out of its downturn.158
2602. Trial to Open in Concorde Disaster: Nearly 10 years after a Concorde jet crashed on take-off from Paris, Continental Airlines and five individuals are due to stand trial Tuesday in a French criminal court.205
2603. Bruno Is Gone, but His Ride Remains: Democrats said a year ago that they planned to sell a vehicle used by the former Senate majority leader, but they have yet to do so.169
2604. Obama Calls for End to NASA's Moon Program: The budget would cancel the program to replace the space shuttles in favor of developing new technology.148
2605. Administration Outlines Proposed Changes to 'No Child' Law: Some of the proposed changes to the No Child Left Behind education law were outlined Monday morning in documents relating to the president's 2011 budget.213
2606. Europe Looms as Major Battleground for Google: On issues ranging from privacy to copyrights, clashes with European lawmakers, regulators and consumer advocates are escalating.175
2607. A Tougher 'A' at Princeton Has Students on Edge: Some 'Type-A' students on an Ivy League campus worry that the job market may punish them for grades lower than at other institutions.182
2608. Monday Puzzle: The Toiling Antomatons: "Avatar; poignantly reinforced a philosophical dilemma that I had first experienced many years ago while reading a science fiction story by the great Isaac Asimov, "That Thou Art Mindful of Him."234
2609. A Hidden Danger of 'an Aspirin a Day': Dr. Neena Abraham discusses the hazards of taking a baby aspirin a day.110
2610. Lazio Criticizes Cuomo for Dithering on Election Plans: Rick Lazio, the leading Republican candidate for governor, criticizes Attorney General Cuomo for waffling on whether he is running for governor.200
2611. New York City's Fire Department Braces for Budget Cuts: Officials are analyzing statistics, block by block, to determine how to most safely take engines and ladder trucks out of service.186
2612. Ask a Yoga Instructor: Taking Questions: Bryn Chrisman, a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and kirtan leader, responds to readers.123
2613. U.S. Church Protests Haiti's Arrests of Its Members: Members of an Idaho Baptist church were among 10 people detained for trying to take 33 children out of Haiti.162
2614. Converting Coal Plants to Biomass: A new study suggests that coal-powered generating plants retrofitted to run on a mixture of coal and dried wood pellets can be cost competitive -- and gentler on the climate.209
2615. Exxon's Profit Fell 23% in 4th Quarter: The decline reflected lower oil prices and weaker demand for fuels amid a slowing economy.130
2616. 'The War Against Suburbia': Monday | Today's idea: The Obama administration's city-focused, environmentalist "war against suburbia" helps explain the Democrats' recent electoral setbacks, a commentator writes. Urban-dense, "smart growth" policies may not be smart politics. [New Goegraphy]290
2617. Toyota Says It Will Start Fixing Recalled Cars This Week: The company said engineers have developed and "rigorously tested" a remedy that involves reinforcing the pedal to eliminate excess friction.198
2618. Scores Killed in Attack on Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq: At least 41 people were killed on the outskirts of Baghdad, officials said, as a suicide bomber struck at a procession.171
2619. Deficit to Increase $100 Billion Under Obama's New Budget: President Obama's proposed budget would bring this year's deficit to nearly $1.6 trillion, but help lower annual deficits over the next decade, officials said.218
2620. Showcase: It Couldn't Be, but It Is: Stephen Ferry saw the magic realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez from his first hours in Colombia. Then, as Valerie Lapinski reports, he set out to photograph the source.204
2621. Scandinavia At War: Expect no Viking surge42
2622. Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Baghdad: An Iraqi police official said a suicide bomber walking among Shiite pilgrims in northern Baghdad has detonated an explosives belt, killing at least 13 people.194
2623. Music: Michael Jackson Tribute a Standout in Grammy Telecast: The 52nd annual Grammy Awards placed good intentions at the core of the show, with a Michael Jackson tribute that was also a protest: "Earth Song."209
2624. IPad Can't Play Flash Video, but It May Not Matter: Many video sites have been experimenting with a new format, HTML5, that may reduce an attitude that devices failing to support Adobe's Flash technology are wanting.216
2625. Obama to Field Questions Posted by YouTube Users: A White House official called the live Webcast "a way to give people access to the president that feels more participatory."174
2626. Britain Warned Businesses of Threat of Chinese Spying: A secret 2008 warning by the MI5 spy agency informed hundreds of British companies of a wide-ranging effort by China to hack into companies' computers and blackmail foreigners.231
2627. Bravo Works With Foursquare to Engage TV Fans on Phones: Foursquare's chief executive sees the partnership as a way to enhance his service with additional tips about restaurants and other locations.198
2628. Advertising: Pepsi Invites the Public to Do Good: Abstaining from the Super Bowl commercial scrim this year, Pepsi is instead inviting the public to vote on worthy causes to which it will donate money.201
2629. Biggest Haul at Grammys Goes to Beyonc0: Beyonc0 was the top winner at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards with six prizes, including song of the year for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."184
2630. Why the iPad Web Demo Was Full of Holes: While Apple may not come out and say it has no interest in supporting Adobe's Flash, its actions speak louder than words.162
2631. $100 Billion Increase in Deficit Is Forecast: The additional tax cuts and public works spending that President Obama has proposed would bring this year's deficit to nearly $1.6 trillion.186
2632. Forces Pushing Obama to Act on Gays in Military: A variety of 21st century forces have made overturning "don't ask, don't tell" a White House priority in 2010.159
2633. Robben Island Journal: Men Defend Historic Mandela Site ... From Rabbits: Robben Island is overrun with rabbits and managers have resorted to a gory solution: gunning them down.177
2634. U.S. Examines Whether Blackwater Tried Bribery: An inquiry will determine whether Blackwater officials tried to influence Iraqi officials in hopes of retaining work after a deadly shooting in 2007.197
2635. Toyota's Slow Awakening to a Deadly Problem: A fatal accident in August led Toyota to step up its inquiry of unintended acceleration, yet only last week did it come to terms with the problem's scope.199
2636. The Media Equation: To Deliver, iPad Needs Media Deals: The iPad is a device for consuming media, not creating it. So are the media providers ready to do business?.164
2637. Cornish Journal: A Recluse? Well, Not to His Neighbors: To the residents of Cornish, N.H., J. D. Salinger was not a recluse. He was a townsperson 0 just a guy called Jerry.172
2638. Obama Seeks Sweeping Change in 'No Child' Law: The changes would affect how schools are judged to be passing or failing, and would eliminate a deadline for academic proficiency.177
2639. Media Cache: Mobile Advertising Ready to Grow: Every year, forecasters predict that mobile advertising is going to be the next big thing in marketing. This year, there may be some reasons to listen.198
2640. Foursquare Teams With Bravo TV: Bravo TV will be offering rewards and other incentives tied to its shows to players of the mobile social gaming start-up, Foursquare.165
2641. Amazon Concedes on Electronic Book Pricing: The book retailer is selling Macmillan's products again after halting sales over the company's attempts to set higher prices for its online books.190
2642. An Electric Boost for Bicyclists: The booming Chinese electric-bike industry is spurring impressive sales in India, Europe and the United States.145
2643. Gunmen in Mexico Kill 13 at Party: The attack in the violent border city of Ciudad Ju0rez bore the signs of the drug-related violence that has killed thousands.160
2644. An Electric Boost for Bicyclists: The booming Chinese electric-bike industry is spurring impressive sales in India, Europe and the United States.145
2645. F.D.A. Aims at Doctors' Drug Pitches: Dr. Leslie Baumann's comments in the media about an antiwrinkle drug violated restrictions on drug promotion, the agency said, in what is believed to be the first time an individual investigator was warned.244
2646. In Portland, Going Green and Growing Vertical in a Bid for Energy Savings: The federal government plans to plant a bold vertical garden with "vegetative fins" that will grow more than 200 feet high on the western fa0ade of the main federal building.249
2647. News Analysis: U.S. Starts to Push Back Against China in Growing Rift: In announcing an arms sales package to Taiwan, the U.S. leveled a direct strike at the heart of the most sensitive issue between the two countries.218
2648. Live Blog: The Grammy Awards: The Grammy Awards tend to be less about the accolades (though the winning artists will be more than happy to receive them) then it is about high-energy performances.195
2649. Amazon Concedes on Electronic Book Pricing: Amazon said that while it strongly disagreed with Macmillan's stance, it would concede to the publisher.148
2650. Museum Review | International Civil Rights Center and Museum: Four Men, a Counter and Soon, Revolution: The International Civil Rights Center and Museum reminds us that a cataclysmic transformation took place over the right to be ordinary.239
2651. One Noodle at a Time in Tokyo: Ramen, a simple concoction of broth and noodles, has inspired passion among Japanese and foreigners alike, and allows for a deeper understanding of the city itself.195
2652. Mel Gibson Can't Topple 'Avatar': The much-hyped return to the multiplex of Mel Gibson proved no threat to James Cameron's "Avatar."132
2653. Pakistani Taliban Leader Is Reported Dead: A state-run television report that Hakimullah Mehsud had died in a drone strike set off a storm of speculation about the fate of Pakistan's chief domestic enemy.204
2654. For Bulgarian Writer, Death Imitates Art: The killing of author Bobi Tsankov underscores how Bulgaria's homegrown mafia still holds sway over the country, experts say.167
2655. Disney Looking To Sell What's Left Of Miramax: Disney is in negotiations to sell off what's left of Miramax, the art-house studio founded by Harvey and Bob Weinstein.166
2656. Moving Your Business to a Smaller Market: Especially the today's economy, the advantages can be significant.108
2657. Plans for Airlift of Injured Haitians on Hold: The White House said it was working on a plan to resume a U.S. military airlift of Haitians seriously injured in the earthquake to American hospitals.197
2658. Bankers Put Focus on 'Real Economy': Jobs will be hard to find as the financial system and world economies are put on a firmer footing, key participants at the World Economic Forum said Sunday.193
2659. In Haiti, a Puzzling Drought of Tears: When the poorest lose all, they are twice robbed. In calamity, the effort to survive can steal even their will to stop and cry.166
2660. Directors Turn to 'Hurt Locker': The Directors Guild winner has gone on to win the best picture Oscar in 54 of 60 years, so awards pundits immediately began predicting that Kathryn Bigelow would go on to make history as the first female director to win an Oscar, or possibly two.279
2661. Excess Reigns at Super Bowl and That's No Ballyhoo: Since the Super Bowl began, the buildup has been interminable, the game sometimes anticlimactic, and the news media coverage ambivalent.188
2662. Thais Say North Korea Arms Were Iran-Bound: A large shipment of North Korean weapons seized in Bangkok in December was bound for an airport in Iran, according to a Thai government report.187
2663. Sunday Word: Budget Matters: Details on President Obama's budget proposal for the 2011 fiscal year are filtering out.117
2664. Chicago News Cooperative: As Lender, Chicago Senate Candidate Was Party to Bank Woes: The near-failure of Broadway Bank, which is the source of wealth that made Alexi Giannoulias a viable candidate, is threatening to make him a political non-entity again.255
2665. Qaddafi Chides African Union After Leadership Change: Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, failing in his bid to stay on as chairman of the African Union, said the pan-African group wasted time while failing to meet global challenges.226
2666. Watch the Grammy Awards With ArtsBeat: Jon Caramanica and Dave Itzkoff will be watching the show tonight and live blogging about the awards, performances and other surprises.174
2667. Federer Wins Australian Open Title: Roger Federer won his 16th Grand Slam championship, dusting Andy Murray in straights sets, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6.141
2668. Willie Mays, at 78, Decides to Tell His Story: The Hall of Famer is the subject of the forthcoming "Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend," the first time he has cooperated with a biographer.187
2669. A Look at America's New Hope: The Afghan Tribes: Afghanistan is built on its tribes. How they work. How power flows. Who matters most.134
2670. Vancouver's Former Mayor Remains Face of the Games: Sam Sullivan, a quadriplegic, captivated the world at the Turin Games when he waved the Olympic flag from his wheelchair at the closing ceremony.197
2671. The Importance of Being Ernie: The Fox 5 anchor has won a lot of fans during his three decades on the air, and he doesn't want to be remembered for a certain off-the-cuff remark about a chicken.194
2672. Site for Terror Trial Isn't Its Only Obstacle: The meltdown of a potential Manhattan 9/11 trial is the latest measure of the stubborn complexity of President Obama's national security inheritance.196
2673. On New, Spare Broadway, Less Scenery to Chew: For the big Broadway musical, surviving the recession often means that the sets are rarely stars anymore.151
2674. Iraq Mends a System to Treat Trauma: By 2006, fewer than 100 psychiatrists remained in Iraq, so the government has embarked on a program to rebuild its ruined mental health care system.185
2675. A Determined Quest to Bring Adoptive Ties to Foster Teenagers: Intensive searches in St. Louis for long-lost relatives of teenagers languishing in foster care reflect a growing national shift toward relatives as caretakers.223
2676. Haiti Is Again a Canvas for Approaches to Aid: A contentious debate is going on over whether a grand reconstruction plan can finally fix the country or would be doomed to repeat previous failures.196
2677. Where There's No Smoke, Altria Hopes There's Fire: The company once called Philip Morris is hoping the F.D.A. will go easier on Marlboro Snus, a spit-free smokeless pouch, than on Marlboro cigarettes.200
2678. Steve Jobs and the Economics of Elitism: In the universe of Steve Jobs, personal vision trumps the wisdom of the crowd. He's ready when he thinks we're ready.158
2679. Creators of 'Lost' Say the GPS Unit Is Plugged In: The end of the story of the mysterious island is near, although it hasn't even been written yet.147
2680. Toyota to Issue a Fix for Recalled Cars: The automaker has come up with a remedy for the accelerator pedals that could become stuck, which prompted a recall of millions of cars around the world.194
2681. Obama Budget Freezes Much Domestic Spending: The budget for fiscal year 2011, which begins in October, will identify the winners and losers behind the president's proposal for a three-year freeze of a portion of the budget.223
2682. Novelties: Recharging Your Cellphone, Mother Nature's Way: New solar panels use a photosensitive dye to start its energy production, much the way leaves use chlorophyll to begin photosynthesis.193
2683. Corner Office: Are You a C.E.O. of Something?: Mark Pincus, head of Zynga, a provider of online social games, says it's important to give employees a responsibility that makes them stretch.189
2684. Unboxed: Smart Dust? Not Quite, but We're Getting There: Some ambitious projects in sensor research offer a glimpse of where this fledgling field may be headed.160
2685. Davos 2010: Leaders in Davos Weigh Ways to Regain Trust: If there was one lesson from Davos, it was this: trust in governments, corporations and banks has become as elusive as sure footing on Davos's icy streets.212
2686. Political Memo: G.O.P. Facing Opportunities and Obstacles: At a moment of what appears to be great opportunity, the Republican Party continues to struggle with disputes over ideology and tactics as well as a lack of leadership.227
2687. City Critic: On the Plate, a Pinch or a Pound?: With salt the latest addition to the mayor's health hit list, we take a look at how much is in some of New York's favorite dishes.178
2688. U.N. Retools Food Distribution in Haiti: After two weeks of often-chaotic food distribution, the United Nations announced a coupon-based system to give rice to 10,000 Haitians a day at 16 locations.198
2689. U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf: The Obama administration is accelerating the deployment of a series of new defenses against possible Iranian missile attacks in the Persian Gulf, according to officials.220
2690. On the Hill: Northeastern Republicans Envision Comeback: The Republican Party is taking heart in some strong candidacies of late, including two races for the Senate.165
2691. China Leading Race to Make Clean Energy: Shifting to sustainable energy could leave the West dependent on technology from China, much as the developed world now depends on oil from the Mideast.193
2692. From High Jinks to Handcuffs: James O'Keefe III, a videographer accused of trying to tamper with a senator's phones, is one of many young conservatives who use pranks and recordings to upend what they view as liberal biases.224
2693. China Warns of Sanctions in Fallout Over Taiwan: A threat toward U.S. arms contractors came after Washington agreed to sell Taiwan $6.4 billion in arms.152
2694. The Places They Go When Banks Say No: As traditional banks have spurned small businesses, many have turned to firms that provide a relatively expensive alternative: purchase-order financing.190
2695. 5 Dead in Brooklyn Apartment Fire: Five people were killed when fire engulfed their apartments above a row of stores in Bensonhurst.132
2696. Is the iPad a Kid's Best Friend?: Why Apple may have created the ultimate plaything for kids.93
2697. China Halts Military Exchanges With U.S.: China suspended military exchange visits with the United States in protest over planned U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.156
2698. Williams Outlasts Henin to Win Australian Open: The three-set thriller showcased Serena Williams's big serve, ballistic forehand and unquenchable will to win as she turned back Justin Henin, 6-4, 3-6, 6-2.205
2699. In Casinos, New York Faces Uncertain Returns: With one coming to a Queens racetrack and others on the horizon, how many casinos are too many for the state?155
2700. To California, Moon Junk Is State Treasure: A state historical commission wants to raise awareness about California's contribution to the Apollo 11 moon mission, which left lots of detritus behind.197
2701. Complaint Box | Ubiquitous Pets: Differing views on the wisdom and manners of humans who go everywhere with their dogs.119
2702. Masculinity in a Spray Can: That smell wafting through middle-school hallways? It's tween boys trying on manhood.115
2703. Giving Life in a Land Overflowing With Pain: At a tent outside the general hospital in Port-au-Prince, now one of the better medical facilities in Haiti, the joy found in most maternity wards has been lost to the cracked earth.227
2704. Amazon Removes Macmillan Books: The move is one result of the strong disagreement between the Internet company and the publisher over the pricing of e-books.157
2705. Full of Tricks, White Dazzles in the Superpipe: Shaun White put on a flawless performance at the Winter X Games that reinforced his status as the gold-medal favorite at the Vancouver Olympics.192
2706. Tesla Motors Plans Public Offering to Raise $100 Million: The filing from Tesla Motors represents a landmark in the resurgence of electric car technology that most car makers until recently had dismissed as impractical.219
2707. Amazon Pulls Macmillan Books Over E-book Price Disagreement: Amazon removed Macmillan books from its site in a dispute over prices of e-books.142
2708. Generation B: Six Mississippis and Counting: A touch football league is called 12 Again. For two hours each Sunday morning that's how these middle-aged men feel.161
2709. Cost Dispute Halts Airlift of Injured Haiti Quake Victims: The United States has suspended its evacuations of critically injured Haitian earthquake victims until a dispute over who will pay for their care is settled.216
2710. Coaching Baseball Rookies for Life in the Limelight: Therapists and former major leaguers help top prospects avoid the pitfalls of living in the public eye.156
2711. Cardinals' Warner Walks Away After 12 Improbable Years: Kurt Warner announced his retirement after a dozen years in a league that at first rejected him, then revered him as he came from nowhere to lead the St. Louis Rams to two Super Bowls.240
2712. Off Script, Obama and the G.O.P. Vent Politely: President Obama attended a House Republican retreat for a robust debate on policies and politics with the opposition, a rarity in the scripted world of American politics.218
2713. U.S. to Move 9/11 Trial From New York City, Official Says: The Obama administration is said to have abandoned plans to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four other alleged Sept. 11 plotters in the heart of downtown Manhattan.222
2714. When Phones Are Just Too Smart: A research firm found that the average iPhone or iPod Touch owner uses 5 to 10 apps regularly.126
2715. U.S. Approves $6 Billion Arms Sale to Taiwan: The move is sure to enrage China and could possibly complicate the Obama administration's push to get Beijing's cooperation on Iran.178
2716. Jobless Turn to Family for Help, Often With Complications: When unemployment leads to borrowing from family and friends, the experience can be stressful.153
2717. New Teams Created to Connect Dots of Terror Plots: In response to the failed Christmas airliner bombing, the National Counterterrorism Center is creating teams of specialists to pursue emerging terror plots.207
2718. Nuclear Power Gets Strong Push From White House: The administration moved to promote nuclear power as a clean energy alternative, with a loan guarantee proposal and a commission to study waste disposal options.210
2719. Toyota Recall Hits 9 Million Cars Worldwide: The carmaker said up to 1.8 million cars in Europe could be affected and that it had identified a remedy.150
2720. Results of Study on Cellphone Use Surprise Researchers: A study conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute shows that laws banning cellphone use while driving has not resulted in a reduction in car crashes.208
2721. Its First Profit in 5 Quarters Pushes Kodak Stock Up 25%: Shares of the company jumped 25 percent, lifted by consumer and commercial inkjet printer sales, leaner costs and royalties.182
2722. Nokia Profit Rises on Smartphone Sales and Cost-Cutting: The company increased its share of the lucrative smartphone market and promised to deliver phones with enhanced touch-screens this year.193
2723. Amazon's Holiday Sales Buoyed Profit: Sales and net income both beat analysts' estimates as shoppers took advantage of holiday discounts and free shipping.155
2724. Loss Forecast at Motorola; Shares Drop: The company, which is trying to end a years-long sales slump, said it would introduce several new smartphones this year.160
2725. Samsung Forecasts Strong Year: Samsung Electronics expects rapidly recovering demand for its premium computer memory chips and flat screen TVs to drive growth this year as it reported better than expected quarterly profits Friday.230
2726. U.N. Mission Head in Afghanistan Met With Taliban Envoys: Kai Eide, the U.N. representative, spoke with members of the Taliban leadership this month to discuss the possibility of peace talks, officials said.207
2727. Clinton Warns China on Iran Sanctions: The secretary of state told China on Friday that it would face diplomatic isolation if it did not fall in line.150
2728. Jury Reaches Guilty Verdict in Murder of Abortion Doctor: It took jurors 37 minutes on Friday to convict Scott Roeder, an abortion opponent, of first-degree murder in the death of George R. Tiller.197
2729. Obama, House Republicans Debate Their Divisions: The president and House Republicans meet in Baltimore, discussing their different approaches to several issues.160
2730. Haitian Lawmakers Seek to Postpone Upcoming Elections: Haitian lawmakers plan to ask President Ren0 Pr0val to extend their terms of office by two years, United Nations officials said.183
2731. Law Has Little Effect on Early Release for Inmates: The New York law was lauded for its humanitarian and financial benefits, but it has had minimal impact.155
2732. Republicans Ready to Spar With Obama: Departing from tradition, a question-and-answer session with President Obama will be open to the media.141
2733. U.S. Economy Grew at Fastest Pace in 6 Years Last Quarter: The economy grew at an annualized rate of 5.7% in the quarter, faster than expected, but economists still worried about the sluggish job market.203
2734. Seeing Through the Apple (and "Avatar") Hyperbole: The iPad and the top-grossing movie of all time share a few things in common.128
2735. New Orleans Journal: Bursting Pride in Super Bowl Team Replenishes a City: In a city that has been associated over the last four and a half years with divisiveness and suffering, the delirium over the Saints is pretty much unanimous.233
2736. Washington Memo: Supreme Court Gets a Rare Rebuke, in Front of a Nation: President Obama aimed unusual rhetorical fire at several Supreme Court justices in his State of the Union address.187
2737. Gates Foundation to Double Spending on Vaccines: Bill Gates calculated that the increased money could save the lives of as many as eight million children by 2020.162
2738. Taking a Walk Through J.D. Salinger's New York: Both J.D. Salinger, and his most famous literary creation, haunted the streets, hotels and schools of a vanished Manhattan.171
2739. Mudslides Trap Tourists Near Peru Ruins: More than 1,000 people had been evacuated by helicopter but hundreds more remained stranded near the Machu Picchu ruins, facing food and water shortages.194
2740. Blair Is Appearing Before Iraq Inquiry: At an official inquiry, former Prime Minister Tony Blair will seek on Friday to define his legacy against criticism of his leadership in the run up to war.195
2741. Preschools Add Brush-and-Spit to Day: Massachusetts is the first state to require that toothbrush time be part of the color-nap-snack-and-play routine of preschools, and a debate has ensued.190
2742. Wired Kids, Negligent Parents?: The good, the bad and the ugly effects of media access on children.99
2743. Real Estate Interests Help Cuomo Gain a Big Edge: The ailing industry, which Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo helps oversee, has helped him put together a big fund-raising advantage.182
2744. Firm Brings Gene Tests to Masses: A Silicon Valley start-up says it can help eradicate more than 100 diseases by allowing couples to avoid having children with the carrier genes.178
2745. After the Putti, the Baby Calamari: Museums are moving away from the basement cafeteria approach in favor of stylish restaurants that offer fine dining to go with the fine art.176
2746. Latest Legal Battle Leaves America's Cup Showdown in Doubt: The legal duel between Alinghi and BMW Oracle Racing is still unresolved, and the America's Cup showdown in Valencia, scheduled to begin Feb. 8, is in doubt.217
2747. For Apple, iPad Said More Than Intended: The iPad name has provoked complaints and awkward associations, and other high-tech companies already sell products using the term.172
2748. Israel Signals Tougher Line on West Bank Protests: The Israeli Army and security forces have recently begun clamping down, arresting scores of local organizers and activists and conducting nighttime raids on the homes of others.228
2749. An Appraisal | J. D. Salinger: Of Teen Angst and an Author's Alienation: J. D. Salinger had such unerring radar for the feelings of teenage angst and vulnerability and anger that he remains one of the writers that adolescents first fall in love with.250
2750. His Health Bill Stalled, Obama Juggles a Careful Agenda: Democrats will try to act first on job creation, deficits and regulation on banks before returning to the president's top priority from last year, an overhaul of health care.231
2751. For Apple, iPad Said More Than Intended: The iPad name has provoked complaints and awkward associations, and other high-tech companies already sell products using the term.172
2752. Opposition to 9/11 Trial Increases in New York: President Obama believes a civilian criminal trial for the accused Sept. 11 conspirators could be held "successfully and securely in the United States of America."211
2753. Berlusconi Announces an Anti-Mafia Plan: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi unveiled a 10-point plan to fight organized crime and praised his government's efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.198
2754. AT&T, Apple Allow Cheap VoIP Calls on 3G: Apple and AT&T have cleared the way for cheap VoIP calls to be made over the 3G network, potentially offering a huge savings to consumers.180
2755. Feeling Unsettled at a Feel-Good Show: The emphasis in the musical "Fela!" on the spectacle of African culture tilts the show a little too closely toward minstrelsy.165
2756. Day Two, Non-Apple News: In technology news that has nothing to do with Apple, Canada investigates Facebook and its new privacy policy, an e-book pirate shares his story and Twitter users are advised to stop chattering about themselves.236
2757. Big Challenges as Haiti Prepares to Reopen Schools: Officials hope to reopen schools next week, but it remains unclear how many can be used, or how many students will return.174
2758. Despite Changes, Many Still Oppose Google Books Deal: In a new round of court filings, many of the critics of the original Google Books settlement said they still oppose the deal despite its revisions.201
2759. Study Finds Growing Fear of Cyberattacks: The findings, from 600 computing executives, echoed alarms raised this month by Google after it was attacked.151
2760. Revival in PC Sales Lifts Microsoft's Earnings: Microsoft said its earnings for the quarter jumped 60 percent, helped by a rebound in personal computer sales.158
2761. Obama Still Backs Terror Trial in N.Y.: Despite Mayor Michael Bloomberg's reservations about holding trials of terrorism suspects in New York, the White House stuck to its position for doing so.194
2762. In His Own Defense, Man Admits Killing Abortion Provider: Scott Roeder's lawyers want jurors to consider his opposition to abortion as a valid motive for shooting George R. Tiller.180
2763. Tampering at Landrieu Office Called a 'Stunt': Four men were charged with entering a federal building for the purpose of "interfering" with the phone system.157
2764. White House v. the Supreme Court: The Obama administration defends the president's take on a new high-court ruling that he asserted would open the floodgates to foreign influence in American political campaigns.211
2765. Books of The Times: The Dutiful and the Mind-Boggling: Andrew Young's insider account of John Edwards's 2008 campaign and his affair with Rielle Hunter details the candidate's hubris, ambition and dishonesty.208
2766. Magazine Preview: The Jihadist Next Door: In his small-town Alabama high school, Omar Hammami was among the coolest, most gifted students in his class. How did he grow up to become a leader in an African terror group linked to Al Qaeda?236
2767. We Can iHandle It: AT&T Says It Is Improving Network: AT&T says it is pumping an additional $2 billion into its wireless network to manage a coming wave of tablets and smartphones.180
2768. Netflix Prepares for Another International Venture: After pulling the plug on a DVD service in Britain, Netflix will offer its video streaming service to one overseas market this year.184
2769. Crist, Obama Forgo the Hug; Shake Hands: After political fodder grew out of an infamous photo of the Florida governor in an embrace with President Obama last year at a stop promoting the stimulus package, the two meet and greet without a shoulder-touch.253
2770. Voices of Voters: Few Minds Were Changed: The opinions of a handful of voters polled last month were largely unchanged by the State of the Union address on Wednesday.166
2771. J. D. Salinger, Enigmatic Author, Dies at 91: Mr. Salinger, the author of "The Catcher in the Rye," turned his back on success and adulation.141
2772. NYT: Tech Talk for 01/28/2010: Bettina Edelstein speaks with Noel Dickover, co-founder of the grassroots network Crisis Commons, about how volunteers with tech skills are helping first responders and people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. J.D. Biersdorfer talks to Barrett Lyon, the technologist and hero of Joseph Menn's new book "Fatal System Error," about cybercriminals, the insecurity of the Internet and other topics. And Pedro Rafael Rosado takes on the tech term "denial of service attacks." Plus, a look at retro style in new gadgets, our first impressions of the Apple iPad and other tech news.610
2773. On Washington: Where Clinton Turned Right, Obama Plowed Ahead: President Obama's message is that Democrats should not be so certain that they will lose control of Congress.172
2774. J.D. Salinger, 91, Is Dead: The elusive and enigmatic author of "The Catcher in the Rye" was 91 and lived in Cornish, N.H.122
2775. Toyota Extends Recall to China and Europe: The latest recalls, following three in the U.S., come as the company faces renewed competition by American automakers.161
2776. Senate Ready to Take Up Bernanke's Confirmation: A crucial vote to cut off debate is expected later Thursday. If that passes, a vote on confirmation could follow.162
2777. Obama Promoting Rail Plan on Florida Visit: President Obama traveled to Florida on Thursday to announce $8 billion in rail projects that he previewed in his State of the Union address.184
2778. IPad? That's So 2002, Fujitsu Says: Fujitsu came out with a product in 2002 bearing the same name that Apple has claimed for its new tablet device.147
2779. Survey Finds Growing Fear of Cyberattacks: The findings, from 600 computing executives, echoed alarms raised this month by Google after it was attacked.152
2780. Did Obama Move Health Care Forward?: Will the president's words affect the political stalemate?95
2781. AT&T's Earnings Rise 26%, Driven by Wireless: The company added a near-record 2.7 million wireless customers in quarter, defying expectations of an iPhone slowdown.164
2782. The iPad - To 3G or Not to 3G?: AT&T is offering a 250-MB and unlimited data plan with the Apple iPad? Which one might make more sense for you?143
2783. Nokia Profit Soars Despite Slide in Sales: The mobile phone maker's fourth-quarter profit rose by 60 percent, largely due to cost-cutting, layoffs and other austerity measures.176
2784. Ford Reports Profit for the Year of $2.7 Billion: The company also said that it expected to be profitable in 2010, a year sooner than previously forecast.154
2785. Training Afghan Forces Will Take Years, Karzai Says: As leaders gathered in London on Thursday, Hamid Karzai said it could take up to 10 years for Afghan forces to take over from the U.S.-led coalition.202
2786. iPad? That's So 2002, Says Fujitsu: Fujitsu, which applied for an iPad trademark in 2003, is claiming first dibs, setting up a fight with Apple over the catchy name of its new tablet device.190
2787. Survey Finds Growing Fear of Cyberattacks: The findings, from 600 computing executives, echoed alarms raised this month by Google after it was attacked.152
2788. Training Afghan Forces Will Take Years, Karzai Says: As leaders gathered in London on Thursday, Hamid Karzai said it could take up to 10 years for Afghan forces to take over from the U.S.-led coalition.202
2789. The Female Factor: Female Bankers in India Earn Chances to Rule: In India's relatively young financial industry, women are often running the show.146
2790. Fashion Review: In Paris, Tempted by History: At the spring shows, the past proved irresistible to most designers.114
2791. Seoul Journal: Rule of Thumbs: Koreans Reign in Texting World: Ha Mok-min and Bae Yeong-ho won an international competition to determine who could send text messages the fastest on a cellphone.193
2792. An Economic Challenge Is Also a Balancing Act: One sentence in the president's speech captured the seeming contradiction that has frustrated his effort to shape an economic message: "Let's invest in our people without leaving them a mountain of debt."251
2793. Health Care Gives Way to Economy and Jobs: Obama did not mention health care until more than half an hour in 0 a sign of how imperiled the Democrats' bill has become.166
2794. Struggling, and Seeking Hope in President's Words: Don and Sheyenne Kreamer, who have to move from their foreclosed home by Sunday, stopped packing to watch the State of the Union speech.187
2795. Joe Wilson Responds to Obama, This Time on Facebook: The South Carolina Republican who famously shouted "You lie!" during an Obama address last year posted a live video response to Facebook on Wednesday night.209
2796. Recapping the President's Speech: Correspondents offer their takes on President Obama's speech.95
2797. The TV Watch: Trying to Prove He's the Same Old Obama: The president delivered a populist message with patrician restraint and tinged with a little anti-establishment zeal.172
2798. MSNBC's Matthews: 'I Forgot He Was Black': Comments the TV pundit made while reviewing President Obama's speech have been drawing a lot of criticism.149
2799. News Analysis: A Bid to Recapture the Magic, a Dose of Reality: After a season of no-we-can't governing, the president sought the feeling of his yes-we-can campaign.165
2800. Now Skating for (Insert Country): Of the pairs who made it to the free program at the European championships, six began their careers with different countries.159
2801. In Speech, Little Time Spent on National Security: President Obama spent exactly nine minutes on national security issues in his State of the Union address.156
2802. Afghan Tribe Vows to Fight Taliban, for U.S. Aid: A large Pashtun tribe in a Taliban stronghold has agreed to battle insurgents in exchange for $1 million in aid from the United States.185
2803. Google Adds More Social to Search: Google will give users the option of seeing more personalized search results that tap into their social circles for relevant content.168
2804. Monitoring Twitter's iPad Commentary: A look at Twitter traffic before, during and after the iPad announcement.111
2805. As Devices Pull More Data, Patience May Be Required: Even as carriers struggle to meet the demands on their networks, they are encouraging the use of more sophisticated devices that hog bandwidth.196
2806. The iPad's Name Makes Some Women Cringe: To many women, "iPad" suggests a product they regularly buy in the drugstore, not an expensive tablet computer.152
2807. A Video Demonstration of the iPad: A quick video of the new Apple iPad in action.81
2808. Books on iPad Offer Publishers a Pricing Edge: Newspapers had a mixed reaction to the tablet, but most of the largest book publishers have signed on to provide e-book content.175
2809. Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Don't Keep: You don't have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.131
2810. Text: Excerpts From the Address: Excerpts from President Obama's first State of the Union address, as released by the White House.130
2811. Toyota's Push for Fast Growth Put Quality in Question: In its successful drive to become No. 1 in worldwide sales, the automaker may have left its reputation vulnerable.169
2812. Pentax Focuses on High Design, Low Cost: Pentax adds new pocket cameras that focus on high deign and low price, including a model that's priced (barely) below $100.164
2813. Is the iPad the Final Nail in the GPS Coffin?: The iPad could work as a GPS unit with a 9.7-inch color screen at a slight premium to top-of-the-line GPS units. Will it kill the dash-top GPS?190
2814. Three Reasons Why the iPad WILL Kill Amazon's Kindle: Apple's iPad has many advantages over's Kindle devices. Amazon will need to make some significant changes, from cutting prices to redesign the Kindle software, if it hopes to compete.248
2815. Politics From A to Z: State of the Union: What to watch for in the president's address tonight before Congress.111
2816. Live Blogging the President's Address: Live updates of President Obama's first State of the Union address and reaction throughout the evening.142
2817. Obama Vowing to Push Health Overhaul in Address: President Obama plans to use his the State of the Union address to outline his effort to rebuild the nation's economy and salvage the overhaul of the health care system.218
2818. Phone Smart: For Gamers, the iPhone Is a Player: To the delight of developers and buyers, games that sell for at least $30 on platforms like PlayStation cost a fraction of that on the iPhone platform.200
2819. Three Reasons the iPad Won't Kill Amazon's Kindle: The Kindle has met its most formidable competition yet in the Apple iPad, but there are reasons to believe Amazon's e-book business will continue to grow.205
2820. Acer's e-Book Reader Due in Summer: Acer plans to enter the electronic-book reader arena later this year, as well as to offer a version of Google's Chrome operating system on a netbook before the end of 2010.208
2821. Panasonic Adds GPS to Its Slim Super-Zoom: Panasonic adds geo-tagging capabilities to its popular super-zoom compact camera and toughens up its rugged TS line.159
2822. App of the Week: An Artful Answer to Cabin Fever: Artnear will directs you to a contemporary art exhibit near you.114
2823. The Web Way to Learn a Language: Companies like RossetaStone and TellMeMore offer free and paid online programs to help people learn a foreign language.152
2824. Obama to Reaffirm Commitment to an Overhaul: President Obama will reiterate his support for comprehensive legislation in the State of the Union speech, the White House told Congressional staff on Wednesday.206
2825. What Readers Want to Hear Tonight: What's on your mind as you await the president's speech?91
2826. Conservative Activism Links Landrieu Suspects: Linked by backgrounds in conservative campus activism, four men charged with tampering with the phone system of Senator Mary Landrieu appeared in federal court.207
2827. Sacramento Journal: For Hmong Hunters, a Guiding Voice in Their New Home: A radio host translates California's wildlife regulations for fellow Hmong immigrants, bridging the gap between tradition and law.204
2828. Despite Assurances, Met Finds Artworks Aren't Restored Overnight: Two other rare mishaps at the Met in recent years have provided hard lessons about the difficulty of making broken masterpieces whole again.206
2829. G.O.P. Chief Opposes Ideology Tests for Candidates: The Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele, said he was against requiring certain positions for party support.178
2830. Yelp Gets a Five-Star Review from Elevation Partners: Elevation Partners, a Silicon Valley private equity firm, will invest up to $100 million in Yelp. The infusion reflects the state of the I.P.O. market.205
2831. David Pogue's First Look at the Apple iPad: David Pogue, personal technology columnist for The Times, calls the iPad a '1.5-pound sack of potential.'149
2832. Oracle To Keep Living the Life Quixotic with Sun Products: Oracle plans to take OpenOffice to the cloud and to keep selling the SunRay thin client. These moves have Oracle backing some of Sun's more curious products.216
2833. The Blogosphere Reacts to the Apple iPad: A roundup of the thoughts from the technology writers in the blogosphere on Apple's new iPad.135
2834. Apple Reveals the iPad Tablet: Steven P. Jobs said the new iPhone-like tablet computer, starting at $499, is prime for video, music and e-books.144
2835. NYT: Tech Talk for 01/28/2010: Bettina Edelstein speaks with Noel Dickover, co-founder of the grassroots network Crisis Commons, about how volunteers with tech skills are helping first responders and people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. J.D. Biersdorfer talks to Barrett Lyon, the technologist and hero of Joseph Menn's new book "Fatal System Error," about cybercriminals, the insecurity of the Internet and other topics. And Pedro Rafael Rosado takes on the tech term "denial of service attacks." Plus, a look at retro style in new gadgets, our first impressions of the Apple iPad and other tech news.610
2836. Ruling Sets Back Developer Trade Center Site: An arbitration panel has ruled against the developer Larry Silverstein on a series of critical issues.148
2837. Apple Reveals the iPad Tablet: Steven P. Jobs said the new iPhone-like tablet computer, $499, is prime for video, music and e-books.132
2838. Bloomberg Wants Terror Trial Moved: The community board representing much of Lower Manhattan has added its voice to those asking the federal government not to hold Khalid Shaikh Mohammed at the federal courthouse Downtown.222
2839. Digital Help for Haiti: Thousands of volunteers are gathering in cities around the world to build free open-source technology tools that can help aid relief and recovery on the ground in Haiti.193
2840. Construction Company Indicted in Kickback Scheme: The Builders Group was charged with stealing millions in a scheme involving fake invoices and kickbacks from subcontractors.174
2841. For Toyota Dealers, a Day of Patience and Preparation: Dealers say they are trying to operate normally a day after Toyota decided to halt sales and production of eight models because of safety concerns.202
2842. Get Your Non-Apple News: Five news stories of other non-Apple tablet news including Twitter features, online privacy and an in-depth look at Microsoft's Windows 7 XP Mode.171
2843. Afghanistan Set to Push a New Reconciliation Plan: The plan tries to get Taliban foot soldiers to lay down their arms and offers leaders a chance to return to politics.168
2844. Live Blogging the Apple Product Announcement: Updates from Apple's press event heralding its "latest creation," widely expected to be a tablet computer.152
2845. The Radiation Boom: As Technology Surges, Radiation Safeguards Lag: While new treatments are more accurate, errors in software and operation are more difficult to detect.170
2846. Live Blogging the Apple Product Announcement: Updates from Apple's press event heralding its "latest creation," widely expected to be a tablet computer.152
2847. Geithner Defends A.I.G. Rescue as Essential: The treasury secretary told a House panel that failure to provide A.I.G. with the $85 billion bailout would have been "catastrophic" for the economy.194
2848. Uncle Who Vouched for Terror Suspect Arrested: An uncle of Najibullah Zazi was arraigned in a sealed courtroom, a sign he may be helping the government.152
2849. Toyota's Woes in America Raise Concern in Japan: Toyota's decision to halt manufacturing and sales of most of its cars in America could hurt the reputation of other Japanese businesses, analysts said.200
2850. City Panel Approves Closing of 19 Schools: Despite protests from hundreds of observers, a city education panel voted early Wednesday morning to close 19 schools around New York for poor performance.198
2851. Iceland Leads Environmental Index as U.S. Falls: Some of the largest economies, including the U.S. and China, scored poorly in a new environmental index.153
2852. The Radiation Boom: While Technology Surges, Radiation Safeguards Lag: While new treatments are more accurate, errors in software and operation are more difficult to detect.173
2853. In Paris, Two Family Affaires: Amid a worldwide economic crisis, La Tour d'Argent and Taillevent, both fixtures on the city's high-end dining scene, have been passed on to third-generation heirs.195
2854. The Afghan Leader's Hat, Always More Than Just Headgear, Is Losing Its Cachet: Hamid Karzai's karakul hat once represented Afghan unity and won admiration abroad; now its fortunes have fallen along with the president's.219
2855. White House Memo: In Speech, Obama to Admit Missteps in First Year: Aides said President Obama would accept responsibility, though not necessarily blame, in his State of the Union address on Wednesday night.207
2856. Oregon Residents Vote to Raise Some Taxes: Voters approved measures that would raise taxes high-income households and businesses.129
2857. Advertising: A Little 'i' to Teach About Online Privacy: Trying to ward off regulators, the ad industry has agreed on a standard icon to tell consumers what is happening.170
2858. With Sun, Oracle Aims At Giants: The $7.4 billion deal to acquire Sun Microsystems, which gives Oracle a vast hardware business for the first time, pits it against Hewlett-Packard, I.B.M., Dell and Cisco Systems.212
2859. Rule Bans Texting for Truckers and Bus Drivers: The government is also working to further discourage the use of computers and other electronics that can distract such motorists.177
2860. When Chocolate and Chakras Collide: Food culture is infiltrating yoga, and not everyone is happy about it.106
2861. Studies Link Rare Ailment to Pain Pumps: Several medical studies point to a postsurgical device used to deliver local anesthetics as the culprit behind a rise in chondrolysis, a debilitating disorder.200
2862. Ailing Banks Favor Salaries Over Shareholders: A few struggling banks in the postbailout world are by some measures the industry's most generous employers.155
2863. After Long Decline, Teenage Pregnancy Rate Rises: An increase of 3 percent from 2005 to 2006 was likely to intensify the debate over federal financing for abstinence-only sex education.185
2864. Lawmakers Hunt for Ways to Rekindle Hiring: Washington has been looking for ways to promote job growth while balancing economic policy and concerns about the deficit.166
2865. Venus Williams Out of Tournament: China's Li Na beat Venus Williams 2-6, 7-6 (4), 7-5 in a marathon, mistake-ridden quarterfinal at the Australian Open featuring 110 unforced errors.182
2866. U.S. Wrestling With Prospect of Olive Branch for Taliban: As the Obama administration pours 30,000 additional troops into Afghanistan, it has begun grappling with whether to reconcile with those who sheltered Osama bin Laden.225
2867. Two at Fed Had Doubts Over Payout by A.I.G.: After rescuing the American International Group with a loan, federal officials rejected forcing trading partners to return $30 billion they had received from A.I.G.209
2868. Offer to Take Over Ailing Hospital Stirs Outcry: A proposal by Continuum Health Partners to convert St. Vincent's Hospital into an outpatient center has prompted fears that part of the West Side will lose emergency care.220
2869. Haiti's Children Adrift in World of Chaos: Children, 45 percent of Haiti's population, are among the most disoriented and vulnerable quake survivors.149
2870. Two-Year Hiatus for El Bulli in Spain: Ferran Adri0, who brought the world treats like freeze-dried foie gras, will close his acclaimed restaurant for two years to tinker with new ideas in molecular cuisine.207
2871. M.T.A. Short on Security System Cash: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority does not have enough money to complete security upgrades that it promised to make after the Sept. 11 attacks.189
2872. Courts Emerging as Battlefield in Climate Fights: Lawsuits accusing energy companies of causing harm through greenhouse gas emissions are picking up steam.155
2873. NASA to Review Human Spaceflight: The agency's expansive study comes as it awaits word from President Obama of his goals and spending priorities for the space program.167
2874. In Recall, Toyota Halts Sales of Eight Models: Toyota Motor Company will temporarily stop selling and building eight models for the U.S. market, including the Camry and Corolla sedans, while it tries to resolve a problem with accelerator pedals.245
2875. U.S. to Join Talks on Helping Yemen: The U.S. and 20 other countries are gathering for a conference in London to discuss ways to address Yemen's growing instability.165
2876. M.T.A. Is Struggling to Complete Security Upgrades: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has nowhere near enough money to pay for security upgrades that it promised to make after the Sept. 11 attacks and has yet to put in place, the state comptroller says.261
2877. Yahoo Reports a Profit, but Revenue Falls 4%: Yahoo announced its best quarterly financial performance since it hired Carol Bartz as chief executive a year ago.160
2878. The Pour: Rare Spirits Borne on Vodka's Back: The California micro-distillery Germain-Robin owes its survival to the spirit that cocktail aficionados love to hate: vodka.170
2879. Lines and Tempers as Haitians Queue for Cash: After two weeks without remittances because of the earthquake, there seemed to be a spike, welcomed by Haitian officials.167
2880. Democrats Put Stop on Health Overhaul: With no clear path on major health legislation, Democratic leaders in Congress effectively slammed the brakes on the president top domestic priority.188
2881. Google Voice Comes to iPhone, Palm Pre: Tired of waiting for approval from Apple, Google releases a new browser version of Google Voice for the iPhone.151
2882. Police Find Weapons After N.J. Arrest: Police in Branchburg, N.J., found a cache of high-powered weapons and a map of an American military base in a man's hotel room.166
2883. 4 Charged With Trying to Tap Landrieu's Phones: One of the people arrested Monday, according to a newspaper report, was James O'Keefe, who made videos purporting to document improper practices at Acorn.202
2884. Los Angeles to Limit Marijuana Dispensaries: The Los Angeles City Council voted to shutter roughly 80 percent of the city's dispensaries and restrict their hours.162
2885. Specter Feels Squeeze From New Friends and Old: As he fights for his Senate seat, Arlen Specter is finding that the party he switched into may not be a safe haven.163
2886. A Preview of the House's A.I.G. Hearing: Ahead of a House committee hearing on Wednesday, more details are emerging about the government's bailout of the American International Group in 2008 and why its trading partners were paid in full.238
2887. Tamil Vote Could Be Key in Sri Lanka: As voters streamed to the polls on Tuesday in Sri Lanka's first election since the defeat of the Tamil Tiger insurgency, the Tamil vote could be key.187
2888. Divided French Panel Moves Cautiously on Veil: A parliamentary report criticized the use of Muslim veils and called for a ban to stop them from being worn in certain public places. But it stopped short of calling for a total ban "at this stage."245
2889. As Obama Seeks Freeze, Deficit Seen Shrinking Slightly: The Congressional Budget Office projection comes as lawmakers and President Obama are under conflicting pressures over the size of the budget.198
2890. G.M. Strikes Deal to Save Saab: The deal with Spyker Cars, a tiny Dutch maker of sports cars, would bring Saab back from the brink of extinction.145
2891. A New, Improved State of the Union?: Why Obama's speech on Wednesday will be one to watch.90
2892. U.S. Forces Take On Major Role at Ethnic Border in Iraq: A string of checkpoints along the informal Kurdish boundary constitutes the most significant military mission by U.S. forces since they largely pulled back to their bases in June.236
2893. Google Voice Comes to iPhone, Palm Pre: Tired of waiting for approval from Apple, Google releases a new browser version of Google Voice for the iPhone.151
2894. Davos 2010: As China Rises, Economic Conflict With West Rises Too: The severe recession has fast-forwarded history, catapulting an unprepared world into a period of uneasy cohabitation between China and the U.S.211
2895. Home Prices Up Slightly in November: The Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller Home Price Index reported a 0.2 percent increase, suggesting that a housing upturn has slowed.166
2896. Australian Open: A Battered Roddick and a Hobbled Nadal Are Out: Andy Roddick, nursing a shoulder injury, fell in five sets to Marin Cilic, and Andy Murray advanced when Rafael Nadal withdrew with a knee injury. On the women's side, Justine Henin marched to the semis.268
2897. EMC Net Income Up 58%: Revenue also ticked higher at the information-management company, and its 2010 forecast was above Wall Street's projections.147
2898. Roddick's Chances Dashed as He Battles Shoulder Injury: What had been a very good week of tennis here for Andy Roddick ended abruptly when 14-seeded Marin Cilic downed him in a back and forth five-set match.207
2899. If Apple Releases It, Will Developers Come?: An Apple tablet will give developers a bigger sandbox. But how many will jump in?126
2900. Verizon Posts Loss, Citing Charge Related to Layoffs: Revenue rose 10 percent to $27.1 billion, largely because of Verizon's acquisition of the Alltel Corporation.163
2901. Questions Linger as Nadal Falls to Murray: Rafael Nadal's knees appear to be fine, but has his confidence returned since he was forced to rest his injured knees?161
2902. Government Bans Texting By Truck and Bus Drivers: Citing the perils of distracted driving, the Department of Transportation plans to announce new rules, effective immediately, to ban texting by truck and bus drivers in moving vehicles.235
2903. Blast Hits Central Baghdad as Attacks Accelerate: A day after bombs rocked three hotels, a suicide bomber detonated explosives Tuesday, killing at least 17 people.163
2904. With Apple Tablet, Print Media Hope for a Payday: Apple is expected to market its tablet computer not just as a way to read news and books, but also as a way for companies to charge for content.194
2905. Colleges Market Easy, No-Fee Sell to Applicants: Lifting a page from the playbook of credit card companies, some colleges are sending applications that cut steps and fees.171
2906. Clock Ticks for Nepal to Settle Its Future: An interim Constitution expires May 28, and no one is sure what happens if a new Constitution is not approved by then.162
2907. New Blast Kills at Least 5 in Baghdad: A suicide car bomber struck outside Interior Ministry offices in central Baghdad, a day after several prominent hotels we're also hit by suicide attacks, officials said.208
2908. The Neediest Cases: Serious About His Studies and Helping Out at Home: Emilio Lora knew his parents wanted him to have opportunities. So when the family fell behind in bills, and Mr. Lora faced the risk of dropping out, he asked for help.238
2909. Cyberwar: In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent: The federal government and the military are developing a strategy to deal with attacks in cyberspace, a task made harder by the problem of identifying the enemy.220
2910. Decision Looms on Advancing Health Care Bill: The Democrats' use of a procedural maneuver to pass the bill with a simple majority could carry numerous political risks.167
2911. Wind Power Grows 39% for the Year: The growth was spurred by a federal stimulus package, but the advance could slow this year as the effects of the 2009 recession kick in.171
2912. Families Struggle to Afford Food, Survey Finds: Nearly one in five Americans said they lacked the money to buy the food they needed at some point in the last year.163
2913. Showcase: Cultural Tapestry, Under Wraps: Pablo Delano's chronicle of ethnic groups in Honduras was derailed but not extinguished by the 2009 coup, David Gonzalez reports.171
2914. Australian Open: Gambling on Matches Makes Tennis Tours Uneasy: A 2007 match involving Nikolay Davydenko kicked off an investigation of possible entreaties to fix matches, and a larger discussion about the role of gambling in tennis.233
2915. Mayor to Hire Ex-Clinton Strategist: The move of Howard Wolfson from national politics to municipal government is designed to inject new blood into City Hall and maintain the mayor's profile as he enters a lame-duck period.223
2916. On the Road: E-Mail Saves Time, but Being There Says More: E-mail and videoconferencing are widely used, but experts say bad news should be told in person.155
2917. With Apple Tablet, Print Media Hope for a Payday: Apple is expected to market its tablet computer not just as a way to read news, books and other material, but also as a way for companies to charge for content.210
2918. Keeping Options Open, Novelist Tows Museum on Road to Dream: C. D. Payne has lately been enjoying a second surge of popularity, thanks to the well-received film version of the book "Youth in Revolt."199
2919. Where the Billions Went: As a special inspector general, Neil Barofsky issues reports that show a willingness to stand up to some of the most powerful institutions in Washington and Wall Street.194
2920. Girls' Rescue From Haiti Expands Family by Two: Dieunette and Bettania were among 53 children rescued from a group home because of an easing in immigration requirements.169
2921. Charles Mathias Dies at 87: Mr. Mathias was a lawmaker who was once called "the conscience of the Senate" by the leader of the opposition party.144
2922. Beijing Journal: Stitching the Narrative of a Revolution: China quietly opened the archives of selected records from the Cultural Revolution, slightly lifting the veil on prosaic stories from that time 0 some sad, some funny, most humdrum.239
2923. Cyberwar: In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent: The federal government and the military are developing a strategy to deal with attacks in cyberspace, a task made harder by the problem of identifying the enemy.220
2924. Obama Seeks Freeze on Many Domestic Programs: President Obama will call for a three-year freeze in spending on many domestic programs, an initiative intended to signal his seriousness about cutting the budget deficit.217
2925. Justice Dept. Clears Ticketmaster Deal: As part of the deal, Ticketmaster must sell one of its ticketing divisions and license its software to a competitor.156
2926. Fighting Starvation, Haitians Share Small Portions: New rules of hunger etiquette are emerging: no matter what is found, it must be shared.139
2927. Tea Party Disputes Take Toll on Convention: A gathering billed as the coming together of grass-roots groups is unraveling as sponsors and participants pull out to protest its expense and concerns about profits.210
2928. U.S. Envoy's Cables Show Concerns on Afghan War Plans: A classified cable from the ambassador in Kabul offers a bleak accounting of the Afghan leadership and the risks of sending additional troops to Afghanistan.212
2929. Microsoft's Bill Gates Defends Google, Then Pans It: In an interview, Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, declined to call Google a monopolist, but said powerful forces support its dominance of search. He also criticized Google's threat to pull out of China over censorship of search results.291
2930. A Factory Struggles to Get Back to Work in Haiti: In a city still overwhelmed by rubble and desperate for food and money, a small miracle of commerce took place on Monday: a garment factory reopened.199
2931. Kerrigan Brother Charged in Assault: The brother of Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was charged with assaulting their 70-year-old father, who later died.158
2932. The Ozone Hole Is Mending. Now for the 'But.': The hole in the Earth's ozone layer is slowly mending, a big victory for environmental policy makers. But a new report says its repair may contribute to global warming.215
2933. Ticketmaster and Live Nation Win Approval To Merge: The DOJ has announced its guidelines from the proposed merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster to create a music behemoth.173
2934. Questions Over Fixing Torn Picasso: Experts at the Met's conservation laboratory are trying to determine the best course of action for a rare Rose Period Picasso that was torn on Friday.186
2935. Turning Trash Piles Into a Bird-Watcher's Paradise: Every other month, the Parks Department leads birders through what it plans to call Freshkills, which until not long ago was just a garbage dump on Staten Island.214
2936. Twitter Could Become the Unemployed's Best Friend: Recruiters are discovering that Twitter is a useful way to get the word out to job-seekers. Job seekers take notice.167
2937. Play, Then Eat: Shift May Bring Gains at School: A simple scheduling switch -- moving recess before lunch -- may improve children's eating habits and behavior in school.169
2938. U.S. Puts Conditions on Live Nation-Ticketmaster Merger: The conditions would result in two competitors 0 AEG and Comcast Spectacor 0 that would vie for ticketing contracts with the merged company.197
2939. Laptop Sales Help Apple Top Forecasts: The continued worldwide popularity of the iPhone and iPod also contributed to Apple's strong performance.144
2940. Improving Chip Sales Lift Texas Instruments: Revenue rose 21 percent as the company handily topped expectations.112
2941. Ticketmaster and Live Nation Get Approval To Merge: The DOJ has announced its guidelines from the proposed merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster to create a music behemoth.173
2942. Laptop Sales Help Apple Top Forecasts: The continued worldwide popularity of the iPhone and iPod also contributed to Apple's strong performance.144
2943. Man Testifies on Police Acts in Subway: At the trial of three officers in Brooklyn, Michael Mineo graphically described being sodomized with a baton.149
2944. N.F.L. Fast Forward: No. 1 vs. No. 1: Not as Common as You Might Think: The Super Bowl will feature the top seeds in each conference, the Saints and the Colts, for the first time since 1994.190
2945. A Deadly Quake in a Seismic Hot Zone: Wary scientists are monitoring active fault zones in the Caribbean, worried that a powerful earthquake in Haiti could foreshadow more seismic activity.189
2946. Illinois G.O.P. Is Inspired by Massachusetts Senate Victory: As Illinois prepares for its primaries, Scott Brown's election last week has raised Republican hopes of taking the Senate seat once held by Barack Obama.214
2947. N.Y. Housing Complex Is Turned Over to Creditors: The decision comes four years after the $5.4 billion purchase of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.156
2948. Sidebar: After 34 Years, a Plainspoken Justice Gets Louder: Justice John Paul Stevens, in what might be his final term, has crafted opinions that suggest the Supreme Court has lost touch with its sense of fair play.215
2949. Haiti to Ask for $3 Billion at Donors Conference: The Haitian government said it would use $2 billion to build housing and the rest for infrastructure.151
2950. Analysis: Uncertainty Looms for Improving Jets: The Jets are headed in the right direction, but the prospect of an off-season without a salary cap presents problems.165
2951. Obama to Offer Aid for Families in State of the Union Address: In his speech on Wednesday, the president will focus on struggling families squeezed between sending their children to college and caring for elderly parents.221
2952. Existing Home Sales Drop More Than Forecast: Sales in December declined 16.7 percent, more than the 10 percent drop that was expected. The median sales price, however, rose.173
2953. Large High Schools in the City Are Taking Hard Falls: Hearings have exposed anger over the Bloomberg administration's decision to close many big schools, but officials say smaller schools tend to perform better.211
2954. 3 Coordinated Bomb Attacks Hit Hotels in Baghdad: Three bombs exploded outside of major hotels in Baghdad, including one used by Western journalists, stirring fears of escalating violence as Iraq heads toward national elections March 7.236
2955. China Rebukes U.S. Calls to Investigate Hacking: China said any U.S. suggestions that China condoned or directed hackers' attacks against Google were "groundless."163
2956. A Is for Amazon, B Is for Best Buy...: There's a special club of 26 Web sites that pop up when Google users type a single letter in the search box.147
2957. With Sales Declining, Ericsson Plans More Jobs Cuts: Profit in the fourth quarter dropped 82 percent as Ericsson struggles to adjust to competition from low-cost Chinese rivals.177
2958. 3 Blasts Strike Baghdad Hotel District: Iraqi police say three blasts have struck near three hotels in downtown Baghdad, killing at least 11 people.148
2959. Play Our Unofficial Apple Tablet Game!: Sports fans have the Super Bowl, and nerds have technology launches. This week, Apple is in the spotlight. Print out and play our unofficial Apple tablet game during Wednesday's expected introduction of a tablet PC.255
2960. Passion and Death Meet at Madrid Exhibition: Through next Sunday, visitors to Madrid can ogle the dreamy soccer star David Beckham between the sheets in a 2004 Sam Taylor Wood video -- just one of the pieces included in the exhibition "Lagrimas de Eros" ("Tears of Eros"), on view at two museums.296
2961. Liberty Global Sells Stake in Japanese Company: Liberty Global said Monday that it would sell its stake in Jupiter Telecommunications of Japan to KDDI Corp., a Japanese wireless operator, for $4 billion.203
2962. China Denies It Attacked Google: China denied involvement in Internet attacks after the U.S. urged Beijing to investigate a computer attack against Google.155
2963. China Denies It Attacked Google: China denied involvement in Internet attacks after the U.S. urged Beijing to investigate a computer attack against Google.155
2964. More Tainted Dairy Found in China: For the third time in a month, health officials swept frozen confectioneries and other dairy products from stores after discovering they contained melamine.191
2965. A Playland for Apps in a Tablet World: Apple's anticipated tablet computer could lead developers to create games that two or more people can easily play at once on the same device, analysts say.194
2966. Ethiopian Airliner Crashes Near Beirut: Airline officials said 90 people were on board the plane that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on Monday.147
2967. General Puts Up a Fight in Sri Lanka's Election: President Mahinda Rajapaksa is facing a challenge in Tuesday's election from the general who led Sri Lanka's army to victory against the Tamil Tigers.199
2968. Analysis: How Roddick Escaped Gonzalez: Fernando Gonzalez looked unstoppable, until he let up a point too soon and let Andy Roddick pull his Houdini act and escape with the fourth set.184
2969. Obama to Offer Aid for Families in State of the Union Address: In his speech Wednesday, the president will focus on struggling families squeezed between sending their children to college and caring for elderly parents.218
2970. Link by Link: Hungry for New Content, Google Tries to Grow Its Own in Africa: Search engines no longer lack the sophistication to find new information, the company says. It's just that there is less new information to be found.227
2971. Showcase: Long Soviet Shadows: The Tulip Revolution of 2005 infused Kyrgyzstan with hope. William Daniels has found the optimism badly tarnished and dulled, Celina Fang reports.177
2972. Still Preparing, Cuomo Courts Black Support: Andrew M. Cuomo has been quietly working to forestall charges that he is again trying to thwart the political ambitions of a prominent African-American.197
2973. Stuyvesant Town Turned Over to Creditors: The decision by the owners of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village comes four years after the $5.4 billion purchase in what was the most expensive real estate deal in U.S. history.226
2974. Swedish Music Fans Start to Steer Clear of Pirates: Industry executives credit a combination of incentives for music fans to switch, including tougher action on illegal file-sharing and the spread of legal services.215
2975. The Media Equation: Conjuring Up the Latest Buzz, Without a Word: Apple has said not a word about what it will introduce this week, and yet reporting about an expected tablet has gone on for months.198
2976. Web Filters Cause Name Change for a Magazine: Canada's National History Society, the nonprofit group that publishes The Beaver, decided that the Internet required the magazine to undergo a name change.201
2977. A Playland for Apps in a Tablet World: Apple's anticipated tablet computer could lead developers to create games that two or more people can easily play at once on the same device, analysts say.194
2978. Saints 31, Vikings 28, OT: Surviving Twice, Saints Reach the Super Bowl: Garrett Hartley's 40-yard kick in overtime sent the Saints to their first-ever Super Bowl appearance.174
2979. On Street Tracing Haiti's Pain, Survival Goes On: One street in Port-au-Prince offers a snapshot of the difficulties residents still face two weeks after the devastating earthquake.181
2980. Ethiopian Airliner Crashes Near Beirut: The plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea shortly after takeoff. Reports said that 90 people were on board.150
2981. O'Brien Undone by His Media-Hopping Fans: Regularly assembling the coveted young adult viewers in the late-night hours has become a daunting, if not impossible, task.166
2982. Ethiopian Airliner Crashes Near Beirut: A plane with 85 passengers on board crashed into the Mediterranean sea shortly after taking off from Beirut's airport early Monday.171
2983. Crusader Bent on Dismantling Spending Rules: James Bopp Jr. is no longer a Quixote tilting at the idea of regulating political donations as an affront to free speech.166
2984. This Land: In a Company's Hometown, the Emptiness Echoes: The reasons for a cash register manufacturer's decision to leave Ohio after 125 years ring hollow in Dayton.166
2985. In Standoff, Insurer Seeks More Control Over Costs: A dispute between UnitedHealthcare and a hospital chain in New York could have ramifications for millions with private health insurance.188
2986. Christmas Bombing Try Is Hailed by bin Laden: Osama bin Laden spoke publicly for the first time about the botched airliner bombing, praising the attempt 0 but not explicitly taking credit for it 0 in an audiotape aimed at President Obama.238
2987. War Without Borders: In Drug War, Tribe Feels Invaded by Both Sides: An Indian reservation is caught between the U.S. and Mexico as a major transit point for drugs as well as people.182
2988. For Transgender People, Name Is a Message: Manhattan Civil Court has become a capital of name changing for transgender people as the stigma eases.146
2989. Live Analysis: Saints 28, Vikings 21, 4th Quarter: Thayer Evans and Joe Lapointe are in New Orleans providing live analysis of today's National Football Conference championship game between the Vikings and the Saints.217
2990. Nimble Agencies Sneak News Out of North Korea: News services make it possible for outsiders to read a dizzying array of "heard in North Korea" reports, many on topics off limits for public discussion in the North.213
2991. Bin Laden Vows More Attacks on U.S.: In an audio message, Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the Christmas airline bombing attempt and vowed further attacks on the U.S.176
2992. Wal-Mart Tells Employees It Will Cut 11,200 Jobs: 10,000 workers who demonstrate products and 1,200 membership jobs will be cut at its Sam's Club warehouses.157
2993. Colts 30, Jets 17: Colts Put Emphatic End to Jets' Surprising Run: Peyton Manning threw for 377 yards and three touchdowns as Indianapolis advanced to the Super Bowl for the second time in four years.200
2994. Woman Collides With a Picasso: A woman fell into a rare Picasso at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, tearing the canvas.118
2995. G.O.P. Seeks to Widen Field of Play in Fall Elections: Analysts say the number of Congressional seats up for grabs in November appears to be growing as Republicans lure new candidates into more races.200
2996. U.N. Seeks to Drop Some Taliban From Terror List: A United Nations official said that it could be the first step toward opening direct negotiations with Al Qaeda.162
2997. Collecting: V-8, Power Steering, Even a Kitchen Sink: A Cadillac to be offered for auction includes an interior with a toaster, refrigerator, hot plate, cutlery holder and, yes, a kitchen sink.193
2998. Sam's Club Cuts 11,200 Jobs: The warehouse club is cutting about 10 percent of its workforce, as it outsources in-store product demonstrations and eliminates new business membership representative jobs.202
2999. Netanyahu Says Some Settlements to Stay in Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's comment riled Palestinians as the U.S. envoy was trying to coax them back into peace talks.178
3000. Live Analysis: Jets 17, Colts 6, 2nd Quarter: Can the Jets continue their surprising playoff run against the Indianapolis Colts in the A.F.C. championship game?160
3001. Complaint Box | The E-Snub: In the good old days, people used to duck your phone calls. But in the electronic era, a new brand of disdain is in vogue.150
3002. Students Face a Class Struggle at State Colleges: Educational opportunities cost more and are harder to grasp and even harder to hold onto than ever before in state-run higher education in California.200
3003. McCain Nudges Obama Toward His Party's Health Plans: Senator John McCain advised President Obama that the way to pass health legislation is to "start from the beginning" by meeting with Republicans.198
3004. Haiti's Homeless Need Tents, Aid Groups Say: With so much of this capital left in ruins, Haitian and international officials issued an urgent call for tents.157
3005. Robert A. Mosbacher, 82, Dies: A native New Yorker and Texas oilman, Mr. Mosbacher helped George H. W. Bush win the 1988 presidential election before joining his cabinet.170
3006. Okinawa Mayor-Elect Opposes U.S. Base: A candidate who opposes a planned U.S. air base on Okinawa won a crucial mayoral election, raising pressure on Japan's prime minister to move the base off the island.205
3007. Sunday Word: Economy Week: It's all about the economy as we head into State of the Union week.94
3008. Anti-Ch0vez Channel Is Taken Down: A cable channel critical of President Hugo Ch0vez was yanked from the airwaves for defying new regulations requiring it to televise the socialist leader's speeches.199
3009. Okinawa Town Elects Mayor Who Opposes U.S. Base: The future of a U.S. military base and the balance of U.S.-Japan relations were thrown into question as voters in city far from Tokyo elected a mayor opposed to the base.219
3010. Henin, Back on the Court, Is as Fierce as Ever: In only her second tournament back, Justine Henin had a date in the quarterfinals after a three-set victory over 20-year-old fellow Belgian Yanina Wickmayer, 7-6, 1-6, 6-3.220
3011. Inside the Rings: Skate Scoring Has Little for Artistry: Critics of the point-based scoring system for figure skating find it to be overly nitpicking. Mirai Nagasu's artistic but second-place performance Saturday highlighted that.230
3012. Sunday Routine | Cornel West: Called Far and Wide to Touch Minds: Cornel West, Princeton professor and civil rights activist, hasn't had breakfast on Sunday since 1984. But that hasn't slowed down his traveling for lectures.224
3013. Cabaret Culture Stays Sexy in Berlin: Kleine Nachtrevue ("Little Night Revue") is an erotic nightclub in the Schoneberg district of Berlin that balances the risque with the classy.180
3014. He's Got It Bad, or 'Baad,' for His Art: Melvin Van Peebles, ever the Hollywood outsider, is staging a musical-theater adaptation of his 1971 film "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song."183
3015. Afghanistan Postpones Elections for Parliament: Officials said the elections will be moved to Sept. 18 because of security concerns and a financial shortfall.158
3016. Flatt Outskates Nagasu for Title: Rachael Flatt won her first title at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Saturday night, and was named to the Olympic team with Mirai Nagasu.180
3017. Afghanistan to Delay Parliament Vote: The Independent Election Commission will announce the postponement of elections to Sept. 18, according to a Western diplomat.163
3018. Pair's Win Shows Depth of U.S. Dancing Lineup: Meryl Davis and Charlie White won their second ice dancing national title by defeating the Olympic medalists Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto for the first time.204
3019. The Radiation Boom: A Lifesaving Tool Turned Deadly: Radiation helped diagnose and treat the disease of two cancer patients. But it also inflicted unspeakable pain and, because of error, ultimately led to their deaths.218
3020. UConn 88, No. 1 Texas 74: UConn's 2nd-Half Blitz Topples Texas: Jerome Dyson scored a career-high 32 points as the Huskies overcame a 10-point second-half deficit to upset the top-ranked Longhorns.197
3021. Driver Dies After Fuel Truck Explodes on L.I.E.: A fuel truck flipped and exploded on Saturday morning, killing the driver and creating a fireball seen for miles that shut the highway for hours.194
3022. National Book Critics Circle Finalists Are Announced: The awards will be given out on Thursday, March 11, at the New School in New York.136
3023. More Than 150,000 Have Been Buried, Government Says: Haiti's government provided a preliminary assessment of the earthquake's body count and declared that the search for survivors would soon be coming to an end.211
3024. Part 6: Answers on the Fafsa and Financial Aid: The sixth part of a reader Q&A on financial aid.96
3025. Davis and White Win 2nd Ice Dance Title: Meryl Davis and Charlie White have won their second ice dance title at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, upsetting Olympic and world silver medalists Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto.225
3026. On Language: The Keypad Solution: Is text messaging reforming the spelling of English?86
3027. The Boss: The Joy of a Family Shop: Pam Lopker and her husband, Karl, found that after taking different career paths, working together took them in the best direction.167
3028. Digital Domain: Why Can't the I.R.S. Help Fill in the Blanks?: Many developed countries, though not the United States, offer tax returns containing data the government already knows.182
3029. Web Is Bringing Skaters' Lives Uneasily Close to Fans' Obsessions: Figure skating is a popular sport with dedicated fans, but security experts say some enthusiasts take their interest too far.192
3030. China Rebuffs Clinton on Internet Warning: The Obama administration said it supported the secretary of state, as she put further pressure on Beijing to change its Internet policies.181
3031. Next Stop: Tourists Return to an Ancient Crossroads in Syria: A new wave of visitors is rediscovering Aleppo, an ancient trading center, eager to take advantage of its low prices, spicy cuisine and mazelike bazaar.214
3032. The Apple Guessing Game: What might Apple be announcing this week? It seems to be a tablet, but the mystery is in the details.126
3033. 2 Senators Predict Bernanke to Be Confirmed: A Democrat and a Republican issued a joint statement predicting confirmation of the chairman of the Federal Reserve, hoping to quell doubts that had shaken markets.209
3034. Cultural Riches Turn to Rubble in Haiti Quake: In stealing symbols that gave Haitians their hope and a reminder of a common purpose, the earthquake cast a kind of cloud over their future.187
3035. Archbishop Killed in Quake Is Buried: Haitians gathered for the funeral of the archbishop of Port-au-Prince, as the government said that the search for survivors was coming to an end.183
3036. Actress Jean Simmons and Pianist Earl Wild Are Dead: Earl Wild was 94, and Jean Simmons was 80. Both died at their Southern California homes.141
3037. City Critic: Three Steps to Making Smart Haiti Donations: Navigating a dizzying array of appeals in a city that seems so eager to help.135
3038. She Works. They're Happy.: While the changing economic roles of husbands and wives may take some getting used to, the shift has had a positive effect, contributing to lower divorce rates and happier unions.206
3039. In Brash Coach, Jets Knew They Had a Winner: In his first season as coach, Rex Ryan has changed the Jets' second-class existence through the sheer force of his bold and brash personality.187
3040. Jean Simmons, Actress, Dies at 80: Ms. Simmons, a British actress known for her beauty as well as her acting, starred in "Hamlet," "Guys and Dolls," and "Spartacus."165
3041. Obama Calls Team From 2008 for Races in Fall: President Obama is reconstituting the team that helped him win the White House to counter Republican challenges in the midterm elections.183
3042. Israel Poised to Challenge U.N. Report on Gaza: The Israeli military is completing a rebuttal of the Goldstone report, which accused it of grave violations of international law in its Gaza invasion.198
3043. Biden Says U.S. to Appeal Blackwater Case Dismissal: In Iraq, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. expressed his "personal regret" for the Blackwater shootings in 2007, and said the U.S. would appeal the dismissal of the case against five contractors.249
3044. Blockbuster Ratings for O'Brien's Final 'Tonight': In preliminary national late-night ratings, Conan O'Brien's final "Tonight" show scored a booming 7 household rating, which was almost triple the number he had been averaging for months in that measure.253
3045. The Saturday Profile: A Serene Advocate for Chile's Disappeared: Ana Gonz0lez has transformed rage and grief at her loved ones' capture into a challenge to the Pinochet dictatorship.182
3046. Woman at Center of Trail of Death: Raynella Dossett Leath has been charged with murder in the deaths of her first and second husbands.134
3047. Foot on Bomb, Marine Learns He's Charmed: A near-miss with an I.E.D. began a brief journey through the Taliban's shifting tactics, where an experience at the edge of death became instead an affirmation of friendship.216
3048. Jean Simmons, Actress, Dies at 80: Ms. Simmons's ethereal screen presence and starring roles with Hollywood's top actors made her a midcentury film icon.153
3049. U.S. to Appeal Blackwater Decision: Vice President Joe Biden said that the U.S. would appeal a court decision dismissing manslaughter charges against five Blackwater Worldwide security contractors involved in a deadly 2007 Baghdad shooting.240
3050. O'Brien's Last Good Night: Conan O'Brien closed out his career at the "Tonight" show -- and NBC -- with a last monologue centering on his tumultuous last week on the show and a last commentary that expressed his gratitude for the opportunities NBC gave him.257
3051. Vonn's 5-For-5 Win in Downhill Skiing: Lindsey Vonn made it a perfect five wins in five World Cup downhills this season with another decisive victory Saturday.159
3052. Simulators Prepare Soldiers for Explosive Attacks in War: The Pentagon is trying to harness the high-tech wizardry of the entertainment industry to train soldiers in dealing with improvised explosive devices.208
3053. Federer and Williams Sisters Bring Their Everyday Game: When Roger Federer told reporters he hasn't had to play his best tennis so far at the Australian Open, he might as well have been speaking for Venus and Serena Williams.225
3054. Fashion Review: In Paris, Jackets Are a Good Fit: Reviews of the Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dries Van Noten, Adam Kimmel and Junya Watanabe Paris shows.161
3055. Sports of The Times: As Colts Rested, Jets Awoke: Players shrugged off any cosmic connection between the Jets' playoff run and the Colts' decision to play second-stringers while 14-0.183
3056. Most U.S. Union Members Are Working for the Government, New Data Shows: With the loss of jobs in automaking and construction, the private sector lost union members, while government increased its organized members.214
3057. With Kindle, the Best Sellers Don't Need to Sell: Here's a riddle: How do you make your book a best seller on the Kindle? Answer: Give copies away.147
3058. Simulators Prepare Soldiers for Explosive Attacks in War: The Pentagon is trying to harness the high-tech wizardry of the entertainment industry to train soldiers in dealing with improvised explosive device.207
3059. Theater: For Lady Gaga, Every Concert Is a Drama: The performer, who wraps up a run of concerts at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday, turns the conventions of pop stardom into a fully realized gothic musical.206
3060. A Parish Tested: Haiti's Aftershocks Felt at a School in New York: At a place where most students are Haitian-American, the earthquake is being felt in an intense way.167
3061. Republicans Strain to Ride Tea Party Tiger: As they look to make gains this year, Republicans are trying to harness the Tea Party energy that helped make an unknown the senator-elect from Massachusetts.202
3062. Plea Rejected in Case of Hepatitis Infections: Suggesting that 20 years in prison was not enough punishment, a federal judge rejected a plea agreement for a hospital technician who exposed hundreds of patients to hepatitis C.225
3063. Consequences for State Laws in Court Ruling: Laws in 24 states were called into question by a Supreme Court decision that overturned a ban on spending in elections.164
3064. Haiti's Icon of Power, Now Palace for Ghosts: Usually a bustling place with tight security, it is a ghost palace, eerily silent and profoundly destroyed.153
3065. On Kindle's List, the Best Sellers Don't Necessarily Need to Sell: Here's a riddle: How do you make your book a best seller on the Kindle? Answer: Give copies away.164
3066. China Rebuffs Clinton on Internet Warning: The Obama administration said it supported the secretary of state, as she put further pressure on Beijing to change its Internet policies.181
3067. Depth of School Cuts Depends on Who Gets Them: The state's wealthiest districts have money in reserve, budget officials say, and the poorer ones face smaller reductions in aid.176
3068. In Abortion Murder Trial, No Motive Mentioned: On the opening day of trial for a man accused of murdering an abortion provider, the word "abortion" was not heard.162
3069. Defending Their Dealerships: Hundreds of General Motors and Chrysler dealers are fighting to get back their businesses through an arbitration process that will begin next week.176
3070. Study Points to Disease as Main Killer in Darfur: A new study assessing dozens of mortality estimates for the six years of fighting there has concluded that disease, rather than violence, killed at least 80 percent of them.223
3071. Google Founders to Sell; But Are Not Losing Control: Google's founders plan to sell 10 million shares over five years, which would drop their voting rights in the company to 48 percent.185
3072. Sony Adds GPS and SD Card Support: Sony adds a pack of new features, including built-in GPS and support for SDHC memory cards, in new Cyber-shots.146
3073. Samsung Compact Camera Adds GPS: Samsung unwraps a compact camera with GPS capabilities and a 15X zoom lens.108
3074. Projecting a New Laptop: PC maker Hewlett-Packard is expected to add a mini projector to a laptop later this year.114
3075. A Big-Picture Look at Google, Microsoft, Apple And Yahoo: Where do Microsoft, Google, Apple and Yahoo compete? Take a look at our handy chart.142
3076. Appealing Subplot Pits Saints Safety Against Favre and Vikings: Darren Sharper and the Saints will play the Vikings for a trip to the Super Bowl and there is more than one coincidence involved.193
3077. C.I.A. Deaths Prompt Surge in U.S. Drone Strikes: Since a suicide bombing in December that took the lives of seven C.I.A. employees in Afghanistan, the agency has employed an intensive series of strikes from drone aircraft against militants in Pakistan.253
3078. Obama, With Defiant Tone, Vows to Push Agenda: The ordinarily cool and cerebral President Obama sounded unusually defiant and vowed to move forward on a health care overhaul and new restrictions on banks.204
3079. Serpico on Serpico: Frank Serpico, the whistle-blowing police officer, lives quietly in the woods, but his thoughts are never far from the station house.153
3080. 3-Day Slide Sends Markets Down About 5%: The main focus remained President Obama's plan for tighter restrictions on the banks, but worries about Bernanke's confirmation also played a role.188
3081. NYT: TimesTalks presents Jeff Bridges: The New York Times' Lynn Hirschberg talks to actor Jeff Bridges about his career and about his new movie, the award winning "Crazy Heart".177
3082. NYT: TimesTalks presents Lee Daniels and Gabourey Sidibe: The New York Times' Patty Cohen talks to director Lee Daniels and actor Gabourey Sidibe about their film "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire".213
3083. Oil Estimates in Venezuela Doubled: In a new assessment, researchers with the United States Geological Survey have provided a dramatic new estimate of how much oil is "technically recoverable" from Venezuela's oil sands.220
3084. Woman Reportedly Found Alive in Haiti Wreckage: The discovery of the 69-year-old offered search teams a sliver of hope that more survivors could still be found.160
3085. Your Money: Free Checking Could Go the Way of Free Toasters: Overdraft fees had helped to subsidize free checking, but as those fees begin to fall, free checking may disappear.176
3086. In Ohio, Obama Vows to Keep Fighting on Health Care: Conceding his health care overhaul had "run into a bit of a buzz saw,'' President Obama vowed on Friday to keep fighting for legislation that will "hold the insurance industry accountable and bring more stability and security to folks in our health care system.''316
3087. 2 Key Senators Oppose a Second Term for Bernanke: The opposition of Senators Barbara Boxer and Russell D. Feingold will make it a struggle to come up with the 60 votes necessary to confirm Ben S. Bernanke as chairman of the Fed.228
3088. First Tweet From Space: No, little green men haven't found Twitter-but astronauts aboard the International Space Station have.126
3089. Clijsters Knocked Out of Australian Open: The U.S. Open champ was on the court for 52 minutes, and Nadia Petrova, a Russian and No. 19 seed, embarrassed her pretty much every second in a thorough 6-0, 6-1 banishment from the women's single's bracket.250
3090. Music: Beyond the Gainsbourg Birthright: For Charlotte Gainsbourg, the legacy of her father, Serge Gainsbourg, looms large. But on her new album, "IRM," the anxiety of influence seems to have dissipated.203
3091. China Says U.S. Internet Accusations Harm Ties: China condemned U.S. criticism of Beijing's controls on the Internet, saying that Washington's push against online censorship could harm relations between the two countries.221
3092. Sunday's N.F.C. Championship Matchup: The Saints have never been to the Super Bowl; the Vikings haven't seen Roman numerals since the Carter administration. One way or another, a long drought will soon end.206
3093. 'Controlled Serendipity' Liberates the Web: Sharing what we see on the Web has reduced the chance that we are also missing something important. Call it "controlled serendipity."177
3094. Naming Leaders, a Nonprofit News Outlet Takes Shape in San Francisco: The Bay Area News Project named Jonathan Weber, a co-founder of The Industry Standard, as its editor in chief, and Lisa Frazier, from McKinsey, as its chief executive.237
3095. Detainees Will Still Be Held, but Not Tried, Official Says: A task force concluded that nearly 50 detainees at Guant0namo Bay are too difficult to prosecute but too dangerous to release, an administration official said.219
3096. China Rebuffs Clinton on Internet Warning: The push against online censorship could harm relations between the two powers, the foreign ministry said Friday.156
3097. After Benching, Rhodes Is No Longer Playing It Safe: Since coaches benched Kerry Rhodes in late November, he regained his starting job, and the Jets have a 4-1 record.167
3098. Gates Says Taliban Must Take Legitimate Afghan Role: The Taliban must participate in elections, not oppose education and not assassinate local officials, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said.193
3099. China Says U.S. Internet Accusations Harm Ties: The push against online censorship could harm relations between the two powers, the foreign ministry said Friday.161
3100. Dubai Memo: Entrenched Monarchy Thwarts Aspirations for Modernity: The financial crisis and recent criminal cases demonstrate that the United Arab Emirates remain an absolute monarchy, where the law is capricious.213
3101. Oracle President Admits Affair After Billboards Appear: Oracle's president, Charles Phillips, acknowledges an affair after some unusual billboards apparently featuring him appear in Times Square and elsewhere.209
3102. Venture Capital Was Tight for Tech Start-Ups in '09: Venture capitalists invested 37 percent less money and made 30 percent fewer deals last year than in 2008.159
3103. Chinese Christians Are the Focus of Same-Sex Marriage Case: Plaintiffs in the federal trial in San Francisco presented the writing of an evangelical Chinese community leader as an example of virulent homophobia.211
3104. Treasury Weighs Fixes to a Program to Fend Off Foreclosures: The effort to revamp the Making Home Affordable program comes amid growing pressure to do less for banks and more for households.190
3105. Indictments Against 7 in Galleon Insider Case: Prosecutors have expanded the charges to include two acts of conspiracy, rather than one, and other counts of securities fraud.174
3106. Out of Bankruptcy, Genetics Company Drops Drug Efforts: The Icelandic gene-hunting company said it would continue its research and its gene-based diagnostics as a private company and would abandon efforts to develop drugs.222
3107. Art Review | American Antiques Show: Made in the U.S.A.: Carved, Hooked and Framed: The American Antiques Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion puts collectors and browsers at ease with quasi-domestic arrangements of antiques and folk art.235
3108. Man Claims Terror Ties in Little Rock Shooting: A man accused of killing a soldier at a recruiting station last year called himself a soldier in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a Yemen-based group.200
3109. A New Search for Consensus on Health Bill: There is speculation in Washington about the possibility of a measure on health care that would be less ambitious and less contentious than earlier bills passed by Congress.216
3110. The TV Watch: Where's Johnny? Good Manners Take Hiatus: Viewers of the Leno-O'Brien fracas witnessed an explosion of incivility burning through the late-night bonhomie.168
3111. As Olympics Near, They're Ordering In Snow: Mount Cypress, which will host the Olympic snowboarding competitions, is expecting mild weather, forcing organizers to bring in snow from other locations.198
3112. Lobbyists Get Potent Weapon in Campaign Finance Ruling: The Supreme Court decision will increase the power of lobbyists and interest groups at the expense of candidates and political parties.191
3113. Gravely Ill Former Executive Aids N.F.L. Veterans: Gay Culverhouse, a former president of the Buccaneers, has set up an organization to assist former players suffering from long-term head injuries.197
3114. Chicago News Cooperative | Street Corners: Cicero and Polk: Sharing Soul Food, Fellowship and Faith: For some who came to Chicago from the South in the first half of the 20th century, a local restaurant serves as a reminder of their country childhoods.252
3115. With Populist Stance, Obama Takes On Banks: A call for new limits on bank size and risk-taking reflects a shift in the administration's focus and a change in the political climate.180
3116. Seagate Goes Direct: Large companies in a variety of industries have started buying storage straight from Seagate to deal with their exploding volumes of data.159
3117. U.S. Offers Pakistan Drones to Urge Cooperation: The U.S. will provide a dozen unarmed spy drones to Pakistan to encourage that country's cooperation in fighting militants on the Afghan border.193
3118. Toyota Issues a 2nd Recall: The latest recall involves 2.3 million vehicles because of accelerators that can get stuck and cause cars to speed up unintentionally.162
3119. 36 Hours in Mexico City: Eager to attract people again, luxury hotels are slashing room rates and restaurants are opening in chic neighborhoods.144
3120. Brown Storms the Hill: The senator-elect's first visit to the Capitol Building in his new role was surrounded by the attention normally granted celebrities.156
3121. 7 Indicted in Galleon Group Insider-Trading Case: They were among 14 charged with multiple counts of securities fraud and conspiracy on Nov. 5 in the investigation that began with the arrest of Galleon's founder, Raj Rajaratnam.228
3122. Past Decade Warmest Ever, NASA Data Shows: The agency also found that 2009 was the second warmest year since 1880, when temperature measurement began.150
3123. NASA Announces Designs for Personal Flying Suit: The designs for NASA's personal flying suit have been unveiled.112
3124. Google's Sales Rose 17% in Quarter, Fastest Pace in a Year: The results topped Wall Street's expectations. Revenue for quarter was $6.67 billion, up from $5.7 billion a year earlier.182
3125. Intel Settlement Gives A.M.D. a Profit in Quarter: A.M.D. would have lost money were it not for a $1.25 billion payment it received to squash a long-running antitrust battle.174
3126. More Hudson Dredging Needed, E.P.A. Says: Federal environmental officials believe the amount of contaminated river bottom that will need to be dredged from the Hudson River will be "significantly higher" than initially expected.228
3127. Google or Not, Motorola Pushes Forward on Android in China: Motorola unveiled an applications store in China for its phones that run Google's Android software and said it will offer users there a choice of search services. The moves position the company to support Android even if Google leaves that country.308
3128. Microsoft Plugs Security Hole Used in December Attacks: Microsoft released an emergency software update for its Internet Explorer browser to block one method hackers used to attack Google and other companies last month.219
3129. Judge Orders New York to Correct Bias in Fire Department: A federal judge said the city needed to compensate the minorities who took the entrance examinations, and to create fairer tests.187
3130. Pelosi: House Will Not Adopt Senate Bill: Provisions in the Senate bill may have contributed to public anger in Massachusetts, the speaker said.144
3131. Political Fallout From the Supreme Court Ruling: Republicans and Democrats weigh in immediately -- as the nation's highest court frees corporations and labor unions from some campaign financing restrictions.207
3132. Obama's Bank Proposal Sends Shares Even Lower: The president's plan to limit banks intensified a downward trend spurred by bleaker-than-expected data on jobs and manufacturing.176
3133. How Corporate Money Will Reshape Politics: Will the Supreme Court's campaign finance decision damage democracy?111
3134. Obama Moves to Limit 'Reckless Risks' of Big Banks: The president on Thursday proposed legislation to limit the scope and size of large financial institutions.159
3135. Aid Groups Focus on Haiti's Homeless: As aid flowed into Port-au-Prince on Thursday, relief groups began shifting their focus to long-term challenges.150
3136. Grand Theft Auto's New Weapon, the iPhone: Popular role-playing game Grand Theft Auto is now playing on a phone near you.121
3137. Clinton Urges a Global Response to Internet Attacks: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that nations that engaged in cyberattacks should face consequences.176
3138. Clinton Urges a Global Response to Internet Attacks: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that nations that engaged in cyberattacks should face consequences.176
3139. Justices Overturn Key Campaign Limits: Overruling two important precedents and sweeping aside a century-old understanding, a bitterly divided Supreme Court ruled that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections.252
3140. Nokia Responds to Google Challenge on Navigation Software: Nokia's decision to give away GPS navigation software deals a blow to other makers of specialized devices, but may not be enough to counter its own slide in the smartphone market.238
3141. Digital Music Gains, but Can't Offset Low CD Sales: Sales of digital music rose 12 percent worldwide last year, but that growth was insufficient to compensate for plunging revenue from compact discs.199
3142. Justices Block Key Part of Campaign Law: The 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a 20-year-old ruling that said corporations can be prohibited from using money from their general treasuries to pay for their own campaign ads.243
3143. $13.4 Billion Earnings in Record Year for Goldman Sachs: The banking giant also said that it set aside $16.2 billion for to pay employee bonuses in 2009.153
3144. Conan O'Brien and NBC to Part Ways: The TV host is expected to receive about $32 million and be able to return to television in eight months.141
3145. John Edwards Admits Paternity: John Edwards, the former presidential contender, admits that he fathered a child out of wedlock.127
3146. E.U. Gives Final Clearance to Oracle-Sun Deal: The software company Oracle won unconditional European Union regulatory approval for its $7 billion acquisition of computer maker Sun Microsystems.194
3147. Quiet Start to Trial in Police Brutality Case: Despite the severity of the accusations against officers charged in an attack on Michael Mineo in 2008, the case has not sparked as much public protest as similar events.217
3148. Music Review | Lady Gaga: Lavish Worlds, and the Headwear to Match: Amid otherworldly staging, Lady Gaga displayed her larger-than-life style at Radio City on Wednesday night.175
3149. Gates Says Pakistan Must Root Out Extremists: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said he would talk to Pakistan, where he arrived Thursday, about an anticipated offensive against militants later this year.204
3150. China Paints Google Issue as Not Political: The Chinese government is approaching a dispute over censorship as a business conflict, not a political matter that could affect U.S. relations.188
3151. Advertising: For Super Bowl XLIV Advertisers, Synergy Is the Name of the Game: The ad during the big game now must be supplemented with repeats on YouTube and promotions with sites like Twitter and Facebook.207
3152. Exodus to Countryside Reverses Long Trend: Thousands are fleeing Port-au-Prince and going back to the small villages and coastal towns they came from.150
3153. Apple Courts Publishers, While Kindle Adds Apps: A tablet computer from Apple could threaten Amazon's Kindle, but the Kindle, which now accounts for 70 percent of electronic reader sale, is getting more versatile.213
3154. F.B.I. Sting Snares Arms Sellers; Bribes for Foreign Deals Charged: The case against 22 top-level arms industry executives is the biggest prosecution of individuals for foreign corporate bribery ever pursued by the Justice Department.234
3155. Amazon Cracks Open the Kindle: Allowing applications for the Kindle could turn a popular single-purpose device into a more interesting and versatile gadget.156
3156. Apple Courts Publishers, While Kindle Adds Apps: A tablet computer from Apple could threaten Amazon's Kindle, but the Kindle, which now accounts for 70 percent of electronic reader sale, is getting more versatile.213
3157. Obama to Propose Limits on Risks Taken by Banks: For the first time, the president will throw his weight behind the House approach to financial regulation, limiting the size of the largest banks and their risk-taking activities.228
3158. What Would It Feel Like to Hold a 10-Inch Apple Tablet?: If the expected Apple tablet PC has a 10-inch display, it would be bulkier than a Kindle but possibly have less heft than a hardcover book.196
3159. China on Path to Become Second-Largest Economy: If China keeps up a 8.7 growth rate, it will likely replace Japan as the world's second-largest economy this year.162
3160. State of the Art: Packing a Series of Pluses: New versions of the Pre and Pixi can become personal Wi-Fi hot spots, at a price, of course.138
3161. News Analysis: Both Parties Seek Ways to Channel Populist Ire: Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts demonstrated that the populism anger fueling the Tea Party movement has migrated to the mainstream.201
3162. China as World's No. 2 Economy Within Reach: China beat its 2009 growth target after a blistering performance in the fourth quarter.132
3163. Man in the News: Scott Brown: Discipline Helped Carve Path to Senate: Scott Brown's craving for control and order was born of a chaotic childhood, then developed when he joined the Massachusetts National Guard 30 years ago.223
3164. Accord Reached to Let Honduran President Depart: The president-elect of Honduras agreed to grant safe passage to the Dominican Republic for ousted President Manuel Zelaya next week.181
3165. Republicans Oppose Obama Plan for Deficit Panel: G.O.P. leaders, emboldened after capturing a Massachusetts Senate seat, were quick to reject a proposal for a presidential commission.183
3166. Teaching Americans What Haiti Needs: Money: Nonprofit groups rarely look a gift horse in the mouth, but there has been an unprecedented effort to teach Americans what not to give.179
3167. Our Towns: Haitians and Hasidim Find Common Cause: A relief effort is forged in a village where the melting pot usually melts only so far.138
3168. If Your Password's Still 123456, It Might as Well Be HackMe: People favor simple passwords like "123456," despite Internet security scares like the recent attacks on Google's e-mail service.190
3169. Talk to The Times: Janet L. Robinson and Martin A. Nisenholtz: Senior executives of The New York Times Company will answer questions from readers about the company's decision to charge for frequent use of, which will take effect next year.251
3170. If Your Password Is 123456, Just Make It HackMe: People favor simple passwords, despite Internet security scares like the recent attacks on Google's e-mail service.164
3171. Haiti's Many Troubles Keep Bodies Uncounted: The simple truth is that no accurate death toll exists.100
3172. Skin Deep: Should Surgeons Meet Patients Online?: In an age when many Web-savvy plastic surgeons answer questions at cosmetic enhancement sites, plenty feel comfortable dispensing opinions to patients they've never met.219
3173. How Fast Is Your Web Connection?: Internet service providers and various sites offer tests that measure the speed of a Web connection, which could help you get faster service.175
3174. Copenhagen's Climate Deal Is at Risk, a U.N. Official Says: Facing a Jan. 31 deadline, major countries have yet to submit their plans for reducing emissions of climate-altering gases.183
3175. China Paints Google Issue as Not Political: The Chinese government is taking a cautious approach to a dispute on censorship, treating the conflict as a business one, not a political matter that could affect U.S. relations.222
3176. I.O.C. Panel Seeks to Treat Intersex Athletes: A panel convened by the International Olympic Committee recommended that the issue of intersex athletes be treated as a medical concern.183
3177. Journeys: Where Giants Dance and Crash in Japan: Like much in this country, sumo wrestling can be a mix of the seemingly approachable and the utterly confounding.162
3178. Talk to The Times: Janet L. Robinson and Martin A. Nisenholtz: Senior executives of The New York Times Company will answer questions from readers on Thursday about the company's announced decision to charge for frequent use of The Times's Web site starting in 2011.265
3179. Taliban Overhaul Their Image in a Bid to Win Allies: The Taliban are on a mission to soften their image as they try to counter the Americans' new campaign to win Afghan hearts and minds.186
3180. How to Send Money to Other Charities Using Text: A foundation makes it possible to make charitable donations, not just to Haiti relief, through a text message.160
3181. Digital Photo Frames Join the Social Scene: A new digital photo frame provides an easy way to share photos, social networking updates, and RSS feeds.149
3182. EBay's 4th-Quarter Earnings Triple From Last Year's: The online retailer posted a profit of $1.4 billion, up from $367 million in the same quarter last year.157
3183. Children Speak for Same-Sex Marriage: In recent years, an increasing number of children raised by same-sex couples have taken active roles in campaigns and civil rights groups.176
3184. NYT: Tech Talk for 01/21/2010: Bettina Edelstein talks about satellite phones and the critical role they're playing for Times staff in getting news and photos from Haiti. J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado explain how to create and install your own ringtones. And J.D. rounds up tech news of the week, including Skype's growing share of the market for international calls.378
3185. Energy and Stealth of G.O.P. Groups Undid a Sure Bet: While conservatives quietly mobilized, Democrats barely paid attention to a contest that by every indication should have been nothing to worry about.203
3186. NYT: Tech Talk for 01/21/2010: Bettina Edelstein talks about satellite phones and the critical role they're playing for Times staff in getting news and photos from Haiti. J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado explain how to create and install your own ringtones. And J.D. rounds up tech news of the week, including Skype's growing share of the market for international calls.378
3187. Kroes Approved to Be Europe's Tech Commissioner: After a bruising battle, Neelie Kroes won over skeptics who had found her evasive in hearings.143
3188. The War Between Apple and Google Has Just Begun: Google and Apple are no longer friends, as they compete in more arenas. The latest sign of the rift: Apple is considering using Microsoft's Bing as the default search engine for its iPhone Web browser.250
3189. Aid Urged for Groups Fighting Internet Censors: Five United States senators want the government to move ahead with plans to provide $45 million to help people in other countries evade Web restrictions.201
3190. YouTube to Introduce Limited Film Rental Service: The video site's venture will focus, at least initially, on providing an outlet for independent movie makers.159
3191. Magazine Preview: James Patterson Inc.: How a genre writer has transformed book publishing.91
3192. Aid Urged for Groups Fighting Internet Censors: Five United States senators want the government to move ahead with plans to provide $45 million to help people in other countries evade Web restrictions.201
3193. Gates, in India, Warns of Regional Militant Threat: U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warned that a "syndicate of terrorist operators" on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border was working to destabilize the region.213
3194. Morgan Stanley's Quarter Falls Below Forecast: The bank said it had net income of $617 million in the fourth quarter as it struggled to rebound from the financial crisis.170
3195. Bank of America Posts Loss for Year and Quarter: The bank said a $4 billion repayment to the Treasury of money from the government's bailout fund weighed on its results.169
3196. The Way We Live Now: The Great Unalignment: How long can a Democratic majority last in our fast-paced, high-tech political culture?131
3197. Google Hopes to Retain Business Unit in China: As Google prepares for talks with the Chinese government over censorship laws, the company has indicated that it would like to retain much of its operations in the country.219
3198. CrowdFlower Raises $5 Million to Boost Crowdsourcing: A San Francisco startup, CrowdFlower, has raised money to help companies distribute mundane tasks to Internet workers, rather than hiring full-time employees.212
3199. City Signals Intent to Send Fewer Teenagers to Jail: The Bloomberg administration is merging two agencies as it seeks a more therapeutic approach toward delinquency.165
3200. Amazon Increases Royalty Rate for Books on Its Kindle E-Reader: Amazon announced it will raise its royalty rate for books published on its Kindle e-reader to 70 percent.169
3201. App of the Week: Hop on a Suite of Free Voice Services: The Google Voice suite of phone software for the iPhone has been waylaid, but you can get some of the same features from Ribbit Mobile, which is free (for now).216
3202. The Times to Charge for Frequent Access to Its Web Site: Starting in early 2011, visitors to will get a certain number of articles free every month before being asked to pay a flat fee for access.208
3203. G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats: Scott Brown, a little-known Republican state senator, defeated Martha Coakley in the race to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat held by Edward M. Kennedy.193
3204. The Democrats' Day After: Why are the Democrats always in disarray even when they control the White House, the Senate and the House?132
3205. Latest Updates on the Crisis in Haiti: On Wedensday The Lede is continuing to supplement reporting by our colleagues in Haiti on the aftermath of last week's earthquake by pointing to news and information on the Web. Readers are encouraged to share any first-hand accounts they receive from Haiti or see online.311
3206. The Times to Charge for Frequent Access to Its Web Site: Starting in early 2011, visitors to will get a certain number of articles free every month before being asked to pay a flat fee for access.208
3207. Security Lapses Are Being Addressed, Officials Tell Panel: The nation's top counterterrorism officials are testifying Wednesday before Congress about the Christmas bombing plot.177
3208. Suspect Surrenders in Virginia Killing of 8 People: Christopher Speight, 39, who is suspected of firing on law enforcement officers after the killings, turned himself in.170
3209. Strong Aftershock Hits Near Haitian Capital: The 6.1- magnitude temblor was the most powerful to hit Haiti since the initial earthquake on Jan. 12.147
3210. Democratic Defeat Imperils Health Care Overhaul: Senate Democrats will meet on Wednesday as the prospect of pushing the Senate health care plan through the House appeared to diminish.183
3211. G.O.P. Victory Imperils Health Care Overhaul: In the wake of Tuesday's upset, House Democrats appeared to rule out the idea of quickly approving a health care bill.164
3212. You Saw What in 'Avatar'? Pass Those Glasses!: Record-breaking crowds have seen James Cameron's epic, and the list of those who saw cause for protest is growing.161
3213. If Your Kids Are Awake, They're Probably Online: Researchers once thought the use of smart phones and other devices could not go up. They were wrong.149
3214. Police Surround Gunman After He Kills 8 in Virginia: Chaos ensued after the police encountered a gunman in a thickly wooded area on Tuesday.140
3215. Democrats Won't Rush to Pass Senate Bill: In the wake of Tuesday's upset, House Democrats appeared to rule out the idea of quickly approving a health care bill.160
3216. If Your Kids Are Awake, They're Probably Online: Researchers once thought the use of smart phones and other devices could not go up. They were wrong.149
3217. China to Scan Text Messages to Spot 'Unhealthy Content': The Chinese government ordered cellphone companies to suspend text services to users who send "unhealthy" messages.172
3218. Text Messages in China to Be Scanned for 'Illegal Content': The Chinese government ordered cellphone companies to suspend text services to users who send "unhealthy" messages.175
3219. Budget Ballot Initiatives Debated in Colorado: With Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights in the shadows, three related initiatives are being discussed everywhere.160
3220. The N.F.L. Is Squeezing Discounters Over Apparel: The league's game day line of gear will be available only to companies that do a certain amount of business.158
3221. Webb Urges a Halt to Senate Health Care Votes: A centrist Democrat calls for Senate health care votes to be put on hold until the new senator from Massachusetts is sworn in.173
3222. Obama Pressing for Protections Against Lenders: Despite the president's influence, Democrats have considered dropping a consumer protection element of a financial bill in the Senate to gain more support.203
3223. News Analysis: A Year Later, Voters Send a Different Message: The Massachusetts Senate election result leaves the president with a long list of tough choices.158
3224. U.S. Marines Land in Villages on Edge of Life and Death: For some of the U.S. military personnel in Haiti, the pain is deeply personal.135
3225. 53 Haitian Orphans Are Airlifted to U.S.: The U.S. loosened its visa policy to expedite adoptions.98
3226. Yelp's Divide Between Businesses and Reviewers: An article in Inc. magazine looks at the sometimes bitter split between reviewers on Yelp and the businesses they critique.172
3227. Inside the Rings: At Age 11, Balancing Olympic Ambition and Youth: At age 11, Polina Edmunds is young enough to carry a teddy bear for good luck, but old enough to be a veteran dreamer of an Olympic gold medal in figure skating.228
3228. Medical Miracle Nears a Milepost: Twelve years after brain surgery to alleviate epileptic seizures, Diane Van Deren is one of the world's top endurance runners.160
3229. De Gustibus: Snack Time Never Ends: When it comes to American children, snacks seem both mandatory and constant.112
3230. News Analysis: A Sign of Latin America's Fading Polarization: The election of a right-wing billionaire to lead Chile appears to signal a convergence of left and right agendas.175
3231. Christian-Muslim Mayhem in Nigeria Kills Dozens: Death estimates after three days of fighting in the city of Jos ranged from 30 to 300.135
3232. Evidence Found for Chinese Attack on Google: A malware specialist said the software used in an attack on Google contained a module based on an algorithm from a Chinese-authored technical paper.193
3233. Multiple Deaths Reported in Virginia Shooting: State police are reporting multiple deaths and injuries involving a lone gunman in central Virginia.147
3234. Reading Apple's Tea Leaves: Take one splatter-painted invitation. Add a news blackout. Enter reality-distortion field. The result? More hype about a mystery product. Genius.173
3235. Profit Up 9% as I.B.M. Raises Its Forecast: Cost cuts and a shift to more profitable contracts helped the company weather a slump in corporate spending.152
3236. Researcher Finds Evidence of Chinese Attack on Google: A malware specialist with SecureWorks said he determined the main program used in the attack contained a module based on an unusual algorithm from a Chinese-authored technical paper.237
3237. Project Haiti: Holding a Teach-In: Lesson Plan | Organizing, researching and presenting reports and information about the Haiti disaster and developing proposals on how to respond.180
3238. Queens Man Is Accused in Plot to Kill Service Members: A 25-year-old man arrested this month on terrorism charges conspired to kill American service members in Afghanistan, a federal prosecutor said.199
3239. White House Looks Again to Senator Snowe: The White House is reaching out again to Senator Olympia Snowe, the only Republican in the chamber who might for a health care overhaul.178
3240. Supreme Court Rules on Trial Conduct in Georgia: The propriety of jurors giving a judge an off-color gift was the subject of one of several cases decided Tuesday.162
3241. Hoyer on Senate Bill: 'Better Than Nothing': Democrats must counter the argument that health care legislation will harm Medicare, the House majority leader said on Tuesday.172
3242. Tiny Steps Toward Basic Services: Restoring services in Haiti will be very difficult, but the effort has begun.111
3243. Science Teacher With a Bible Divides an Ohio Town: Officials say a teacher should be fired for pushing religion in class. Supporters say he is being unfairly punished.167
3244. Why You Can Get Written Confirmation From Comcast Now: One man's battle to get written confirmations of agreements with Comcast cable customer service representatives.167
3245. Dealer Sues Woman to Cancel 'Good Deal': A dealership in Minnesota wants the car back that it sold to a woman last year. Why? The dealership says it didn't charge her enough.174
3246. Software Firms Fear Hackers Who Leave No Trace: Tech companies live in fear of hackers who build a back door into their source code and add rogue instructions.159
3247. Massachusetts Voting Begins for Crucial Senate Seat: With the fate of the health care overhaul possibly hanging in the balance, voting began in a surprisingly tight special election for the Senate.197
3248. The Bittersweet History of Bike Clubs: While many of today's bicycle clubs offer activities outside of riding, the clubs of a century ago provided an important social space and proved to be vehicles for assimilation.216
3249. Software Firms Fear Hackers Who Leave No Trace: Tech companies live in fear of hackers who build a back door into their source code and add rogue instructions.159
3250. Blogging the Mass. Senate Race: Stay tuned for updates throughout the day for coverage of the election to replace Senator Edward M. Kennedy.140
3251. Theater Talkback With Charles Isherwood: The Times's theater critic is taking questions from readers.101
3252. Yale Admissions Office Sets Its Pitch to Music (and Dance): What would Yale's admissions video look like if it were hijacked by producers of the Disney Channel? A new video on YouTube provides a clue.200
3253. Boehner Hires 'Contract' Architect to Promote G.O.P. Platform: The Republican minority leader taps one of Karl Rove's top aides to refurbish the party's agenda.160
3254. War@WSJ: New Book Pulls Back Blankets on Murdoch's Capture of The Journal: New book by former Journal media writer goes deep behind the scenes of the Murdoch acquisition of The Wall Street Journal.197
3255. Paterson Seeks $1 Billion More in Taxes and Fees: Gov. David A. Paterson's budget also proposes the largest cut to school aid in more than two decades.151
3256. Tentative Deal Ends Cleveland Orchestra Strike: Terms of the deal were not released. The standoff highlighted a shift in the economics of classical music.154
3257. U.S. Military Begins Air Drops in Haitian Capital: Even as thousands of Haitians continued to flee toward the countryside on Tuesday, there were scenes of commerce and activity in Port-au-Prince.195
3258. Essay: Luminous 3-D Jungle Is a Biologist's Dream: The new film "Avatar" explores life forms both familiar and fantastic, but a viewer does not have to be a scientist to enjoy the experience.191
3259. Verizon and AT&T Cut Prices: Verizon and AT&T have cut the cost of unlimited calling plans by almost a third. Other plans are being discounted as well.151
3260. Google Delays Release of Cellphones in China: The company was reportedly reluctant to release the phones, given the climate of uncertainty over the future of its China operations.179
3261. A Nuclear Critic Draws a Lesson from France's Success: A new statistical analysis of an almost-secret topic -- what it costs to build nuclear reactors in France -- may have some lessons for a "nuclear renaissance" in the United States.236
3262. Tentative Deal in Cleveland Orchestra Strike: Approval of the deal is expected today.85
3263. Google Delays Release of Cellphones in China: With the future of Google's China operations uncertain, the release of two Android phones has been postponed.155
3264. Latest Updates on the Crisis in Haiti: On Tuesday The Lede is continuing to supplement reporting by our colleagues in Haiti on the aftermath of last week's earthquake by pointing to news and information on the Web. Readers are encouraged to share any first-hand accounts they receive from Haiti or see online.309
3265. Citigroup Reports a $1.6 Billion Loss for Year: The bank, which also took a $10.1 billion charge in the fourth quarter, has shown few signs of a quick recovery.160
3266. Hands On With HP's Web-Connected Printer: HP's Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web all-in-one printer is a forward-thinking device that prints great photos.154
3267. A Famed Parisian Kitchen Is Reborn: Jamin, the Paris restaurant that helped cultivate the careers of names like Robuchon and Ripert, has a new owner.149
3268. The Age of External Knowledge: Tuesday | Today's idea: Filtering, not remembering, is the most important mental skill in the digital age, an essay says. But this discipline will come at a premium, since mental focus must take place amid the unlimited distractions of the Internet. [Edge]288
3269. Rich Nations Call for Haiti Debt Relief: The Paris Club, an informal group of creditor nations, issued an appeal Tuesday for nations owed money by Haiti to cancel the debts to help reconstruction.196
3270. Microsoft to Purge User Data Collected on Bing After Six Months: Bowing to pressure in Europe, Microsoft said it would ensure its online search engine, Bing, would eliminate all data collected on users after six months.219
3271. Kraft and Cadbury Agree on Friendly Merger: After months of resistance, Cadbury of Britain agreed to a takeover offer from the U.S food giant Kraft, worth about $19 billion, to create the world's largest confectioner.217
3272. Japan Airlines Files for Bankruptcy: Japan Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, Japan's state-backed turnaround agency said.140
3273. A Deluge of Donations via Text Messages: As of late Sunday, the American Red Cross had collected pledges of $203 million, about $22 million of which came through a text-messaging program.187
3274. A Very New York Novel Wins Newbery Medal: "When You Reach Me," by Rebecca Stead, won the children's literature award on Monday.127
3275. More Men Marrying Better Educated, Richer Wives: Men 30 to 44 years old are increasingly likely to marry women with more education and income than they have.157
3276. Japan Airlines Set to File for Bankruptcy: Asia's largest airline by revenues will remain in the skies under a state-backed restructuring plan as it tries to free itself from about $16 billion in debt.201
3277. Reliving Horror in a Test for the Death Penalty: The trial for a suspect in a triple slaying in Connecticut begins Tuesday, and observers expect a painful process.163
3278. Leno Expects Resolution Tuesday: In the middle of a public relations firestorm, Jay Leno explains how he landed in the middle of a network drama.145
3279. For the Heirs to Holmes, a Tangled Web: For nearly 80 years Sherlock Holmes has been caught in a web of ownership issues so tangled that Professor Moriarty wouldn't have wished them upon him.191
3280. U.N. Expected to Approve Security Expansion: The 3,500 soldiers and police officers requested by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon would help protect distribution of supplies and ensure public order in Haiti.204
3281. Massachusetts Senate Candidates Push to Finish Line: Outside groups flooded Massachusetts with money, advertisements and ground troops to try to influence the race for Edward M. Kennedy's Senate seat.200
3282. Strike in Cleveland Points to Classical Music Woes: A labor tussle is brewing at the Cleveland Orchestra, and it points to troubled times for classical musical ensembles.170
3283. Swiss Banker Blows Whistle on Tax Evasion: A former Swiss banker called offshore tax evasion "the biggest theft among societies and neighbor states."149
3284. As Haitians Flee, the Dead Go Uncounted: Along with everything else stolen by last week's earthquake, Haitians must now add another loss: the ability to identify and properly honor the dead.190
3285. Aid Arrives but Few Are Lucky to Get It: Even as more aid flows into Haiti, the challenges in handing out food and water at a golf-course illustrate the hurdles in distributing aid across the city.197
3286. Homeless Haitians Told Not to Try to Flee to U.S.: United States officials are trying to avert a mass exodus from the island that could lead to deaths at sea or a refugee crisis in South Florida.195
3287. A Deluge of Donations via Text Messages: As of late Sunday, the American Red Cross had collected pledges of $203 million, about $22 million of which came through a text-messaging program.187
3288. Defiant Vow to Rebuild Amid Ruins and Bodies: Throughout Haiti, stubborn determination girded by optimism that had been felt before the earthquake struck is fueling the fight for survival.188
3289. The Rise and Fall of a Sunni in Baghdad: Saleh al-Mutlaq, barred from Iraq's legislative elections, said the furor the decision unleashed left him bewildered.158
3290. At Yemen College, Scholarship and Jihadist Ideas: Al Eman University in Sana teaches Islam and Western disciplines but is also seen as a center for jihadist ideas.163
3291. What If Conan Said, 'Bye, NBC. Hello, Internet'?: Conan O'Brien's belief that a time slot still matters does not hold true for the 18-34 year old audience. For this next audience, the time slot is being replaced by a URL.221
3292. Democrats Seeking to Push Health Bill Through House: Scrambling for a plan if Republicans win in Massachusetts, Democrats are mulling several options to save the Senate version of the health care legislation.208
3293. Cambodia Takes to the Roads in Building Spree: At last enjoying the dividends of peace, Cambodia is halfway through a road-building spree, which also helps mend the fractures of the civil war.192
3294. Pelosi: Mass. Election Won't Stop Health Bill: Pelosi says health care bill will pass, regardless of Massachusetts Senate race's outcome.137
3295. Children Don't Have Strokes? Just Ask Jared: A frantic mother rushed her son to the hospital, starting a family's search for treatment and answers.147
3296. What If Conan Said, 'Bye, NBC. Hello, Internet'?: Conan O'Brien's belief that a time slot still matters does not hold true for the 18-34 year old audience. For this next audience, the time slot is being replaced by a URL.221
3297. When an Eating Disorder Has No Name: When an eating disorder isn't anorexia or bulimia, it's called "Ednos" for "eating disorder without a name.''146
3298. Obama to Deliver State of the Union Address Jan. 27: The White House finalized the date for the president's speech to a joint session of Congress for next Wednesday at 9 p.m.174
3299. Kraft Nears a Friendly Deal for Cadbury: Kraft and Cadbury of Britain have begun talks over a friendly deal that would end a four-month battle for control of the British confectioner, a person briefed on the matter told DealBook.229
3300. German Publishers File Complaint Against Google: Google said Monday that it faced antitrust complaints in Germany from newspaper and magazine publishers who want the company to pay them for using article snippets in its Web news service and search results.256
3301. Xbox Takes on Cable, Streaming TV Shows and Movies: If talks with Disney work out, the game console could stream ESPN content, making it that much easier to watch TV without cable.180
3302. A Little Too Close to the Battle in Kabul: A battle unfolds, with cinematic vividness, at the very heart of Afghanistan's American-backed government.149
3303. Opposition to Education Grant Program Emerges: With its first deadline on Tuesday, the administration's school improvement initiative is meeting resistance.156
3304. Starting Over in Lexington: A Clarification: We aren't letting these people fend for themselves. We're empowering them to make decisions for themselves.152
3305. For New York 9/11 Rescue Team, Haiti Brings It All Back: A pile of rubble is a pile of rubble, whether it is in lower Manhattan or central Port-au-Prince.154
3306. Apple to Show Off Its 'Latest Creation' Next Week: Apple sent out invitations for a special event heralding its "latest creation."130
3307. Apple to Show Off Its 'Latest Creation' Next Week: Apple sent out invitations for a special event heralding its "latest creation."130
3308. After Power Play, Jets Talk About Power of Belief: The conversion on fourth-and-1 secured summed up Rex Ryan's (brash, bold, daring) first season as coach.155
3309. Video: Ten Minutes With Dan Pfeiffer: The first of a new series devoted to interviews from inside the White House, on Capitol Hill and from points across the administration features the White House communications director.222
3310. Monday Puzzle: The Golden Ratio Treasure: Can you figure out exactly where the gold was buried?95
3311. The $250 Million Underdog Celebrates: The Fox family had a good night at the Golden Globes, including wins for "Avatar," one of the most expensive movies ever made.164
3312. Sidebar: Justices Better at Precedent Than Prescience: The Supreme Court isn't so good at predicting the future, as a recent decision on the broadcast of a trial showed.169
3313. Newbery and Caldecott Awards Announced: Rebecca Stead, author of "When You Reach Me," won the John Newbery Medal for the most outstanding contribution to children's literature on Monday.186
3314. Cleveland Orchestra Goes on Strike: The musicians said the action meant they would not leave Tuesday for a residency at Indiana University that was to be followed by a 10-day visit to Miami, a lucrative annual residency for the orchestra.238
3315. Latest Updates on the Crisis in Haiti: On Monday The Lede is continuing to supplement reporting by our colleagues in Haiti on the aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake by pointing to news and information on the Web. Readers are encouraged to share any first-hand accounts they receive from Haiti or see online.306
3316. The Media Equation: It's Not Jay or Conan. It's Us.: Don't blame the late-night hosts for falling ratings. The Internet and cable television have made much of network television disappear into a thicket.203
3317. Power, Power Everywhere: A new device charges mobile phones without using batteries; but it may not be right for all situations.128
3318. Foreign Journalists in Beijing Hit by E-Mail Hackers: At least two foreign journalists living in Beijing have had their Google e-mail accounts hacked, a journalists' advocacy group in China said Monday.202
3319. Remembering the Little People: Accounting for Kids: An economist asks why the United States spends so much less money on children than on the elderly, and what the consequences for the economy might be.202
3320. For Ailing Health System, a Diagnosis but No Cure: The American health care system is afflicted with Baumol's cost disease, and its namesake, economist William J. Baumol, suggests that Democrats should be careful about setting expectations for their emerging legislation.271
3321. Law Meant to Curb Lobbying Sends It Underground: In light of strict new regulations, some policy advocates are choosing not to declare themselves as lobbyists.159
3322. Under the Stars, Shisha Smoke and Tasty Bites: Mumbai's rooftop sheesha lounges can be hard to find, but are worth seeking out.127
3323. Rescues Beat Dimming Odds in Haiti: On Monday, there were signs of improvement, as rescue workers pulled more people alive from the rubble as water and emergency aid deliveries improved.186
3324. News Analysis: Experts Mull U.S. Role in Haiti After Cameras: Citing a history of neglect or domination in the region, analysts wonder if the U.S. will strike the right balance in helping Haiti.194
3325. Militants Launch Rockets in Central Kabul: Militants launched an audacious attack in Kabul early on Monday, firing rockets toward the Justice Ministry.151
3326. Pay Rises for Leaders of Colleges, Survey Says: Compensation for presidents at public universities rose despite despite course eliminations and tuition hikes.158
3327. Oscar Race Begins at Golden Globes: James Cameron's "Avatar" was a big winner on Sunday, winning best dramatic picture and best director.137
3328. China Restores Text Messaging in Xinjiang: The Chinese government continued to ease a six-month-old communications blackout on the northwest region of Xinjiang.160
3329. For Many Start-Ups, a Spot on the Nasdaq Is No Longer the Goal: There were 18 tech I.P.O.'s in the last two years, versus 143 in the two years prior. Is it more than the recession holding them back?198
3330. News Analysis: In War Against the Internet, China Is Just a Skirmish: It's no surprise that China polices Web sites, but now nations like France are also cracking down on Internet users.186
3331. The Lock That Says 'Pick Me': The intrusion into Google's computers and related attacks point to the rising sophistication of such assaults and the vulnerability of even the best defenses.188
3332. Democrats Push Hard to Salvage a Flailing Candidacy: President Obama went to Massachusetts to support the candidacy of Martha Coakley, on whose election the Democrats' health care agenda now hinges.198
3333. Review of Jet Bomb Plot Shows More Missed Clues: Officials cite lapses that were not disclosed in the declassified government report about what went wrong inside the nation's counterterrorism network.200
3334. Jets 17, Chargers 14: Jets Advance to A.F.C. Title Game: The Jets beat the Chargers in the most surprising upset of this season.128
3335. Rescues Beat Dimming Odds in Haiti: Rescue workers pulled more people alive from the rubble as water and emergency aid deliveries improved.139
3336. Amid Rubble, Seeking a Refuge in Faith: With many churches flattened, Haitians desperate for aid beseeched God to ease their grief.131
3337. Complaint Box | Baby Barflies: In Park Slope, a Brooklyn neighborhood renowned for its abundance of children, even the barrooms have been infiltrated by little people.167
3338. Live Analysis: Chargers 7, Jets 3, 3rd Quarter: Can the Jets continue their surprising late-season run, this time against a team that has won 11 consecutive games.163
3339. Pakistan Says Drone Strike Kills 15: The strike was part of a campaign by the U.S. to use pilotless drones to kill Taliban and Al Qaeda militants.146
3340. Obama Rallies Democrats in Massachusetts: President Obama attempted to rescue the flailing candidacy of Martha Coakley, on whose candidacy the Democrats' health care agenda now hinges.184
3341. Massachusetts Bucks Its Political Stereotype: Swing voters have tipped the balance in recent elections, and could prove crucial again on Tuesday in the race for the late Edward M. Kennedy's Senate seat.202
3342. A Suburban Treasure, Left to Die: In Garden City, N.Y., St. Paul's School, a 130-year-old behemoth, has little protection.122
3343. Haiti in Ink and Tears: A Literary Sampler: Here are some of the many voices, native and not, inspired by Haiti, a mystical, tested land.137
3344. Haitians Seek Solace Amid the Ruins: Outside Port-au-Prince's main cathedral, built in 1750 but now a giant pile of metal and concrete, parishioners held a makeshift service.174
3345. Karzai Closing in on Taliban Reconciliation Plan: The Afghan government will offer jobs, security, education and other benefits to Taliban defectors.149
3346. Sunday's N.F.L. Divisional Matchups: The playoff game between the Cowboys and the Vikings features two great running games, two excellent defenses and two quarterbacks who have silenced their doubters.201
3347. 'Saturday Night Live' Tries Some Late-Night Diplomacy: There is only so much that "SNL" can say about NBC's ongoing late-night woes, and the show did its best to strike a conciliatory tone.189
3348. Colts 20, Ravens 3: Well-Rested Manning Leads Colts Past Ravens: The Colts showed no signs of rust as they dissected a Ravens team that never got in gear. The win sends the Colts to the A.F.C championship game.210
3349. Live Analysis: Colts 17, Ravens 3: The Ravens are in Indianapolis to take on the Colts in an A.F.C. divisional playoff game.124
3350. Focus on the Family Founder Starts a Radio Show: Dr. James Dobson, an influential voice for Christian conservatives, will have greater leeway to hold forth on politics and the opportunity to work with his son.209
3351. Saints 45, Cardinals 14: The Saints Hit and Run: With a balanced attack by Drew Brees, and a dazzling performance by Reggie Bush, the Saints beat the Cardinals to advance to the N.F.C. Championship game.203
3352. Looting Flares as Authority Breaks Down: The impulses for theft were borne of desperation and the lack of food and water as well as the absence of law and order.161
3353. J.F.K. Terminal Evacuated After Breach: Dozens of flights were delayed and the airport was thrown into disarray after a passenger went through a secured door.158
3354. Lonely Trek to Radicalism for Terror Suspect: Behind Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's journey from gifted student to terrorism suspect was a struggle between an investment in this life and a longing for the next.207
3355. Generation B: On Vacation and Looking for Wi-Fi: Whether we want to or not, most boomers have had to embrace technology.120
3356. Ping: Gaining a Toehold for the E-Bike: Electric bicycles have struggled to capture the imagination of auto-obsessed Americans. But that may be about to change.160
3357. Corner Office: Structure? The Flatter, the Better: Crist0bal Conde of SunGard says that recognition from one's peers is a great motivator for employees, though it "is broadly unused in modern management."204
3358. Google Users in China Fear Losing Important Tool: Many in China, especially university students, view the possible loss of Google's maps, translation software and access to scholarly papers with real distress.209
3359. Security Breach at J.F.K. Terminal: Passengers at Terminal 8, which is an American Airlines terminal, are being asked to leave and will be re-screened.151
3360. Driven to Distraction: Forget Gum. Walking and Using Phone Is Risky.: Cellphones aren't just distracting drivers. They make pedestrians inattentive, and emergency room records show the results.193
3361. Driven to Distraction: Forget Gum. Walking and Using Phone Is Risky.: Cellphones aren't just distracting drivers. They make pedestrians inattentive, and emergency room records show the results.193
3362. A Presidential Triple Plea for Haiti Fund: Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush began an effort to raise money for Haiti.134
3363. Chinese Site Criticizes Investor for Its Google Support: Alibaba Group of China saya Yahoo appeared to follow Google in suggesting the Chinese government was behind cyberattacks.178
3364. In Show of Support, Clinton Goes to Haiti: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton headed to Haiti to convey the president's pledge to help the Haitian people.161
3365. No Longer Their Golden Ticket: The affluent era of $160,000 starting salaries and full employment for law grads is over, as the legal profession lurches through its worst slump in decades.188
3366. A Presidential Triple Plea for Haiti Relief Fund: At the Rose Garden, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush team up for a new effort to ease the devastation from the earthquake.189
3367. Political Memo: Democrats Fret That the Public Is Dissatisfied: There may be no better place to measure the shifting fortunes of the Democratic Party than in the race for the Senate seat was Edward M. Kennedy's.211
3368. NBC's Slide From TV Heights to Troubled Punch Lines: NBC has been brought down not just by the challenges facing broadcast television but also missteps that have made its prime-time lineup a loser and turned its late schedule into a media circus.246
3369. Saturday's N.F.L. Divisional Matchups: The Saints scored 510 points and generated 6,461 yards of offense this season, earning comparison to the Greatest Show on Turf, the Rams team led by Kurt Warner a decade ago.213
3370. Google Users in China Fear Losing Important Tool: Many in China, especially university students, view the possible loss of Google's maps, translation software and access to scholarly papers with real distress.209
3371. The TV Watch: Broadcast Coverage: Compassion and Self-Congratulation: Disaster is both one of the hardest and easiest sights to watch on television.148
3372. Coming and Going Quickly, but in Hot Seat While There: As Paul G. Kirk Jr., the Senate stand-in for Edward M. Kennedy, waits for the outcome of an election, he has helped to keep the health care bill moving.207
3373. Detainees at Bagram Are Named by U.S.: The American military changed its long-held position that information about detentions could not be made public and took a step toward more transparency.192
3374. Quake Ignores Class Divisions of a Poor Land: Earthquakes know nothing about the lines that keep the poor in slums and the rich in the breezy hills.148
3375. Morgan Stanley Tries on a New Psyche: James P. Gorman wants to build a steadier, more diversified Morgan Stanley, and avoid risky megatrades.141
3376. Former Presidents to Lead Relief Fund: As an immense relief operation was under way, President Obama invited former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to the White House to promote their fund-raising relief.215
3377. Vigor Quest: A growing number of well-off men are injecting a hormone to forestall aging. Does it work 0 or is it enough that they simply think it does?152
3378. Creams Offering Lighter Skin May Bring Risks: Dermatologists nationwide are seeing people of Hispanic and African descent with severe side effects from the misuse of skin-lightening creams.189
3379. F.C.C. Orders Wireless Mike Modifications: Broadway theaters, and other entertainment forums must change the radio frequency they use for wireless microphones to make spectrum available for new services.203
3380. Scaling the Digital Wall in China: It's a small but growing group, but Internet users in China are finding myriad ways to get around government blockades, aided by confederates around the globe.194
3381. China, Where U.S. Internet Companies Often Fail: Before Google's difficulties in China, Yahoo, eBay and MySpace were outsmarted by local companies and limited by government restrictions.186
3382. Can Google Beat China?: Is it just a matter of time before technologists find a way to defeat censorship?105
3383. Scaling the Digital Wall in China: It's a small but growing group, but Internet users in China are finding myriad ways to get around government blockades, aided by confederates around the globe.194
3384. For the Trapped, Rescue Is but the First Hurdle: The fate of one man and the struggles of his rescuers reflect the complications of the aid effort in Haiti.156
3385. Los Angeles Journal: A Gangland Bus Tour, With Lunch and a Waiver: LA Gang Tours is making its debut, with members of four gangs agreeing they would not harass tour buses as they passed through South Los Angeles.212
3386. Implications for Health Bill in Massachusetts Senate Race: A victory by the Republican candidate in Massachusetts could cause the Democratic coalition behind the health legislation to come apart and put approval in jeopardy.224
3387. Agreement Is Expected in NBC's Talks With O'Brien: The talk show host could get more than $20 million in a settlement. Other details are also being hammered out.161
3388. Torn Between Two Phones: Nexus One vs. iPhone: A decision about whether to use an iPhone or Google's Nexus One can come down to the software services you use on the desktop or in the browser.191
3389. Chinese Lawyer Declared 'Missing' After Arrest: Nearly a year after he was taken into custody, a leading rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, has not been heard from.158
3390. F.D.A. Concerned About Substance in Food Packaging: In a shift, the Food and Drug Administration will study the health risks from bisphenol-A, or BPA, which is widely used in plastic bottles and food containers.211
3391. Ravens Lineman Can Create His Own Ending: Michael Oher, whose story was chronicled in "The Blind Side," has gone from gifted rookie to Ravens mainstay in only four months.171
3392. Your Money: For Financial Advice, Arriving at the Right Dosage: People who need a little assistance have a number of inexpensive options. For those who want more guidance, the equivalent of a physical trainer is also available.227
3393. Haitians Illegally in U.S. Given Protected Status: The Obama administration extended a special immigration status that protects Haitians from deportation for 18 months and allows them to work.192
3394. Is the U.S. Doing Enough for Haiti?: Experts discuss America's obligations in the aftermath of the earthquake.110
3395. Wireless Firms Speed Up Texted Haiti Donations: Text-message donations can take 90 days to process, but Verizon says it is writing a $2.1 million check to the Red Cross.169
3396. Senior Qaeda Figures Killed in Attack, Yemen Says: Yemeni officials said that they were "almost certain" that the airstrike on Friday also killed the group's military commander.177
3397. Obama to Campaign in Massachusetts on Sunday: President Obama will appear in Massachusetts to campaign for Senate candidate Martha Coakley.139
3398. Big City: A Facebook Movement, Against Mom and Dad: A 15-year-old from Queens is seeking online support to protest her punishment for drinking at a party.154
3399. Big City: A Facebook Movement, Against Mom and Dad: A 15-year-old from Queens is seeking online support to protest her punishment for drinking at a party.154
3400. The Jets' Technician of the Trenches: Bill Callahan's attention to detail with the Jets' offensive line has produced three Pro Bowlers and the league's top running game.169
3401. Pentagon Report on Fort Hood Shooting Details Failures: The military's defenses against threats from inside its own ranks are outdated and ineffective, the report found, and several officers may be held accountable.215
3402. Wee-Hour Health Talks Focus on Costs: White House and Congressional officials worked passed midnight as they press for a final accord on far-reaching health care legislation. One major challenge is controlling the bill's cost.226
3403. Latest Updates on Rescue and Recovery in Haiti: On Friday The Lede is continuing to supplement reporting by our colleagues in Haiti on the aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake by pointing to news and information on other Web sites.228
3404. Europe's Antitrust Chief Grilled on Her Views for New Post: The nomination of Neelie Kroes, Europe's hard-nosed antitrust chief, to a new post as commissioner for the digital agenda was in doubt Friday after a testy hearing.224
3405. Software Makers See a Market in Censorship: While China's censorship policies are prompting Google to consider quitting its operations in the country, some technology companies see the restrictions as an golden business opportunity.232
3406. JPMorgan Chase Earns $11.7 Billion in Year: The banking giant also earmarked $26.9 billion for its workers, much of which will now be paid out as bonuses.154
3407. Report on Fort Hood Said to Fault Army Officers: Eight officers could face discipline for failing to respond to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's erratic behavior, officials said.170
3408. Judge Orders F.D.A. to Stop Blocking Imports of E-Cigarettes From China: A judge said the Food and Drug Administration's new tobacco division would be able to regulate e-cigarettes just as it does real cigarettes.213
3409. France, Grudgingly, Imagines Google as a Partner on Digital Media Projects: The country's government, which wants to develop an extensive digital library, has resisted the American search giant's growing reach.210
3410. Headphones That Vibrate - and Ones That Don't: Technocel unveiled headphones that vibrate at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but Sony and Sennheiser stressed headphones that minimize such distractions.213
3411. Relief Bodies Seek Routes to Avert New Disaster in Haiti: Relief agencies struggled Friday to find routes for aid in the face of survivors' angry criticism that no help is getting through.188
3412. Tensions Mount in Devastated Capital as Aid Starts to Reach Haiti: Help was only beginning to arrive on Thursday as the U.S. military took over the wrecked air traffic control system to land cargo planes with food and water.224
3413. Burst of Mobile Giving Adds Millions in Relief Funds: Americans are using their cellphones and social media like Facebook to make a donation to the Haiti relief effort.168
3414. For Google, a Threat to China With Little Revenue at Stake: Analysts say that staying in China would be risky for Google, and the economic pain of leaving would most likely not be felt for years.195
3415. U.S. Treads Lightly in Wake of Google's Loud Stance on China: The difficulty of proving that the Chinese government was behind a cyberattack has frozen the Obama administration's response to the intrusion.205
3416. From an Owner to the Quietest Sports Emperor: Stan Kroenke owns or has a share in five teams: the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, St. Louis Rams and the British soccer club Arsenal.202
3417. In Wake of Google's Stance on China, Silence From U.S.: The difficulty of proving that the Chinese government was behind a cyberattack has frozen the Obama administration's response to the intrusion.199
3418. Accord Reached on Insurance Tax for Costly Plans: The White House, Congressional leaders and labor unions said that they had reached agreement on a proposal to tax high-cost health insurance policies.200
3419. The Fine Print Behind Google's Nexus One: Google was not at all prepared for its moment to become a hardware company overnight. You call HTC for hardware questions, Google for software questions, T-Mobile for cell-service questions.232
3420. Books of The Times: A Rebel in Cyberspace, Fighting Collectivism: An impassioned argument about the downside of online collectivism and Web 2.0 culture from the Silicon Valley veteran Jaron Larnier.198
3421. McAfee Cites Microsoft Flaw in Cyberattacks: After analyzing the December attacks on Google and other companies, a security software firm names the assault "Aurora" and says a weak point in the Internet Explorer browser was a factor.233
3422. Far-Ranging Support for Google's China Move: Human rights and business groups are among those cheering the move to stop cooperating with censors.145
3423. Waiting for Flexible Displays and Flexible Devices: Flexible displays mean more rugged devices, both on the battlefield and at home. But fully flexible devices are five to seven years away.189
3424. Intel's Bet on Innovation Pays Off in Faster Chips: Intel has used its hefty pile of cash to advance its manufacturing prowess and technology while rival chip makers have struggled to stay afloat.196
3425. In Power Push, Movement Sees Base in G.O.P.: Activists in the Tea Party movement, a grouping first fueled by anti-establishment anger, are now trying to take over the establishment from the ground up.200
3426. Media Struggle to Convey a Disaster: Reporters and news anchors rushed to earthquake-stricken Haiti, and professional reporting was supplemented with Twitter and cellphones.173
3427. Obama Pledges Aid to Haiti: The president promised $100 million and thousands of American troops for Haitian relief, and asked two former presidents to help coordinate a global effort.184
3428. Morgue Becomes Mountain of Anguish: A grim pileup of bodies all but masked one positive note: Haiti's barely functioning state had begun to work, if still just minimally, by sending the police to gather bodies.210
3429. If California Owes You, It Would Like to Pay You.: 89,000 residents and businesses are sitting on some $50 million in uncashed i.o.u.'s from the state.151
3430. Governments' Go-To Vendors Get it Done: Thousands of firms that supply goods to governments in New York State and elsewhere are not manufacturers themselves but middlemen with two or three employees.199
3431. Far-Ranging Support for Google's China Move: Human rights and business groups are among those cheering the move to stop cooperating with censors.145
3432. In the South, Black Schools Restored as Landmarks: Dozens of schools built for blacks in the rural South in the 1920s at a turning point in black education are being restored.175
3433. After Miracle on Hudson, Many Promises to Keep: Some survivors of the Hudson River splashdown say they now think twice about putting work before family.152
3434. Democratic Leaders Reach Compromise on Taxing Health Plans: White House and Congressional negotiators say they have reached a deal on a controversial excise tax.161
3435. Online College Planned for Union Workers: The college will be the first and only accredited degree-granting online institution devoted exclusively to educating union members.174
3436. Google Upgrades Security on Gmail: The default setting on Google's free Gmail accounts will use the HTTPS protocol, which protects users' e-mail data from snooping while it flows over the Internet.197
3437. The Help That Haiti Needs: Given Haiti's political instability and lack of infrastructure, what kinds of aid should be sent and how?132
3438. Panel Finds Monserrate Unfit to Serve: A State Senate panel finds that Senator Hiram Monserrate showed a callous disregard when his companion was injured during an argument and that he is unfit to remain in the Senate.218
3439. Can We Change the Web's Culture of Nastiness?: A new book by Jaron Lanier, a Web pioneer, suggests that the "drive-by anonymity" of the Web has fostered a culture of meanness. But does it have to be that way?208
3440. Panel Told of F.B.I. Efforts to Fight Financial Crime: The F.B.I. is working on more than 2,800 mortgage fraud investigations, the attorney general told the panel that is examining the financial crisis.202
3441. Follow the Law, China Tells Internet Companies: The officials' remarks suggested that China was unlikely to give ground on Google's demands to ease censorship.159
3442. French Deal Offers Google Books in Exchange of Tax: The French government is offering support to Google's book digitalization program in exchange for a tax to support the music industry.186
3443. Updates on the Rescue Effort in Haiti: The Lede is tracking news coverage of the rescue effort in Haiti on the Web. We are also looking for personal accounts posted online, and ask readers to help draw our attention to any news and first-hand accounts they come across.269
3444. Haiti Relief Effort Faces 'Major Challenge': Relief agencies worried that aid could be slowed by damage to Haiti's airport, roads and power-supplies.149
3445. Tough Confirmation for E.U.'s Ex-Antitrust Chief: Despite major antitrust victories, Neelie Kroes will have to prove her consumer-friendliness if she wants to become commissioner for the bloc's digital agenda.209
3446. After China Attacks, Google Makes Gmail More Secure: After its disclosure of online attacks on its network, including Gmail accounts, Google says it will default to the more secure HTTPS technology to better protect Gmail users from snooping.242
3447. Advertising: A Census Campaign That Speaks in Many Tongues: The Commerce Department will spend an estimated $340 million to encourage Americans to participate in the 2010 census.178
3448. China Cautions Internet Companies: After Google's threat to leave China unless censorship eased, the government responded unambiguously that companies in China must follow the law.180
3449. In Rebuke of China, Focus Falls on Cybersecurity: Google's threat to end its operations in China brought attention to reports of Chinese high-technology espionage.163
3450. DealBook Column: Wall St. Ethos Under Scrutiny at Hearing: An exchange at a financial hearing in Washington laid bare a truth about Wall Street: if there's a buyer, no matter how sophisticated, there's a seller.211
3451. Democrats Fight to Hold Crucial Seat: Kennedy's: Operatives are scrambling to help Martha Coakley's Senate campaign as the state is bombarded with ads.151
3452. Agony Sets In as Medics Focus on the Survivors: At a medical compound, it was hard to tell which was worse, the suffering of the victims behind the tall gate, or the scene on the sidewalk outside.196
3453. Meet Mikey, 8: U.S. Has Him on Watch List: Since Michael Hicks was 2, he has been frisked and his family delayed at almost every airport they have entered.155
3454. Haiti Lies in Ruins; Grim Search for Untold Dead: Huge swaths of Port-au-Prince lay in ruins, and thousands of people were feared dead in the rubble.149
3455. In Rebuke of China, Focus Falls on Cybersecurity: Google's threat to end its operations in China brought attention to reports of Chinese high-technology espionage.163
3456. Obama's Bank Tax Seeks $90 Billion to Repay Bailout: President Obama plans to announce Thursday a new tax on 50 big banks and financial institutions to recoup taxpayer losses from the Wall Street bailout.204
3457. State of the Art: Want It or Not, TV Goes 3-D: At the Consumer Electronics Show, some companies proclaim the coming of 3-D television whether you want it or not.161
3458. $1.2 Million in Donations for Haiti, via Text Message: Thousands of Americans are donating money with their mobile phones to aid relief efforts in Haiti.153
3459. In Leno vs. O'Brien, Fans Show Allegiance Online: Viewers and celebrities are taking sides in the NBC imbroglio, and the Internet seems prefer Conan O'Brien.157
3460. Judge Cites Pattern of Discrimination in New York Fire Dept.: A federal judge ruled that New York City excluded qualified black applicants from becoming firefighters through its exams, and that the prolonged use of the tests amounted to intentional discrimination.264
3461. One on One: Anil Dash of Expert Labs and Six Apart: Anil Dash, director of Expert Labs, discusses the White House using URL shorteners and working with the government to launch new Internet apps.195
3462. Haitians in New York Eager to Help, but Struggle With How: The scope of the earthquake disaster had relief organizers wondering not only what to collect first, but also how to get it into the country.200
3463. Devastation, Seen From a Ship: The commander of the first American ship to reach Port-au-Prince described a scene of extraordinary destruction.143
3464. Protecting Data, Ahead of the Curve: Network-attached storage, a central hard drive, allows users to store, share and back up files from multiple computers in a household.171
3465. Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard Make a Really Big Deal: Microsoft and H.P. have broadened their already broad partnership to sell more technology together.153
3466. Magazine Preview: Reid Faces Battles in Washington and at Home: While pushing the president's agenda through a nearly dysfunctional Senate, Harry Reid is trying to keep his job.177
3467. Cold Snap Is Another Blow to Florida's Farmers: The state's longest cold stretch in decades has taken a harsh and unpredictable toll up and down the food chain.160
3468. NYT: Tech Talk for 01/14/2010: Personal Technology editor Sam Grobart returns from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and gives J.D. Biersdorfer his personal spin. Brad Stone, also back from CES, talks to Bettina Edelstein about e-book readers and tablets and what to expect in the near future. And Pedro Rafael Rosado unpacks the tech term "slate PC." Plus, news of the week from the tech world.404
3469. Foreign Companies Resent China's Rules: Western companies say they face a list of obstacles to doing business in China, from "buy Chinese" policies to counterfeiting.166
3470. App of the Week: Lock Up Your Android: WaveSecure, a free Android app, lets you lock out thieves, find your phone, and restore much of your data if it's recovered.163
3471. S.E.C. Suggests Curbs on High-Speed Trading: Regulators proposed requirements for brokerage firms that are aimed at reining in risk from their customers.153
3472. Calorie Postings No Match for Holiday Gluttony: People picked lighter food after a city law requiring calorie counts, but lost control during the holidays, a study said.169
3473. Aid Workers Scramble Amid Haiti's Chaos: Aid workers already stationed in Port-au-Prince set up makeshift clinics beside the rubble that used to be hospitals.158
3474. Gaming Goes Lite: Dell's new Alienware laptop slims down for lean gaming action.80
3475. For All Its Success, Will 'Avatar' Change the Industry?: "Avatar" presents performance-capture and 3-D technology that is hard to imitate. Who will try?152
3476. Google Would Abandon a Lucrative Market: Twenty or so other companies that may also have been attacked, are now in the difficult position of deciding whether to follow Google.175
3477. Google Exit Threatens Chinese Internet, Analysts Say: If Google leaves China, the country will become more dependent on, which complies with China's tight Internet regulations.186
3478. U.N. Blames Taliban for Afghan Toll: The most striking aspect of a new U.N. report was the shift in responsibility for the deaths of Afghan civilians.150
3479. Foreign Companies Resent China's Rules: Western companies say they face a list of obstacles to doing business in China, from "buy Chinese" policies to counterfeiting.166
3480. Bankers Walking a Fine Line at Hearing: Executives testifying before a panel will be balancing expressions of regret with arguments against new regulations.156
3481. Google, Citing Attack, Threatens to Exit China: The move, coming after assaults from hackers on its computer systems, would be a highly unusual rebuke of China by a large and respected company.193
3482. VMware Gently Nudges Microsoft with a Zimbra: VMware has swooped in and bought Zimbra from Yahoo, as the company lexpands its attack against Microsoft.151
3483. Gates Foundation Seeks to Spur Savings By the Poor: The Gates Foundation is making $38 million in grants for experiments promoting small savings accounts by the poor in developing countries. Up to now, the microfinance industry has focused on small loans, but technology is making savings more feasible, the foundation says.324
3484. Google, Citing Attack, Threatens to Exit China: The move, coming after assaults from hackers on its computer systems, would be a highly unusual rebuke of China by a large and respected company.193
3485. Arbitron's Chief Resigns After a False Statement: The resignation came as the radio-ratings company announced it had failed to achieve accreditation for its Portable People Meter system in several markets.205
3486. Anxious Haitians in U.S. Search for Information: The devastating earthquake left Haitian Americans scrambling for news about relatives and loved ones.150
3487. Hey Google, Anybody Home?: Owners of the Nexus One, Google's phone, have found themselves at a loss when it comes to seeking help with problems.144
3488. Facebook Joins with McAfee to Clean Up Malware on Site: Fed up with the spam and malware that is affecting its site, Facebook is partnering with McAfee to provide free anti-virus software to its 350 million users for six months.228
3489. Nintendo Wii to Add Netflix Service for Streaming Video: The service, to start in the spring, is one more sign that game consoles are aiming to be a hub of entertainment in the living room.189
3490. A Trickle of News for Anxious Haitians in New York: Haitians in the New York area struggled for scraps of information about the devastation back home.150
3491. Fierce Quake Devastates Haitian Capital: Officials warned that casualties could be substantial from the 7.0-magnitude earthquake, which left the Haitian capital in a shambles.175
3492. Former Seagate C.E.O. Bill Watkins Joins an LED Start-Up: Bill Watkins, who was ousted from Seagate Technology last year, is becoming the chief executive of Bridgelux, an LED start-up that has raised $122 million.213
3493. Gleaning Information From Haiti Online: Some Haitians have turned to the Web to share information about the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck about 10 miles southwest of the capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday evening.222
3494. O'Brien Won't Host 'Tonight Show' After Leno: After NBC said it intended to move his "Tonight Show" to a new time, Conan O'Brien said he would not agree to what he saw as a demotion for the institution of the show.214
3495. News Analysis: A Year of Terror Plots, Through a 2nd Prism: The enemies on American soil in 2009 were a scattered group of amateurs who displayed more fervor than skill.169
3496. Bankers' Regrets Might Be Wrapped in Nuance: At a Congressional hearing, some of the biggest names on Wall Street are expected to be careful as they testify about their roles in the financial crisis.199
3497. Senate Hopeful in New State Airs Evolving Views: An official New Yorker since 2009, Harold E. Ford Jr. has distanced himself from his previous opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.188
3498. About New York: Closing Pipeline to Needy, City Shreds Clothes: Until early last year, the city had turned over seized counterfeit clothing to agencies that distributed them to the poor after removing their fake trademarks and labels.234
3499. Saudi and Yemeni Forces Fight Rebels on 2 Fronts: The two governments seem to be making a concerted push to end the conflict, which flared into war months ago.159
3500. In Reversal, Jaguar Habitat Will Be Protected: Thirteen years after the jaguar was listed as endangered, the Fish and Wildlife Service will protect its habitat.160
3501. Documents Send Mixed Signal on Airport Scanners: The Transportation Security Administration promised not to transmit nude images of passengers made by body scanners, but is seeking machines with those capabilities.214
3502. Economic Scene: Lack of Medicare Chief Is a Strike Against Reform: The Obama administration has yet to nominate anyone to lead Medicare, despite the fact that the chief would oversee big chunks of the health reform.215
3503. Diplomatic Memo: Clinton Tries to Defuse Asian Tension: Asia has emerged as a diplomatic hornet's nest for the United States, even beyond the perennial threat of North Korea, with strains in Japan and China.207
3504. Google Threatens Pullout from China After Cyberattacks on Dissidents: Google said an attack on it and other services was aimed at Chinese dissidents.149
3505. Google, Citing Cyber Attack, Threatens to Exit China: Google threatened to pull out of its operations in China after it said it had uncovered a massive cyber attack on its computers that originated there.204
3506. Frigid Londoners Line Up for Two Blasts of Heat: With London all a-shiver from a crippling cold snap, it only made sense to visit two of the hottest women in town: Keira Knightley in "The Misanthrope" and Tamzin Outhwaite in "Sweet Charity."241
3507. Google, Citing Cyber Attack, Threatens to Exit China: Google threatened to pull out of its operations in China after it said it had uncovered a massive cyber attack on its computers that originated there.204
3508. Haiti Is Rocked by Powerful Quake: An earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hit Haiti near the capital, causing widespread damage and panic with the potential for a high number of casualties.181
3509. Britain Moves to Ban Islamic Group: Britain said Tuesday it was outlawing Islam4UK, a group that had planned a protest march in a town made famous for honoring British soldiers killed in Afghanistan.199
3510. Governor Paterson's Son Is Arrested: The 15-year-old son of Gov. David A. Paterson is arrested on Tuesday in New York, but the governor's office declines to comment on the circumstances of the arrest.200
3511. Protest in Nigeria Over Absent Leader: Hundreds of Nigerians marched down Abuja's broad avenues to protest the long absence of Umaru Yar'Adua.142
3512. Haitian Earthquake Causes Hospital Collapse: A strong earthquake struck Haiti, where a hospital collapsed. Other buildings also were damaged.141
3513. Big Blue's Smarter Marketing Playbook: A London speech by I.B.M.'s Sam Palmisano provides a lessons-learned tutorial that explains the success of the company's Smarter Planet campaign.184
3514. Mexican Known for Stewing Victims Arrested: The authorities announced the capture of a drug lord whose trademark was boiling his victims in barrels of lye.155
3515. Value of Blood Treatment Questioned: A rigorous study found that a procedure known as platelet-rich plasma was no more effective than salt water injections.156
3516. 'Baby Einstein' Founder Goes to Court: The co-founder of the video series wants the University of Washington to release records of studies linking TV viewing to problems in children.182
3517. Judge Denies Rajaratnam's Request to Reduce Bail: A federal judge on Tuesday denied Raj Rajaratnam's request to reduce his $100 million bail, siding with prosecutors who argued that the billionaire hedge fund manager is a flight risk.234
3518. Port Shut Down Over Explosives Leak: An accident at a North Carolina port spilled a highly explosive chemical, causing officials to shut down the port and issue a voluntary evacuation for the surrounding area.209
3519. Adventures of the Man Who Leaked 'Wolverine': Months after Gilberto Sanchez, a glass installer from the Bronx, uploaded the movie, his fate remains unclear.156
3520. Conan O'Brien Says He Won't Do 'Tonight Show' Following Leno: NBC's Conan O'Brien says he will not do "The Tonight Show" at 12:05 a.m.134
3521. Port Shut Down Over Explosives Leak: Officials shut down a port in Morehead, N.C., and urged people to leave the area after nine containers with highly explosive materials were punctured.187
3522. eMusic Inks Warner Deal; Plans for Streaming: Music from artists on labels owned by Warner Music Group will be available to U.S. subscribers of digital music service eMusic.173
3523. Google Lets Users Store More Files Online: Google is expanding its cloud-based storage options with new file formats.117
3524. Race Takes Lead Role in New Orleans Contest: A prominent black candidate's decision to drop out means the city might elect its first white mayor in 32 years.157
3525. Iraq Says Raid Uncovered a Plot to Bomb Ministries: Much of Baghdad came to a virtual standstill on Tuesday while security forces conducted raids that netted large quantities of explosives, officials said.205
3526. Fresh Cash for Flurry's Mobile Analytics: Flurry, which tracks how people use mobile phone applications, has raised $7 million in new funds from investors.155
3527. News Analysis: With Defense Test, China Shows Displeasure of U.S.: Analysts say China's missile interceptor test was timed to express anger over U.S. approval of arms sales to Taiwan.183
3528. Top Terror Prosecutor Settles Into a Familiar Role: David Raskin is widely expected to be the lead prosecutor in the trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.149
3529. Sports of The Times: Baseball Should Keep Talking About the Past: To put the steroids era behind it, baseball needs more than tearful, choreographed television appearances.172
3530. Findings: The Madness of Crowds and an Internet Delusion: If the mantras of "open culture" and "information wants to be free" have produced a destructive new social contract, how can it be reversed?198
3531. Look Out, Pixar, Here Comes 'Fantastic Mr. Fox': This year, unexpectedly, animation is becoming a hotly contested race.119
3532. Denmark Leads the Way in Digital Care: Using medical devices and notebook computers, patients can see doctors without leaving home, and have the information logged into electronic records.188
3533. Campaign to Focus on Distracted Driving: The Transportation Department announced a new campaign intended to teach people about the dangers of distracted driving.161
3534. Drone Strikes Kill 16 in Afghanistan: The U.S. military said the attacks began early Monday with a strike on an alleged safe house at Now Zad in Helmand Province.162
3535. Lamu Journal: Future Kenya Port Could Mar Pristine Land: A sleepy resort island and Unesco World Heritage site where Muslims and bikini-clad tourists coexist may be threatened by plans for a huge seaport.204
3536. Bomb Kills Professor in Tehran: Authorities called the killing of the scientist, Massoud Ali Mohammadi, an assassination carried out by terrorists, but did not say who was believed to be responsible.199
3537. Russian Dissident's Passion Endures Despite Tests: Lyudmila M. Alexeyeva, 82, provokes reverence, exasperation and the question of how a human rights movement will reshape itself when she, the grande dame, is gone.214
3538. Denmark Leads the Way in Digital Care: Using medical devices and notebook computers, patients can see doctors without leaving home, and have the information logged into electronic records.188
3539. New Group Will Fight Drivers' Cellphone Use: A new group aims to publicize the risks of distracted driving and cut down on multitasking behind the wheel.153
3540. At a Mighty 104, Gone While Still Going Strong: Joe Rollino, one of the city's strongest and oldest, was struck down on Monday morning by a minivan in Brooklyn.160
3541. Showcase: Drained by Rising Waters: In coverage of the Three Gorges Dam in China, the photographer Muge Huang Rong felt the lack of something important, Emily Anne Epstein reports.180
3542. New Group Will Fight Drivers' Cellphone Use: A new group aims to publicize the risks of distracted driving and cut down on multitasking behind the wheel.153
3543. Giving Electronic Commands With Body English: PC makers will soon sell devices that allow people to flip TV channels or move computer documents with simple hand gestures.170
3544. On the Road: E-Mail? Free. Internet? That'll Cost You.: As Continental installs Wi-Fi on some aircraft, it will also offer Kiteline, a connection for e-mail but not for surfing of the Web, free.194
3545. Electronic Arts Trims Forecast for 2010 on Weak Europe Sales: The video game publisher reduced its forecast after a tough 2009 in which it cut jobs amid an industrywide sales slump.181
3546. Using a Little Body English to Give Electronic Commands: If you saw "Minority Report," that's the idea 0 devices that respond to hand gestures (with a little less drama).170
3547. A Future That Doesn't Guzzle: Automakers unveiled a number of hybrid gas-electric and battery-powered cars at the Detroit auto show, a telling sign of how much emphasis is being placed on the electrification of vehicles.220
3548. Art: A New Boss, and a Jolt of Real-World Expertise: The new appointments at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum represent a kind of wake-up call for museums in general.224
3549. Dealbook Column: What the Financial Crisis Commission Should Ask: The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hearing on Wednesday will partly be political theater, but used correctly, it could help direct the national conversation.228
3550. When Is Grabbing the Face Mask Not a Face-Mask Penalty?: The Cardinals' winning play in the wild card playoff game came with a twist, a face-mask grab by cornerback Michael Adams on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but not enough of a twist to earn a face-mask penalty on Adams.280
3551. A Year After a Splashdown, Returning to the Hudson: A year after Flight 1549 splashed down in the Hudson -- and everyone on board walked away -- the survivors will reunite in Manhattan.185
3552. Deciphering the Chatter of Monkeys: Scientists are studying the babble of monkeys and apes in the hope of finding the key to how human communication evolved.157
3553. States Loosen Rules on Test for Diploma: On the way to creating a statewide exit test for high school graduation, many states have softened standards, delayed the requirement or added alternative paths to a diploma.215
3554. TV Sports: The How-To of an Admission in the Steroid Era: Mark McGwire's apologetic interview with Bob Costas was the culmination of a carefully planned media strategy.168
3555. As China Rises, Fears Grow on Whether Boom Can Last: A gradual flow of economic power from West to East has turned into a flood, but some wonder whether China's rise is sustainable.181
3556. In Mass. Senate Race, Candidates Sharpen Their Pitches: Democrats try to rally troops for their candidate; the Republican meanwhile touts the endorsement of the state police.174
3557. States of Suffering: What should states do about their budget woes?67
3558. Coat Company Agrees to Pull Obama Billboard: Weatherproof Garment Company agrees to pull a controversial Times Square billboard featuring President Obama.154
3559. Scary Ad Fails to Stop Croatia From Going Red: On Sunday, Croatians gave Ivo Josipovic a landslide victory in the country's presidential election despite an ad campaign by his main rival that sought to portray the avant-garde composer and law professor as a Dr. Evil-like figure scheming to return the nation to communism.322
3560. White House Opposes Challenge to Gillibrand: The White House backed Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, but Harold E. Ford Jr. showed no sign of being deterred.155
3561. Miep Gies, Protector of Anne Frank, Dies at 100: Mrs. Gies was the last survivor among Anne Frank's protectors and the woman who preserved her diary.149
3562. Temperatures Drop in Europe, and Tempers Flare: Governments are struggling with the breadth and cost of helping citizens through a cold snap that has left snow in even Spain and southern France.194
3563. A Song of Silicon Valley: The hit of the Crunchies Awards in San Francisco was a song about Silicon Valley by the Richter Scales.129
3564. AOL Begins 1,200 Layoffs: After cutting some 1,100 positions through buyouts, AOL started laying off some 1,200 additional workers.131
3565. A Push to Bring the S.S. United States Back Home: Some fans of the S.S. United States, which carried immigrants to America and vacationers to Europe faster than any other ocean liner, are telling city officials that the ship should come back to Manhattan.255
3566. AOL Begins 1,200 Layoffs: After cutting some 1,100 positions through buyouts, AOL begins laying off some 1,200 additional workers.130
3567. What 'Idol' Will Lose When Simon Cowell Departs: The one thing no other show has is someone as acerbic, blunt, honest, intelligent and, crucially, detached from the overriding sentimentality and vacuousness of the proceedings as Simon.235
3568. Audio Gear With a British Accent: Bowers & Wilkins, the British speaker company, is competing against Bose with headphones and desktop PC speakers.147
3569. The Puppy Diaries: More Than Paper: New dog owners may not realize how much it takes to raise a puppy.102
3570. Trial Delay in Abortion Doctor Killing: Prosecutors called for limits to the defense of Scott Roeder, who is accused of killing a doctor known nationwide for performing late-term abortions.189
3571. Simon Cowell to Leave 'American Idol': Simon Cowell will leave "American Idol" for a new show, "The X Factor."110
3572. Same-Sex Marriage Case Opens With Sharp Exchanges in California: The judge set a questioning tone early, and both sides in the battle over Proposition 8 began to make their cases.179
3573. McGwire Admits That He Used Steroids: Mark McGwire, the St. Louis Cardinals' new hitting coach, said he used steroids on and off for nearly a decade, including when he broke the home run record in 1998.202
3574. Los Angeles Museum Chooses Deitch: As expected, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles said on Monday that it will name Jeffrey Deitch as its director.158
3575. McGwire Says He Used Steroids: Mark McGwire, the St. Louis Cardinals' new hitting coach, said he used steroids on and off for nearly a decade.142
3576. New Jersey Assembly Approves Medical Marijuana: The New Jersey Assembly approved a measure that would make the state the first in the region and the 14th in the nation to legalize marijuana for medical reasons.210
3577. S.E.C. Seeks New Charge Against Bank of America: The Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday sought permission from a federal judge to add a new charge to its existing civil lawsuit against Bank of America, adding an accusation of failing to disclose huge losses at Merrill Lynch before a shareholder vote in December 2008.328
3578. In Reid's Comments, Hints of Obama's Own Words: Senator Harry Reid's comments about Barack Obama's race are not so different from remarks the president made himself while navigating the complicated intersection of race and politics in America during the 2008 campaign.268
3579. Eric Rohmer, New Wave Filmmaker, Dies at 89: The critic and filmmaker was one of the founding figures of the internationally influential French New Wave movement.162
3580. A Place on the Web for Outdoor Hobbyists: A former magazine publisher is starting Web sites for fishing, hunting and other outdoor hobbies.139
3581. Eric Rohmer, New Wave Film Director, Has Died: The French critic and filmmaker who was one of the founding figures of the internationally influential movement that became known as the French New Wave, was 89.208
3582. In New York City, a Chilly Library Has Its Rewards: Unionized library workers can take paid leave or accrue time when the temperature inside dips below 68.155
3583. Allah - The Word: To him a shared God, the God of Abraham, has a shared name, Allah.84
3584. A Fighter for the Homeless Runs Afoul of the Law: Dan de Vaul, who has made his ranch a refuge for the homeless, faces jail time for housing code violations.157
3585. Sarah Palin to Contribute to Fox News: Sarah Palin will become a contributor to Fox News.89
3586. Venture Capitalists Eye the Doctor's Office: Venture capitalists are investing in health care start-ups, from robots that substitute for nurses to health care on the iPhone.173
3587. Taking Aim at the Big Names in Animated Film: Blue Sky Studios, the animated-movie division of 20th Century Fox, doesn't have the budget of DreamWorks or Pixar, but it is a small-scale hit machine.197
3588. Obama Weighs Bank Fee to Help Cut the Federal Deficit: Though details are sketchy, the fee would recover money put up to bail out the banks, a rescue that has contributed to the largest deficit since World War II.213
3589. The Desktop: It's Alive!: Several trends suggest that desktop sales could pick up in 2010 after a couple of years of steady declines in the face of laptop competition.167
3590. Google to Work With Chinese Authors on Book-Scanning Project: The company will hand over a list of books by Chinese authors that it has scanned in recent years, an apparent effort to placate writers who say their works were digitized without their permission.259
3591. Jive Software Grows Up: Jive, which makes social networking software for businesses, prepares for increasing competition from big companies.140
3592. Ft. Hood Report Finds Early Warning: A Pentagon review of the shooting rampage at Fort Hood has found the doctors overseeing Maj. Nidal Hasan's medical training voiced concerns over his strident views.201
3593. Four Allied Troops Die in Afghanistan: Four Western soldiers, three of them Americans, on Monday became the latest fatalities in a steadily escalating toll in Afghanistan.171
3594. Arrests Reported in Togo Attack: Angolan state radio says two people have been arrested and accused of responsibility for a deadly shooting attack on the Togolese football team.177
3595. Envoy Calls N. Korean Rights Record 'Appalling': A senior U.S. diplomat, Robert R. King, assailed the North Korean government as Pyongyang continued to hold a U.S. citizen for illegal entry.190
3596. Heineken to Buy Femsa's Beer Unit: In a move that further consolidates the beer industry into a few global players, Heineken said Monday that it would buy one of Mexico's largest brewers.187
3597. M.T.A. to Unveil a Makeover of Its Web Home: On Wednesday, drop-down menus will be out. Maps, fares and directions will be a click or two away, and real-time updates on delays will be featured prominently.205
3598. Heineken Nears a Deal With Femsa: Heineken is close to buying the beer operations of Femsa, one of Mexico's biggest brewers, for $7.5 billion to $8 billion, people briefed on the matter said Sunday.198
3599. Paris Journal: Revelers See a Dimming in a Capital's Night Life: Many bars are struggling to stay afloat, forcing a startling conclusion: Paris may soon be dead at night.170
3600. What Happens When the Words Float Right Off the Screen?: When it comes to creating a 3-D TV movie, where does one puts the subtitles so the audience doesn't get motion sickness while reading?191
3601. Under Low-Key Chief, Canal Plus Prospers: The French cable television group has defied skeptics, reversed the damage from Vivendi's failed expansion and insulated itself against the advertising recession.204
3602. Drilling Down: When Flood of E-Mail Pitches Recedes: As Christmas approached, items ordered at standard shipping speeds would not arrive in time for the holiday, so retailers cut back on e-mail pitches.202
3603. In Retrospect: How the AOL-Time Warner Merger Went So Wrong: On the 10th anniversary of the merger, the executives responsible reflect on why they did it and why it failed.172
3604. Optimism Takes Charge at Consumer Electronics Show: This year, there was more talk about tablet-size reading devices and 3-D television than about how to weather the economic storm.181
3605. A Smaller Player Mounts Must-See Events: Monster Cable made a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show, part of its strategy to curry favor for its products.156
3606. Study Finds That Papers Lead in Providing New Information: A new study found that 95 percent of articles containing new information came from old media, which "set the narrative agenda for most other media outlets."215
3607. Taking Aim at the Big Names in Animated Film: Blue Sky Studios, the animated-movie division of 20th Century Fox, doesn't have the budget of DreamWorks or Pixar, but it is a small-scale hit machine.197
3608. From Print to Phone to Web. And a Sale?: Smartphones that can read bar codes are allowing magazines to add Internet-like interactivity to print graphics and advertisements.172
3609. On Trial's Sidelines, Abortion Foes Are Divided: The trial of a man accused of killing an abortion provider has become a rallying point for some abortion opponents.164
3610. Catching Late-Night Zzzs: Jazz and Buzz: NYC Winter Jazzfest occupied the center of Greenwich Village, holding down five clubs in a two-block radius, imposing its thoughtful ruckus on the normal Bleecker Street weekend.219
3611. Train Line Across the Balkans Restitches a Region: The famous train line from Sarajevo to Belgrade has been revived, a sign that the region's isolation could be ending.168
3612. Goldman Sachs Weighs Requirement for Charity: The firm may expand a program that requires executives to give a certain percentage of their earnings to charity.159
3613. Gillibrand Takes On Possible Ford Threat: Kirsten E. Gillibrand's fund-raising skill may not be enough to deter a possible challenger, Harold E. Ford Jr.153
3614. In Retrospect: How the AOL-Time Warner Merger Went So Wrong: On the 10th anniversary of the merger, the executives responsible reflect on why they did it and why it failed.172
3615. Cardinals 51, Packers 45, OT: Cardinals' Defense Ends Shootout With Packers: Arizona returned a fumble for a touchdown in overtime to win the last game of the N.F.L. wild-card weekend.184
3616. NBC Confirms Its Late-Night Shake-Up: Jay Leno will return to 11:35 p.m., but one question remains: whether Conan O'Brien will accept what amounts to a demotion.161
3617. Race Riots Grip Italian Town, and Mafia Is Suspected: The riots in Calabria, where organized crime syndicates are known to have a strong grip, shone a bright light on the growing racial tensions in Italy.204
3618. Voters Crave Reform of Health Care and Congress: The tactics and the concessions used to produce a health care bill in Congress have turned off some Colorado residents who stand to benefit from it.197
3619. New York Seeks National Effort to Curtail Salt Use: The broad new health initiative sets a goal of reducing the salt in packaged and restaurant food by 25 percent over the next five years.188
3620. The Intrigue Over 'Idol' Is Offstage: As Fox prepares to raise the curtain on the ninth season of "American Idol," most of the intrigue has been focused on the judges, the ratings, the voting procedures and the show's format.225
3621. Books of The Times: In 'Game Change,' Insight on the 2008 Campaign: Reporters John Heilemann and Mark Halperin serve up a spicy smorgasbord of observations from the campaign.174
3622. Obama Plays Down Military Role in Yemen: President Obama said he has no intention of sending U.S. troops to Yemen and Somalia amid terrorism concerns.150
3623. U.S. Bankers Are Fed Up With British Regulations: An executive pay requirement by a British regulator is pushing some U.S. banks to insist they won't take it.158
3624. Live Analysis: Cardinals 24, Green Bay 7, Second Quarter: Arizona hosts Green Bay in the final game of the 2010 N.F.L. Wild Card weekend.137
3625. A Tense Landing at Newark Airport: A United Airlines flight made a emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday morning.143
3626. Panel Ties Iran Deaths to Ally of Leader: A parliamentary panel said Tehran's prosecutor was responsible for the beating deaths of three imprisoned protesters last summer.171
3627. Corner Office: On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Weird Are You?: The C.E.O. of says the company likes to "create fun and a little weirdness," so he values individuality in hiring.183
3628. Complaint Box | Packaging: Oh, Christmas, that time of fingers sliced on plastic packaging that's nearly impossible to open.124
3629. Generation B: Seeking Greener Pastures: One baby boomer turns to a hobby to pull through hard times and maintain a sense of purpose.132
3630. NBC Confirms Leno Will Leave Prime Time in February: "The Jay Leno Show" will exit prime time on Feb. 12, NBC confirmed on Sunday. But the network does not yet know what its future late-night lineup will look like.214
3631. How to Gauge the Rush to Emerging Markets: Mutual funds specializing in emerging markets attracted more than $80 billion in new money over the last year, reflecting market gains.178
3632. Live Analysis: Ravens 24, Patriots 7, Halftime: The Patriots have not lost at home this season, but they will be without receiver Wes Welker and will be facing the fierce pass rush of the Ravens.195
3633. Freeze Threatens Florida's Crop of Tropical Fish: Past the crop rows in Florida's agricultural core, there swims a sizable industry that has suffered more than any other because of this year's cold snap: tropical fish.218
3634. Military Is Deluged in Intelligence From Drones: As the military rushes to place more spy drones over Afghanistan, the remote-controlled planes are producing so much video intelligence that military analysts are finding it difficult to keep up.244
3635. What About George?: George Kramer, the "Rain Man" of Brooklyn, has thrived in a hole-in-the-wall hardware store for nearly 60 years.132
3636. G.O.P. Chairman Pressures Reid on Obama Remarks: The Republican Party chairman called for Harry Reid to step down as U.S. Senate majority leader after revelations of Mr. Reid's 2008 remarks about Barack Obama's skin color and speech.233
3637. Yemeni Leader Willing to Talk to Qaeda Fighters: Yemen would talk to any Qaeda follower who "renounces violence and terrorism," the president of Yemen said.156
3638. Military Is Deluged in Intelligence From Drones: As the military rushes to place more spy drones over Afghanistan, the remote-controlled planes are producing so much video intelligence that military analysts are finding it difficult to keep up.244
3639. Global Soccer: A Big Part of Life, and Now Death: World sports, and not simply African soccer, now have to face up to the reality that they can no longer presume they are immune from terrorism.193
3640. About New York: Where Unsold Clothes Meet People in Need: Recovering unsold garments for use by the poor is not a new idea, nor a complicated one. So why are some just thrown away?180
3641. Togo Pulls Out of African Cup of Nations: Togo withdrew from the African Cup of Nations on Saturday, a day after buses carrying the team were attacked by gunmen after crossing into Angola, which is hosting the tournament.221
3642. Reporter, Marine Die in Afghan Blast: An embedded British journalist and an American Marine were killed in Helmand province when the vehicle they were traveling in struck a roadside bomb.187
3643. A Rise in Philippine Pre-Vote Security: The Philippine government put a nationwide gun ban into effect and set up more than 3,500 checkpoints to prevent an increase in political violence as elections near.205
3644. Yemen Open to Al Qaeda Dialogue: Yemen's president said he was ready to open a dialogue with Qaeda fighters who lay down their weapons, despite U.S. pressure to crack down on the group.185
3645. Malaysia in an Uproar Over Use of the Word 'Allah': An uproar among Muslims over the use of the word Allah by Christians spread, with the firebombing and vandalizing of several churches.186
3646. Togo Premier Demands Team's Return: Togo's prime minister said on Sunday the national team must not compete in Africa's biggest soccer tournament after its team bus was ambushed by separatists.193
3647. China Becomes Biggest Exporter: China has overtaken Germany as the world's biggest exporter after December exports rose 17.7 percent despite weak global demand.160
3648. Multicultural Critical Theory. At B-School?: Business schools are realizing that students need to learn critical and creative thinking as much as finance.154
3649. Documents Reveal Earlier Immigrant Deaths: Recently obtained documents shed light on deaths that foreshadow later ones that galvanized public attention.152
3650. The Neediest Cases: Mixing Art and Technology, and Finding Empowerment: Nazaury Delgado struggled in high school until a change in attitude led him to create digital artwork, for which he won a scholarship to attend college.224
3651. If Peter Orszag Is So Smart, What Will He Do Now?: The White House Director of the Office of Management and Budget struggles to balance the country's budget and the publicity around his love life.196
3652. New Hotels of 2010: Hotel Slump? Don't Tell Them: New and luxe hotels are opening in London, Tokyo and other major destinations.128
3653. Cowboys 34, Eagles 14: Cowboys Put Away Eagles and Years of Pain: The Cowboys earned their first playoff victory since 1996 and set up a divisional game against the Vikings with a thrashing of the Eagles.204
3654. The Label Factor: Is Obama a Wimp or a Warrior?: Opponents love to cast Democrats as weak, and labels stick. What it might take for the president to look strong.161
3655. Live Analysis: Cowboys 34, Eagles 14: The Eagles visit the Cowboys for an N.F.C. wild-card game, the third meeting this season between the division rivals.155
3656. The Children of Cyberspace: Old Fogies by Their 20's: YouTube. Facebook. The Kindle. Now a tablet. New technology is creating new generation gaps.146
3657. Digital Domain: Failing Like a Buggy Whip Maker? Better Check Your Simile: Today, many businesses facing life-or-death challenges from digital technology are described as contemporary buggy whip makers. But is the comparison apt?229
3658. Jets 24, Bengals 14: Feeling Like Favorites, the Jets Play Like It: Three rookies, Mark Sanchez, Shonn Greene and Coach Rex Ryan, all performed well despite the pressure of a playoff game on the road and the Jets beat the Bengals in Round 1.241
3659. Ballot Issues Attest to Anger in California: In the midst of a fiscal meltdown and deteriorating services, voter initiatives seek to change the way the state does business.172
3660. Quake Rattles California Coast: The U.S. Geological Survey says a 6.5 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Northern California.139
3661. On Religion: A Muckraking Blogger Focuses on Jews: A writer in Minnesota has developed a must-read digest of the actual and alleged misdeeds of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world.176
3662. Live Analysis: Jets 21, Bengals 14: In a rematch of the regular-season finale, the Jets face the Bengals in the first round of the playoffs.140
3663. Reid Apologizes for Racial Remarks About Obama: Senator Harry Reid said that Barack Obama could become the country's first black president because he was "light-skinned" and carried "no Negro dialect."201
3664. With Detroit in Downturn, Entrepreneurs Look Up: In a recession twist, young entrepreneurs have met with success starting new businesses in Detroit.148
3665. Feeling That Cold Wind? Here's Why.: Why has it been so cold this winter? It's not global cooling. A mass of high pressure in the Arctic is the culprit.152
3666. Neighbors Challenge Energy Aims in Bolivia: Concern is surfacing over Bolivia's long-term financial underpinnings as its neighbors move to achieve energy security.163
3667. Ford's Bet: It's a Small World After All: The new Focus is Ford's first truly global car 0 a single vehicle designed and engineered for customers in every region of the world.175
3668. A Fox Chief at the Pinnacle of Media and Politics: Roger Ailes has built Fox News into an earnings engine with powerful influence over the fractured conservative movement.171
3669. Queens Man Under F.B.I. Scrutiny Is Charged: A 25-year-old man had traveled to Pakistan in 2008 with the Denver shuttle bus driver indicted last year in a Qaeda bomb plot.171
3670. Government Is in Peril as Scandal Rocks Ulster: The fate of a Northern Irish leader who is struggling to recover from revelations about his wife is crucial to a power-sharing agreement's future.194
3671. Man Held in Newark Security Breach: Haisong Jiang is believed to have slipped into a secured area of Newark Liberty International Airport and to have caused a six-hour shutdown of a major terminal on Sunday.207
3672. Officials Hid Truth About Immigrant Deaths in Jail: Documents show that officials used their role as overseers to cover up evidence of mistreatment of immigrants in federal custody.181
3673. For Top Bonuses on Wall Street, 7 Figures or 8?: The bank bonus season begins in earnest next week, and it looks as if it will be one of the largest and most controversial blowouts the industry has ever seen.208
3674. New Afghan Cabinet Picks Still Generate Resistance: Displeasure over the new nominees could prolong the stalemate that has left Afghanistan without a fully functional government since the presidential election.210
3675. China Tries a New Tack to Go Solar: The country is taking tentative steps to master an alternative energy industry: using mirrors to capture sunlight, produce steam and generate electricity.190
3676. Unions Oppose Possible Health Insurance Tax: Labor leaders say President Obama is betraying unions by supporting the tax, even if it is meant to help cover costs.162
3677. Obama Takes New Route to Opposing Parts of Laws: The new approach could avoid setting off fights with lawmakers, but will make it harder to keep track of which statutes the White House believes it can disregard.211
3678. Bomber That Killed C.I.A. Officers Said to Be Shown in Video: A man believed to be Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi appeared in a posthumously released video early Saturday, denouncing his "enemies," the U.S. and Jordan.220
3679. Karzai Presents New List of Cabinet Nominees: Afghan President Hamid Karzai presented a second slate of nominees to fill his Cabinet on Saturday after parliament rejected 70 percent of his first picks.201
3680. The Neediest Cases: Still Mourning a Husband While Caring for a Mother: Maria Petrik of Queens, a widowed Romanian immigrant, struggles to pay her rent and provide for her mother, who has Alzheimer's disease.208
3681. Heavy Rains End Drought for Texas: The rains have quenched huge expanses of parched earth, but state officials estimate that farmers and ranchers suffered losses of around $4 billion.183
3682. Homeless in California, but Top Dogs in New York: Faced with a growing population of unwanted Chihuahuas in California, animal welfare officials arranged a "Chihuahua airlift" of 15 dogs that will be put up for adoption in New York.232
3683. Karzai Presents List of Cabinet Nominees: Afghan President Hamid Karzai unveiled candidates for 16 of 18 vacant cabinet posts on Saturday, naming his security advisor Zalmay Rasul as foreign minister.200
3684. Ch0vez Devalues Currency Amid Oil Fall: Fears remained that the Venezuelan president's action could further raise what is already Latin America's highest inflation rate.169
3685. Ex-Police Official Backs Car Into a Woman: Howard Safir was backing up to leave a parking spot when he struck a woman behind his vehicle, then drove away, the police said.171
3686. In Search of an Archive of Warhol's Era: Thousands of negatives of photographs the photographer Billy Name took in Andy Warhol's Factory in the 1960s have gone missing.168
3687. A Sri Lankan Underdog Battles Global Tea Giants: Facing competition from global tea giants, a tea grower has followed other Sri Lankan businesses in becoming a specialist producer of exclusive products.202
3688. U.S. Has Few Resources to Face Threats in Yemen: The Obama administration's efforts in Yemen are being constrained by a lack of in-house expertise and a fraught history with the country's leader.195
3689. Man Is Charged in Breach of Newark Airport Security: Haisong Jiang is believed to have slipped into a secured area of Newark Liberty International Airport and to have caused a six-hour shutdown of a major terminal on Sunday.224
3690. Courts Whittle Spending Limits in Election Law: Corporations, unions and other interest groups are preparing for a free-spending 2010 if a Supreme Court ruling wipes out as many restrictions as expected.203
3691. Newport Journal: By Landing Fleet, Small Port Sets Off a Storm of Envy: Newport, Ore., has been named the new home of the federal oceanic agency's Pacific Fleet, irking it's neighboring state of Washington and three ports there.228
3692. From Battlefield to Ivy League, on the G.I. Bill: Fueled by a more generous G.I. Bill, the number of returning servicemen and women enrolled in American institutions like Columbia University has swelled.203
3693. A Newly Frugal Generation Revives Discount Dining: Several restaurants in Florida have introduced early bird specials since the recession started, and younger people are arriving in larger numbers.197
3694. Winter Breaks Budgets and Rules the Road: In some parts of the Midwest and Northeast, streets are getting barely plowed and towns are running out of cleanup money.163
3695. Myanmar Is Reported to Sentence 2 to Death: A court in Myanmar is said to have sentenced a retired military officer and a foreign ministry official to death for leaking details of secret trip by top government officials to North Korea.235
3696. A Deluge of Devices for Reading and Surfing: Dozens of companies, both well known and unknown, brought slender touch-screen tablets and electronic reading devices to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.219
3697. NBC's Shift in Schedule May Be Up to O'Brien: The future of NBC's plan to shake up its late-night television lineup may depend on just how much Conan O'Brien doesn't like what the network has done to him.204
3698. Cancer Risks Debated for Type of X-Ray Scan: The plan for broad use of "backscatter scanners" at airports has raised questions about the safety of delivering small doses of radiation to millions of people.205
3699. Arrest Made in Newark Airport Security Breach: The incident, in which a man had entered a secure area unseen by a guard, resulted in major delays on Sunday.156
3700. A Deluge of Devices for Reading and Surfing: Dozens of companies, both well known and unknown, brought slender touch-screen tablets and electronic reading devices to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.219
3701. White House Aides Said to Chafe at Slow Pace of Afghan Surge: Officials say that senior advisers are frustrated by the Pentagon's inability to live up to an initial promise to have all of the forces in the country by summer.224
3702. On Religion: A Jewish Blogger Digs in the Muck and Finds an Extensive Following: A writer in Minnesota has developed a must-read digest of the actual and alleged misdeeds of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world.206
3703. Saturday Profile: Across Divide in Iraq, Sunni Courts Shiites: Sheik Hamid al-Hais is a veteran of the American-backed war against insurgents, a Sunni Muslim politician, and now an unlikely confederate of the Iraqi National Alliance.233
3704. News Analysis: Obama Tries to Turn Focus to Jobs, if Other Events Allow: President Obama is finding that it can be hard to focus on the lackluster employment situation when so many other issues demand attention.211
3705. H.P. Working on 'Half-Pint' Android Tablet: Hewlett-Packard is working closely with publishers and software companies to create magazine-enabled slate computers, including a smaller Android-based device.203
3706. Detroit Auto Show: Time for a Repair Job and a Reality Check: Comparisons to Detroit's past glories are inevitable as the industry gathers for the 2010 North American International Auto Show.191
3707. Your Money: Assessing the Damage Caused by Card Rewards: Fees that merchants build to cover rewards programs lead to higher prices, which are passed on to poorer consumers.172
3708. The Oscars: No More Que Ser0 Ser0: Give Day Her Due: It's time to put the special back in special Oscar by honoring the queen of light comedy: Doris Day.153
3709. Race for Kennedy's Seat Heats Up: New financial reports give the Democrat a boost, but outside groups are weighing in on both sides.132
3710. C.E.S. Daily Diary: Day 1: A look at some of the products shown on the first day of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.119
3711. Ford Says He Won't Be 'Bullied' by Senator's Allies: Harold E. Ford Jr. fired back at the supporters of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand as he considers challenging her.160
3712. Nigerian Arraigned in Bomb Attempt: The 23-year-old man accused of trying to bomb a Northwest flight said little during the hearing in a Detroit courtroom Friday.162
3713. Leno, O'Brien and the NBC Muddle: Network late-night talk shows are like a Ford Taurus: better made and sportier than most people recognize, but that is easily forgotten because there are so many other choices out there.220
3714. The Medium: Home Tool: Is the Internet 0 and not the washing machine or the pill 0 the technology that finally liberated women?127
3715. 3-D's Quest to Move Beyond Gimmicks: If 3-D takes hold, it will be the result of a long series of small technological steps and tiny adjustments in audience expectations.170
3716. New Investment Tools Approved by Regulator in China: China said that it would permit stock index futures, short selling and trading on margin, making its capital market system more sophisticated.195
3717. Chad Ochocinco, the N.F.L. Leader in Attention: With his outrageous tweets and outlandish antics, the Bengals' Chad Ochocinco wants to have fun. Is that good for the N.F.L.?.174
3718. Practical Traveler: 10 Ways to Cut Your Travel Costs This Year: From signing up for a Twitter account to deep-discount Web sites, find simple steps that will help you cut your travel costs in 2010.197
3719. Executive's New Studio Teams Up With Yahoo: The former NBC entertainment co-chairman's studio, Electus, is expected to announce its first distributor, Yahoo, for shows made in concert with advertisers.201
3720. Study Raises Cost Estimate for Electric Cars: The report said batteries would be more expensive than automakers have projected, and predicted the vehicles would be just 6 percent of the global market in 2020.208
3721. Sports of The Times: Dareus's Big Plays Surprised Even Him: The Alabama lineman Marcell Dareus celebrated his interception and touchdown but said he felt sorry for Colt McCoy.175
3722. TV on the Go - Once Again: LG introduces the first digital TV that works even while you're in motion.101
3723. The Oscars: Me, Campaign? Just Go to the Film: Mo'Nique's campaign for her "Precious" role is bracingly simple: It's the performance, stupid.141
3724. Girl,9, and Baby Sitter Shot Dead: Police say a man fatally shot his 9-year-old daughter and her baby sitter in a New York City suburb.135
3725. NYT: Tech Talk for 01/07/2010: J.D. Biersdorfer speaks to David Krajicek, tech expert with GfK Custom Research North America, about what consumers can expect to see out of the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas. Pedro Rafael Rosado reviews itty-bitty MP3 players that aren't iPods: the SanDisk Sansa Clip Plus and the Cowon E2. And Bettina Edelstein chats with Times technology reporter Jenna Wortham about a new wave of apps for mobile phones that aren't smartphones. Plus, a roundup of tech news for the week, including ESPN's plans to launch a 3D TV network for sports.586
3726. Eat, Pray, Marry: Picking up pretty much where "Eat, Pray, Love" left off, Elizabeth Gilbert's new memoir describes how her boyfriend's unforeseen visa problems enticed her into a most dreaded institution: marriage.215
3727. 2 Men Arrested in Connection With Zazi Terror Inquiry: The two men came under scrutiny during the investigation that led to a federal bombing conspiracy indictment against Najibullah Zazi.188
3728. U.S. Economy Lost 85,000 Jobs in December: The unemployment rate held steady at 10 percent, the Labor Department reported, tempering hopes for a swift and sustained recovery from recession.189
3729. Behind the Warner Bros. and Netflix Accord: Warner Bros. and Netflix executives describe how they came to agree to delay the availability of Warner movies to Netflix subscribers.178
3730. Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China: James Chanos, who predicted Enron's collapse, insists that the economic boom in China is headed for a fall.157
3731. 2 Arrests in New York Terror Plot: Two men have been arrested in connection with the investigation of a bomb plot against New York City.136
3732. Princeton Players Are Divided by Heritage, United by Basketball: Niveen Rasheed, who is Palestinian-American, and Lauren Polansky, who is Jewish, are friends and freshman starters who have helped the Tigers to a 12-2 start.223
3733. Further Slide Seen in N.Y. Commercial Real Estate: Vacancy rates have been rising, and prices have been falling since the 2007 market peak. One expert says it hasn't hit bottom yet.181
3734. Trial Pending, Suspect's Cars Will Soon Be Freed: Authorities will auction off nearly 200 cars and motorcycles belonging to a man charged with running an $18 million Ponzi scheme.179
3735. Getty Museum Director to Leave Post This Month: Michael Brand, who took over as its director at the end of 2005, has no immediate plans to go to another institution, he said.174
3736. Alabama 37, Texas 21: Alabama Returns to Top: The Crimson Tide took a big lead into halftime, and then held off a late rally by the Longhorns to win the 2010 B.C.S. championship.178
3737. Fed Advice to A.I.G. Scrutinized: Revelations that the government stopped A.I.G. from releasing bailout details called in to question whether the information had to be disclosed under federal securities law.207
3738. Seeing Old Age as a Never-Ending Adventure: The limitations of age are being tossed aside by active men and women as the global travel and leisure industry races to keep up.173
3739. Murky Trail for 'Loner' in Attack on C.I.A.: Details about a bombing at a C.I.A. outpost in Afghanistan that killed seven Americans and one Jordanian intelligence officer remained shrouded in secrecy.200
3740. Chicago News Cooperative: Despite Work for U.S., Iraqi Is Denied a Green Card: A man fled Iraq after being threatened for working with the U.S. Army, but lack of a green card has forced him to leave his family in Chicago.221
3741. Schumer Asks Ford not to Challenge Gillibrand: Senator Charles E. Schumer asked Harold Ford not to challenge Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, but top advisers to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg were plotting strategy with him.219
3742. Sony's Green Laptop (Literally): Sony shows off new laptops, including one made of recycled CDs and plastic bottles.116
3743. Google Applies to Become Power Marketer: Google formed an energy subsidiary and applied for government permission to buy and sell power directly.145
3744. New Jersey Senate Defeats Gay Marriage Bill: New Jersey's Senate has defeated a bill to legalize gay marriage, leaving it unlikely the state will have a gay marriage law in the very near future.194
3745. Obama Orders Improvements in Security Policies: President Obama ordered a series of steps to improve the government's ability to act on terrorist threats, saying a review of the attempted airline bombing on Christmas Day revealed shortcomings in national security.264
3746. Repairs May Add to J.F.K.'s Delays: In March, the longest runway at Kennedy Airport will close for four months of repairs, meaning fewer major-carrier flights out of New York and a possibility of delays.203
3747. In Massachusetts, Anxiety for Favored Democrats: Scott P. Brown's Senate campaign is throwing a scare into Martha M. Coakley and the state's dominant party.156
3748. On Second Thought ... NBC Wants Leno Back in Old Spot: Faced with the failure of the biggest recent gamble in television, NBC is shuffling its late-night deck one more time.173
3749. Live Analysis: Alabama 7, Texas 6, Second Quarter: The Longhorns and the Crimson Tide, both undefeated teams with rich histories, meet for the national championship.165
3750. NYT: Tech Talk for 01/07/2010: J.D. Biersdorfer speaks to David Krajicek, tech expert with GfK Custom Research North America, about what consumers can expect to see out of the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas. Pedro Rafael Rosado reviews itty-bitty MP3 players that aren't iPods: the SanDisk Sansa Clip Plus and the Cowon E2. And Bettina Edelstein chats with Times technology reporter Jenna Wortham about a new wave of apps for mobile phones that aren't smartphones. Plus, a roundup of tech news for the week, including ESPN's plans to launch a 3D TV network for sports.586
3751. New Jersey Senate Defeats Gay Marriage Bill: New Jersey's Senate has defeated a bill to legalize gay marriage, leaving it unlikely the state will have a gay marriage law in the very near future.194
3752. Obama: 'We Are at War': In addressing the intelligence and security failures that led to an attempted airplane bombing on Christmas Day, President Obama said the missteps were not the fault of one individual or one agency.222
3753. Art: A Fresh Makeover for Familiar Faces: With each renovation, the Frick Collection continues to be one of the greatest museums in the world for close encounters with some of the high points of European painting.213
3754. NBC May Be Considering Reinstating Leno on 'Tonight Show': NBC executives have held discussions with both Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien about the future of the network's late-night lineup.185
3755. Guilty Plea in Galleon Insider Trading Case: Anil Kumar, a former director at McKinsey & Company accused of leaking information to Raj Rajaratnam in the Galleon Group insider trading case, pleaded guilty on Thursday and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in the widening investigation.287
3756. A Chat With Google's Green Energy Czar: Jeffrey Marlow, on Green Inc. blog, interviews Bill Weihl, Google's green energy czar.126
3757. Apple Patent Application Could Presage Thinner Devices: An Apple patent tries to eliminate the need for separate touch-screen and LCD displays by merging the two technologies together.184
3758. The Way We Live Now: Walk Away From Your Mortgage!: Why should underwater homeowners behave any differently from banks?119
3759. Retailers See Holiday Sales Rebound From Grim 2008: Retailing chains on Thursday confirmed that they had a better Christmas in 2009 than the previous year, which was the worst holiday season in decades.202
3760. Gunman Opens Fire in St. Louis Factory: A man walked into a North St. Louis factory with an assault rifle and shot at least five people early Thursday morning, St. Louis police officials said.192
3761. Clashes in Egypt After 7 Killed in Church Attack: Thousands clashed with police during a funeral procession for the seven people killed in an attack on churchgoers leaving a midnight Mass for Coptic Christians.210
3762. Reform of New York's Small-Town Courts Stalls: Even a seemingly modest compromise bill in Albany to revamp the state's network of tiny courts is failing.153
3763. Lawsuits by Iraqis Over Security Firm Are Settled: The security firm formerly known as Blackwater was accused of recklessness that led to civilian deaths.154
3764. Finance Minister Wants Weaker Yen: Analysts see a shift in tone in comments by Naoto Kan, Japan's new top finance official.123
3765. E.P.A. Announces Strict New Health Standard for Smog: If adopted, the standard will impose large costs on local governments and industry but will also bring substantial health benefits.185
3766. The Pilot Navigates Fate: Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III has adjusted to his fame since he landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River last year. A new TLC documentary explores the event.196
3767. Brown Survives Attempt to Unseat Him: Though calls for a secret ballot on Prime Minister Gordon Brown's leadership failed, the episode revealed a tepid level of support for him among party ministers.199
3768. Yemen Says Plane Bomb Suspect Met Radical Cleric: The Nigerian man who tried to bomb an airplane on Christmas Day met with a radical U.S.-born Internet preacher in Yemen before setting out on his journey.204
3769. One Reason The Nexus One Will Succeed: The Nexus One has the best product placement in the world.97
3770. Analysis: SEC Should Come Out on Top, Again: You don't need to be an oracle or a boardwalk gypsy to see how this championship game will play out.145
3771. Iraq Blasts Aim at Antiterror Official: A series of explosions struck the houses of an anti-terrorism official and his relatives in western Iraq on Thursday, killing at least seven people.188
3772. In Cold Snap, Floridians Shiver, and Pray for the Strawberries: Freezing temperatures have forced farmers to water crops all night in the nation's winter strawberry capital.173
3773. At Tavern Auction Preview, a Hunt for Antiques and Nostalgia: Potential bidders previewed a three-day auction of 1,000 lots of items at Tavern on the Green that have been valued at $100 to $1.2 million.202
3774. Bombings Kill at Least 7 in Iraq: Three bombs exploded in a residential area near Ramadi on Thursday, killing seven people including relatives of an Iraqi Army anti-terrorist special forces commander, police said.213
3775. Chinese Decision on Rates Seen as 'Turning Point': China's central bank raised a key interest rate for the first time in months, a decision seen as the beginning of a move to tighten monetary policy and forestall inflation.223
3776. Afghan Governor Hurt in Khost Blast: KHOST, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A blast in his office wounded the acting governor of a southeastern Afghan province on Thursday, a sign of deteriorating security in an area on the Pakistani border where seven CIA employees were killed last week.281
3777. Many Ex-Detainees Said to Return to Terror: A Pentagon report says that 1 in 5 detainees transferred from Guant0namo Bay may get involved in militancy.151
3778. In a Clash Over Cable, Consumers Lose: As talks drag on, the Food Network and HGTV have gone dark for many cable customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.163
3779. Driven to Distraction: Despite Risks, Internet Creeps Onto Car Dashboards: Even as concerns rise about technology distractions for drivers, automakers are rapidly bringing PC features to the dashboard.201
3780. Driven to Distraction: Despite Risks, Internet Creeps Onto Car Dashboards: Even as concerns rise about technology distractions for drivers, automakers are rapidly bringing PC features to the dashboard.201
3781. Uneasy Engagement: Fighting Trend, China Is Luring Scientists Home: China's leaders are determined to reverse the drain of top talent that accompanied its opening to the outside world.184
3782. A Drug's Second Act: Battling Jet Lag: Nuvigil from Cephalon could become the first medicine specifically approved by the F.D.A. to combat jet lag.147
3783. Stupak Wears Scorn as a Medal in Abortion Fight: Representative Bart Stupak has embraced the attention his amendment has stirred in the health care debate.155
3784. Senate Subpoenaed for Espada Records: The focus is on health clinics founded by State Senator Pedro Espada Jr., which have been under scrutiny by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo.179
3785. Travel Planning Sites Team Up: Two prominent Web sites for travel planning have formed a canny partnership.107
3786. Coat Maker Transforms Obama Photo Into Ad: A New York garment company known for publicity stunts has gotten the attention of the White House with a billboard in Times Square featuring the president.198
3787. Danes Study Immigrants After Cartoonist Attack: In a country that already has one of the strictest immigration policies in Western Europe, the attack has spurred politicians to demand ever more stringent rules.210
3788. Nigerian Indicted in Terrorist Plot: The indictment has rekindled a debate over whether such terrorism suspects should be treated as a criminal or as an enemy detainee.168
3789. Chief Says G.M. Is on Road to Profits: The chief executi